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Yang Kai suddenly grinned at it, “There is none in the past, but there will be in the future.”

Zhu Jian laughed loudly, “This little one isn’t big, but his tone isn’t small. What makes you think you can make this Zhu Jian recognize you as its master? If you submit to me, I’ll give you some opportunities.”

The Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirit and the chosen Bearer have mutual benefits relationship, these chosen Human Race cultivators would often obtain many benefits from the Holy Spirit and rapidly grow.

Qu Huachang, Ning Daoran, Gu Pan, and the others all felt the same way.

After all, these Bearers were going to participate in the Seizing Spirit's War, so the Holy Spirit Spirits also hoped that the stronger they became, the better. Only by becoming stronger would they have a chance to seize that opportunity and bring them out.

When Zhu Jian said it wanted to bestow Yang Kai some opportunities, it wasn’t just nonsense, but it really did plan to do so. Of course, the premise was that Yang Kai had to pass some of its tests. If he was mediocre, Zhu Jian wouldn’t waste any time.

Saying so, Zhu Jian raised one of its hooves and pressed it down towards Yang Kai. Its movements weren’t fast, but every time the hoof pressed down, the Holy Spirit’s pressure would become stronger.

Zhu Jian could almost see the Human Race in front of it trembling under its boundless majesty.

It had done this many times before, and every time the humans felt its strength, they would become docile.

This time, there was an exception…

Yang Kai raised his hand and gently pushed against Zhu Jian’s hoof. From the looks of it, it was like an ant trying to resist the crushing force of an elephant.

“Time is of the essence, let’s cut to the chase and get to the point.”

Zhu Jian’s ears rang with the human’s voice, and soon after, it felt the world spin around it as its three hundred zhang body was lifted up high and smashed into the ground.

With a loud bang, the entire Great Ruins Boundary seemed to tremble as the mountain valley cracked and spiderweb-like cracks appeared, leaving a deep dent on the ground. The shape of the Zhu Jian could be vaguely seen from this dent as the rubble from the surrounding mountains began to fall.

Zhu Jian was immediately stunned.

In the Great Ruins Boundary, although its strength was greatly suppressed, it was still barely at the Second Order Open Heaven level, and the strongest human here was only Emperor Realm, so how could it be thrown around like a toy?

Boom boom boom…

A series of explosions rang out, Zhu Jian’s head soon began to spin, its anger quickly transforming into fear. From its birth until now, it had never encountered such a hopeless situation.

After more than a hundred times, Yang Kai finally let go of it. At this moment, Zhu Jian was lying limply on the ground, as if it had lost its bones, as if it was a woman who had been ravaged thousands of times. Its eyes were blank and filled with confusion.

Yang Kai stood on its nose and stared into its eyes, “Recognize me as your master and I’ll take you out.”

Only then did Zhu Jian wake up from its daze and cry out in horror, “You’re actually not suppressed by the Great Ruins Boundary?”

At this moment, the pressure Yang Kai was emitting wasn’t that of an Emperor Realm, but rather that of Open Heaaven Stage cultivator. Zhu Jian had never seen the power of Open Heaven Stage cultivator before, but he could tell at a glance that this person’s cultivation was definitely not low.

“Enough nonsense, just acknowledge me as your master,” Yang Kai urged impatiently.

There were many Holy Spirits in the Great Ruins Boundary, so he didn’t have much time to waste. All he wanted to do was quickly subdue these Holy Spirits and drag them out to fight the Black Ink Clan.

Although Zhu Jian was thrown into a miserable state, the Holy Spirit’s pride did not diminish. Sticking out its neck, it said, “Don’t even think about it, this Zhu Jian can’t act so lowly and disgrade his clan!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and praised it, “Good courage.”

With a wave of his hand, Zhu Jian’s three hundred zhang tall body float into the air. It struggled violently, but to no avail, as if an invisible barrier was holding it in place.

In the next moment, a black flame rose from Yang Kai’s hand, within which was a strange three-legged bird.

He tossed the Golden Crow True Fire in his hand towards Zhu Jian and blew out a breath, immediately transforming it into a raging inferno that wrapped around the Zhu Jian.

He took out a large blade from somewhere and swept his eyes over Zhu Jian’s fleshy body.

Zhu Jian panicked. The burning of the Golden Crow True Fire caused it unbearable pain, but it was still barely able to bear it. After all, in essence, it was also a powerful Holy Spirit, but due to the special laws of the Great Ruins Boundary, it was unable to display too much power.

The Golden Crow True Fire was indeed extraordinary, but it was impossible to burn it.

However, Yang Kai’s attitude of wanting to roast it and eat its meat was difficult for it to accept.

“What are you trying to do!” Zhu Jian shouted in panic.

Yang Kai sharpened his blade and grinned maliciously, “There was once an Azure Ox, and I always wanted to taste it to see if it was as delicious as others say, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to do so in the end. You don’t look much different from that Azure Ox, so please fulfill my wish. The flesh and blood of a Holy Spirit should be more delicious than that Azure Ox.”

“You dare!” Zhu Jian roared.

“Why won't I dare?” Yang Kai sneered, raising his blade and gesturing towards Zhu Jian’s waist and ribs, raising it up high to cut off a piece.

Seeing him act so seriously, how could Zhu Jian hold back? It hurriedly shouted, “Wait, wait, we can talk things out!”

Yang Kai’s long blade cut into its flesh, “What do you want to say? Hurry up and say it, otherwise it’ll be too late.”

Zhu Jian panicked and said, “If you let me go, I can give you all of my lifetime collection. I have many good things that will be of great use to your Human Race’s cultivation!”

Yang Kai sneered, “What’s the point of having worldly possessions?”

Zhu Jian continued, “Then I’ll give you a strand of my Source Energy. Once you obtain my Source Energy, you will have a chance to comprehend this Zhu Jian Clan’s Natal Divine Ability!”

Yang Kai frowned, “What is your Zhu Jian Clan’s Natal Divine Ability?”

In the past, he hadn’t been clear about this, but after making a trip to the No-Return Pass, he had vaguely learned that all Holy Spirits had their own Natal Divine Ability, or rather, their bloodline talents. This kind of innate talent was inherited from their bloodline, and every Holy Spirit had a chance to awaken it.

For example, the Dragon Clan’s bloodline talent was the Dao of Time while the Phoenix Race was the Dao of Space.

As for the other Holy Spirits, he wasn’t too clear about them. After all, he hadn’t had much contact with them, but not every Holy Spirit could comprehend them.

Seeing this, Zhu Jian immediately said, “This Zhu Jian Clan’s bloodline talent is the Dao of Strength. If you can comprehend my Natal Divine Ability, your strength will be extraordinary.”

“Trash!” Yang Kai suddenly lost interest. In terms of strength, how could it compare to his Dragon Clan body?

Zhu Jian was on the verge of tears. If it hadn’t been forced into a dead end, how could it have taken the initiative to offer up its own Source Energy? The loss of its Source Energy would also have a huge impact on it.

However, even though it was ready to break its own wrist, it was still called trash.

“If you still have the money to buy your life, hurry up and tell me or I’ll kill you and eat your meat,” Yang Kai threatened.

Zhu Jian sighed, seemingly resigned to its fate, “You don’t even care about my Source Energy, so what capital do I have to buy my life? Forget it, this is it for my life, go ahead.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Even if you die, you won’t accept me as your master?”

Although Zhu Jian was in a sorry state, its voice was filled with disdain as it said, “A mere human race, if I acknowledge you as my master, the Holy Spirit lineage will be shamed because of me! However, once I die, since this Great Ruins Boundary is a cage to me, my death will be a relief.”

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly stood up and stared at it, “What if I’m not a human race?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he shook his head and suddenly transformed his head into a Dragon’s head, releasing a dragon roar towards Zhu Jian.

Zhu Jian was stunned, “You’re from the Dragon Clan?”

Even though they were both Holy Spirits, Zhu Jian felt an extremely pure Dragon Prestige at that moment. This was the Dragon Prestige of a true Dragon Clan, and even a Holy Spirit like Zhu Jian couldn’t help feeling small under this Dragon Prestige.

Yang Kai returned to his original appearance and nodded, “Yes, I am a Dragon Clan member!”

Zhu Jian angrily said, “You’re from the Dragon Clan, why didn’t you reveal your true form earlier?” Saying so, it put on a brave front and said, “Even if you’re from the Dragon Clan, I won’t acknowledge you as my master!”

However, his tone was no longer as resolute as before. Obviously, the change in Yang Kai’s identity had also changed his mind, but because he was concerned about his face, he couldn’t speak directly.

How could Yang Kai not know what it was thinking, so he immediately persuaded, “I can take you out of the Great Ruins Boundary!”

Zhu Jian stared at him for a moment before shaking its head and saying, “Impossible, a Holy Spirit that has entered the Great Ruins Boundary can only dream of leaving this place unless they obtain that sliver of opportunity. Even if you’re a Dragon Clan cultivator, it’s the same.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “Since I said so, I naturally have confidence. Just because you can’t leave doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Zhu Jian hesitated for a moment before asking, “You dare swear a Bloodline Oath?”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Why not?”

Zhu Jian no longer had any doubts. To any Holy Spirit, a Bloodline Oath was an extremely rigorous oath. An oath made to one’s own Bloodline was something that could never be broken, otherwise one would suffer the pain of a Bloodline Backlash. At best, one’s Bloodline would be lost, at worst, one’s life would be in danger.

This was one of the oldest oaths in the world.

“How can you leave the Great Ruins Boundary?” Zhu Jian asked with a frown.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I naturally have my own methods, you don’t need to ask.”

Zhu Jian hesitated for a moment before saying, “Even if you are a Dragon Clan member, it is impossible for me to acknowledge you as my master, but… I can swear my loyalty to you.”

Yang Kai thought to himself, 'What difference does it make?' However, Zhu Jian was willing to die just now rather than agree to his request, so it was obvious that the Holy Spirit had their own stubborn pride.

This kind of pride was something that not even a threat to his life could break.

“That’s fine!” Yang Kai nodded. He only wanted to drag the Holy Spirits here to fight against the Black Ink Clan, not enslave them. Whether they recognized him as their master or not was one thing.

Zhu Jian carefully glanced at Yang Kai before adding, “This kind of loyalty requires a time limit…”

It obviously saw that Yang Kai was so easy to talk to and wanted to bargain for some benefits.

“Three thousand years!” Yang Kai said firmly, “In three thousand years, you will serve me, after three thousand years, I will set you free!”


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