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In the Spatial Territory Battlefield, Wu Kuang had a good relationship with Blood Crow. From Blood Crow’s words, Wu Kuang had learned a lot about Yang Kai and knew that he had long since broken through to the Seventh Order and had even killed the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

However, after the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Yang Kai had completely disappeared, and Blood Crow didn’t know if he was dead or alive.

Wu Kuang naturally didn’t know, in fact, he didn’t care much about Yang Kai’s life or death.

Unexpectedly, they actually met again in such a place, and Yang Kai was already an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator.

Wu Kuang’s heart was filled with bitterness. In terms of cultivation speed, he knew he was not inferior to anyone else in this world. After all, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was extremely profound. Even Blood Crow, who cultivated the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, had been completely subdued by him, but how many years had it been since Yang Kai had broken through to the Seventh Order? How could he be an Eighth Order?

“Did you secretly cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?” Wu Kuang boldly guessed.

Yang Kai sneered, “Can I use it?”

Wu Kuang sized him up and shook his head repeatedly, “This doesn’t make sense!”

If he hadn’t cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, how could Yang Kai’s cultivation have increased so quickly? However, Yang Kai wasn’t him. Without the Stainless Golden Lotus, cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law would not have led to a good end.

Yang Kai said disdainfully, “This King’s aptitude is not something you can fathom!”

Wu Kuang wished he could slap this guy to death. No one had ever dared act so arrogantly in front of him.

As the two of them spoke, an army of about a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators had already arrived, led by a Territory Lord and a dozen or so Feudal Lords.

Wu Kuang still maintained his posture as if he was ready to flee at any moment, no longer in the mood to bicker with Yang Kai, “If you have any tricks up your sleeve, hurry up and use them. If you’re too late, I’m afraid you won’t make it.”

Yang Kai snorted lightly and waved his hand, causing the Small Universe's door to open. From within the door, a hundred zhang Small Stone Race member stepped out, followed closely by another compatriot with a height of a hundred zhang.

In the past, he had collected tens of millions of Small Stone Race army from the Chaotic Dead Territory. There were more than a hundred of these hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race cultivators that were comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race. [MSN: I made an oopsie before, it's not a thousand zhang.]

However, over the years, he had distributed most of the Small Stone Race to the evacuated Human Race forces as guards. He only had less than ten million Small Stone Race members left, and there were only two of the hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race left.

The other party was a Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lord, while the other two were a hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race masters, so they were perfect opponents.

Close behind these hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race was a densely packed army of the Small Stone Race. In an instant, hundreds of thousands of them rushed out, followed by even more.

Wu Kuang stared at them for a moment, vaguely feeling that these guys were somewhat familiar. He had spent some time in the new Great Domain and had seen the Small Stone Race before.

However, the Small Stone Race he had seen was the most primitive of them all, so how could they possibly have the same kind of awe-inspiring might?

As soon as they stepped out of Yang Kai’s Small Universe, the Small Stone Race army detected the aura of the Ink Force. The two leading hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race masters roared towards the sky, as if they had seen an irreconcilable enemy, leading the army towards the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lord on the other side couldn’t help being dumbfounded. They had only come here to chase after a Seventh Order Human Race cultivator, but now they were suddenly attacked by such an army, catching them off guard.

But soon, the Territory Lord recognized the origins of these Small Stone Race army.

Over the past twenty years, when the Black Ink Clan had pursued the Human Race in many Great Domains, they had encountered an army of such creatures, ranging from tens of thousands to a million in number. When they fought with the Black Ink Clan’s army, they were incomparably valiant and many times the Black Ink Clan’s army suffered losses.

In particular, they didn’t fear the corrosion of the Ink Force at all, giving the Black Ink Clan a headache.

Apart from directly killing them, the Black Ink Clan had yet to find an effective method to deal with them.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had never imagined that he would encounter such a formidable enemy here. Moreover, the enemy’s numbers were several times greater than his own, and there was even an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator eyeing them.

In an instant, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord wanted to retreat, but before he could do so, the two Small Stone Race masters had already surrounded him. Helpless, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord could only retreat while fighting. As for his own army, he couldn’t care less. In this current situation, his life was naturally more important.

The sudden appearance of the Small Stone Race army had thrown the Black Ink Clan’s pursuers into disarray, but Wu Kuang’s spirits were roused.

He had been chased by this Black Ink Clan army for several months and had barely escaped death several times. If it weren’t for his Heaven Devouring Battle Law being unparalleled, any other Seventh Order cultivator would have died from exhaustion.

Now, with Yang Kai’s help, the situation had immediately turned around, so how could he endure? Naturally, he would seek revenge. Activating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, not only did he devour the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force, but he also devoured the power of the Small Stone Race.

If it had only happened once or twice, it could have been explained as accidental injuries. However, after obtaining benefits from the Small Stone Race, Wu Kuang became more unrestrained, and the Heaven Devouring Battle Law’s range became larger. Not only did the Black Ink Clan complain incessantly, but the Small Stone Race also suffered endless casualties.

The Small Stone Race in Yang Kai’s hands had all grown with the help of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. To Wu Kuang, these two forces were far more beneficial than the Ink Force.

Yang Kai cursed, “Old thief, don’t hurt my Small Stone Race!”

It was only because he had reached a critical juncture in his refinement that he couldn’t handle other matter, otherwise he would definitely beat Wu Kuang up.

Wu Kuang laughed loudly, “It was a mistake, don’t worry about it!”

But at least he had acted appropriately.

Yang Kai quickly began refining the Universe World. Half a day later, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the air in front of him, as if he was scooping up the moon reflection from the water, turning it into a World Bead.

In a flash, he arrived in front of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who was being attacked by the two Small Stone Race masters. He didn’t even use his Azure Dragon Spear and simply punched out, causing the Territory Lord’s chest to collapse and blood to spray from his mouth.

He was already struggling under the combined attacks of the two Small Stone Race masters, so how could he resist Yang Kai’s sudden attack?

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to escape, but the hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race masters’ attacks were simply too fierce and there was no room for escape.

The army under his command had suffered countless casualties, and under the siege of the Small Stone Race, the 100,000 army is now only 30,000 left. Now that the other party’s Eighth Order had joined the battle, he knew that his death had arrived.

In this desperate situation, the Territory Lord became even more ruthless, his Ink Force surging madly, wanting to perish together with Yang Kai.

However, how could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? He used all kinds of Dao Realm techniques to make the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord dizzy. With the cooperation of the two Small Stone Race masters, the Territory Lord was completely helpless.

In just the time it took to boil a cup of tea, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was smashed into pieces by Yang Kai’s fists, causing black blood to spray everywhere, causing Wu Kuang’s eyelids to twitch.

When Yang Kai had said that it was just a mere Territory Lord, he had thought that this little brat was just bragging. Even if Yang Kai was an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, facing a Territory Lord would be a difficult battle.

However, from the looks of it, this little brat’s strength was somewhat abnormal. Although there were two Small Stone Race masters assisting him in this battle, Yang Kai’s own strength was the key.

Wu Kuang was still quietly absorbing some of the Small Stone Race’s power, but seeing Yang Kai’s ferocity, he didn’t dare act presumptuously anymore, lest he be beaten up and unable to fight back.

After all, he was someone who had been famous for a hundred thousand years. If he was really taught a lesson by a junior like Yang Kai, where would his face go?

Without the support of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, the remnants of the Black Ink Clan’s army found it even more difficult to resist the encirclement of the Small Stone Race. Yang Kai didn’t take action again as the two Small Stone Race masters fought their way into the encirclement. In less than an hour, all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces were wiped out.

Only then did Yang Kai activate the Sun Mark and collect this Sun Small Stone Race army, preventing them from running about.

After dealing with this, Yang Kai turned to Wu Kuang and asked, “Why are you here?”

When he was in the Shattered Heaven, he had entrusted Heavenly Net Palace’s people to inquire about Wu Kuang’s whereabouts, but there had been no news from him, and now that the entire world was in chaos, even if there was any news from that side, it was unlikely they could send it to him in time.

Shattered Heaven’s people should have already retreated to the Star Boundary.

However, he hadn’t expected to encounter Wu Kuang here.

Wu Kuang casually replied, “After the Human Race’s army in the Spatial Territory retreated, this King wandered off alone.”

To others, retreating to the Star Boundary with the army was the safest option, but to Wu Kuang, this was a good opportunity to show off.

In the past, when he was in the Shattered Heaven, he had some scruples about what to do. After all, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was not a glorious cultivation technique. If an expert from the Cave Heaven Paradise wanted to exterminate evil and defend the Dao, they might just kill him.

Although he had been extremely careful, he had still managed to provoke Withered Flame Divine Monarch and had been chased into the Shattered Ruins by this Divine Monarch. By chance, he had entered the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and followed a group of Holy Spirits to the Spatial Territory Battlefield.

It wasn’t until the Spatial Territory Battlefield did Wu Kuang finally let loose!

In that place, no one would care what kind of cultivation method he used. As long as they could kill the Black Ink Clan, they would be comrades!

In the Spatial Territory Battlefield, Wu Kuang had obtained great benefits and his cultivation had also risen steadily.

Unfortunately, the good days didn’t last long. The Black Ink Clan broke through the barrier leading to Wind Mist Territory and the Human Race army retreated from the battlefield. Wu Kuang couldn’t be bothered to act with the others, so he found an excuse to escape.

When he was fighting together with the other humans, he had to worry about accidentally injuring his allies, but now that he was alone and surrounded by enemies, he had completely let himself go.

Not only did he swallow the power of the Black Ink Clan, but he also dared to swallow the Universe World occupied by the Black Ink Clan. Along the way, his cultivation had soared and he had provoked the Black Ink Clan’s army, causing them to pursue him.

If he hadn’t met Yang Kai on this trip, he really would have been in danger.

It was also because of this encounter that he faintly felt that his strength was still too low. Although the Black Ink Clan no longer had a Royal Lord, they still had a lot of Territory Lords. He, a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, was still somewhat lacking when facing a Territory Lord.

Only after advancing to the Eighth Order could he truly act without fear.

Unfortunately, even with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, it was not easy to break through to the Eighth Order.

On the other hand, Yang Kai was already an Eighth Order, making him quite envious.


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