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After some hard work, Yang Kai tossed out over two thousand World Beads to the World Tree for safekeeping.

What surprised Yang Kai was that after obtaining these two thousand World Beads, the World Tree’s condition seemed to have improved somewhat, but he didn’t know if it was just his imagination.

On top of that, Yang Kai was also concerned about the number of World Fruits on the World Tree.

The World Fruits he refined from the Universe Worlds were perfectly preserved and not corroded by the Ink Force, so they were all intact.

However, in addition to the two thousand World Fruits corresponding to the Universe Worlds, there were also several dozen intact fruits.

These fruits didn’t have any characteristics similar to the other bad fruits, nor did they emit any Ink Force. Yang Kai even had a special connection with one of these fruits, seemingly very close to it.

This feeling greatly surprised him. It was just a World Fruit, how could he feel close to it?

After examining it for a moment, Yang Kai raised his brow and asked, “Is this the World Fruit of the Star Boundary?”

He is a Great Emperor recognized by the Star Boundary’s World Great Dao, so facing such a World Fruit that corresponded to the Star Boundary naturally gave him a different feeling.

This World Fruit was a Mid Rank World Fruit. In other words, if one ate it, it could allow a Third Order or Fifth Order Open Heaven Realm cultivator to break through one grade, allowing them to have a greater future.

However, correspondingly, the Star Boundary would have to pay a huge price, and perhaps its Martial Dao standards would be greatly reduced and its World Laws would also be incomplete.

Yang Kai’s heart clenched as he recalled the Low Rank World Fruits and Mid Rank World Fruits he had obtained.

Back then, he had obtained more than a dozen fruits from the old tree, but he didn’t know which Universe World he had implicate.

Seemingly sensing his thoughts, the World Tree’s body swayed again. Although the World Tree did not speak or send out any Divine Sense, Yang Kai could clearly see what it wanted to say.

The World Fruits he had taken with him back then didn’t have any high intelligent lifeforms living in the Universe World, so it didn’t matter much. At most, it would take a few more years for the Universe World to develop and evolve.

Knowing this, Yang Kai felt less guilty.

But soon, he had a different feeling. With the help of this World Fruit which corresponded to the Star Boundary, he would be able to open a passage to the Star Boundary and return to it!

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly checked the other World Fruits that were still intact. Using his Divine Sense, he found that it was just as he had thought. With these World Fruits, he could open a void passage and go to the Universe World corresponding to these fruits.

He could even find out the Great Domain where these Universe Worlds are located.

Yang Kai’s expression changed as he couldn’t help saying, “Old Tree, this place can be considered a transit point for the 3000 Worlds.”

The World Tree’s body swayed again as if saying this was only natural.

This was not surprising. The World Tree was the manifestation of all the Universe Worlds in the 3000 Worlds, and each of its fruits corresponded to a Universe World. It was closely related to all the Great Domains and Universe Worlds.

It was no wonder that the Great Ruins Boundary was so ethereal. The black tide that allowed one to enter the Great Ruins Boundary would also appear in different Great Domains, because theoretically speaking, any Great Domain could enter the Great Ruins Boundary, depending on whether Old Tree was willing to let them pass!

With this discovery, Yang Kai’s interest was immediately piqued as he carefully examined the intact World Fruits.

These fruits corresponded to the Universe World, one of which was the Star Boundary, while the other dozen or so were the Universe Worlds in the new Great Domain adjacent to the Star Boundary.

The new Great Domain was something Yang Kai had inadvertently discovered when he fought with Zuo Quan Hui of Thousand Crane Paradise. It had never been entered before.

The Small Stone Race was also brought out from the new Great Domain.

In addition, there were about thirty intact World Fruits, which meant that among the 3000 worlds, there were a similar number of Universe Worlds that had not been occupied by the Black Ink Clan and were scattered across different Great Domains.

Realizing this, Yang Kai quickly said, “Old Tree, please help me!”

Saying so, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and shot towards one of the World Fruits. This fruit was only the size of a baby’s fist, but at this moment, it suddenly expanded in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, causing him to sink into it.

Entering this World Fruit, Yang Kai immediately felt the Space Principle fluctuate, and with the help of the World Tree, he opened a Void Tunnel leading to a distant Great Domain.

In an instant, Yang Kai stepped through the void and appeared in the periphery of the Universe World.

As far as the eye could see, this Universe World was quite beautiful, but it's probably not that old and it hasn't been long since it was born, and the environment wasn’t very good either, so although it was suitable for living creatures, the World Great Dao were quite thin. In other words, if there was a Martial Dao being born here, the level of one’s Martial Dao should be very low.

Using his Divine Sense, Yang Kai didn’t find any humans in this world, but there were some creatures with low sentience.

He then took out the Universe Chart and confirmed the location of this Domain. No wonder it had not been occupied by the Black Ink Clan after so long. This Domain was located in a remote region, so it was likely that the Black Ink Clan had not discovered its existence, allowing this place to escape trouble.

Otherwise, with the characteristics of the Black Ink Clan, they would definitely not let go of such a Universe World.

Without any delay, Yang Kai quickly began refining it. With his previous experience of refining more than two thousand Universe Worlds, Yang Kai was now quite familiar with this process.

After a few days, this world had transformed into a World Bead and was stored by Yang Kai.

This time, he didn’t ask the Old Tree to pick him up, instead using the World Bead in his hand to connect with the World Tree, he opened the Void Tunnel again and stepped inside.

When he reappeared, he was already under the World Tree.

Yang Kai didn’t stop there, simply handing over the World Bead he had refined to the World Tree for safekeeping. After identifying the other intact World Fruit, he set off again.

At this moment, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat annoyed. If he had known that the World Tree had the ability to connect to the various Great Domains, he would have contacted the Old Tree long ago.

With the help of the World Tree’s transit, he could easily travel through the various Great Domains and save a lot of time. If he had done so earlier, he might have been able to save even more Universe Worlds.

It was just that he didn’t know what kind of attitude the World Tree had before, so he didn’t dare to rashly disturb it. It was only after he had refined more than two thousand Universe World and was closely connected to the World Tree that he called out to the Old Tree.

More than thirty World Fruits corresponded to Universe World, but there weren’t many of them, so Yang Kai could refine one in a few days. These Universe World’s locations were all quite remote, so the Black Ink Clan had never discovered them, allowing them to avoid being poisoned by the Ink Force.

Most of the Universe Worlds did not have any humans, only seven or eight of them have Human Race, but their Martial Dao standards were not very high. Yang Kai had refined the entire Universe World, but the Human Race who lived there did not even notice.

On this day, he once again borrowed the power of the World Tree to arrive outside a Universe World. Just as he was about to reach a critical juncture in his refining process, he suddenly noticed the sounds of battle in the distant void.

Yang Kai was greatly surprised, not understanding why there was a fight in such a place.

Logically speaking, now that the Human Race had retreated, those who should have left had all left, and those who hadn’t will not have a good ending.

There shouldn’t be any movement in such a place, but the commotion caused by the battle was obvious, and the person who had attacked was not weak, probably at least a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Who was so fierce?

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with suspicion. Although he was alone, he wasn’t worried about being disturbed. After all, he still had over ten million Small Stone Race soldiers on his side. If any of them were to come here, even if he couldn’t do anything at this moment, he would be able to summon the Small Stone Race's army to protect himself.

He didn’t pay any attention to the battle over there, only preparing to refine the Universe World in front of him before going over to take a look. Unexpectedly, the commotion over there was getting closer, as if the two sides were approaching him.

Yang Kai didn’t mind. The other party’s approach shouldn’t have been intentional, but it was good for him. The only ones who could fight at such a time were the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. If they were close to him, he might be able to provide some assistance to the Human Race.

About half an hour later, the sounds of the battle grew closer, but Yang Kai’s expression became strange, because he felt a familiar aura!

Yang Kai was immediately overjoyed. What a coincidence! He had originally planned to find this person after finishing his business, but he had never expected to encounter him here.

As the old saying goes, a good man does not live long, a scourge lives for a thousand years! This person should be immortal!

Using his Divine Sense, he sent a message over.

The human who was fighting with the Black Ink Clan was stunned for a moment, but soon became overjoyed and quickly approached Yang Kai. From afar, he saw Yang Kai using some kind of strange technique, causing the Universe World in front of him to twist and distort like a mirror, causing him to be greatly surprised, “What are you doing!”

Yang Kai snapped, “Why do you care? What are you doing here?”

Wu Kuang’s body was covered in blood, making him look quite miserable. Hearing this, he let out a carefree laugh, “I’m currently being pursued by a group of Black Ink Clan!”

Acting smug as if it was something glorious.

Yang Kai also admired his shamelessness and glanced behind him, frowning slightly, “Is there a Territory Lord?”

Wu Kuang was now a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, and with his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, ordinary Feudal Lords would only be killed if they encountered him. Now that he was being chased so miserably, it was obvious that a Territory Lord had taken action.

Wu Kuang silently circulated his strength, preparing to flee at any moment, “If you can’t fight, then run. No one will collect your corpse if you are late."

He could also tell that Yang Kai was currently doing something important, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to help.

Yang Kai smiled proudly, “It’s just a mere Territory Lord, you can rest assured and recover. Watch my methods!”

Mere Territory Lord…

Wu Kuang was immediately stunned. He couldn’t believe such arrogant words had come from Yang Kai’s mouth. Sweeping his Divine Sense around, Wu Kuang’s expression changed greatly, “You’re actually an Eighth Order?”


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