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Twenty years passed by in a flash.

Over the past twenty years, Yang Kai had traveled through hundreds of Great Domains and had accumulated more than two thousand World Beads. Each World Bead was a complete World with Yin-Yang + Five Elements and World Great Dao.

The Human Race he had saved was difficult to calculate.

However, this was already the limit.

There were still many Great Domains he had yet to set foot in, but now that twenty years had passed since the Black Ink Clan’s full invasion, it was difficult for him to find a Universe World that had not been eroded by the Ink Force.

Every Great Domain had traces of the Black Ink Clan, and every Universe World that had a living being was almost completely occupied by the Black Ink Clan and Ink Nest.

Countless mortals and cultivators with low cultivations had been reduced to Black Ink Disciples, and the World Force they had accumulated over countless years had transformed into nourishment for the Black Ink Clan.

Of the tens of millions of Small Stone Race soldiers, Yang Kai only had less than ten million left, the rest had already been distributed.

Over the past twenty years, the number of Black Ink Clan members who had died under his hands had also been enormous. He had even killed more than a dozen Territory Lords.

Now that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had not appeared and the two Ink Giant Spiritual God were being held back, the Territory Lord was almost the top force of the Black Ink Clan. However, if any of these Innate Territory Lords were to encounter Yang Kai alone, they would only be courting death. Even if there were two or three of them, Yang Kai was confident he could kill them after paying a certain price.

In these twenty years, those who needed to evacuate had already evacuated, and those who couldn’t leave could only stay and bear the fate of being turned into Black Ink Disciple.

Yang Kai estimated that the cultivators who had evacuated from the various Great Domains should be gathering at the Star Boundary.

He knew in his heart that this journey to save the Human Race had come to an end here. If this continued, there would be no more results.

Looking at the dim stars in the sky and the universe being eroded by the Ink Force, Yang Kai sighed and suddenly said, “Old Tree, do you still want to hide? It’s time to meet!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a change seemed to occur in this Great Domain. Immediately after, a black tide appeared in the distant horizon and swept towards Yang Kai.

Seeing this black tide, Yang Kai knew that his guess was correct!

Twenty years ago, when he first refined the entire Xuan Yi World, he had a faint guess in his heart, but at that time, he hadn’t refined enough Universe Worlds, so whether this conjecture was just his imagination or if it was true, he still had to verify it.

Over the past twenty years, he had refined more than two thousand pieces of Universe World, which was enough to confirm his previous guess.

Because every time he refined a Universe World, he would form an invisible connection with that unknown place.

More than two thousand Universe Worlds had formed a close connection, so even if the other party didn’t respond, Yang Kai still had a way to force his way into this unknown place.

The black tide soon arrived and Yang Kai allowed it to wrap around him, concealing his figure.

After the black tide dissipated, Yang Kai also disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already in a mysterious place that was difficult for ordinary people to reach. This mysterious place had a faint suppression to the Small Universe, so no matter what Grade you were, it was difficult for you to display your Open Heaven cultivation here.

Great Ruins Boundary!

When Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm, he had been swept up by the mysterious black tide and entered this Secret Realm. It was also in this Secret Realm that he had obtained the World Tree’s Subtree and rescued the Star Boundary that was on the verge of shattering.

It was also from here that he brought the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, Zhu Jiu Yin, out.

Cang had once said that the World Tree was one of the most ancient existences in this vast world. In the past, the ten of them had relied on the World Tree to comprehend the Dao of Open Heaven and pass it down to the Human Race, allowing the Human Race to gain a foothold in the world where Monster Beast roamed freely.

As for those who could obtain the favor of the World Tree, they were the hidden means of self protection by the will of the heavens. This means was originally the chosen ten including Cang, who had sealed Black Ink in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for a million years. Otherwise, how could the current 3000 Worlds exist? Perhaps the entire universe would have become the Black Ink Clan's paradise.

After Cang and the other nine, there should be more candidates. The Subtree in Yang Kai's Small Universe also belong to the previous candidate who had died.

As for Yang Kai himself, he should have been chosen recently.

This method of self-preservation was performed through the World Tree, so no matter what, the World Tree was an indispensable and most important part.

Black Ink had said that the Old Tree had always been hiding from it, afraid of it.

In the past, Yang Kai didn’t know what Black Ink meant by this. Both of them were the most ancient existences in this world, and although Black Ink’s strength was hard to imagine, could it be that the World Tree was weak? Why would it hide from him?

Now, Yang Kai finally understood.

Because the World Tree was the manifestation of the entire 3000 Worlds, the relationship between the World Tree and the 3000 Worlds was one of mutual destruction and prosperity.

The existence of Black Ink had severely affected the survival of the 3000 Worlds. If Black Ink really ruled over the 3000 Worlds, then the Ink Force would be everywhere, and every Universe Worlds would have its life force wiped out. At that time, the World Tree would also be completely destroyed.

Inside the Great Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai was swept up by the black tide and looked up to see a towering tree in front of him.

Compared to what Yang Kai had seen before, it was even more majestic and massive.

The tree was filled with World Fruits.

However, unlike what he had seen in the past, the World Tree now seemed to be seriously ill, giving off a sickly aura.

Many of the World Fruit hanging on the World Tree were gray in color, as if they had been destroyed. Yang Kai could even feel traces of Ink Force from the fruits!

He had seen this scene before.

Outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he activated his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, and in that instant, space and time became chaotic, allowing him to see some scenes.

One of the scenes was of him holding the head of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

The other scene was a large, sickly tree filled with rotten fruits!

Yang Kai stared blankly for a long time before sighing, “Old Tree, you’re quite pitiful!”

The World Tree’s body swayed slightly, and its huge leaves rustled, seemingly protesting Yang Kai’s ridicule.

Yang Kai quickly said, “Don’t act rashly, each of these fruits corresponds to a Universe World. If you shake them off, it won’t be a good thing.”

When he first came here, Yang Kai didn’t have enough experience and only knew that the World Fruit could help a person break through to the Open Heaven Stage, so he didn’t know the mysteries of these World Fruits.

Now that he had refined more than two thousand Universe Worlds scattered across different Great Domains and had an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation and had even come into contact with ancient Supreme Master like Black Ink and Cang, how could he not see the mysteries of these fruits?

Just as he said, each of these World Fruits corresponded to a Universe World in a certain Great Domain, the foundation of that Universe World.

It could be said that the World Tree was connected to all the Universe Worlds in this world, and it was precisely the convergence of these Universe Worlds that had created the World Tree.

Now that these Universe Worlds had been corroded by the Ink Force and were occupied by the Black Ink Clan, they were being fed back to the World Tree. Even though it appeared sickly, these World Fruits were also somewhat ill.

If a certain Universe World was completely destroyed, the corresponding World Fruit would also disappear.

On the contrary, if a new Universe World was born, the World Tree would bear a new fruit.

Yang Kai finally understood why the World Fruit had such powerful effects.

This was because these World Fruits contained the mysteries and essences of the Universe World.

A Low Rank World Fruit corresponded to a world with a low Martial Dao grade, a Mid Rank World Fruit corresponded to a world with a slightly higher Martial Dao grade, and a High Rank World Fruit corresponded to a top-notch Universe World, a Dao field that could only be occupied by the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

If someone were to pick a World Fruit and swallow it, what they would eat would not be the fruit itself, but the essence of the Universe World.

This way, they could quickly increase their strength and even increase their grade.

However, the corresponding Martial Dao standard of the Universe World and even the perfection of the World Greay Dao would be greatly reduced. Perhaps it would take an extremely long time before it could be restored.

When one’s Martial Dao reached a certain level, they would be able to create their own World Dao and World's Will.

These wills could be said to have come from the Universe World itself, but they could also be considered the Soul Clones of the World Tree.

The Great Emperors of the Universe World had obtained the acknowledgement of their respective World's Wills, but in the end, it was the World Tree who acknowledged them.

As such, every time Yang Kai refined an additional Universe World, he would gain the approval of the World Tree, allowing him to sense the existence of the World Tree.

Yang Kai had never understood these mysteries before, but now he had fully understood them.

If the 3000 worlds were completely occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the World Tree would definitely perish!

Currently, only about twenty percent of the fruits on the tree remained intact, because most of these fruits had been refined into World Beads by Yang Kai.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai waved his hand and over a hundred World Beads refined from the Universe World flew out, each of them like a dazzling rainbow.

As soon as these World Beads appeared, they resonated with the World Fruits and disappeared into them.

The World Bead had not really disappeared, but had instead become one with the fruit. It had no effect on the living beings who lived inside the World Bead. When the world was pacified and the Black Ink Clan threat was eliminated, the World Tree would be able to send these World Beads to the corresponding Great Domain and restore their former prosperity.

Yang Kai did this in a casual attempt. After all, it wasn’t good for him to have so many World Beads on him. Because these World Beads were formed from the Universe World, although they weren’t big, they were massive in size, so it was impossible for him to store them into his Small Universe or Space Ring. Yang Kai could only sew a backpack to fit them inside.

For the past few days, Yang Kai had been carrying a full bag on his back and it had been quite inconvenient.

Now that he had discovered that these World Fruits could accommodate the corresponding Universe World, it naturally saved him a lot of trouble.


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