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Thinking of this, Yang Kai made up his mind and glanced around before suddenly shouting, “Everyone, leave this place!”

Wang Xuanyi didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, but since everything here had been prepared and they could set out at any time, after hearing Yang Kai’s shout, he immediately ordered everyone to leave.

The number of Open Heaven masters gathered here was not high, only about a thousand in total, and their grades varied greatly.

There were thousands of Sea Devouring Sect disciples, but this number included everyone.

All of them summoned their flying artifacts, and in an instant, more than a hundred strange artifacts appeared in the sky.

On the largest ship, Wang Xuanyi stood on the deck and looked down while Yang Qing stood next to him, both wanting to see what Yang Kai wanted to do.

Seeing this scene, both of them were shocked. The Sea Devouring Sect that should have been so close to them was now like a mirage, distorted and indistinct. It was clearly so close, yet it seemed to be so far away that it was impossible to grasp.

Yang Qing suddenly understood, “This Garrison Chief Yang wants to refine my Sea Devouring Sect’s floating continent into World Bead!”

Although he had never seen Yang Kai refine World Bead, he had heard Zhuge Xingwei mention it before, so how could he not understand Yang Kai’s intentions?

His heart was filled with joy. Originally, he had been reluctant to abandon the Sea Devouring Sect’s heritage that had been passed down for generations, but now that Yang Kai want to refine it into the World Bead, all his worries were easily resolved.

Hearing this, Wang Xuanyi only nodded slightly, also thinking that Yang Kai was refining the Sea Devouring Sect’s floating continent into a World Bead, but he didn’t understand why Yang Kai was doing this.

The Sea Devouring Sect’s disciples were already preparing to evacuate, leaving behind such an empty floating continent. The Black Ink Clan was probably not interested, so there was no need to refine it, right?

“Ah!” Yang Qing suddenly cried out, his heart aching.

The beautiful floating continent in front of him suddenly collapsed, transforming into at least a hundred pieces.

Each and every one of them was almost the same size, and it was obvious that Yang Kai had done this on purpose, demonstrating his powerful control.

Yang Qing wanted to cry, but there is no tears.

If this floating continent couldn’t be brought away, then so be it. In the future, after defeating the Black Ink Clan, the Sea Devouring Sect might have a chance to return and continue to establish their own sect here, but now that it had been reduced to such a state by Yang Kai, how could it be found?

His initial joy quickly disappeared as he couldn’t understand why Yang Kai was doing this.

However, he didn’t dare to ask any more questions, only consoling himself that Yang Kai’s actions had a deeper meaning.

Soon, Yang Kai reached out and grabbed at the distorted void, each time a floating continent disappeared. By the time Yang Kai had grabbed it a hundred times, the hundreds of fragments had completely disappeared.

After secretly working for a while, Yang Kai flashed over to the ship where Wang Xuanyi was and handed over a hundred newly refined World Beads to him before instructing, “Each World Bead contains over ten thousand Small Stone Race soldiers. If you encounter the Black Ink Clan, you may use them to defend yourself.”

Wang Xuanyi’s eyes lit up when he heard this, “The Small Stone Race is one of the creatures that besieged the Black Ink Clan?”

Previously, when the two Small Stone Race armies had besieged the Black Ink Clan outside Sea Devouring Sect, He had also noticed them. Although these strange creatures seemed simple and naive, they were actually quite skilled in dealing with the Black Ink Clan because they seemed to be able to ignore the corrosion of the Ink Force.

So when Yang Kai mentioned this, Wang Xuanyi immediately understood.

Yang Kai nodded.

He himself couldn’t escort these people all the way to the Mosha Territory, but it was no problem for him to send some Small Stone Race. Even if Wang Xuanyi Yi and the others couldn’t control the Small Stone Race, if they really encountered the Black Ink Clan and released them, they would naturally rush to kill them.

The reason why Yang Kai had divided the million strong army into a hundred was because he was considering how difficult it would be to retrieve the Small Stone Race. Wang Xuanyi and the others didn’t have the Sun and Moon Marks, if the Small Stone Race didn’t obey his orders, if he really released them, there was a high chance they would… be gone.

A million Small Stone Race soldiers was enough to protect them, and it was even a great help to the Mosha Territory cultivators.

With a million Small Stone Race escorting them, this journey to the Star Boundary would be much safer.

“Many thanks, Garrison Chief Yang!” Wang Xuanyi bowed in thanks, secretly amazed by Yang Kai’s generosity.

He had never seen or heard of these Small Stone Race before, but now Yang Kai had sent out a million of them in one go.

Their Battleship had already been destroyed, and without the Battleship’s escort, their team’s strength had been greatly reduced, but now that they had a million Small Stone Race army, the loss of strength was more than enough to make up for it.

Yang Kai said, “I’ve only recently acquired these Small Stone Race members, so I haven’t been able to figure out how to control them. However, their unique characteristics are that their intelligence is extremely low, and they almost rely on their instincts to act. If any of you are proficient in Beast Taming Techniques, you can try to control them with Beast Taming Techniques.”

Using the Beast Taming Technique to control the Small Stone Race wasn’t impossible, but Yang Kai wasn’t too proficient in the Beast Taming Technique, so he couldn’t try it.

Hearing this, Wang Xuanyi’s eyes lit up and he nodded repeatedly, “Garrison Chief Yang is right.”

Many cultivators more or less knew how to control beasts. If this method was really feasible, it would allow them to control the Small Stone Race in battle.

“You can leave,” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Wang Xuanyi cupped his fists, “Take care, Garrison Chief Yang!”

Finished speaking, the hundred or so flying artifacts filled with cultivators flew towards the Domain Gate under the leadership of the Sea Devouring Sect’s largest ship.

On the ship, Wang Xuanyi turned his head again, but Yang Kai had already disappeared.

Slightly calming himself down, he gathered a group of Sect Masters and Sixth Order Open Heaven masters from the various Sects and gave each of them a World Bead containing ten thousand Small Stone Race army. He then told Yang Kai's instruction to find cultivators who were proficient in Beast Taming Techniques to try to tame and control the Small Stone Race.

After obtaining the World Bead and the ten thousand Small Stone Race army, everyone was overjoyed.

Wang Xuanyi then arranged for them to head to different locations of the Battleships to guard the Battleships. As such, all the cultivators in the Sea Devouring Territory began to evacuate.

At this time, in all the Great Domains, fleets were rushing towards the Great Domains where the various Cave Heaven Paradise were located.

Some of the cultivators from the Great Domain evacuated very smoothly. After all, it would take some time for the Black Ink Clan to invade, these cultivators had already gathered before the Black Ink Clan arrived and immediately rushed to the Universe Temple of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Some Great Domains were unlucky and had long been invaded by the Black Ink Clan’s army. Many Sects had been occupied by the Black Ink Clan and their cultivators had been wiped out.

There was also the Black Ink Clan’s army chasing after the fleeing cultivator and fleets in various Great Domains. Battles of all sizes were taking place in many Great Domains.

The 3000 Worlds were in chaos!

Separated from Wang Xuanyi’s group, Yang Kai immediately rushed to the next Great Domain. This Great Domain was still under the jurisdiction of Mosha Cave Heaven, and the situation here was similar to the Sea Devouring Territory. The Black Ink Clan had already invaded, but the cultivators from the various great Sects were still desperately trying to resist.

In this territory, there was also a small Human Race team responsible for evacuating the people. When Yang Kai arrived, he easily killed all of the Black Ink Clan invaders and then sent away the fleet he had assembled, also sending over a hundred World Beads containing the Small Stone Race’s army.

After that, he began refining the Universe World where the Human Race lived.

He knew that he couldn’t save everyone. The invasion of the Black Ink Clan is everywhere. He can save the Human Race and a few Great Domains, but there were more than a thousand Great Domains in the entire 3000 Worlds, so how could he possibly save them all by himself?

He could only try his best.

At first, the situation in the Great Domain he arrived in was quite good. For example, in the Sea Devouring Territory, a total of thirteen Universe Worlds had been refined by him.

But as time passed, the situation in the Great Domain he was rushing to became worse.

With the order to evacuate and relocate, all the cultivators from the various Great Domains had been evacuated, leaving behind only cultivators and mortals who were unable to break free from the Universe World’s shackles. These people had no ability to resist the invasion of the Black Ink Clan.

The further Yang Kai walked, the more heartbroken he became.

Some of the Universe worlds had already been eroded by the Ink Nest, which had absorbed the World Force of the entire Universe World. The rich Ink Force had wrapped around the Universe World, eroding all the living beings inside.

Facing such a situation, what could Yang Kai do?

With his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, if he really wanted to, he could completely destroy the entire Universe World, but if he did so, even if the entire Black Ink Clan was wiped out, the billions of lives inside would also die.

Although they were already Black Ink Disciples, there was still hope for them to be rescued. How could Yang Kai be so ruthless?

The only thing he could do was to charge forward, destroy the Ink Nest, and kill all of the Black Ink Clan members inside!

There was nothing else he could do.

He also experienced the helplessness Wang Xuanyi felt when he answered his question.

This Universe World, who had been completely corroded by the Ink Force, had hundreds of millions of Black Ink Disciples. Even if he didn’t lack Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, he couldn’t purify them all. The consumption was too great and time-consuming, he didn’t have much time to waste.

If he moved faster, he might be able to save more people!

Along the way, he had encountered many heroic stories.

Many sects and cultivators weren’t strong, but they had the courage and determination to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan. They didn’t withdraw together with the cultivators of their Territory, instead choosing to remain on the Universe World, the world who had raised them, dealing with the Black Ink Clan, using their lives and blood to protect the peace of that world!

Many cultivators from the various Sects, from top to bottom, had died in battle, none of them surviving. Their resistance had angered the Black Ink Clan, so what awaited them was only death.

Yang Kai’s mood become heavy!

In such a situation, retreating was the natural course of action, and it wasn’t necessarily because they were timid or afraid. After all, only by staying alive would they be able to turn the situation around. Those who choose to stay and fight to death was not necessarily a heroic acts, they would eventually die a worthless death after all.

Who was right and who was wrong, who could say for sure? It was just a matter of one’s heart and mind, everyone had to pay the price for their choices. Just like Yang Kai, he had chosen to roam the various Great Domains and use the method of refining the Universe World into World Bead to save more humans, so he had witnessed far too many tragedies.


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