Many people who saw the true appearance of the bead like Zhuge Xingwei were shocked.

Zhuge Xingwei collected his thoughts and was about to thank Yang Kai when he saw Yang Kai casually toss the Xuan Yi World he had transformed into World Bead over.

Zhuge Xingwei’s entire body felt uncomfortable.

Even with his Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivation, he was still caught off guard.

Holding the World Bead in his hands, the smile on Zhuge Xingwei’s face became even uglier than when he was crying. Looking at Yang Kai, he said, “Senior, this… this…”

How can this be good?

Although it was a good thing that the entire Xuanyi Yi World had been refined into a World Bead, how could he keep it? He was afraid that if he made any slight movements, he would cause the entire Xuanyi Yi World to collapse.

However, Yang Kai waved his hand casually and said, “There’s no need to be so careful. I’ve also refined the surrounding void of the Xuanyi Yi World. As long as you keep it close to you and don’t let any powerful energy affect it, the Xuanyi Yi World won’t be in any danger.”

Zhuge Xingwei suddenly understood why the outer layer of the bead in his hand was gray. It was the void surrounding the Xuanyi Yi World.

The real Xuanyi Yi World was embedded inside this World Bead.

Understanding this, Zhuge Xingwei relaxed and followed Yang Kai’s instructions, storing the World Bead close to his chest and patting it.

Then, he bowed to Yang Kai and said, “Senior’s great kindness is something that the entire Xuanyi Yi World will never forget.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and stretched out his hand. Immediately, a door appeared in front of him, and with the help of the Space Spirit Bead he had given to Wang Xuanyi, he called out, “Go in and join up with the Sea Devouring Sect.”

Zhuge Xingwei thanked him again and led more than two hundred disciples through the gate. Sure enough, when they arrived at the Sea Devouring Sect, they saw Wang Xuanyi, Yang Qing, and the others. After talking about how Yang Kai had refined the Xuanyi Yi World, everyone was shocked.

Refining a world into one bead was something not even an expert like Wang Xuanyi, who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise, had heard of.

Although he was shocked, he was also overjoyed.

Originally, their evacuation and migration this time could only ensure that most of the cultivators from the various great Sects and forces were safely evacuated. The other living creatures in the world couldn't be helped. Now that Yang Kai had such a method, everyone in the entire Sea Devouring Territory could evacuate.

Not only Sea Devouring Territory, but as long as there was enough time, it was the same for the other Great Domains.

Wang Xuanyi couldn’t help thinking about the question Yang Kai had asked him before. 'What about the mortals?'

His answer at the time was that he was helpless.

However, after just a few days, Yang Kai had come up with a solution and he couldn’t help admiring him.

On the other side, Yang Kai had already used the Space Spirit Bead to arrive at another Universe World’s location. Previously, he had asked Zhuge Xingwei to order thirteen people, each of whom had brought an Space Spirit Bead to the thirteen Universe Worlds in this Territory, saving him a lot of time.

This Universe World, was the closest to Xuanyi Yi World, and there was also a Sect overseeing it. Their strength was similar to Xuanyi Yi Sect’s, and they had a good relationship with Xuanyi Yi Sect.

Previously, when Xuanyi Yi Sect’s many Open Heaven masters were fighting with the Black Ink Clan, Zhuge Xingwei had sent two Elders out to ask for help. One Elder Pang had gone to the Sea Devouring Sect and saw from afar that the Sea Devouring Sect had been besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s army. How could he dare to seek death? He had no choice but to return empty-handed. The other Elder had come to this Sect and had yet to receive any news.

Xuanyi Yi Sect’s side had suffered a great change, causing Zhuge Xingwei to become restless and forget to mention this matter to Yang Kai.

On the other hand, Xuanyi Yi Sect’s cultivator, who was responsible for bringing the Space Spirit Bead to this world, was quite cautious and didn’t dare rashly enter the outer space of this world, only concealing his aura and waiting for Yang Kai.

A few days later, Yang Kai suddenly appeared beside him, startling him.

Seeing that it was Yang Kai, he relaxed and quickly reported what had happened.

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned and looked at the Universe World in front of him. Sure enough, he saw some Black Ink Clan and Black Ink Disciple moving about.

The Sects of this world had been completely occupied by the Black Ink Clan, and almost all the cultivators in this Sect had been converted into Black Ink Disciples.

Fortunately, the strength of these Black Ink Clans was not high, just like the small team of Black Ink Clan that had gone to attack the Xuanyi Yi World. The leader of this team was only a High Rank Black Ink Clan, so they were not qualified to own their own Ink Nest.

If a Feudal Lord were to plant the Ink Nest here, the entire Universe would be flooded with Ink Force, and if such a situation really occurred, it would be impossible to reverse the situation.

Although the current situation was not good, to Yang Kai, it was as easy as snapping his fingers.

The Xuan Yi Sect cultivator stood next to Yang Kai and saw him stretched out his hand to grab the Universe World. When he pulled back his hand, several dozen strange-looking Black Ink Clan cultivators appeared in front of him.

These Black Ink Clan cultivators hadn’t even realized what was happening before they were suddenly captured from the world's Sect into the void, so they were naturally confused.

Immediately after, a terrifying force swept out, and all of the several dozen Black Ink Clan cultivators were instantly wiped out.

Yang Kai rubbed his hands together again and sent out a ray of purifying light towards the Sect below, enveloping the entire Sect’s Black Ink Disciple and dispelling the Ink Force in their bodies with the purifying light.

After easily solving the problem of the Black Ink Clan and Black Ink Disciple, Yang Kai waited until the cultivators of the Sect below had recovered before sending a voice transmission.

A moment later, a Fifth Order Open Heaven master led the group from the Sect and many Open Heaven masters rushed over to greet him.

Yang Kai didn’t want to waste any more time talking to them, so he directly opened the door to the Sea Devouring Sect’s Space Spirit Bead and told them to go to the Sea Devouring Sect to meet up with the others.

Seeing that Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, the Fifth Order leader didn’t say anything and simply led his disciples into the door.

After the Xuan Yi Sect cultivator responsible for bringing the Space Spirit Bead here also left, Yang Kai began to refine the Universe World.

With his previous experience, the refinement this time was even smoother, and even the resistance from the World Great Dao did not appear again.

This second Universe World gave Yang Kai the feeling that it was actively cooperating.

This only further confirmed his suspicions.

Using this method, Yang Kai walked over one Universe World after another, opening the door to the Sea Devouring Sect and allowing the Open Heaven cultivator from the Universe World to enter the Sea Devouring Sect. Without the interference of the Open Heaven cultivator, Yang Kai was able to smoothly refine the World Bead.

Not every Universe World had Open Heaven Stage master.

The fourteen Universe Worlds in the Sea Devouring Territory is where the Human Race lived. The World Great Dao varied, and the higher one’s level, the easier it was to cultivate the Martial Dao. Naturally, Open Heaven Stage cultivator would be born. There were a few cultivators among the Universe Worlds who were only Emperor Realm and had no Open Heaven Stage masters, so refining them was much easier.

After more than a month, Yang Kai had finished refining all fourteen of the Sea Devouring Territory’s Universe Worlds. Aside from the original Xuan Yi World, which had been handed over to Zhuge Xingwei, the remaining thirteen were all with him.

With this matter settled, Yang Kai took a step forward and arrived at the Sea Devouring Sect.

At this time, the Sea Devouring Sect and the other cultivators who had rushed to this place, under the leadership of Wang Xuanyi and the others, were ready to withdraw at any time.

Seeing Yang Kai return, Wang Xuanyi hurried over to greet him.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Yang Kai learned that everything had been prepared and immediately said, “There’s no time to lose, you may leave now.”

The evacuation of the Sea Devouring Sect’s forces was to first rush to Mosha Territory’s Universe Temple and meet up with the other cultivators from the neighboring Great Domains. Then, under the protection of Mosha Heaven’s masters, everyone would rush to the Star Boundary.

Although this method was a big goal, with Mosha Heaven and Mosha Army’s Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage protection, it was safer than the cultivators of each Great Domains.

The evacuation plans of the various Cave Heaven Paradise were all the same.

For example, the dozens of Great Domains under Pure Yang Cave Heaven’s jurisdiction all needed to arrive at the Pure Yang Territory’s Universe Temple within a set period of time. There were many Pure Yang Army masters there, and even more Pure Yang Army squads were like Wang Xuanyi and the others, rushing to various Great Domains to assist the local Sects and forces in evacuating.

This was a great migration that swept through all the 3000 Worlds, and no Sect could avoid it.

Just as Wang Xuanyi had said before, even a colossus like the Cave Heaven Paradise would have to abandon the Sect’s foundation that had been passed down for countless years.

As long as they were alive, the foundations of these Sects would be taken back sooner or later. If all of them died, then nothing would be left.

Now that they were not far from the appointed time, if the Sea Devouring Territory’s group couldn’t arrive in time, the people from the Mosha Territory wouldn’t wait.

This was something they had long since exchanged greetings about.

So no matter what, they had to arrive at Mosha Territory’s Universe Temple before the time limit.

“Is Garrison Chief Yang not coming with us?” Wang Xuanyi asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I want to go to the other Great Domains.”

Wang Xuanyi understood immediately that Yang Kai wanted to refine more Universe Worlds and save more Human Race!

Feeling a deep sense of respect, he cupped his fists and said, “Garrison Chief Yang, please take care. Although the Black Ink Clan’s current Royal Lord and the two Ink Giant Spiritual God is restrained, the number of Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords is still quite high. The current Territory Lords are all Innate Territory Lords, comparable to the top Eighth Order Human Race.”

He also felt that since Yang Kai had just broken through to the Eighth Order, his strength shouldn’t be too strong, so he reminded him.

How could he have known that a Territory Lord was no longer worth looking at in front of the current Yang Kai? Not to mention a Territory Lord, even a Royal Lord had been killed by Yang Kai!

If he knew, he would probably be shocked.

Yang Kai nodded, “You should also be careful, you may encounter the Black Ink Clan along the way…”

Saying so, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped.

He wanted to go to another Great Domain to refine more Universe Worlds, so he couldn’t waste time on the Sea Devouring Territory’s side and naturally couldn’t escort them all the way.

He couldn’t personally escort them, but he had a great army of tens of millions of Small Stone Race in his hands!

These creatures had low intelligence, but they were good at dealing with the Black Ink Clan. To the Small Stone Race, the Ink Force was something they hated the most, if the Black Ink Clan appeared in front of them, they would rush to kill them.

With the escort of the Small Stone Race, the Sea Devouring Sect group would naturally be safer.

Unfortunately, the Small Stone Race’s intelligence was too low and difficult to control. If he could solve this problem, the Small Stone Race would be a great help to the Human Race’s evacuation.


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