Feeling uneasy, he didn’t dare to stop or ask any questions.

Yang Kai suddenly asked, “How many Universe World does this Territory have?”

Zhuge Xingwei quickly replied, “Counting Xuan Yi World, there are a total of fourteen.”

Yang Kai nodded, “You should find thirteen people and go to the thirteen Universe Worlds. Take this and wait for my news.”

Saying so, he waved his hand and released thirteen Space Spirit Beads.

He was thinking that now that the Black Ink Clan had launched a large-scale invasion, time was of the essence. If he could save some time on the road, perhaps he could save more people.

He had these Open Heaven masters from the Xuan Yi Sect take the Space Spirit Beads and head to the Universe World to wait for him. Once he was done, he could move to the next location at any time.

Zhuge Xingwei took the Space Spirit Beads and ordered thirteen people to take one each before letting them go.

While Yang Kai was busy in the Outer World, the Xuan Yi World was shaking violently, causing countless living beings to panic.

After all, this was the first time he had attempted to refine the entire Universe World into a World Bead, so it was quite difficult for him to refine it. Even though he had been extremely careful, he had still inevitably brought about some changes to the Xuan Yi World.

In the sea, there would occasionally be tsunamis that rose up hundreds of zhang high, mountains that collapsed, and continents moving.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had always been vigilant, and once he noticed something was wrong, he immediately tried to salvage the situation. This way, he didn’t cause too much of a disturbance in the Xuan Yi World, nor did he cause any casualties to the living beings of the Xuan Yi World.

However, fear and panic was inevitable.

Gradually, the huge Xuan Yi World became more distorted. Zhuge Xingwei and the others who were standing at the side all felt as if the Xuan Yi World had entered a different time and space. It was clearly right in front of them, but it gave off an extremely unreal feeling.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had reached a critical point.

At this point, he faintly felt that he was only a step away from refining the Xuan Yi World into a World Bead and achieving his original goal.

But now that he had reached this point, he found that he had no strength to continue. The entire Xuan Yi World was resisting his refinement.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment and faintly understood.

This resistance was none other than the Great Dao of this World!

Every Universe World had its own Great Dao, the Star Boundary had its own, and the Xuan Yi World also had its own. This was the fundamental reason why many of the Universe World’s Martial Dao standards were different.

The stronger the Great Dao of the Universe World, the higher the corresponding Martial Dao standard.

A thousand years ago, the Star Boundary’s Great Dao could be said to be very weak, so it could only give birth to Great Emperors, not even a single Open Heaven cultivator.

However, now that it had obtained the World Tree Subtree’s blessing, the World Great Dao of the Star Boundary was no longer inferior to any Universe World in this vast universe.

On the other hand, the Xuan Yi World was able to produce a Xuan Yi Sect with two or three hundred Open Heaven masters. The World Great Dao in this world could be said to be extraordinary.

The World Great Dao was extremely profound and could almost be considered the self-awareness of the Universe World. Ordinary people would not be able to sense this kind of consciousness. Only those who were shockingly talented could resonate with the World Great Dao, obtaining its acknowledgement and becoming Great Emperors.

Now that Yang Kai wanted to refine the Xuan Yi World, the World Great Dao in this world instinctively resisted. After all, Yang Kai was an outsider, so how could the Xuan Yi World accept his refinement?

With Yang Kai’s current ability, he could forcefully refine it, but if he did so, the World Great Dao in the Xuan Yi World would inevitably be damaged. Yang Kai didn’t know what the consequences would be, but he was certain that this would not be good for the entire Xuan Yi World.

Perhaps in the future, the cultivation of the cultivators in the Xuan Yi World would become more difficult, and the chances of producing a master would also be lower.

This did not match his original intentions.

Yang Kai frowned and sent out his Divine Sense to transmit the images he had seen in the Ink Battlefield.

The World Great Dao was the Universe World’s consciousness, it was not a living thing, but an extremely special existence.

He didn’t know if this would have any effect, but if he wanted to smoothly refine the Xuan Yi World, he could only make the World Great Dao of this world cooperate with him and stop resisting his refinement.

As the saying goes, Heaven’s will exists in this world, hoping that this Heaven’s will would understand his painstaking efforts.

Yang Kai’s original intention was to let the World Great Dao in the Xuan Yi World understand what would happen if it was occupied by the Black Ink Clan. It was destined to become the same as the Universe World in the Ink Battlefield, where the World Force would be devoured and turned into a dead Universe World.

Unexpectedly, it actually worked.

After showing the scenes he had seen in the Ink Battlefield, the resistance from the World Great Dao in the Xuan Yi World had become much weaker.

Yang Kai was overjoyed, striking while the iron was hot and continuing to infuse his Divine Sense into this World Great Dao.

The resistance became weaker until it was almost non-existent.

At this moment, a heavy sigh suddenly rang out in Yang Kai’s mind, like a great bell ringing. Yang Kai’s mind suddenly went blank as he faintly felt as if he had become one with the Xuan Yi World.

Another inexplicable feeling appeared in Yang Kai’s heart, and in an instant, his consciousness crossed a vast distance and arrived at an unknown place.

Surrounded by endless darkness, Yang Kai couldn’t move at all, unable to even sense his own existence.

This surprised Yang Kai greatly. He didn’t know how he had encountered such an unforeseen event when he was only refining the Xuan Yi World.

He calmed himself down, not daring to panic.

He couldn’t feel the passage of time at all, and after an unknown amount of time, a tiny bit of light appeared in the endless darkness. When the Primal Chaos first opened, the world suddenly opened, and a terrifying power capable of destroying the entire universe erupted from this point. This kind of power was something even the Ink Giant Spiritual God, or even Black Ink itself, could not compare with.

This was the power of the vast universe.

The constraints binding him instantly disappeared, and the world expanded endlessly, transforming into one great domain after another. Within this great domain, primitive Universe Worlds were born, and many Universe Worlds were being nurtured.

Xuan Yi World was one of them!

After an unknown period of time, the Xuan Yi World gradually gathered the five elements, Yin and Yang converged, the Heavenly Dao appeared, and many Principle Laws were perfected, transforming into a true Universe World. The deathly still world gained a little vitality, and this vitality rapidly spread, gradually transforming into a colorful world!

Yang Kai understood that this was the process of the Xuan Yi World’s formation. As he merged with the World Great Dao, he personally experienced it.

He had experienced this feeling once before, when he was acknowledged by the Star Boundary’s World Great Dao and became a Great Emperor.

However, this time was different from the last time. This time, the feeling was clearer, and the history of this place was even more ancient!

Yang Kai suddenly realized something and had a guess.

It was just that he was temporarily unable to dig out these insights, his strength was too low.

He had no way of verifying this conjecture and needed time to verify it!

Yang Kai didn’t know how long he had experienced this change, but to Zhuge Xingwei and the others, it had only been half a day.

In just half a day, Yang Kai’s entire body became distorted and illusory like the Xuan Yi World, as if he didn’t exist.

Zhuge Xingwei and the others also didn’t know what had happened to Yang Kai. The difference in strength between them was too great, so they didn’t dare to disturb him.

Only now did Yang Kai’s figure suddenly solidify, allowing them to once again perceive his existence.

On the other hand, Xuan Yi World’s side was still the same, distorted in the void, as if it was not in the same space as them.

Yang Kai let out a long laugh and stood up, “Success!”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Xuan Yi World.

A scene that Zhuge Xingwei and the others found difficult to accept appeared. Yang Kai’s hand pierced through the void, seemingly passing through a layer of water as he gently scooped it up.

When Yang Kai withdrew his hand, the illusory void suddenly collapsed and Xuan Yi World disappeared!

Zhuge Xingwei was shocked and cried out, “Where’s Xuan Yi World?”

The two hundred Open Heaven masters were also panicking. The Xuan Yi World that had raised them had actually disappeared under their noses.

How could they accept this? In the Xuan Yi World, there was still their family, friends, and descendants!

“Don’t panic!” Yang Kai smiled and stretched out his hand towards everyone, “Take a look at this thing”.

Zhuge Xingwei and the others looked over and saw a round bead on Yang Kai’s palm. The surface of this bead was gray, but the inside was a deep blue, as if it was embedded with a sapphire.

The sapphire embedded inside, whether it was its shape or color distribution, was extremely familiar. It was the same as Xuan Yi World, but the only difference was its size.

After all, Xuan Yi World’s Universe World was huge, and the object in Yang Kai’s hand was only the size of an eyeball.

Zhuge Xingwei used his eyes to see through the fog and saw the true appearance of the sapphire embedded in the bead.

It was Xuan Yi World!

He even saw the Xuan Yi Sect. The tens of thousands of disciples inside were like dust, completely crowding the sect, many of them looking around with blank expressions.

He also saw his wife and concubine, who had received his orders, hurriedly packing up and preparing to escape.

He also saw the scene of peddlers shouting and hawking in a nearby city…

Zhuge Xingwei couldn’t believe his eyes.

The Xuan Yi World had been refined into a bead?

What kind of shocking method was this? If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t even dare think about it.

However, he soon became excited. Previously, the Elders of Xuan Yi Sect had argued because they couldn’t bring too many of their disciples away, but now that the entire Xuan Yi World was in such a state, what was there to worry about?

Not to mention the tens of thousands of Xuan Yi Sect disciples, even the billions of lives in the entire Xuan Yi World could be taken away!

It was only now that he understood Yang Kai’s painstaking efforts and what he had been refining.

This young master’s methods were astonishing!


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