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Yang Kai silently calculated the difference in strength between the two sides. On the Black Ink Clan’s side, there were two Ink Giant Spiritual God and one Royal Lord.

The Human Race also has a Giant Spiritual God, two Ninth Order, and if the Dragon Clan’s Fu Guang didn’t die, the Dragon Clan also had a Divine Dragon.

There was also the Giant Spiritual God A' Da who had yet to reveal his whereabouts.

As such, in terms of top combat strength, the Human Race had the advantage.

However, now that the Spatial Territory’s defensive line had been broken and the Black Ink Clan had launched a massive invasion on the 3000 Worlds, it was impossible for these top masters to stop them. The power of the Ink Force was extremely difficult to deal with and could turn an entire Great Domain into the territory of the Black Ink Clan in an extremely short time.

Coupled with the heavy losses suffered by the Human Race’s armies over the years, it was unknown how many Great Domains were currently suffering from the Black Ink Clan’s poison, and how many Human Race had been turned into Black Ink Disciples, so evacuating and relocating the 3000 Worlds was a must.

Yang Kai suddenly thought of a problem, “What about the mortals? What about the cultivators who don’t have the ability to cross the Void?”

A force like the Sea Devouring Sect still had the ability to evacuate the entire Sect. After all, there were only a few thousand disciples, so as long as they used some flying artifacts, they could naturally evacuate all the disciples.

But what about Xuan Yi Sect?

What about Xuan Yi World?

Just like the Star Boundary, there were billions of mortals living there. Xuan Yi Sect didn’t have the ability to take all of them away, nor did the Sea Devouring Sect.

If they were to be left behind, the only result would be that they would be turned into Black Ink Disciples, enslaved and driven by the Black Ink Clan, their lives in the hands of others.

Before this, Yang Kai hadn’t thought too much about it. In this current situation, evacuating and relocating to the Star Boundary was the only option, but now he suddenly realized this problem.

Wang Xuanyi’s expression became gloomy as he pursed his lips, “There’s nothing I can do.”

He and the other Seventh Order's Small Universe could accommodate some living creatures, but there was a limit. Once they exceeded this limit, it would affect their performance.

In the entire Sea Devouring Territory, there were more than a dozen Universe Worlds where mortals lived. Each Universe World was quite large, and the number of mortals who lived in it was difficult to calculate.

The two Seventh Order's Small Universe couldn’t contain it no matter what.

The evacuation of the 3000 Worlds this time was a difficult mission, and every team responsible for this mission had already considered this issue.

They could only try to take away as many people as possible, but most of them were destined to be abandoned.

This was an extremely cruel decision, but it was also a realistic one.

Yang Kai remained silent for a moment before saying, “Team Leader Wang, assist the Sea Devouring Sect in evacuating. I’ll make a trip to the Xuan Yi World.”

Wang Xuan sighed and consoled, “Garrison Chief Yang, there is a limit to human strength, just do your best.”

He obviously had some misunderstandings and felt that Yang Kai couldn’t bear to see things develope like this, so he wanted to go to the Xuan Yi World and use his Small Universe to take as many people as possible.

Yang Kai nodded and handed a Space Spirit Bead to Wang Xuanyi, instructing him to keep it close to his body before disappearing.

Moving quickly, it didn’t take Yang Kai more than half an hour to arrive at the Outer World of the Xuan Yi World. Looking around, he saw that the scenery of this world was truly beautiful. The huge Universe World dotted the starry sky like a brilliant blue gem.

Once such a beautiful Universe World was occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the only result would be a pearl covered in dust.

There were more than a dozen such Universe Worlds in the Sea Devouring Territory.

The entire 3000 Worlds had countless Universe Worlds.

Were they all going to be abandoned?

Yang Kai is reluctant, but he also couldn’t bear to do so. He had to think of a way to resolve this.

After staring at it for a while, Yang Kai suddenly sat down cross-legged and released his Divine Sense like a tidal wave towards the vast Universe World.

Although the size of Xuan Yi World was not small, the Divine Sense of an Eighth Order Open Heaven was extremely powerful.

Not to mention an Eighth Order like Yang Kai, even an ordinary Eighth Order would be able to cover the entire Xuan Yi World with a single thought.

Activating his Space Principle, Yang Kai’s hands began to form a series of hand seals as streams of light shot towards Xuan Yi World, disappearing into the Universe World and transforming into a dazzling light.

He wanted to refine the entire Xuan Yi World into World Bead!

Yang Kai had refined World Bead a long time ago in the Star Boundary.

At that time, Yang Kai’s strength wasn’t very high, only at the Emperor Realm, and his attainments in the Dao of Space weren’t very high, but he was still able to refine many World Beads.

This was a kind of Space Artifact that imitated the Mysterious Small Boundary and could accommodate living things.

Back when the Star Boundary and the Demon Race's army fought, the Star Boundary’s various armies had used the World Beads to increase their mobility. Even Su Yan and the other women who were close to Yang Kai had obtained many World Beads, but their World Beads were not used to accommodate an army but to kill enemies.

Although the World Bead was only the size of a single bead, it was actually refined from the Star Fragments, so there was no need for any special technique. Just throwing it out would cause considerable damage.

At that time, Su Yan and the others had used the World Bead Yang Kai had given them to kill many powerful enemies and resolve some of the crisis.

However, since then, Yang Kai had not refined the World Bead, because it was only a semi-finished product he had come up with on the spur of the moment.

After escaping from the Universe World’s shackles and leaving the Star Boundary, Yang Kai focused on cultivating, so how could he have the mood to engage in such underhanded methods?

Now that the Black Ink Clan had launched a large-scale invasion, the billions of living beings on the Universe World had no one to rely on. Since he couldn’t take all of them away, he would just pack up the entire Universe World!

In this world, Yang Kai was probably the only one who could come up with such a bold and crazy idea.

When he was at the Emperor Realm, Yang Kai had been able to refine World Beads with the help of the Star Fragments. Now that he had broken through to the Eighth Order, his strength was thousands of times greater than that of the Emperor Realm, and his attainments in the Dao of Space were no longer comparable.

Therefore, Yang Kai didn’t think that refining the entire Xuan Yi World into World Bead was just wishful thinking.

What’s more, his current attainments in Artifact Refining Dao and Array Dao were also extraordinary.

As long as this Xuan Yi World is regarded as a piece of Artifact Refining material supplemented with the Array Dao, Artifact Refining Dao, and Space Dao, it was completely possible.

There was only one problem.

Yang Kai had to be extremely careful when refining this artifact. If he was not careful, it was highly likely that it would cause the entire Xuan Yi World to collapse. At that time, with natural disasters and man-made disasters, the living beings of the Xuan Yi World were destined to suffer heavy casualties.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t just teleport all the living beings in this world away before refining them.

Xuan Yi Sect, led by the acting Sect Master Zhuge Xingwei, had previously received Yang Kai’s assistance and instructions, and was now preparing to evacuate.

Xuan Yi Sect’s strength was not as great as the Sea Devouring Sect’s, but the number of disciples they had was more than a dozen times greater, numbering in the tens of thousands, making their strength even more varied.

After all, occupying the entire Universe World made it easier to select disciples.

Xuan Yi Sect had its own flying artifact, a few flying ships of different sizes. Normally, it was only used by the Sect’s higher-ups when they were out, but now it had become a tool for escape.

However, these ships could only take away five thousand people at most. With tens of thousands of disciples, who would leave and who would stay was a very realistic problem.

Everyone had their own family and friends, and all of them had people they wanted to take away. In less than half a day, after the Elders’ discussion, the quota of five thousand people had been filled, but there were still many who needed to be taken away.

For a time, the Elders in the meeting hall were in a heated argument, causing Zhuge Xingwei’s head to ache. He was the acting Sect Master, so how could he have imagined that during his tenure, he would encounter such a major event that concerned the survival of Xuan Yi Sect?

Just as everyone was arguing, the world suddenly began to tremble, as if something had changed on this side.

Everyone was shocked and quickly came out to investigate. Looking up, they saw streams of light flying towards them from all directions and disappearing into various parts of the Xuan Yi World.

Every time a stream of light fell, Xuan Yi World would tremble slightly.

Zhuge Xingwei’s expression changed as he quickly focused his attention on Xuan Yi World, wanting to investigate.

The reason he was able to accomplish this was not because of his extraordinary strength, but because he was a Fifth Order Open Heaven master. Although his strength was not weak, it was not too strong. It was because when he was at Emperor Realm, he had been recognized by the World Great Dao of the Xuan Yi World and was a Great Emperor.

His identity was similar to Yang Kai’s status in the Star Boundary.

Receiving the acknowledgement of this World’s Great Dao, Zhuge Xingwei’s perception of the changes in the Xuan Yi World was naturally sharper than others.

After examining it for a while, he couldn’t help showing a look of shock.

The entire Xuan Yi World seemed to be undergoing some kind of ritual! The method of this ritual was profound, and it had already left a seal mark on various parts of the Xuan Yi World. Zhuge Xingwei had no idea what the purpose of this ritual was.

He didn’t dare delay and was just about to take a look when a large hand pushed aside the clouds in the sky, revealing a massive face.

Zhuge Xingwei glanced over and immediately bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Senior!”

He recognized this person as the young master who had just saved them from danger.

Yang Kai nodded slightly at him and didn’t waste any time, ordering, “All Open Heaven cultivators, come out!”

How could Zhuge Xingwei dare to resist? He quickly summoned his Open Heaven master and soared into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, all of the Open Heaven master in the Xuan Yi World had disappeared. When they arrived in the void, Zhuge Xingwei saw Yang Kai sitting cross-legged in the void, his hand seals constantly changing.

Feeling uneasy, he stepped forward and asked, “What instructions does Senior have?”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s nothing, you’re just a hindrance inside!”

It was indeed a hindrance, especially since this was Yang Kai’s first time refining the entire Universe World into World Bead, so he wasn’t very familiar with it. The Open Heaven master in Xuan Yi World gave him a feeling that it was neither a big nor small obstacle.

Now that they had all left the Xuan Yi World, his tempering was much smoother.

Zhuge Xingwei wore a bitter expression, not knowing how he and the others had gotten in Yang Kai’s way, but he didn’t dare to ask any more questions. The group of more than two hundred Open Heaven Stage masters could only stand silently and watch Yang Kai act.

Slowly, they discovered that the space in front of them was beginning to distort, and they couldn’t help feeling shocked, knowing that this senior expert was about to do something to the Xuan Yi World.


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