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Wang Xuanyi and the others had already returned, but the sounds of battle in the sky had not stopped. One after another, their auras began to wither. Yang Qing and the others looked up and saw the Black Ink Clan army surrounding Sea Devouring Sect fleeing like stray dogs.

The blazing sun and crescent moon also appeared frequently.

What was happening?

Yang Qing and the others were confused and wanted to ask, but Wang Xuanyi and the others were currently healing, so it wasn’t convenient to disturb them, so they could only wait quietly.

The battle in the Outer World was quite intense at first, but as time passed, it gradually calmed down.

After an hour or two, no more sounds were heard.

Outside the entire Sea Devouring Sect, the power of the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force had dissipated after its death, so there was no other scenery. The Ink Force isolated everything, causing the entire Sea Devouring Sect to become extremely dim.

The several Sixth Order Sea Devouring Sect disciples were somewhat nervous, after all, they didn’t know what the current situation was.

At this moment, Wang Xuanyi opened his eyes. Although he hadn’t fully recovered, he was still able to recover. Standing up, he said, “This time, there was an expert who helped us.”

Yang Qing and the others were shocked. Wang Xuanyi was already a Seventh Order, so how strong was this master he spoke of?

However, he now understood why Wang Xuanyi and the others had been able to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord so easily. It was because there were masters secretly assisting them.

Wang Xuanyi bowed towards the void, “Mosha, Wang Xuanyi, many thanks for Senior’s assistance. Please show yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the space in front of him suddenly distorted and a figure appeared out of thin air.

Yang Qing and the others were all shocked. At this moment, the Sect Protective Array of the Sea Devouring Sect was still open, and without his permission, ordinary people could forget about entering the Sect. However, the person who had just arrived ignored the isolation of the Sect Protective Array and directly rushed in, not even sensing any abnormal reaction from the Sect Protective Array.

In other words, to the other party, their Sect Protective Array was essentially useless.

What was even more surprising was that this person looked extremely young.

Although when a cultivator’s cultivation was profound, one couldn’t tell their age from their appearance, but the longer one cultivated, the more traces of time they would have.

A cultivator’s age could be determined at a glance.

But now that he had appeared in front of them, he was truly young. No one present felt that he was older than them!

The one who had come was naturally Yang Kai. He wasn’t trying to act mysterious, but he had been observing the battle between the Small Stone Race's army and the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Coming from Xuan Yi Sect’s side, Yang Kai saw the scene of Wang Xuanyi’s small team’s Battleship being destroyed. Immediately after, this small team of thirteen transformed into a giant sword formation. Yang Kai quietly assisted them in killing the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord while setting up a defensive line around the Black Ink Clan’s army.

If he had to kill these tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan members alone, he would be able to kill all of them. In the end, it would only take a bit of effort. Since the Small Stone Clan’s great army had been brought out from the Chaotic Dead Territory, Yang Kai also wanted to test their strength.

He then pulled out two Sun and Moon Small Stone Race that each had a hundred thousand.

This race’s intelligence was far too low, and they only knew how to act according to their instincts. Even the hundred or so thousand zhang tall Small Stone Race masters that were comparable to Eighth Order Human Race masters were no exception. If there is no way to control them, their usefulness would be greatly reduced.

This attempt greatly disappointed Yang Kai!

Unless he activated his Sun and Moon Marks, there was no way he could command these Small Stone Race masters.

When these people faced the Black Ink Clan, all they could do was randomly attack and kill them.

The only advantage was that the Small Stone Race's perception of Ink Force seemed to be extremely sharp, almost treating Ink Force as their mortal enemy.

Yang Kai suspected that their brains were only the size of green bean, otherwise how could they be so stupid?

After the several tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers were killed, the two Small Stone Race armies began to fight amongst themselves, each of them sending rocks flying in all directions, leaving Yang Kai speechless.

He quickly activated his Sun and Moon Marks to collect them.

The reason why they were like this was because of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's power. These two Supreme Master were born to oppose each other, and even the Sun Small Stone Race and Moon Small Stone Race viewed each other as enemies.

With this experience, Yang Kai secretly decided that next time he would not release the Sun Small Stone Race and Moon Small Stone Race together, only one.

As soon as Wang Xuanyi called for him, he appeared. As for the Sect Protective Array of the Sea Devouring Sect… under Yang Kai’s current mastery of the Dao of Space, it was nothing.

Listening to Wang Xuanyi’s self-introduction, Yang Kai knew that this group was from Mosha Army, so he nodded and said, “Great Evolution Yang Kai!”

Wang Xuanyi was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up, “So it’s Garrison Chief Yang!”

This person had obviously heard of Yang Kai’s name before.

However, seeing Yang Kai break through to the Eighth Order, he couldn’t help marveling at his cultivation speed. Comparatively speaking, he had been living like a dog all these years.

Yang Kai didn’t have the time to exchange pleasantries with him and simply asked, “Why are you here? How is the situation on the Spatial Territory Battlefield?”

In the Wind Mist Territory, he had been pursued by the Royal Lord and had no choice but to seek help from the Chaotic Dead Territory. At that time, the Domain Barrier between the Wind Mist Territory and the Spatial Territory Battlefield had been opened.

Although Yang Kai knew that the Black Ink Clan’s invasion was unstoppable, he really didn’t know what the current situation was.

Listening to Yang Kai’s question, Wang Xuanyi’s expression immediately became gloomy, “The Spatial Territory Battlefield has been abandoned. In the final battle, the 32 Ninth Order Human Race masters, led by the Pure Yang Old Ancestor, managed to kill the 44 Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan and severely wound the Ink Giant Spiritual God. However, they themselves also… fell. The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress also died in battle. After that, the Human Race’s army withdrew from the Spatial Territory and split up to the various Great Domains to assist in the evacuation of many Great Domains’ cultivators. We are responsible for the Sea Devouring Territory, the higher up ordered us to lead the Sea Devouring Territory’s cultivators to Mosha Territory’s Universe Temple and join up with the other Great Domains’ evacuated cultivators to the Star Boundary!”

Yang Kai’s head buzzed as if he had been struck by lightning. He only heard Wang Xuanyi mention that 32 Ninth Order Human Race masters, even the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had fallen, but he didn’t hear anything else.

After experiencing the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and No-Return Pass battle, the Human Race’s hundred or so Ninth Order masters were already few and far between. On the Spatial Territory Battlefield, 32 Ninth Order masters had fallen, almost the last of the Human Race’s top forces.

Was there still a Ninth Order Human Race?

In an instant, Yang Kai’s face went pale and his body shook.

Yang Qing and the others also wore complicated expressions.

For Sixth Order master like them, a Seventh Order master like Wang Xuanyi was an unparalleled existence, and Eighth Order master like Yang Kai was never seen.

However, on the Spatial Territory Battlefield, 32 Ninth Order Human Race masters had fallen along with Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress!

The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress was a legendary existence, even more powerful than the Ninth Order Human Race.

When they heard about this from the Sixth Order Elder who had evacuated from the Spatial Territory Battlefield, their performance was even worse than Yang Kai’s.

“Garrison Chief Yang, Garrison Chief Yang!” Wang Xuanyi called out several times before Yang Kai’s lifeless eyes slowly focused on him.

He had witnessed Yang Kai’s loss of self-control and could empathize with his current mood.

The deaths of the Ninth Order Masters were the death of the Human Race! Every surviving soldier would remember the shame of retreating from the Spatial Territory Battlefield.

He wanted to comfort Yang Kai, but he didn’t know what to say, so all the words he wanted to say became a heavy sigh.

However, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “How many Black Ink Clan Royal Lords are there now?”

Wang Xuanyi said, “On the Spatial Territory Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was completely wiped out. I don’t know if there are any on other places left.”

Yang Kai immediately understood the Old Ancestor’s intentions. The Old Ancestors were clearing up obstacles for the younger generation!

On the Spatial Territory Battlefield, the Royal Lord had been completely wiped out. The Royal Lord who had chased Yang Kai to the Chaotic Dead Territory had also been killed by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

In that case, there was only one Black Ink Clan Royal Lord left, and that was the one who was guarding the No-Return Pass. Yang Kai had met him before and was forced to use the corpse of Azure Nether Pass' Old Ancestor and Azure Ox to deal with him.

At the moment, all the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords were all Innate Royal Lord, and even the Territory Lords are all Innate Territory Lord.

There was no way these Innate Territory Lord could become a Royal Lord.

In other words, if the Black Ink Clan wanted to produce a new Royal Lord, they would need to start from scratch.

From the day the Black Ink Clan was born, it would take a long time for them to grow to a Royal Lord.

As such, the Human Race had a lot of time to grow.

The Old Ancestors knew that their current generation was unable to solve the problem of the Black Ink Clan, so they had left their hopes to the next generation. For this reason, they were willing to sacrifice their lives to kill all of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords in the Spatial Territory Battlefield.

Was there any hope for humanity’s future?


The Star Boundary was hope!

Yang Kai could even say that he himself was hope!

Because whether it was the Star Boundary or his own Small Universe, both of them had the World Tree Subtree’s ability to produce a large number of geniuses, especially his Small Universe, whose time flow was seven times faster than the outside world. In some ways, he was even stronger than the Star Boundary.

Of course, the size of Star Boundary was slightly larger than his Small Universe’s, and the population was also larger. This was something his Small Universe could not compare to.

Overall, the Star Boundary and Small Universe’s situations had their advantages and disadvantages.

Combined with what Wang Xuanyi had said before, the goal of the evacuation was the Star Boundary, so it was obvious what the Ninth Order Human Race was planning.

In the future, the Human Race would shoulder the heavy burden of revitalizing their race. It was both a pressure and motivation. Only by purging the universe could they live up to the sacrifices of many Ninth Order Masters.

Yang Kai wasn’t an idiot. When he first learned that the Ninth Order Masters had died in battle, he had lost his composure and quickly understood everything.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai asked again, “Is there still a Ninth Order Human Race?”

Wang Xuanyi nodded, “Right now, there are two Ninth Order Masters, one is Wu Qing Old Ancestor, the other is Smiles Old Ancestor. The two Old Ancestors are currently guarding the Wind Mist Territory’s Domain Barrier entrance and guarding the heavily injured Ink Giant Spiritual God, just in case.”

Yang Kai’s heart relaxed.

Smiles Old Ancestor was still alive.

Among all the Ninth Order Human Race masters, he had the most contact with Smiles Old Ancestor and received the most care. It was a great blessing that she was still alive.


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