The Sea Devouring Sect was located on a Spirit Province, which was the foundation of the Sea Devouring Sect. As the most powerful Sect in the Sea Devouring Territory, the Sea Devouring Sect was not like Xuan Yi Sect who lived in a Universe World with many mortals.

The existence of the Sea Devouring Sect was similar to the Void Land.

The Void Land was also located on a Spirit Province, but it was formed from Bi Xi’s shell.

At this moment, within the Sea Devouring Sect, three thousand disciples had gathered and were ready to leave. Many of the young and tender faces were filled with anxiety, while many of the women were sobbing helplessly.

Just now, the Sect’s higher-ups had ordered the entire Sect to prepare to evacuate.

However, now that the Black Ink Clan’s army had surrounded the Sea Devouring Sect, how could it be easy to evacuate? Although these disciples had not experienced the wind and rain, they knew that not many of them would survive this evacuation.

If they didn’t evacuate, they would be waiting for death.

With Yang Qing as the leader, the several Sixth Order Open Heaven masters in the Sect all looked up. With the Sect Protecting Array, the disciples below couldn’t clearly see what was happening outside, but Yang Qing and the others could.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, they saw Wang Xuanyi’s small team fly towards the Black Ink Clan’s army with their almost broken Battleship. The power of their Secret Techniques and Artifacts burst forth with dazzling light, killing and injuring the Black Ink Clan wherever they passed.

This was a small team that had experienced hundreds of battles, each of them having experienced hundreds of battles with the Black Ink Clan. In the face of such a situation, they knew better than anyone how to use their greatest strength.

They knew that this might be their last battle!

Without any scruples, they vented their strength, wanting to shine the brightest at the end of their life journey!

The unbridled actions of the human race team quickly angered the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords, and with the help of their armies, the nearly ten Feudal Lords quietly surrounded them.

They also knew that the strongest force of the Human Race here was this small human race team. As long as they were dealt with, the rest would be nothing but fish on the chopping board!

Therefore, the Feudal Lords had reached a consensus in a very short period of time to kill this small team with their strongest strength!

Many Feudal Lords suddenly erupted, their powerful energy fluctuations clearly felt by the Sea Devouring Sect.

Yang Qing and the others couldn’t help becoming nervous, their eyes widening as they stared fixedly.

The Battleship, which was already on the verge of being destroyed, was instantly disintegrated and several of its members were injured.

Even Wang Xuanyi and the other Seventh Order master were shaken by this powerful attack and their strength slowed.

Without waiting for them to recover, the many Feudal Lords once again joined forces to attack.

Wang Xuanyi’s expression became serious as he shouted, “Formation!”

In the blink of an eye, the thirteen people’s figures flickered and with the two Seventh Order cultivators in the team as the eye of the formation, their auras intertwined and formed a profound array.

Everyone simultaneously circulated their World Force and in an instant, a brilliant light burst out from the sky and the thirteen figures disappeared, replaced by a shocking giant sword!

The might of the giant sword was overwhelming and its Sword Intent soared to the sky. The attacks of the many Feudal Lords and Black Ink Clan masters suddenly dimmed and the sounds of people vomiting blood could be heard.

Obviously, someone was injured.

The giant sword condensed from the purest of World Force only rotated for a moment before flying towards the two nearest Feudal Lords.

Seeing this, the two Feudal Lords hurriedly tried to retreat, wanting to hide in the army under their command, but for some unknown reason, the pressure they felt was so great that they couldn’t even move.

The light from the giant sword swept past the two Feudal Lords, causing their eyes to widen as their bodies were sliced in half like tofu, their eyes filled with disbelief, unable to understand how they had died.

Inside the giant sword, Wang Xuanyi was also slightly stunned. Although the formation they had formed was not bad, it was impossible for it to have such power.

However, the current situation was critical, so he couldn’t afford to think too much about it. He only thought that the two Feudal Lords had been too careless, so with a flash of sword light, he charged towards the other Feudal Lord.

The withering of the Feudal Lord’s aura had been transmitted through the Sect Protective Array to the Sea Devouring Sect. Such an obvious movement was noticed even by the disciples with low cultivation.

For a time, many disciples were in a state of panic, not knowing whether the one who died was an enemy or a friend.

Sensing the tension in his disciples, Yang Qing raised his arms and shouted, “It was the Human Race Seventh Order who killed two of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords!”

Through Wang Xuanyi and the others, the Sea Devouring Sect had a rough understanding of the strength classification of the Black Ink Clan. The so-called Feudal Lord was an expert on par with the Human Race’s Seventh Order Open Heaven master!

To the Sea Devouring Sect, a Seventh Order was an unreachable existence.

Now, two Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords comparable to Seventh Order Open Heaven had been killed!

How long had it been since the battle?

After hearing this news, the tension in the hearts of the disciples lessened significantly. Although they couldn’t see anything, they all looked up towards the sky, their eyes filled with hope!

As soon as Yang Qing’s voice fell, the sound of another master’s aura withering could be heard.

Immediately after, another!

One more!

The disciples were all stunned and didn’t know what was happening. They all turned to look at Yang Qing, hoping he would give them an answer.

Yang Qing’s face flushed red as he shouted, “Five of the Feudal Lords have already been killed, Team Leader Wang and the other soldiers are truly peerless!”

The other Sixth Order Elders around him nodded.

At this moment, everyone was wondering if the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was so weak. Facing Wang Xuanyi’s group of thirteen, how could they be slaughtered like a chicken?

However, the performance of the previous Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords was not bad.

Or could it be that Wang Xuanyi and the others had been hiding their true strength? Was this their true strength?

But no matter what, killing five Feudal Lords in a row was good news for the Sea Devouring Sect. This time, they had already prepared for the worst, but they didn’t expect Wang Xuanyi’s team to be so powerful.

The five Feudal Lords had already been killed, and if a few more were killed, the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords would be gone, and without the Feudal Lords, with the strength displayed by Wang Xuanyi’s team, the Black Ink Clan army being wiped out is only a matter of course.

Soon, one after another, the aura of a Feudal Lord fell from the sky.

Yang Qing and the others couldn’t help sighing in their hearts. A Seventh Order cultivator from the Cave Heaven Paradise was truly unfathomable! Killing a Black Ink Clan cultivator of the same realm was no different from slaughtering a pig or slaughtering a dog.

At the same time, Wang Xuanyi was also stunned. Not only him, but all the other members of the team were also stunned.

Yang Qing and the others didn’t know how strong the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was, so they thought that these Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords only had a high rank and no real strength, but how could they not know?

Although the Feudal Lords were weaker than the Human Race’s Seventh Order, they were not easy to kill.

If the Feudal Lords were really so useless, the Human Race wouldn’t have suffered so much damage over the years.

But in reality, the giant sword formation they had transformed into was completely unstoppable, and with a single blow, the Feudal Lords were killed.

The team members were all excited, but Wang Xuanyi and the other Seventh Order keenly noticed something unusual.

This was because there was an expert secretly helping them. It wasn’t that the Feudal Lords who had been killed didn’t want to resist, but in the face of such a powerful force, they simply couldn’t resist, which was why they were able to succeed so easily.

Realizing this, Wang Xuanyi no longer had any scruples, and together with the other Seventh Order controlling the giant sword formation, they rushed back and forth between the Black Ink Clan’s army without any resistance!

In just a short time, all of the Feudal Lords had been killed, and the remaining Black Ink Clan members couldn’t help becoming restless.

An even greater disturbance spread from outside the Black Ink Clan’s army.

At some point in time, the sounds of battle rang out from the periphery as numerous blazing suns and crescent moons rose into the sky, illuminating the entire void.

Wang Xuanyi was confused, not knowing what was going on. He led his giant sword formation to the periphery of the Black Ink Clan’s army and looked up, stunned.

A number of strange creatures had appeared over there and were currently engaged in a fierce battle with the Black Ink Clan’s army. The phenomenon of the blazing sun and the crescent moon was caused by these creatures.

Wang Xuanyi had never seen such creatures before. They all looked dull, as if they had just jumped out of a rock.

He even saw a creature like this being torn apart by the Black Ink Clan, but instead of blood flowing out, it was reduced to a pile of rubble!

What is this things?

Although he didn’t know where these creatures had come from, they were currently besieging the Black Ink Clan’s army. Originally, the fifty thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers had surrounded the entire Sea Devouring Sect, but now these creature had surrounded them.

It was exactly as the old saying went, the wheel of fortune turns.

These fellows looked quite naive, but when they fought with the Black Ink Clan, they were fearless and fierce! The Black Ink Clan’s proud Ink Force was completely useless against them.

Wang Xuanyi wanted to take a closer look, but he sharply noticed that the giant sword formation’s momentum had become somewhat unstable.

In this round of attacks, not only did his team members consume too much energy, many of them were also injured and it was difficult for them to maintain their battle formation.

Originally, he wanted to die fighting here, but now was not the time to do so. With a flash of sword light, Wang Xuanyi led his team and rushed towards Sea Devouring Sect, sending a voice transmission from afar, “Sect Master Yang, please open the formation!”

Yang Qing didn’t dare to be negligent and hurriedly waved his hands towards the Great Array, immediately opening a gap in it. The giant sword formation rushed in like a bolt of lightning and fell into the Sea Devouring Sect. The dozen or so team members were no longer able to maintain their formation and rolled around, gasping for breath like fish on the verge of death.

Yang Qing came to receive them, and when he saw the pale faces of Wang Xuanyi and the others, as well as the blood dripping from the corners of their mouths, his eyes immediately turned red as he respectfully bowed, “Thank you for your hard work, everyone.”

Waving his hand, Wang Xuanyi and his teammates took out spirit pills and sat down cross-legged to meditate.


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