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In a battle of only two or three hundred people, all the Ink Force was instantly dispersed by the Light of Purification.

Zhuge Xingwei was just about to thank Yang Kai when Yang Kai’s figure flickered and disappeared. Only a voice could be heard from afar, “I’ll go to the Sea Devouring Sect for a while. You can heal first, we’ll talk later.”

Everyone from Xuan Yi Sect felt relieved.

Although they didn’t know where this High Rank Open Heaven master came from, he had obviously heard what Elder Pang had just said and was planning to assist the Sea Devouring Sect.

With this person here, the Sea Devouring Sect should be safe and sound, and the Sea Devouring Territory should also be safe.

Zhuge Xingwei was about to lead his disciples back to the sect to rest when he suddenly heard a loud cry. Turning his head, he saw a disciple surnamed Zhou carrying a woman’s corpse. The usually iron tower-like man’s face was now covered in tears and he was filled with grief.

The Xuan Yi Sect wasn’t very big, so Zhuge Xingwei knew all of the Open Heaven masters here, so he recognized this disciple at a glance.

This disciple surnamed Zhou was disturbed by that strange Ink Force, and during the great battle, he had switched sides. The woman in his arms was his beloved partner, and they had been together for hundreds of years. Normally, the couple were deeply in love, but in the battle just now, he had personally killed her, showing no mercy!

Although this was the first time they had exchanged blows with the Black Ink Clan, and even though this was the first time they had faced the Ink Force, the scene just now had allowed everyone to understand just how treacherous it was.

This was a power that could distort a cultivator’s heart!

Once they were completely eroded by this kind of power, they would no longer recognize their family.

Just now, it wasn’t just this disciple surnamed Zhao who had change side and killed his fellow disciples. At this moment, everyone else’s faces were filled with pain and guilt.

As for the other disciples, all of them were staring at them vigilantly, maintaining a certain distance from them, as if they were afraid their fellow disciples would attack again.

Although Zhuge Xingwei felt that this kind of thing was unlikely to happen, after all, that High Rank Open Heaven had just used a Secret Technique to dispel the black energy, but he didn’t know how to resolve this situation.

The atmosphere was filled with distrust.

Zhuge Xingwei deeply experienced the terror of the Black Ink Clan!

Their strength was not only displayed by their own strength, but also by their Ink Force!

“Senior Brother Zhou!” Someone suddenly called out.

Zhuge Xingwei’s expression changed as his figure flickered slightly before coming to a stop. With a heavy sigh, the cultivator surnamed Zhou who was holding his beloved’s corpse in front of him let out a miserable cry as he suddenly collapsed his Small Universe. Under the overflowing World Force, his aura rapidly weakened and even his vitality began to dissipate.

After personally killing his beloved, the cultivator surnamed Zhou obviously couldn’t bear the guilt in his heart, so he ended his life and followed his beloved. [MSN: Damn, if it was YK, what would he do?]

On the verge of death, the disciple surnamed Zhou’s eyes turned red as he looked towards Zhuge Xingwei and begged, “Vice Sect Master, please bury us in the apricot flower forest!”

Xuan Yi Sect had an apricot flower forest, which was the place where he and his lover had made love. [MSN: Wtf?]

Zhuge Xingwei nodded reluctantly, “This old master will!”

The disciple surnamed Zhou smiled, “Many thanks, Vice Sect Master!”

Just like that!

The hearts of the people are sympathetic.

Zhuge Xingwei quickly said, “All of you follow me back to the sect and wait for that Senior to return.”

He was really afraid that the other disciples wouldn’t be able to bear the guilt in their hearts and end their own life like the disciple surnamed Zhou, so he immediately summoned his strength and flew towards Xuan Yi Sect.

The Sea Devouring Sect, as the number one Sect in the Sea Devouring Territory, was quite powerful, comparable to the Void Land back then. After many years of accumulation, there were more than a dozen Sixth Order Open Heaven, two of whom were actually qualified to advance to the Seventh Order.

However, because he was afraid and lacked resources, he didn’t dare to break through at will and had wasted his time until now.

Previously, half of the Sea Devouring Sect’s Sixth Order Open Heaven had left under the Cave Heaven Paradise's recruitment order, but now only about half remained. Two months ago, a small team claiming to belong to the Mosha Army’s Western Army suddenly came to the Sea Devouring Territory and directly sought out the Sea Devouring Sect, asking them to send a message to all the Sects in the Great Domain to prepare for evacuation and relocation.

The Black Ink Clan's army had arrived!

The Sea Devouring Sect had never heard of something like Mosha Army's Western Army, they only knew Mosha Heaven.

This is one of the 36 Cave Heaven, and the Sea Devouring Territory was the territory under Mosha Heaven's jurisdiction.

Among the members of the Mosha Army’s Western Army, there was a Sixth Order Elder who had been recruited from their Sea Devouring Sect. This Elder had participated in the battle against the Black Ink Clan in the Spatial Territory and was one of the few Sixth Order Elders who had been recruited from the Sea Devouring Sect.

The other Sixth Order Elders, including one Vice Sect Master, had all died in the Spatial Territory!

With this Elder who was originally from the Sea Devouring Sect explaining the situation, the Sea Devouring Sect quickly understood the whole story, so how could they dare to be negligent? All of them quickly sent their disciples to the various great forces to relay their orders while also actively preparing to withdraw.

However, before they could get ready, the Black Ink Clan's army attacked.

This was a true Black Ink Clan army. Although it did not have a Territory Lord in charge, it had nearly ten Feudal Lord-level master and nearly fifty thousand Black Ink Clan under its command.

There were less than three thousand people in the entire Sea Devouring Sect, so how could they be a match for such a powerful enemy?

Fortunately, the team belonging to the Mosha Army’s Western Army was quite strong. A team of thirteen people, with two Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, and a team-level Battleships rushed into the Black Ink Clan's army and killed one of the Black Ink Clan's Feudal Lords, while injuring another.

However, two fists were no match for four hands, so this small team was eventually beaten back.

Their Battleships had suffered great damage during the Spatial Territory battle, and after experiencing such a battle, they were almost completely destroyed.

Without the help of the Battleship, this small team’s combat strength rapidly declined and could only retreat to the Sea Devouring Sect’s Sect Protection Array to contend with the Black Ink Clan.

The Sea Devouring Sect’s Sect Protection Array was also extraordinary. Over the years, it had been constantly reinforced by the Sect’s Array Masters. Although it was not impregnable, it was not a problem to maintain it for three to five months.

The difficult part was how to break out of this encirclement. One day, the great array would be broken, and before it was broken, if the Sea Devouring Sect disciples couldn’t escape, they would be doomed.

But now, the Black Ink Clan’s twenty thousand strong army had surrounded the Spirit Province where Sea Devouring Sect was located, so there was no way to escape!

At this moment, Sea Devouring Sect’s Sect Master, Yang Qing, wore a worried frown as he looked up towards the Black Ink Clan’s active forces outside the great array.

Not far from him was the team leader from Mosha Army's Western Army, called Wang Xuanyi.

According to the Elder who had evacuated with this small team, their mission was to assist the evacuation of the Sea Devouring Territory cultivators.

There were many small teams like them, all of them heading towards the various Great Domains of the 3000 Worlds. This time, the evacuation and migration was not only limited to the Sea Devouring Territory, but also all the Great Domains.

Yang Qing had also asked where they should retreat to if they wanted to retreat. Wang Xuanyi had told him that their destination was the Star Boundary’s Great Domain!

Because right now, the Human Race's two remaining Ninth Order Old Ancestor, Smiles and Wu Qing, felt that the Star Boundary was the foundation and hope for the revival of the Human Race, so they had to protect it no matter what!

And that place would be the last paradise for the Human Race to survive.

Yang Qing was still somewhat reluctant to part with the ten thousand year foundation of the Sea Devouring Sect, but Wang Xuanyi simply smiled. What did the ten thousand year foundation of the Sea Devouring Sect count for? With the current situation, not to mention the Sea Devouring Sect, even the various Cave Heaven Paradises would have to abandon their ancestors' land.

Hearing this, Yang Qing felt a little better.

Even a huge force like the Cave Heaven Paradise was forced to retreat, so how could the Sea Devouring Sect not be involved?

If he wanted to retreat, so be it, but at this moment, it was not a matter of whether he wanted to retreat or not, but whether he could!

Turning around, Yang Qing asked, “Team Leader Wang, are there no other reinforcements?”

Wang Xuanyi slowly shook his head, “The Human Race’s army suffered heavy losses in the Spatial Territory Battlefield. Although Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing Old Ancestor promptly ordered their forces to retreat, the number of troops they managed to preserve is still somewhat insufficient. The matter of the Sea Devouring Territory will be handled by our small team. The original plan was to rush to Mosha Heaven's Universe Temple within three months. At that time, we will travel together with the people from the other Great Domains to the Star Boundary. If we don’t arrive at Mosha Heaven's Universe Temple in time, no one will wait for us.”

Yang Qing’s face turned pale slightly.

He was well aware of the heavy losses that Wang Xuanyi had mentioned. Although he had not gone to the Spatial Territory to participate in the battle, the Sea Devouring Sect had sent six Sixth Order Elders. However, only one of them had returned alive, and the other five had died there in just a few years.

Yang Qing could imagine how intense the battle was.

Without reinforcements, it would be impossible to break out of this encirclement. What awaited Sea Devouring Sect was likely not a good outcome.

Before Yang Qing could ask any more questions, Wang Xuanyi waved his sleeve and stepped forward, “I wish to lead the team to launch another surprise attack. If we can kill those Feudal Lords, the Sea Devouring Sect’s crisis will be easily resolved. The chances of that happening won’t be too high, but if things don’t go well, I will try my best to tear down the defenses. Sect Master Yang, when the time comes, lead your men and rush out… take as many as you can!”

Yang Qing raised his hand, wanting to say something but eventually swallowed his words.

Looking at Wang Xuanyi’s departing figure, the Sea Devouring Sect’s Sect Master felt a deep sense of respect.

For countless years, a cultivator like him had never had a good impression of the so-called elites who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise. He felt that they were just lucky and had a good background. If he had also come from the Cave Heaven Paradise, he might have been able to reach the Seventh Order.

But now, after learning that the Cave Heaven Paradise had contributed greatly to the Human Race over the years, Yang Qing couldn’t help praising them.

At this moment, even though Wang Xuanyi knew he was doomed, he was still determined to fight!

Wang Xuanyi couldn’t escape? With his Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation, if he really wanted to escape, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to stop him.

However, he didn’t leave, instead choosing to fight for the safety of the Sea Devouring Sect.

People who have no relatives and no reason to do so, have done this for their sect. After cultivating for many years, Yang Qing, who has long been unwavering in his heart, can't help but be shocked.

Facing the departing figure, Yang Qing bowed to the ground and didn’t get up for a long time.

He believed that on the Sea Devouring Sect’s side, Wang Xuanyi was like this, and in the various Sects on the Great Domains, there were tens of thousands of Wang Xuanyi!


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