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The Xuan Yi World was nothing to the entire Swallowing Sea Territory.

For example, there were quite a number of Universe Worlds like Xuan Yi World in the Swallowing Sea Territory. The development of these Universe Worlds’ Martial Dao was different, some were strong and some were weak. The stronger Universe Worlds had given birth to some Open Heaven cultivators, while the weaker Universe Worlds were like Star Boundarys in the past, where cultivators didn’t even have the ability to escape from the world's shackles.

Xuan Yi World was not bad, among them, there is Xuan Yi Sect. According to the 3000 Worlds’ classification of various Sects, it could barely be considered a second-class force. The Sect had two or three Fifth Order Open Heaven masters who controlled the resources of the world.

Such a force could be found everywhere in the Great Domain, neither high nor low, and the situation was quite awkward. Most of the time, they could only rely on the stronger second-class Sect to survive.

The most powerful force in the entire Sea Devouring Territory was undoubtedly the Sea Devouring Sect. This territory was also named after the Sea Devouring Sect.

Nearly a month ago, Sea Devouring Sect sent word that the Black Ink Clan had launched a massive invasion on the 3000 Worlds, with Sea Devouring Sect at the head of the Sea Devouring Territory. All forces of all sizes had to be prepared to evacuate and relocate as soon as possible.

When the news came, Xuan Yi Sect was stunned.

The Black Ink Clan, what the hell was that? They had never even heard of them before, and now they were invading?

After asking around a few times, the Xuan Yi Sect learned that the Human Race had always had a long-standing enemy, and that was the Black Ink Clan. The masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise had been trying to stop the invasion of the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield for hundreds of thousands of years, but unfortunately, the Human Race had suffered a great defeat a few years ago and their defensive line had been broken one after another, allowing the Black Ink Clan to invade.

As for the recruitment order issued by the Cave Heaven Paradise, it was to summon the Human Race’s Open Heaven cultivators to the battlefield to assist them.

During that recruitment, two of the three Fifth Order Open Heaven in the Xuan Yi Sect had been taken away, leaving only Zhuge Xingwei, the Vice Sect Master, to support the overall situation.

At this moment, Zhuge Xingwei was also alone.

After the Sea Devouring Sect’s news about the Black Ink Clan had spread, Zhuge Xingwei had gathered all the Open Heaven masters in the Sect to discuss matters. Facing the order to evacuate and relocate, the Xuan Yi Sect was somewhat helpless.

These Open Heaven cultivators could cross the void and escape from the Sea Devouring Territory, but what about the Xuan Yi Sect's disciples who had yet to reach the Open Heaven Stage?

What about all the living beings in the entire Xuan Yi World?

This was the place where they had been born and raised. It was said that it was difficult to leave one’s homeland, so if they were to abandon it now, who would be able to abandon it ruthlessly?

What’s more, if they left, who would protect Xuan Yi World?

These Open Heaven masters, with the highest only at Fifth Order did not have the ability to take away all the humans in the Xuan Yi World. Since the Black Ink Clan was about to arrive, keeping them here was equivalent to letting them die.

The Open Heaven cultivators of the Sect were quickly divided into two factions, one of them trying to protect their own safety, believing that with the Black Ink Clan’s great enemy in front of them, they should quickly follow the Sea Devouring Sect’s orders.

The other side felt that they should defend the Xuan Yi World to the death and fight the Black Ink Clan to the end.

The two factions of Open Heaven Stage masters argued endlessly, neither of them able to convince the other. Zhuge Xingwei’s head ached greatly. He was only a Vice Sect Master, and the Sect Master was usually the one who made the decisions. Now that the Sect Master and the other Vice Sect Master had been summoned away, it was somewhat difficult for him to bear the weight of Xuan Yi Sect alone.

He was someone with no opinion.

Before the Xuan Yi Sect could come up with a plan, a disciple came to report that a powerful enemy had arrived in the Outer World. Shocked, Zhuge Xingwei led his disciples to investigate and immediately encountered a small team from the Black Ink Clan and began fighting outside the Xuan Yi World.

The Human Race’s squads were basically composed of ten to fifteen people, but the Black Ink Clan’s squads were different. At least , there were dozen or hundred of them, and at most a few hundred to a thousand. Compared to the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan’s numbers were always superior.

This time, there weren’t many Black Ink Clan that had come to Xuan Yi World, only seventy or eighty.

Although Xuan Yi Sect wasn’t big, there were still two or three hundred Open Heaven cultivators, but their grades were somewhat uneven, ranging from First Order to Fifth Order.

Two or three hundred Open Heaven masters versus seventy or eighty Black Ink Clan. At first, the pressure on Xuan Yi Sect wasn’t too great, but after sensing the strangeness of the Ink Force, everyone panicked, especially the disciples who had been attacked by the inked disciples.

When the High Rank Black Ink Clan leader at the rear revealed his powerful aura, Xuan Yi Sect finally realized how powerful the enemy they were facing was.

This was a member of the Black Ink Clan that was comparable to a Sixth Order Open Heaven master. In the entire Xuan Yi Sect, there had never been a Sixth Order Open Heaven master!

Fortunately, this Black Ink Clan master didn’t seem to have any intention of personally participating in this battle. Instead, he had been watching from the back, seemingly afraid that something unexpected would happen, allowing Xuan Yi Sect’s people to hold on until now. Otherwise, they would have already lost.

Zhuge Xingwei’s mouth was filled with bitterness. Before the Sect Master left, he had handed over Xuan Yi Sect to him. After only a few years, would it perish?

If that was the case, how could he face the ancestors of Xuan Yi Sect?

He had also tried to sneak attack that High Rank Black Ink Clan master, but although he had successfully closed in on him, he had been sent flying by a single palm strike from that Black Ink Clan master. Not only had he failed, but he had even been contaminated by some of the Ink Force.

At this time, nearly thirty percent of the many Open Heaven masters in the Xuan Yi Sect had been turned into black ink disciple, twenty percent had died, and thirty or forty percent had been corroded by the Ink Force. It seemed they wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Everyone was filled with despair. At this point, even if they wanted to escape, there was no way they could do so. The only result waiting for them was either being turned into Black Ink Disciple or being killed on the spot.

At this moment, a stream of light flew over from afar and someone shouted, “Elder Pang has returned!”

The originally low morale suddenly rose.

Elder Pang’s strength wasn’t high, just a Fourth Order Open Heaven, but he was someone Zhuge Xingwei had sent out to seek help from the Sea Devouring Sect.

When Zhuge Xingwei noticed that the situation wasn’t looking good, he had this Elder Pang rush over to the Sea Devouring Sect. There was a Sixth Order Open Heaven over there, and only with a Sixth Order Open Heaven could they deal with the Black Ink Clan masters.

Hearing this shout, Zhuge Xingwei, who was in the midst of a fierce battle, turned his head towards the direction of Sea Devouring Sect and saw Elder Pang’s figure.

However, Zhuge Xingwei couldn’t be happy because Elder Pang had returned alone without any reinforcements!

Elder Pang was also a man of courage. Although he had cultivated for many years, he had not lost his drive. At this moment, he charged towards the High Rank Black Ink Clan from afar.

However, a Fourth Order strength wasn’t worth mentioning. As soon as he arrived in front of the High Rank Black Ink Clan master, he was grabbed by the neck and lifted high into the air.

“Elder Pang!” A disciple called out.

Elder Pang’s face turned red as the rich Ink Force began eroding his Small Universe. He roared, “Run! The Sea Devouring Sect is besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s army, they can’t even defend themselves!”

The reason he had risked his life to rush back here was to convey this message to his disciples so that they wouldn’t wait for nothing.

These words caused everyone from Xuan Yi Sect to shiver.

Originally, they had hoped that the Sea Devouring Sect would be able to come to their aid and save them from this crisis, but now that they had the Black Ink Clan’s army on their side, how could they possibly support them?

In fact, Elder Pang wasn’t the only one who had asked for help. Another Elder had gone to another force that was on good terms with the Xuan Yi Sect. That force was very close to the Xuan Yi Sect, so logically speaking, they should have come to help long ago.

Listening to Elder Pang’s words at this moment, how could Zhuge Xingwei not know that the situation of that Sect was likely the same as his own? Even the Elder who had gone to seek help had most likely died.

Xuan Yi Sect was really going to be exterminated, and Xuan Yi World… would also be destroyed!

In fact, the entire Sea Devouring Territory was about to be occupied by the Black Ink Clan!

In such a desperate situation, Zhuge Xingwei didn’t feel as anxious as before, as if he had just thrown away some kind of burden. The long sword in his hand shook as he prepared to attack the High Rank Black Ink Clan.

Even if they were to die here today, they could not allow the Black Ink Clan to look down on Xuan Yi Sect’s cultivators!

However, before he could do anything, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. The surrounding void distorted, and in an instant, it was as if a mirror had been shattered, causing a series of Void Cracks to appear.

Silently, the Black Ink Clan that made Xuan Yi Sect helpless was sliced into pieces by the crack.

Zhuge Xingwei could clearly see that a crack had appeared on the neck of this Black Ink Clan master, cutting a black line.

The Black Ink Clan master’s face was filled with shock, obviously not understanding what was happening. Immediately after, a large amount of ink blood spurted from his neck and his corpse was separated.

Elder Pang, who had been squeezed to the point where he could barely breathe, finally managed to free himself and ruthlessly struck out with his palm, blowing up the corpse of the High Rank Black Ink Clan master.

This sudden change shocked everyone.

In the blink of an eye, all of the space cracks disappeared and the void returned to normal, but in front of them were many pieces of the Black Ink Clan’s corpse. All of the Black Ink Clan’s members had been killed on the spot, while the Black Ink Disciples cultivators had managed to survive. However, such a shocking turn of events left them somewhat at a loss as to what had happened.

However, Zhuge Xingwei seemed to have noticed something and quickly turned his head, only to see a young man slowly approaching from the void. His aura wasn’t obvious and Zhuge Xingwei couldn’t determine his cultivation, but the only thing this Vice Sect Master of Xuan Yi Sect was certain of was that the one who had saved them and killed the Black Ink Clan was this young man!

This is at least a Seventh Order Open Heaven!

Zhuge Xingwei was overjoyed, this was the appearance of a Cave Heaven Paradise master.

As soon as the other party rubbed his hands together, a large amount of pure and gentle white light enveloped the entire void. Wherever this white light spread, the ink color power would rapidly melt away. Even the Black Ink Disciples who had been turned into ink earlier let out miserable screams as the black energy within their bodies rapidly dissipated.

When he was in the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai still had some restraint when using the Light of Purification. After all, he didn’t know how long he would have to stay in the Ink Battlefield. Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals could only be produced in the Chaotic Dead Territory. If he used them up, there would be no place to replenish them.

Now that he had swept through the entire Chaotic Dead Territory, nearly emptying out all of Big Brother Huang’s and Big Sister Lan’s possessions, he had piled up dozens of large mountains of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in his Small Universe. He was so rich that he didn’t care about such expenditure.


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