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“Forget it,” Big Brother Huang snapped, obviously knowing what Yang Kai was thinking, “The Small Stone Race thrives rapidly. As long as the Stone Queen is here, they won’t be exterminated, so there’s no need for you to exchange for it.”

Although he said so, Big Brother Huang still said, “Go collect them yourself.”

Yang Kai was moved to tears, “Many thanks!”

A moment later, Yang Kai flew back with a massive army of Small Stone Race behind him, one blazing sun, one crescent moon, beating him up.

The Small Stone Race didn’t have much intelligence, so it was quite troublesome. They only knew how to act according to their instincts. Normally, because of their different natures, they would fight against each other, but now that Yang Kai had taken action to capture them, he had broken this balance and caused them to attack together.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai couldn’t fight back. After all, these things were his allies in resisting the Black Ink Clan, so he wanted to take them, not kill them.

As such, it didn’t take long for him to be covered in dust.

“Do the two of you have any good suggestions?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly. Speaking of which, it was quite interesting. As he flew over to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s side, the pursuers behind him stopped in their tracks, obviously sensing the auras of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

To these Small Stone Race members, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer were the source of their power, so naturally they couldn’t act presumptuously.

Big Brother Huang snapped, “Are you stupid? Don’t you know how to use the Sun and Moon Seals?”

Yang Kai came to a sudden realization. The Sun and Moon Seals were formed from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's energy, so if he wanted the Small Stone Race to obey him, using these two marks was the best method.

Previously, Yang Kai had used these two seals to extract the power of the two Small Stone Race armies and integrate them into a purifying light to deal with the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

After getting the solution, Yang Kai turned around and rushed towards the two Small Stone Race armies. Before he even got close, he activated his Sun and Moon Seals, and as expected, he was not attacked and was able to smoothly draw these two armies into his Small Universe.

In order to prevent them from causing trouble in his Small Universe, Yang Kai had deliberately divided the Small Universe into two regions and sealed them with his World Force. One region was used to house Big Brother Huang’s Blazing Sun Small Stone Race while the other was used to house Big Sister Lan’s Crescent Moon Small Stone Race.

After several months of hard work, one Small Stone Race army after another was taken away by Yang Kai, numbering in the tens of millions.

Among them, there were a hundred or so thousand zhang tall Small Stone Race masters that were comparable to Eighth Order Human Race masters.

There weren’t many of such Small Stone Race, only one in a million of the Small Stone Race Army.

Yang Kai was originally a bit worried that his Eighth Order Open Heaven's Small Universe wouldn’t be able to accommodate this Small Stone Race. After all, if it was a true Eighth Order Human Race master, he wouldn’t be able to collect them.

Everyone’s Small Universe physique had a limit. A High Rank Open Heaven cultivator could only absorb a Low Rank Open Heaven cultivator into their Small Universe, but if they were of the same grade, they would be helpless.

However, after trying it out, Yang Kai found that it was not a problem to collect the thousand zhang tall Small Stone Race.

Thinking about it, the Small Stone Race was not a true Open Heaven cultivator. Although their strength was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, they were only powerful and could not be compared to an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator.

Yang Kai almost dug three zhang into the ground and collected almost all of the Small Stone Race’s forces in the Chaotic Dead Territory before stopping.

A few months later, Yang Kai came to bid farewell to Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, but before he could say anything, Big Brother Huang said with a pained expression, “Go away.”

Yang Kai’s previous two attempts had been quite good, but this time, he had almost emptied the entire Chaotic Dead Territory. Even Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan couldn’t hold on.

Putting everything else aside, the Small Stone Race’s army had been accumulated by the two of them for more than a thousand years, so it wouldn’t be a short time before they could nurture it again.

Yang Kai also knew that he had gone too far this time, but for the sake of the Human Race, he could only act so shamelessly. After a moment of silence, he said, “When I have time, I’ll come and see you two again.”

Brother Huang rolled his eyes, “Don’t come again.”

Yang Kai smiled awkwardly and politely, but just as he was about to leave, he suddenly asked, “By the way, do you know how to find the Giant Spiritual God?”

There were two Giant Spiritual God he knew of, one was A' Da who had appeared outside the Star Boundary all those years ago, and the other was A' Er who had led him into the Chaotic Dead Territory.

A’ Er had appeared in the Spatial Territory and was engaged in a fierce battle with the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

But there was no news of A' Da.

There were two Ink Giant Spiritual God, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer can't come out of seclusion, and Yang Kai felt that it would be best if he could find A' Da, so in a battle between the strongest forces, the Human Race wouldn’t suffer any losses.

Hearing this, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan both shook their heads.

However, Big Sister Lan added, “If it’s the Giant Spiritual God, you don’t need to look for it. If the Black Ink Clan’s characteristics are as you say, then no matter where the Giant Spiritual God is hiding, it will be provoked by the Black Ink Clan sooner or later.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before realizing that this was indeed the case. He cupped his fists and said, “This little brother understands. Please take care, this little brother will go now!”

Turning around, he transformed into a streak of light and rushed towards the Domain Gate.

A few days later, Yang Kai rushed out of the Chaotic Dead Territory, took out the Universe Chart, and after confirming his route, rushed to the next Domain Gate.

Although he didn’t know what the situation in the Spatial Territory Battlefield was like, before he came to the Chaotic Dead Territory, the Spatial Territory Battlefield and Wind Mist Territory’s Domain Barrier had been completely destroyed by the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The appearance of this Domain Barrier's entrance meant that the Human Race had suffered a great loss on the Spatial Territory Battlefield!

Regardless of whether or not the Human Race had gained any advantage on the main battlefield, not being able to stop the Black Ink Clan in the Spatial Territory was a complete failure.

The main forces of the Human Race were all in the Spatial Territory, while the Black Ink Clan was able to enter the Wind Mist Territory through the Domain Barrier's entrance, so the Human Race had no way to stop them.

Now that a year and a half had passed, it was unknown what the situation in the 3000 Worlds was like.

There was no need to worry about the Star Boundary. With the World Tree Subtree, the Star Boundary would be the foundation of the Human Race’s future. If he was right, the Cave Heaven Paradise would protect the Star Boundary no matter what, because only by protecting the Star Boundary would there be hope for the Human Race’s future.

If Yang Kai was one of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors of the Cave Heaven Paradise, he would definitely have the remnants of the Human Race retreat to the Star Boundary and use the Star Boundary’s Great Domain as a shield to resist the Black Ink Clan and wait for the younger generations to grow!

There was no need to worry about the Void Land. Before this, he had already warned Bi Xi. With such an ancient Holy Spirit around, if the Void Land really wanted to migrate, it shouldn’t be too dangerous.

The Star Boundary and the Void Land were both safe and sound. Right now, the most important thing was to investigate the situation of the 3000 worlds!

He quickly identified a direction and after less than a day, a beautiful universe world appeared in his field of vision. From afar, this universe world looked like a blue gem floating in the space, emitting a mesmerizing luster.

However, Yang Kai quickly noticed that something was wrong. This back of the universe world was facing him, and he could feel the fluctuations of someone fighting there.

Frowning, Yang Kai sped up and soon arrived at the universe world's side. Looking around, he saw someone fighting in the void.

One of them was obviously a cultivator from one of the forces on the universe world. Their strengths were mixed and there were many First and Second Order Open Heaven cultivators, while the other was the Black Ink Clan.

However, the strength of these Black Ink Clans wasn’t high, they should only be a small team from the Black Ink Clan’s army. The leader of this group was only a Black Ink Clan equivalent to Sixth Order Open Heaven.

The Human Race’s numbers were obviously higher, but the situation was extremely disadvantageous.

The strange power of the Ink Force caused the cultivators of this force to be somewhat at a loss. They had never come into contact with the Black Ink Clan before and didn’t know how difficult it was to deal with them, but now many of their weaker disciples had been turned into Black Ink Disciple.

Facing these fellow disciples who had just fought side by side with them, how could those who hadn’t been inked bear to kill them? However, the Black Ink Disciples didn’t care about the sentiments of their former fellow disciples and instead focused their attacks on their vital points, causing these cultivators to be unable to cope.

It wasn’t that someone had fallen, but rather that their aura had waned, causing a series of sorrowful cries.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s heart sank.

This was a great domain adjacent to the Chaotic Dead Territory, far away from Wind Mist Territory, yet the Black Ink Clan had already invaded here?

Although the Domain Gate was a huge place that allowed cultivators to travel to and from various Great Domains, now that it was being used by the Black Ink Clan, it was difficult for the Human Race to stop it.

In all the great domains of the 3000 Worlds, there were probably more or less figures of the Black Ink Clan or Black Ink Disciple. He suddenly felt as if his heart had been blocked and he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

The Cave Heaven Paradise had worked hard for hundreds of thousands of years to stop the invasion of the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield. Countless generations of people had poured their blood and sweat into the Ink Battlefield, but now, they had all failed.

With a single mistake, they had lost the entire battle. The Black Ink Clan’s army had invaded the various Great Domains, and how many of them had been reduced to ashes, how many of them had lost their wives, children, and families!

Was the expedition wrong?

There is nothing wrong with the expedition!

Generations of Human Race, no matter who it was, wanted to completely eradicate the Black Ink Clan. Expedition was an indispensable method, and even if there was no such expedition, there would still be a next time. This generation of Human Race was the closest to success and also the one who had lost the most.

The only mistake was that the Human Race’s understanding of Black Ink was too low. No one had expected Black Ink to be so powerful. The Ink Giant Spiritual God was actually a clone created by Black Ink, and even the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had died countless years ago in the Ancient Battlefield of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land had been awakened by Black Ink.

However, now that the Human Race had obtained this information, they had some understanding of an ancient Supreme Master like Black Ink. Although the current situation was unfavorable, one day, the Human Race would be able to completely annihilate the Black Ink Clan and drive them out of the 3000 Worlds.

Yang Kai firmly believed this.

The Ninth Order Old Ancestors who had fought to the death in the Spatial Territory firmly believed this point, so they did not hesitate to press forward.

Everyone’s efforts and sacrifices today would not be wasted, they would only serve as the foundation for their future great victory!

When the day came when the Black Ink Clan was destroyed, the 3000 worlds would finally return to their original appearance!


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Sin Nombre
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Big Brother Huang snapped, “Are you stupid? Don’t you know how to use the Sun and Moon Seals?”

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