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After giving them a beating, he suddenly came back to his senses. These two… how could they be so easily beaten? Even if they blew a breath of air on him, he would be reduced to ashes.

Yang Kai was also quite angry and didn’t have any other thoughts, only wanting to teach these two naughty brats a lesson.

As expected, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were struck dumb. Both of them covered their heads with their hands and stared blankly at Yang Kai.

This was probably the first time they had been beaten like this.

Yang Kai also came back to his senses and stared at the two small figures in front of him, suddenly realizing that even though he called them Big Brother Huang or Big Sister Lan, they were still the most powerful existences in the world. In fact, they had always been acting like children.

An ancient Supreme Master like Black Ink also had a sense of childishness, so how could it not be the same for them?

After all, they were not humans and had not experienced the baptism of the mortal world, so after countless years of loneliness, their minds had not grown much.

He had placed all of his hopes on them and wanted them to fuse together, when had he ever asked for their opinion?

Right now, they were Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, but what if they really fused? What would they become? The world’s first light?

Feeling somewhat guilty, Yang Kai sighed and gently rubbed their heads.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan seemed to be able to sense the change in Yang Kai’s mood, Big Brother Huang tilted his head to avoid his hand and said, “If we really could merge, we would have discovered it long ago. Why would we wait for you to remind us?”

Big Sister Lan also nodded, but she didn’t avoid Yang Kai's hand, instead narrowing her eyes slightly with a look of enjoyment.

“However…” Big Brother Huang’s tone suddenly changed, “Us brother and sister have felt some strange feelings over the years.”

“What feeling?” Yang Kai asked.

Big Brother Huang thought about it for a moment, as if he was trying to decide what to say. After a while, he said, “When we were in a state of confusion, we had a vague memory. It was as if we brother and sister once existed together somewhere, but one day we suddenly left that place and appeared in the Chaotic Dead Territory.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “What kind of place is that?”

Big Brother Huang shook his head, “At that time, we were muddled headed and only had some vague memories.”

Big Sister Lan replied, “I think it’s not that we left, but rather that we were abandoned.”

“Abandoned?” Yang Kai was shocked. These two existences must have been so powerful since the day they were born, so how could they have been abandoned?

However, the only thing he was certain of now was that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were related to the World’s First Light, or else their combined strength would not have been able to restrain the Ink Force so easily.

The First Light was an existence that opposed Black Ink.

Cang had said that the First Light should have become sentient a long time ago. Now, it might not be in the form of light, but a tree, a flower, or even anything in this world.

Combined with what Big Sister Lan said, Yang Kai suddenly had a bold guess.

Could it be that after that First Light gained sentience, it had stripped away the Ying and Yang Forces? If that was the case, where was it?

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s inability to control their own strength was perhaps related to this, because they themselves were a part of that First Light. Now that they were damaged and incomplete, they were naturally unable to control their strength, leading in the countless confrontation of the Yin and Yang forces.

If that was the case, why did that first light strip Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan from its body? What form did it take to exist in this world?

Unable to figure it out, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something else and asked, “The world respects the two of you as the ancestors of the Holy Spirit. Did the two of you really give birth to the Holy Spirit Bloodlines?”

Big Sister Lan immediately blushed, “We’re still children, what nonsense are you spouting?”

Big Brother Huang also stuttered, “Don’t talk nonsense, we’re brother and sister.”

Sister Lan corrected him, “Sister and brother, sister and brother!”

The two of them began arguing again. Yang Kai stroked his chin thoughtfully. Before he had met Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, he had not thought much about the fact that Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was the Holy Spirit’s Ancestors, but after meeting these two, he had become quite suspicious of this claim.

How could these two give birth to the Holy Spirit Bloodline? Moreover, there were so many different types of Holy Spirits, it was not something they could give birth to.

Now, it seemed that this so-called Holy Spirit Great Ancestor was also a misunderstanding. However, the reason why Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein could improve so quickly was because of the power that the two of them had bestowed upon him all those years ago.

From this, it could be seen that they had some kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit, but they were not the legendary ancestors.

There were too many ancient secrets. If one didn’t live in that era, there was no way to uncover the truth.

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to think about such trivial matters. The main reason he had come here was to ask these two to come out and deal with the Ink Giant Spiritual God. Now that he knew they couldn’t control their own strength, his plan had failed.

But since he was already here, he naturally couldn’t return empty-handed.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “The Human Race’s life and death are now at stake. The Light of Purification formed by the two of you is the nemesis of the Ink Force. This Little Brother earnestly requests that the two of you bestow upon us Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals to prepare for battle.”

Hearing this, the two of them stopped arguing and Big Sister Lan nodded, “No problem, how much do you want?”

Yang Kai said solemnly, “The more the better! Also, can you bestow the Sun and Moon Seals?”

Without these two seals, the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were just rare resources. Only by activating these two seals could the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals fuse into a purifying light to deal with the Black Ink Clan.

However, now that he had come here alone, he didn’t know what he should do to take away the Sun and Moon Seals and hand them over to someone else. If Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had a way to solve this problem, it would naturally be for the best, but if they couldn’t, he could only ask someone else to come to the Chaotic Dead Territory and hand them over to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

What he was considering was that right now, he was the only one who could use the Light of Purification. Even if he had enough Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, the efficiency was still quite low. If more people had the Sun and Moon Seals, the demand for the Light of Purification would be more than sufficient.

Big Brother Huang said, “These two seals are formed from our Source Energy, so we can’t bestow too many of them to you. Moreover, these two marks can only be carried by a Holy Spirit Body, you must remember this. If you don’t have a Holy Spirit Body, you will only be melted by these two marks.”

Yang Kai nodded heavily.

Big Brother Huang said, “I’ll get you some Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals first.”

Saying so, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s figures shook and a boundless pressure spread out. Even though Yang Kai was already an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, his body still shrank and his heartbeat slowed.

Surging waves of energy surged out from the bodies of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, each transforming into a giant yellow cloud and blue cloud.

As soon as the two clouds appeared, they were immediately attracted to each other and began to collide, causing the entire Chaotic Dead Territory to erupt with violent energy fluctuations.

As they collided, the two clouds constantly melted and condensed, causing large amounts of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals of various grades to appear.

However, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t stop, constantly pushing their strength, causing clouds of various sizes to appear one after another, flying in all directions.

It was true that these two were unable to control their own strength. Once their respective strengths were released from their bodies, they would be completely unable to control them and would only be able to confront each other.

However, their strength seemed to be limitless, and in less than a dozen days, the entire sky was filled with clouds of various shapes and sizes, as well as a sky full of yellow and blue crystals. The quality of these yellow and blue crystals varied, some as small as beads while others as large as mountains.

Since Yang Kai didn’t stop them, they had no intention of stopping.

In addition to using his own strength, Big Brother Huang also taught Yang Kai a set of Secret Techniques, saying that by using the Holy Spirit Force to activate this Secret Technique and supplementing it with their Source Energy, he would be able to condense the Sun and Moon Seals.

Yang Kai was naturally overjoyed and carefully memorized this Secret Technique.

After Yang Kai completely grasped this Secret Technique, Big Brother Huang stretched out his hand and pointed towards him, causing an orange-yellow bead to appear in front of him.

Big Brother Huang tapped ten times and ten beads appeared.

Each bead was condensed from his Source Energy and was also the foundation of his Sun’s Seal.

On the other side, Big Sister Lan also took out ten blue beads.

After doing all of this, Yang Kai could clearly feel that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were a bit tired. Obviously, splitting up so much Source Energy had damaged them.

Putting away the twenty beads, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “This Little Brother thanks the two of you on behalf of the Human Race and the trillions of lives in the 3000 Worlds!”

Big Brother Huang shook his head, “I can’t help you much, I can only do this.”

Big Sister Lan warned, “You must be careful not to die so easily.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Don’t worry, if the Black Ink Clan is not destroyed, how could this little brother dare to die so easily?” Changing the topic, he pointed towards the distance and said, “This little brother also wishes to request some of the Small Stone Race's army, can the two of you give them away?”

The Small Stone Race in the Chaotic Dead Territory had been raised so well by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan that even a thousand zhang Stone Clan comparable to an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator had appeared. It would be too wasteful to leave them here to kill each other. These things were unafraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force, so if they were taken out, they would be an army capable of fighting on the battlefield.

How could Yang Kai miss this opportunity?

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were both a bit speechless. They felt that Yang Kai’s trip this time had nearly emptied their entire family’s fortune. He had asked for Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, and also wanted the Sun and Moon Seals, and now even the Small Stone Race was coveted.

Yang Kai quickly said, “I also have many Small Stone Race here, so I can exchange them with you two.”

Although his Small Stone Race looked weak and fragile, if they were to be trained by these two, it was estimated that after hundreds or thousands of years, they would become an elite army.


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