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Yang Kai had never used a purifying light of such a scale before. With the help of the Yin and Yang forces of the two Small Stone Race armies, this purifying light seemed capable of illuminating the entire Chaotic Dead Territory.

Under the cover of this pure white light, the thick black ink clouds began to rapidly melt away, revealing the hidden Black Ink Clan Royal Lord. The Royal Lord’s face was filled with shock, obviously unable to understand what was happening.

The ever-successful Ink Force, the Ink Force that the Human Race and all other living beings feared, had actually been restrained by some other force!

This caused him to panic.

Under the guidance of the Sun and Moon Seals, the two armies of different attributes interweaved, seemingly transforming into a giant millstone. Every time the Yin Yang Millstone was grinding, the Ink Force within the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord's body would leak out.

A large number of Small Stone Race members were drained of their strength and quickly shrunk back to their normal size.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s attacks became more ruthless as his Ink Force surged, and within a hundred kilometer radius, no Small Stone Race cultivator could approach.

However, in just a short time, he felt his strength rapidly depleting. It was only now that he saw Yang Kai in the distance and understood who had done this.

The Royal Lord was enraged and let out a fierce roar. His originally humanoid body suddenly expanded and transformed into a fierce giant. Relying on his profound strength, he forcefully broke out of the encirclement of the two Small Stone Race armies and rushed towards Yang Kai.

However, at this moment, his aura was unstable, and under the light of purification, his strength had clearly been greatly reduced.

However, Yang Kai had no intention of fighting him to the death. Seeing him break out of the encirclement, he turned around and ran, shouting as he ran, “Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan, Little Brother is in danger, save me!”

The Royal Lord who was chasing after Yang Kai frowned. He didn’t know who this Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were, but at this moment, he was too angry to care about anything else. All he wanted to do was capture Yang Kai and tear him into pieces to vent his anger.

In the Chaotic Dead Territory, it wasn’t just the two Small Stone Race armies that were fighting here, there were also many other armies.

The scale was different, and their numbers varied. There were at least tens of thousands or even millions of them. The two that Yang Kai had first seen were quite large.

He had thought that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had raised two great armies, but who would have thought there would be even more?

Now, it seemed that the entire Chaotic Dead Territory had been swept up by the Small Stone Race’s war, leaving Yang Kai speechless.

Without exception, once these Small Stone Race masters felt the aura of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, they would immediately stop and attack together. [MSN: In alternative world, it's probably the small stone race army that threaten to devour the 3000 worlds, after they evolved. Haha.]

However, they were unable to stop the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Even if Yang Kai used their power to activate the Light of Purification, he could only delay the pursuing Royal Lord for a moment.

Yang Kai ran towards the depths of the Chaotic Dead Territory while shouting non-stop.

It wasn’t until a certain moment when he suddenly felt two powerful auras approach him that Yang Kai was overjoyed and called out, “Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan, Little Brother has come to see you!”

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who was chasing after him also clearly felt the aura of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, and his complexion immediately changed as he quickly slowed down and focused his attention for a moment before turning around and fleeing.

He had obviously noticed the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, and now he finally understood why Yang Kai had lured him here. He was obviously here to seek help.

However, just as he was about to take action, a golden chains appeared behind him. This chain was filled with an extremely rich Yang Attribute aura, obviously formed from Big Brother Huang’s strength.

The chains seemed to have a mind of their own as they wrapped themselves around the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

The Royal Lord was also quite powerful, his Ink Force surging as he lifted his hand to shake off the chains, but unexpectedly, a small head emerged from the broken chains, revealing Big Brother Huang’s figure.

This action seemed ordinary, but it caused the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to tumble a few times.

When he regained his balance, a little girl in a light blue dress was already standing in front of him, looking down at him innocently.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was enraged and punched out.

The little girl lifted her skirt with both hands and gently stepped her foot, hitting the other party’s fist.

The little girl’s figure remained motionless, but the Royal Lord shot out like an arrow.

He was shocked!

What the hell were these two little humans that had appeared out of nowhere? They were actually able to blow him around so easily. What made the Royal Lord even more fearful was that he had a faint sense of fear towards these two little humans.

He tried his best to stabilize himself, but at this moment, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had already transformed into two rays of light, one yellow and one blue. The two rays of light flew around the Royal Lord, and at first, he could still see their trajectory, but gradually, he couldn’t even see their trajectory. Only the yellow and blue lights formed a large net around the Royal Lord.

Yang Kai heard the roar of the Royal Lord.

In the next moment, the yellow and blue colors suddenly blended together and transformed into a pure white light. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan also stopped and floated away.

Yang Kai looked around and saw that the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord's figure was no longer visible, only a white cocoon of light emitting a pure and gentle light.

This light came from the same source as the Light of Purification he was using, but it was many times more brilliant.

After all, this was a Secret Technique personally executed by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

With a loud bang, the cocoon of light burst open and transformed into specks of light. As for the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord who should have been wrapped in this cocoon of light, he was nowhere to be seen.

Yang Kai couldn’t even sense his aura!

This scene left him dazzled. Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was truly worthy of being the ancestor of all the Holy Spirits. Even an existence as powerful as the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was easily dealt with by these two.

If he could ask them to come out of seclusion, the Black Ink Clan would be nothing!

Even if it was the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai estimated that these two would be able to kill it.

Yang Kai welcomed them warmly and said, “Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan, it’s been a long time since we last met, this little brother has missed you greatly. Now that I’ve seen the two of you again, this little brother’s longing for you is finally relieved.”

Big Brother Huang ignored his flattery and frowned, “Where did this foul thing come from?”

Big Sister Lan curled her lips, “If you weren’t being chased, how could you have thought of us? You haven’t come to play with us for so long, you must have forgotten about us.”

Yang Kai replied seriously, “Of course not, ever since we parted that year, this little brother has been thinking about the two of you day and night. Unfortunately, this little brother was ordered to go to an ancient battlefield and was unable to return. As soon as he returned from there, he came here.”

Big Brother Huang snorted lightly, “You also brought the enemy here and asked us to help, right?”

Yang Kai said shyly, “Little Brother’s skills aren’t good enough, i'm not his opponent, so naturally I can only rely on the two of you. It’s only natural for big brother and big sister to take care of little brother.”

His face was full of flattery when facing Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, he could somewhat understand how Chen Tian Fei felt when facing him now.

'Fatty Fei was still quite good, I should treat him better later, stop trying to scare him…'

Big Brother Huang waved his hand, “Forget it, us brother and sister can’t win against you…”

Before he could finish, Big Sister Lan called out, “Sister and brother, it’s sister and brother!”

Big Brother Huang turned to look at her disdainfully, “Wait until you defeat me in this battle. Before this battle is over, we are brother and sister.”

Big Sister Lan’s aura suddenly became somewhat dispirited and depressed. It was obvious that she had lost the last battle.

Yang Kai had accompanied them for many years, so he wasn’t surprised.

Big Brother Huang then turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Tell me, what did you come here for this time?” Before Yang Kai could say anything, he interrupted, “Don’t say you really miss us.”

Yang Kai first smiled in embarrassment before quickly cupping his fists and saying, “The Black Ink Clan’s army has invaded, and the upheaval of the 3000 Worlds is imminent. This Little Brother earnestly requests that the two of you come out of seclusion and resolve the worries of the Human Race and eliminate the threat of the Black Ink Clan!”

Big Brother Huang frowned slightly, “The Black Ink Clan? The one who died just now?”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, equivalent to a human race Ninth Order Open Heaven master.”

“How many of these masters are there?”

Yang Kai said, “Originally, there were only one or two hundred of them, but now there are only a few dozen left. However, the biggest hidden danger of the Black Ink Clan is not how many masters they have, but rather the characteristics of the Ink Force, the Ink Force… The two of you have seen it, so you should know how strange it is.”

Big Brother Huang nodded.

Yang Kai continued, “The Black Ink Clan uses the Ink Nest to nurture their clansmen. As long as they have enough resources, their clansmen can continue to grow. The Human Race originally tried to stop the Black Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield, but unfortunately, several hundred years ago, they were defeated and their line of defense was breached by the Black Ink Clan. Now that the Black Ink Clan has broken through the Domain Barrier and invaded the 3000 Worlds, if we don’t find a way to stop them, the Human Race will have no place to stand! The Black Ink Clan’s army will be handled by my Human Race, but the Black Ink Clan has the Ink Giant Spiritual God and its strength is tyrannical. Unless the two of you take action, we won’t be able to stop them.”

Finished speaking, Yang Kai cupped his fists again and said, “I earnestly request that the two of you come out of seclusion and save the 3000 Worlds from disaster, saving the Human Race from danger!”

Big Brother Huang let out a long sigh, “The situation is so grim?”

Yang Kai nodded, “It will only get worse.”

When he escaped from the Spatial Territory, the Domain Barrier's entrance had already opened, and now more than a year had passed, so he didn’t know what the situation in the 3000 Worlds was like.

Big Sister Lan, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke up, “But we can’t go out.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Why?”

Big Sister Lan said, “Since you know our identities, I believe you’ve also heard the rumors from the Human Race. The two of us represent death and destruction. This Chaotic Dead Territory has no vitality, so it’s fine if we stay here, but if we leave this Chaotic Dead Territory… wherever we go, it will become like the Chaotic Dead Territory.”

Yang Kai was stunned.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer represented death and destruction. He had naturally heard of this rumor before, but after all, it was just a rumor, so he hadn’t expected it to be true.

Big Brother Huang let out a long sigh, “Originally, the Chaotic Dead Territory wasn’t so big, it was only the size of an ordinary great domain, but later it became so big…”


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Yup and this is what annoy me about this MC he doesn't take a lot of critical information seriously and either forgot or ignore and then later make a bad situation worst.


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Mar 05, 2023

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Aug 08, 2023
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Author made YK forget all about it. It's convenient for him because he can run the story as he wants.

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