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Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai’s Space Principle fluctuated wildly as he fled through the void.

Behind him, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord chased after him, using a series of Secret Techniques to attack him.

He didn’t know how the battle in the Spatial Territory had turned out, nor did he know that the surviving Ninth Order Old Ancestors had perished together with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords in order to clear the way for the future of the Human Race. Now, only Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing were left.

What he didn’t know was that the human race army had already retreated from the Spatial Territory.

Right now, he was fleeing for his life!

Previously, he had single-handedly killed the Black Ink Clan that had rushed out from the Spatial Territory Battlefield in Wind Mist Territory, causing the sky to collapse and blood to flow.

This action undoubtedly angered the Black Ink Clan greatly, so one of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord immediately passed through the passage and descended upon the Wind Mist Territory.

Sensing this Royal Lord’s aura, Yang Kai didn’t dare hesitate and immediately turned around and fled.

Outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, although Yang Kai had single-handedly killed the Goathead Royal Lord, Yang Kai was well aware that the results of that battle were due to many coincidences and accidents. If it weren’t for the Goathead Royal Lord trying to use a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique to ink him, he wouldn’t have suffered such a heavy blow to his vitality and ate Yang Kai's Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

In the end, he was defeated in one move and lost the entire game.

Even so, in the end, Yang Kai had to use several Soul Shattering Spikes to kill him, causing his consciousness to blur. He didn’t even know how he had killed the Goathead Royal Lord, but by the time he came back to his senses, he was already holding the Goathead Royal Lord’s head.

Yang Kai knew that although his strength had greatly increased, he was still no match for a Royal Lord.

He was somewhat depressed. When he was weak, he had been chased by a powerful master.

When his’s strength became slightly stronger, he would be pursued by even stronger masters.

At this point, the only one who could hunt him down was the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. In just a few hundred years, he had experienced this twice.

In his heart, he swore to himself that when he broke through to the Ninth Order, he would find those lone Royal Lords and let them have a taste of being hunted down!

When he was at the Seventh Order, he had been able to use the Light of Purification to escape from the Goathead Royal Lord. Now that he was at the Eighth Order, even without the help of the Light of Purification, his situation was much better than before.

In short, although he wasn’t a match for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, it was impossible for a mere Royal Lord to kill him without a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking technique.

If he couldn’t beat them, he would run. This kind of philosophy had been passed down through Yang Kai’s entire life of cultivation, and he had implemented it with his actions.

However, if he wanted to escape from this Royal Lord, it would be somewhat difficult. The other party’s aura was firmly biting him, and without the assistance of the Light of Purification, it would be difficult for him to sever it with his current strength.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t want to completely shake off his opponent’s intentions. The current situation wasn’t good because his strength was inferior to his opponent’s or because Yang Kai was taking advantage of the situation.

What he was more worried about was the Wind Mist Territory. Although he had killed countless Black Ink Clans, many of them had escaped.

Now that he wasn’t here to stop them, the Black Ink Clan’s army would definitely advance.

Wind Mist Territory would probably fall within a short period of time, and then this disaster would spread to the surrounding Great Domain.

He could only hope that the Human Race had a timely and effective response. This matter concerned the survival of his entire race and was no longer something he could control.

While he was busy, Yang Kai turned his head and glanced back. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who was chasing him this time was about the same strength as the Goathead Royal Lord from last time. Both of them were Innate Royal Lord born from the Black Ink Clan’s Source Area, unlike Mo Zhao who had cultivated step by step in the Great Evolution War Zone.

This kind of Innate Royal Lord was born with extremely powerful strength, comparable to a Ninth Order Human Race master, but one of the disadvantages was that their strength would only increase slowly, not as much as a Royal Lord like Mo Zhao who relied on himself to cultivate.

The Innate Royal Lord was like this, and so were the Innate Territory Lord.

It could be said that almost all Innate Territory Lord had no chance of becoming Royal Lord. It was true that they were born with combat strength comparable to peak Eighth Order Human Race, but they had no chance of advancing any further.

Looking at Territory Lord Che Kong who was killed by Yang Kai. He was Innate Territory Lord who has been born for tens of thousands years ago, but was still just a Territory Lord.

Everything had its advantages and disadvantages. Even an ancient Supreme Master like Black Ink was unable to solve this problem.

This Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s physique wasn’t too exaggerated. If it weren’t for his Ink Force, he wouldn’t look much different from a human.

He had been ordered by the Ink Giant Spiritual God to cross the domain barrier and kill Yang Kai, he had thought it would be a simple task, but who would have thought that this human race Eighth Order would be as slippery as a mudfish. His ability to escape was unparalleled, and every time he almost succeeded, he fell short.

This Royal Lord also became angry and swore in his heart that he would tear Yang Kai to pieces.

Yang Kai didn’t know how the battle in the Spatial Territory was going, but he also didn’t know, much less how he had managed to avoid this disaster by chasing after Yang Kai.

Because the moment he crossed over, the Ninth Order Human Race masters launched an attack, killing all of the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords except him!

One chasing, one fleeing, passing one great domain after another.

Passing through the bustling Great Domain and seeing the beautiful and picturesque universe world, this Royal Lord couldn’t help feeling his heart sway.

From the moment he was born, he had lived in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, where there was only endless Ink Force and darkness. Although he had slaughtered his way into the Spatial Territory, there was nothing inside, not even a dead universe world.

He had never seen such a beautiful scene before.

In particular, the World Force contained within these Unvierse World was extremely rich. To a Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan like him, the World Force contained within these Unvierse World was like the most delicious meal he had ever tasted. Even from a great distance away, the fragrance it emitted made him want to rush over and feast.

He suppressed the restlessness in his heart as he chased after Yang Kai, unable to help imagining the beautiful scene of the Black Ink Clan’s army conquering the three thousand great domains in the future.

With so many prosperous Great Domains as the foundation, the Black Ink Clan would definitely be able to rapidly expand, and at that time, the entire 3000 Worlds would become a source of nourishment for the Black Ink Clan.

Once the Human Race was completely eliminated and the number of Royal Lords increased to a certain extent, they would be able to return to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and help Black Ink escape.

However, the most important thing right now was to deal with this human race Eighth Order. Looking at the fleeing figure in front of him, the Royal Lord’s eyes flashed coldly as his Ink Force surged and his speed increased by three times.

Yang Kai seemed to be fleeing like a stray dog, but in reality, he was barely able to cope with the pursuit of such a Royal Lord. From time to time, he would activate his Space Principle and teleport away, leading his pursuers through one Domain Gate after another.

One day a year later, Yang Kai’s speed slowed down significantly, and the Royal Lord who had been chasing him for a long time was overjoyed, thinking that Yang Kai was finally exhausted.

He was a Royal Lord, yet even after such a long time, he still felt like he couldn’t take it, let alone an Eighth Order Human Race master?

In fact, it was surprising that Yang Kai could last so long in front of him.

The distance between them continued to shrink as another Domain Gate appeared in front of them. From the direction of the Human Race Eighth Order, it was obvious he had passed through this Domain Gate.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was tired of this kind of pursuit, so he quickly activated his Secret Technique and stretched out his hand, wanting to grab Yang Kai from afar.

The thick Ink Force condensed into a giant black hand that grabbed Yang Kai and gripped him tightly.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord immediately heard the sorrowful cries of the Eighth Order Human Race master.

However, very quickly, the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator leapt up and with a flash of cold light, he actually broke free from the shackles of the giant black hand and rushed into the Domain Gate.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was furious. The duck he had just obtained had flown away, how could he tolerate this? Without even thinking about it, he chased after Yang Kai and rushed into the Domain Gate.

Along the way, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had experienced this many times. At first, he had been worried that Yang Kai would set up an ambush on the other side of the Domain Gate, so he had been on his guard. However, Yang Kai had never done such a thing, so he was no longer on guard.

Thinking about it, the difference in strength was too great, so what was the point of lying in ambush? The most important thing was to flee.

However, this time, when he passed through the Domain Gate and arrived at the opposite Great Domain, he suddenly felt something unusual.

An extremely violent energy fluctuation was colliding with one another. This energy was not one type, but two completely opposite types of energy, constantly colliding, melting, and evolving.

The Eighth Order Human Race cultivator he had been chasing for more than a year was also nearby, looking somewhat confused.

Yang Kai was indeed dumbfounded.

He had lured the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who had been pursuing him from the Wind Mist Territory to this place not because he wanted to flee, but because there was an expert here who could deal with the Royal Lord.

Moreover, there was more than one master!

This was the Chaotic Dead Territory, the place where Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer lived.

He had originally planned to come to the Chaotic Dead Territory to ask Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer to come out of seclusion and lure the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who was chasing after him over, but that was just a matter of convenience.

However, what he saw after entering the Chaotic Dead Territory shocked him greatly.

At this moment, the two armies were engaged in a fierce battle that was not inferior to the battle between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield. Each of these two armies had around a million soldiers, and their battle was earth-shattering and filled with corpses.

What surprised Yang Kai the most was that these two armies were not living creatures with flesh and blood, but rather strange creatures carved from stone.

Among them, there was a master whose aura was not inferior to an Eighth Order Human Race master’s. There was also a thousand zhang stone giant who stood out on the battlefield.

Although these two armies didn’t look any different from one another and seemed to be from the same race, the power they controlled was completely different.

The power of one of the armies was like a raging fire, and with a wave of its hand, a blazing sun soared into the sky, illuminating the surrounding space and distorting it. As for the other army, the power they controlled was cold and sinister, and when they activated their Secret Techniques, there was even the phenomenon of a crescent moon. This was the bane of this blazing sun.

One blazing sun after another, one crescent moon after another, this scene was quite spectacular.


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