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A group of Ninth Order masters shouted in vain, losing the old-fashioned prudence of the past, as if they were really a group of fledgling boys who didn't know the heights of the sky.

Smiles Old Ancestor smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear, “A bunch of old fogies still want to act young and talk about the wonders of the world. In terms of age, Wu Qing and I are the only ones here who look like young people. You’re just a bunch of old fogies with half of your necks buried in the ground, how can you compare?”

Wu Qing, the former Regiment Commander of Yin Yang Pass’ Southern Army, had broken through to the Ninth Order almost a thousand years ago and replaced Smiles Old Ancestor to oversee Yin Yang Pass. This was how Smiles Old Ancestor had been able to lead the Great Evolution Army to recover Great Evolution Pass.

Without a suitable Ninth Order master to take over, Smiles Old Ancestor would not be able to easily leave Yin Yang Pass.

Hearing her say so, Wu Qing, who was covered in blood, nodded in agreement, indicating that this was indeed the case. Among the Ninth Order masters present, he was indeed the youngest. As for Smiles Old Ancestor, that was not necessarily the case, but who would correct a woman in terms of age?

Immediately, a Ninth Order master smiled and said, “Xiao Yue is right, we are indeed old. Young people are the hope and future, you and Wu Qing should withdraw.” [MSN: Those old fogies seem to call her xiao yue, probably her old name/tittle. It also mean little moon.]

The smile on Smiles Old Ancestor’s face immediately disappeared as she angrily asked, “Why?”

The oldest Ninth Order cultivator from Pure Yang Cave Heaven smiled and said, “There must be someone to protect the younger generation and give them time to grow. If you two don’t stay, do you expect us old men to stay?”

Smiles Old Ancestor said unhappily, “Wu Qing is one thing, but I’m not staying.”

Great Battle Heaven’s Old Ancestor shook his head at her, “The future of the Human Race lies in the Star Boundary. Among the many Ninth Order masters, you have the best relationship with Yang Kai. Stay behind and take good care of him and the Star Boundary.”

Saying so, without waiting for Smiles Old Ancestor to say anything, the long sword in his hand trembled slightly before transforming into a stream of light that rushed towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Just as Smiles Old Ancestor was about to speak, another Ninth Order passed by her, reached out and patted her shoulder, "My useless Xuanyuan Cave Heaven's disciple will be under your care."

His body transformed into a bolt of lightning and shot off.

Another Old Ancestor smiled and said, “How about giving us old fogies a chance to perform?”

Laughing, he chased after the two Ninth Order masters.

Ninth Order masters flew past Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing like moths to a flame, charging towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God without hesitation.

Smiles Old Ancestor’s eyes suddenly became blurry and her figure flickered, as if she wanted to follow them, but her feet felt like they were weighed down by a great weight and she couldn’t move.

The Pure Yang Cave Heaven's Old Ancestor was right, there had to be someone to stay behind, someone to protect the younger generation. The reason why the Ninth Order masters had chosen Wu Qing was because Wu Qing had broken through to the Ninth Order in the shortest amount of time, and she was chosen because of Yang Kai.

There was no exchange or discussion, but all of the remaining Ninth Order cultivators had reached a consensus.

There was no way to refuse!

The old fogies placed this heavy burden on her and Wu Qing, leaving them no chance to refute.

After the Ninth Order masters, the roars of Dragon and Phoenix filled the sky, accompanied by the majestic aura of the Dragon and Phoenix Clan. With the combined efforts of the current Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress, even space and time began to become chaotic.

Smiles Old Ancestor's eyes filled with tears.

Wu Qing cupped his fists and shouted, “I will not disappoint you!”

Turning around, he ordered without even turning his head, “Withdraw!”

Remnant armies and defeated armies were the most direct representations of the Human Race army now.

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race army lost for the first time.

In the No-Return Pass, the Human Race lose again and retreat to the Spatial Territory.

Now, they had lost three times!

It wasn’t that Wu Qing and Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t want to fight to the death, but that the Human Race army wasn’t willing to retreat.

If they retreated any further, they would be in the 3000 Worlds, where else could they retreat to?

Although dying on the battlefield was a great honor, what about the future? Would the future be buried here as well? The loss of an army was humiliating, but there was still a hope.

In this current situation, those who were still alive weren’t necessarily worthy of rejoicing. Perhaps dying in battle was the only way to escape. Those who died in battle would be able to put an end to everything, while those who survived would have to bear more burdens.

For the sake of the future hope, what did it matter if they were humiliated?

Therefore, Wu Qing decisively ordered the retreat of the great army. The Black Ink Clan army had already rushed into the Wind Mist Territory through the Domain Barrier's entrance, and no one could change the fact that the 3000 worlds had been poisoned. Rather than allowing the Human Race’s limited strength to perish on this battlefield, it was better to live with this humiliation and blood feud. Sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan would have to pay back ten times or even a hundred times over!

No one knew what kind of torture Wu Qing had suffered when he ordered the retreat, but his fists were clenched so tightly that blood was dripping from them.

Although the morale of the army had been greatly boosted by Yang Kai, as soon as Wu Qing issued the order to withdraw, the various armies began marching towards the gateway to Shattered Heaven in an orderly fashion. The Black Ink Clan did not pursue them, there was no need for them to pursue them. Right now, the most important thing for the Black Ink Clan was to pass through the Domain Barrier's entrance and rush into the Wind Mist Territory, using the Wind Mist Territory as their foundation to stir up trouble.

A violent shockwave and chaotic energy fluctuations came from behind, and no one dared to turn around, lest they see a tragic scene.

But even if they didn’t turn around, everyone could clearly feel the powerful auras withering away.

In this battle, the Human Race’s remaining 35 Ninth Order masters, with the exception of Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing, had all died.

The current Dragon Emperor and current Phoenix Empress had died in battle!

The cries of the dragon and phoenix filled the entire Spatial Territory.

44 of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords had been killed, and at least a million of their army had been affected, dying without a complete corpse.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God guarding the Domain Barrier's entrance had also been severely wounded, and even the nearby Wind Mist Territory could hear its angry roars.

The battle in the Spatial Territory could be said to be the most devastating battle between the two races.

Before, regardless of whether it was the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction or No-Return Pass' battle, although the two races had suffered some casualties, they had not fought to this point. The Ninth Order and Royal Lords who had died had all died one after another, and there had never been a situation where so many had died at once.

After this battle, only Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing were left.

Only two of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords were left, one of them guarding the No-Return Pass while the other had entered the Wind Mist Territory in advance.

The Ninth Order start the final battle with the idea of dying with those Black Ink Clan Royal Lord

They knew that if they wanted to give the young generation a chance to grow, the enemy’s peak combat strength couldn’t be too great, but if they wanted to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, they had to risk their lives.

Therefore, they went without hesitation.

The results of this battle were quite impressive. Although their numbers were at a disadvantage, if it weren’t for the Ink Giant Spiritual God's interference, the Ninth Order Human Race would have been able to kill all of the Royal Lords and at least ten of them would have survived.

But because of this Ink Giant Spiritual God, none of the Ninth Order masters who had rushed out had returned.

After this battle, the number of top-level cultivators, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, was almost all gone.

In addition to the Ninth Order and Royal Lords, the Human Race also had the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, the Divine Dragon Fu Guang who had succeeded the throne after the current Dragon Emperor’s death, and the Giant Spiritual God A’ Da who had wandered off to who knows where.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, there were two remaining Ink Giant Spiritual God, one of which had been seriously injured.

The Ninth Order masters could be said to have cleared a great deal of obstacles for the future of the Human Race. As for the future, they could only rely on the young geberation to fight for it.

The battle in the Spatial Territory had a great impact on the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. After this battle, Black Ink’s news could no longer be concealed and spread throughout the various Great Domains, causing everyone to panic. Fortunately, the Human Race’s armies had withdrawn from the Spatial Territory. Under the orders of Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing, the Human Race’s armies march through the various Great Domains, gathered the Human Race forces, and sent messages to the various Cave Heaven Paradise, ordering them to lead the evacuation of the Human Race forces in their respective Great Domains.

At this point, the benefits of Wu Qing’s order to withdraw the army were obvious, because with enough Human Race soldiers, it was naturally easier to handle these matters.

All of them had personally participated in the battle against the Black Ink Clan, so they knew how strange and difficult the Ink Force was to deal with, and their movements were as swift as the wind.

Three months later, hundreds of masters returned to the Void Territory.

Among this group of people, the Holy Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Zhu Jiuyin, Yu Rumeng, Su Yan, and Yang Kai’s closest relatives, the Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen, and the other Great Emperors who had come from the Star Boundary in their early years, as well as a rising star like Li Wuyi, Xiang Ying, Fang Yue, and the other close friends of Yang Kai in the Great Ruins Boundary, as well as Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones, Luan Bai Feng, and the other subordinates of Yang Kai.

Even the Dragon Clan had returned. This was the first time they had returned from their trip to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Because these people had come from the same place, after being summoned to the Spatial Territory Battlefield, they were assigned to the Great Evolution Army and scattered throughout the various garrisons.

However, now that the remnants of the Human Race army had been reorganized, these people had been assigned to the same garrison, and their mission was to return to the Void Territory and preside over the evacuation of the Human Race forces.

A situation where hundreds of people were gathered in a single garrison like this one occurred in every great domain.

Bi Xi sensed the auras of these people from afar and opened the Nine Layers Heaven Formation, allowing them to enter.

After learning about the results of the battle in the Spatial Territory from Zhu Jiu Yin, Bi Xi sighed heavily, “Yang Boy’s words have become true, this day has really come.”

Yu Rumeng asked in surprise, “Did Senior see that little bastard?”

Bi Xi nodded, “Yang Boy came back a while ago and told this old master to take care of the Void Land if it needs to migrate.”

He had asked Yang Kai that day, was the situation really so serious?

Yang Kai just wanted to be on guard.

But now, it seemed that Yang Kai had already anticipated this day’s events, otherwise he wouldn’t have warned Bi Xi.

Turning his head, Bi Xi said to Little Black, “Send a message to Lu Xue and Chen Tian Fei, tell them to prepare.”

Little Black nodded and left.

With Yang Kai’s previous instructions, the Void Land had not been completely unprepared these past few years, so when it was time to relocate, the Void Land could set out at any time, even bringing people from the Void Star City and all the human race forces in the Void Territory.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
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Reading this really frustrate me at time, the one flaw in YK is that he always keep things that are important to himself or treat crucial information as trivial, He should have spoken the Old Ancestor of what he had saw or at least send back message of his premonition, even if that lost they would had some time to have a contingency plan in place and could better mitigate the threat.


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El único territorio que evacuó completamente fue el del vacío

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