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This time, it was much easier. The Black Ink Clan members who walked out of the Domain Barrier’s entrance were often cut to death by the Void Cracks without Yang Kai even needing to do anything.

Occasionally, there would be some who managed to escape from Yang Kai’s attacks.

The Void Mirror was a Secret Technique that Yang Kai had comprehended not long ago during his battle with the Black Ink Clan, so using it here was the best.

The power of this Secret Technique might not be too strong, but it was superior in terms of coverage.

With such a Secret Technique lying in wait outside the Domain Barrier entrance, all of the Black Ink Clans who rushed out of it would be walking right into a trap.

The Black Ink Clan below the Feudal Lord-level would basically be destroyed upon contact with these spatial tears. Although the Feudal Lords were stronger, they were still cut by these tiny spatial tears, and only Territory Lords could resist the destructive power of the Void Mirror.

Currently, all of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were Innate Territory Lords born from the Ink Nest, and their strength was not inferior to the peak Eighth Order Human Race.

In less than an hour, the Domain Barrier entrance was filled with the corpses of the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan that had been killed by the Void Mirror were difficult to calculate. Even two Territory Lords had been killed by Yang Kai as soon as they appeared.

However, this was already Yang Kai’s limit. More and more Black Ink Clan cultivators rushed out from the Domain Barrier’s entrance, and the Void Mirror was also on the verge of collapse.

Yang Kai could indeed use another attack, but at this moment, he is being besieged by five Territory Lords.

Relying on his Space Principle’s ability to appear and disappear unpredictably, although he alone was not a match for the combined forces of the five Innate Territory Lords, he was still able to avoid danger time and time again. On the other hand, his mastery of the spear technique caused the Territory Lords to shiver in fear and sweat profusely.

After comprehending many Great Dao in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and supplementing them with the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique, Yang Kai’s every spear move was unpredictable, making it impossible for these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords to defend themselves. After suffering several losses and being injured by him, the five of them had become smarter. No matter how Yang Kai showed weakness, they would never separate and would always fight him with the strength of five.

Yang Kai cursed the five Territory Lords in his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

If they separated, Yang Kai could still think of a way to defeat them one by one. Five people acting together, no matter how hard he tried, he would be no match for them. For this reason, Yang Kai had even risked his life several times, causing himself to suffer quite a bit.

As time passed, more members of the Black Ink Clan rushed out from the Spatial Territory. These members of the Black Ink Clan ignored Yang Kai and the five Territory Lords’ battlefield and quickly scattered, disappearing from sight.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with sorrow. He knew that the Spatial Territory was finished.

With so many Black Ink Clans scattering in all directions, how could there be any place for the Human Race in this flourishing Great Domain?

The Ink Force was like a flame, capable of setting a prairie ablaze. Once the Black Ink Clan occupied the Spatial Territory and used it as their foundation to spread to the surrounding Great Domains, no Great Domain could resist it.

The main force of the Human Race army was still in the Spatial Territory!

Countless generations of Human Race soldiers had died on the battlefield, and the thousands of years of perseverance and hard work they had put in had been reduced to nothingness.

After today, the 3000 Worlds would never have a day of peace!

Humiliation and defeat lingered in Yang Kai’s heart, filling him with indescribable grief and indignation, causing his actions to become even more ruthless. He wanted nothing more than to kill all of the Black Ink Clan members who had rushed out.

Meanwhile, in the Spatial Territory battlefield, seeing the Domain Barrier being broken through and the countless Black Ink Clan leaving through them, the Human Race army also became confused.

No matter how bad the situation had been before, the Human Race’s armies had no lack of determination to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan because they had the 3000 Worlds behind them, each of which was a flourishing great domains worthy of their lives.

However, when the Domain Barrier entrance was completely destroyed, the Black Ink Clan’s army marched straight in. This determination and philosophy that supported their battle collapsed like the broken Domain Barrier.

At this moment, countless humans on the battlefield were at a loss.

Even the Old Ancestor stopped what they were doing.


The Human Race had been completely defeated.

Thinking back to six hundred years ago, after gathering more than a hundred mountain passes and countless years of accumulation, the Human Race had launched a massive expedition against the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in order to destroy the Black Ink Clan in one fell swoop and resolve their million years of troubles.

However, outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God attacked from both sides. The Human Race was first defeated and was forced to retreat to the No-Return Pass. On the way back, countless soldiers were pouring their blood to protect their comrades.

Even if they retreat to the No-Return Pass, with the help of the Dragon, Phoenix and the many Holy Spirits, the Human Race’s remnant forces would still not be able to defeat the Black Ink Clan, so they were forced to give up and retreat into the Spatial Territory.

After being entangled with the Black Ink Clan for less than two hundred years, the Black Ink Clan had broken through the Domain Barrier and completely connected the Spatial Territory and Wind Mist Territory.

At this point, the Human Race had already suffered a crushing defeat. Facing the invasion of the Black Ink Clan, there was nothing they could do.

How did they get to this point?

No one could understand. It wasn’t that the Human Race didn’t have the strength to fight, nor had they ever underestimated the Black Ink Clan, but today, the Black Ink Clan had marched straight in. Even if the Human Race had a great army, they could only watch helplessly, unable to stop them.

The Human Race army was disheartened, and countless soldiers wept silently.

The Spatial Territory Battlefield, which was originally filled with chaos and death, suddenly became extremely calm.

Only A’ Er and his opponent had fought until the heavens collapsed and the earth split apart, and there was no light at all. These two had never stopped fighting since their first encounter, and even now, after two hundred years of fighting, there was still no clear victor. From the looks of it, it seemed they would continue fighting.

Suddenly, someone pointed towards the gap in the Domain Barrier and shouted, “Someone is blocking the Black Ink Clan’s army!”

The Domain Barrier entrance had already been expanded to a large extent, and because the Ink Giant Spiritual God's arm was still stretched across the entrance, the two great domains were now completely connected. Standing on this side of the Spatial Territory, one could occasionally see the scenery on the other side.

However, they couldn’t see it clearly, because there were still a few spatial turbulence disrupting the entrance.

However, at this moment, while the Human Race army in the Spatial Territory had almost lost their will to fight, they suddenly discovered that there were actually people from the other side of the Wind Mist Territory who were trying to stop the Black Ink Clan army.

There is only one person, only one!

It was a bloodbath with millions of corpses lying down.

On the other side of the entrance, the Ink Blood and Ink Force seemed to fill the entire void.

As the news spread, more Human Race soldiers saw what was happening in the Wind Mist Territory.

They didn’t know who this person was, but they knew that this person was fighting alone, yet he didn’t show any signs of retreating or giving up.

In contrast, all the Human Race soldiers couldn’t help feeling guilty.

This man was still the same, how could they have fallen to such a state when they gather together?

At this moment, the desire to win, which was so desolate that it seemed like it was about to die, seemed to have been infused with a spark, causing one’s heart to feel warm and restless.

All this time, they had been the guardians of the 3000 Worlds and the Human Race. They had fought in the Ink Battlefield and resisted the invasion of the Black Ink Clan.

If even they gave up, who could stop this catastrophe?

The 3000 Worlds had their Sects, their descendants, and in a battlefield that ordinary people didn’t know about, they had built an indestructible line of defense with their own backbone, flesh, and blood, holding up the sky.

If they fell, the sky would collapse!

“The Human Race will never be defeated!” Suddenly, someone raised the long sword in his hand and shouted with all his might, his voice echoing through the nine heavens.

The fire in his heart was completely ignited by this roar and began burning fiercely.

“The Human Race will never be defeated!”

Shouts rang out one after another, converging into a torrent that caused the universe color to change drastically, threatening to tear this world apart.

The originally dispirited morale suddenly soared.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God guarding the Domain Barrier entrance was originally enjoying the desolation and despair of the Human Race’s army with great interest. He had seen the change in the Human Race’s morale, but he had never seen anything like this before and suddenly found it quite interesting.

Just as it were thinking about whether it should add fuel to the fire and make the Human Race even more desperate, they actually picked up the fighting spirit they had just abandoned, and it's even higher than before!

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was stunned for a moment before frowning slightly and turning its head to look out of the Domain Barrier’s entrance. Its eyes seemed to pierce through the void as it saw the human figure from the Wind Mist Territory fighting with the Territory Lords.

Was it because of this person that the Human Race army had undergone such an obvious change?

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was furious. If it had known this would happen, it would have spared no effort to kill him in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

The Human Race’s soldiers didn’t know who was blocking the Black Ink Clan from Wind Mist Territory, but how could the Ink Giant Spiritual God not know?

Not only was it clear to the situation there, even the Ninth Order Old Ancestors could see it clearly.

The change in the morale of the army also shook the hearts of the Ninth Order masters. No one had expected that one day, a single person’s hard work would be able to stimulate the fighting spirit of the entire race.

Even though they had lived for countless years, at this moment, they seemed to have become younger, a hot blood boiling in their hearts.

“Young people are still lively,” A Ninth Order suddenly said.

“Yes, with such a young man, humanity has hope.”

“When have we not been young? Unfortunately, the years have worn away our vitality and sharpness.”

It wasn’t just the pasasge of time, but also the heavy burden of the Sect and the race. How could they dare to act as unrestrained as they did when they were young?

“Everyone, do you dare to be young and hot-blooded again?” The oldest and most respected Ninth Order Old Ancestor asked with a smile. This Ninth Order Old Ancestor had lived the longest so far and was born in Pure Yang Cave Heaven. Many of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors present had yet to be born, but he had already reached the Ninth Order.

In terms of seniority, he was the ancestor of all the Ninth Order masters.

“I should have done so a long time ago. Ever since I broke through to the Ninth Order and took charge of the Ink Battlefield, my life has been deteriorating day by day. I need to consider everything carefully, what is there to consider? This old master has only ever seek pleasure and battle, how could I care so much?”


“Don’t be so long-winded, young people should just act as they please. You’re all so wishy-washy, how can you be considered young?”


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