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Sometimes, danger was also an opportunity. For those cultivators who were struggling at the bottom, such an opportunity was naturally something they had to grasp.

“You’ve done well!” Yang Kai nodded. Although he didn’t know what was going on with the black hole, judging from the current situation, the Wind Mist Territory was destined to not be peaceful. If the Wind Mist Sect took the initiative to withdraw, perhaps a disaster could be avoided.

Zhao Longji quickly said, “World Lord Yang is too kind, this Zhao was only protecting himself.”

Yang Kai nodded and suddenly asked, “Do you have a place to go?”

Zhao Longji and the other two glanced at each other before shaking their heads, “There’s nowhere to go for now.”

Previously, when they were preparing to retreat, Zhao Longji had sent a message to another second-class force in the neighboring Great Domain, wanting to hide there for some time. However, although the relationship between these two forces was quite good, it wasn’t easy for them to agree to the Sect’s request. If the Wind Mist Sect had any malicious intentions, their situation would not be good.

Therefore, although Zhao Longji and the others had decided to completely abandon the Wind Mist Territory, there was really no good place for them to go, so they could only take things one step at a time. If they were lucky, they might be able to find a Great Domain that didn’t have any powerful forces guarding it to settle down, and after seeing the changes in the Wind Mist Territory’s side, they could make further plans.

“Go to the Star Boundary,” Yang Kai sighed. He could vaguely sense the difficulties Zhao Longji and the others were facing. Now that all the Great Domains had their own forces, who would easily accept them?

Hearing this, Zhao Longji and the others were overjoyed, “We really can go to the Star Boundary?”

If they could go to the Star Boundary, not to mention that the Wind Mist Territory would be facing a great catastrophe, even if there was no changes, they would still be able to relocate.

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Why can’t you go to the Star Boundary?”

Listening to Yang Kai’s question, Zhao Longji suddenly remembered that this man in front of him had been in seclusion for more than a thousand years, so perhaps he didn’t know much about the current situation of the Star Boundary. Shockingly, Zhao Longji explained, “I’m afraid World Lord Yang doesn’t know this, but the current Star Boundary isn’t a place anyone can enter just because they want to. Entering the Star Boundary requires the guidance of various Cave Heaven Paradise or Star Boundary’s native forces, and all of these places are limited.”

Only now did Yang Kai realize that the World Tree in the Star Boundary was extremely attractive to any cultivator. If there were no such restrictions, the Star Boundary would soon be filled with people.

Realizing this, Yang Kai couldn’t speak too confidently, lest he couldn't keep his promise. Pondering for a moment, he took out a jade slip and sent out some information with his Divine Sense before handing it over to Zhao Longji, “Take this to High Heaven Palace in the Star Boundary, someone will arrange for you there.”

Zhao Longji was overjoyed. With a token personally bestowed by the Star Boundary’s Master, entering the Star Boundary would not be a problem. As for whether or not he could remain in the Star Boundary, Zhao Longji didn’t have any expectations. However, even if he couldn’t stay in the Star Boundary, he could still accept staying in the Great Domain where the Star Boundary was located. After all, the pavilion closest to the water was the first to enjoy the moonlight. Perhaps in the future, there would be some outstanding disciples from Wind Mist Sect who could enter the Star Boundary to cultivate and bring glory to their Sect.

Naturally, he was extremely grateful to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai waved his hand, “It’s not just you, I need you to bring as many people from the Wind Mist Territory as possible.”

He raised his head and looked into the distance, “This Great Domain… I’m afraid it won’t be peaceful.”

Zhao Longji’s heart tightened and he wanted to ask, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so, so he could only cup his fists and say, “Rest assured, World Lord Yang, we will send our disciples to various places in the Universe Worlds and Spirit Provinces to send word. If anyone is willing to follow us, we will not abandon them.”

Yang Kai nodded and thought for a moment before saying, “I have some important matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first. Also, on your way to the Star Boundary, try to spread the news about the Black Ink Clan and the Ink Force. If anyone is willing to follow you, bring them along.”

Zhao Longji’s expression was solemn as he realized the seriousness of the situation from Yang Kai’s tone, so he naturally agreed respectfully.

Yang Kai didn’t stay any longer. After asking about the location of the black hole, he rushed off.

Looking at Yang Kai’s departing figure, Zhao Longji’s brow furrowed slightly, “Although this World Lord Yang didn’t say much, from what he said… I’m afraid that a great catastrophe is about to befall Wind Mist Territory.”

The leaders of the other two forces nodded. They weren’t idiots and naturally had their own speculations.

If the situation hadn’t been so dire, how could Yang Kai have made such an arrangement?

The reason they were sent to the Star Boundary was because Yang Kai felt that if the Black Ink Clan really invaded the 3000 Worlds, the Star Boundary, which was the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage, would likely become the last haven for the Human Race. The other Great Domains could be abandoned, but the Star Boundary was the only one that could not be abandoned.

As long as the Star Boundary existed, the Human Race would have a chance to counterattack!

Two hours later, Yang Kai finally arrived at the location of the Wind Mist Territory’s loophole. Looking around, his heart sank.

He saw an extremely dense Ink Force enveloped the void, transforming into a giant black ink cloud. The purity of this black ink cloud was something Yang Kai had never seen before, and even the Ink Force that the Royal Lord was using didn’t seem to be as rich as this place.

Everything within a ten million kilometer radius was covered in black ink color, and it was rapidly expanding.

Yang Kai could even feel the fluctuations of the Space Principle from the black ink cloud.

Things were worse than he had imagined.

It was as if this flaw in the Wind Mist Territory was about to be completely broken.

At the same time that Yang Kai arrived, the battle for the Spatial Territory had reached its climax. The Human Race and Black Ink Clan were pouring in a large number of troops in this direction, filling up the entire Void.

Dragon roars, phoenix cries, and many Holy Spirits resounded throughout the battlefield.

Smiles Old Ancestor had rushed back in a hurry, and the news she brought back made all the Ninth Order Human Race masters feel depressed.

Another Ink Giant Spiritual God had awakened and was rushing over.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and the reinforcements from the various Great Domains, the Human Race now had a slight advantage. If that Ink Giant Spiritual God were to rush in, all their efforts would be for naught.

Amidst the chaos, Smiles Old Ancestor tried to contact the Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Empress, asking her to seal the gateway between the Shattered Heaven and the Spatial Territory.

When the Phoenix Empress heard this news, she immediately rushed to the gate.

In terms of attainments in the Space Principle, she was no weaker than Yang Kai. If Yang Kai could do it, she could naturally do it.

In fact, when the Dragon and Phoenix Clan and the Human Race retreated from the No-Return Pass, she had sealed the gate of the Shattered Heaven and Ink Battlefield, but it had been reopened by the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

This was also why Yang Kai had seen the door expand, because the Ink Giant Spiritual God had torn it open.

After the Black Ink Clan invaded the Spatial Territory, she wanted to use the same trick again, but unfortunately, her goal was too obvious, so the Black Ink Clan didn’t give her the chance to do so.

Fortunately, there was still Yang Kai. With the fall of the Ink Giant Spiritual God and the entanglement of the Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai had blocked the entrance and the Black Ink Clan no longer had the strength to open it, which was equivalent to cutting off their reinforcements.

The Phoenix Empress knew that sealing the gate was only a temporary solution and could only delay for time, but now that things had reached this point, she couldn’t just sit back and watch as the Ink Giant Spiritual God attacked.

Sealing the gate was not difficult for her, and soon, the gate connecting the Shattered Heavens and Spatial Territory was disrupted and sealed. However, before she could even breathe a sigh of relief, the sealed gate suddenly became even more chaotic, and soon after, a large hand seemed to pierce through the layers of obstructions and blast into the Spatial Territory.

On top of that giant hand, the black ink color of the palm surged as a terrifying pressure spread from it, causing the nearby Human Race soldiers to pale.

Soon, a second giant hand arrived and grabbed the edge of the gate, tearing it apart.

Although Smiles Old Ancestor and the Phoenix Empress tried their best to stop it, they were unable to resist the might of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Soon, a huge crack appeared on the door, and a giant head emerged, its black ink color spreading like a tide.

The nearby Human Race soldiers were running like avoiding snakes and scorpions trying to avoid being contaminated, but they were still caught off guard. The power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God was far greater than that of the Royal Lord, so even if it was a Sixth Order, they would be transformed into a Black Ink Disciple in an extremely short period of time. Fortunately, all of the soldiers had spare Expelling Black Ink Pills, so when they sensed something was wrong, they quickly swallowed them to avoid disaster.

The army in front of them had naturally noticed the anomaly behind them, and the Ninth Order Old Ancestors had also noticed it, but none of them had the strength to come to their aid. One by one, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords knew that the Black Ink Clan’s plan had reached a critical juncture, so none of them were afraid of death as they continued to hold back the Ninth Order Old Ancestors.

In the blink of an eye, the battle between the two races’ top forces became extremely heated, and in the time it took to boil a cup of tea, the Ninth Order Old Ancestor and the Royal Lords had both perished.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God shrank back, but it was still as majestic as a mountain. It seemed to be passing through the gate with great difficulty, but even though it was beaten to a pulp by Smiles Old Ancestor and the Phoenix Empress, it did not show the slightest intention of retreating.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the Ink Giant Spiritual God finally stepped out of the portal and established itself in the Spatial Territory!

Boundless pressure spread out in all directions, and the cultivators with lower cultivation level felt as if they had been hit by a storm.

“The Human Race is about to be destroyed, only I, Black Ink, am eternal!” The Ink Giant Spiritual God roared, as if it was venting the pain of being imprisoned for countless years. Immediately, it raised its hand and slapped down.

Seeing that the situation was not looking good, Phoenix Empress wrapped herself around Smiles Old Ancestor and teleported away.

When she turned around again, the Ink Giant Spiritual God had already thrown its head back and roared with laughter as it strode towards the hole. Along the way, the Ink Force surged and the Human Race army retreated.

On such a battlefield, the sudden appearance of an unstoppable Ink Giant Spiritual God was simply a disaster for the Human Race. Many Open Heaven cultivators who had just stepped onto the battlefield lost their will to fight.

They had come here under the command of the Cave Heaven Paradise and had never participated in such a large-scale and bloody battle before. Whether it was their mental fortitude or ability to adapt, they were far inferior to cultivators from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Even with Smiles Old Ancestor and the Phoenix Empress’s full strength, it was still difficult for them to stop the Ink Giant Spiritual God's advance.

Their original advantage quickly turned into a balance of power, and then became disadvantaged. After this Ink Giant Spiritual God arrived at the Spatial Territory Battlefield, it erupted with unimaginable combat strength.


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