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As he continued forward, he didn’t dare to delay.

Wind Mist Territory also had a Universe Temple, but unfortunately, Yang Kai had never been here before, so he naturally haven't leave his mark there. Otherwise, with the help of the Universe Formation, he could save a lot of time.

However, since he had made this trip, he could leave his own mark in Universe Temple. In any case, it was on the way, so he might be able to use it when he returned.

A few days later, Yang Kai saw an ancient hall floating in the void and knew that he had arrived at the Universe Temple.

However, before he could rush into the Universe Temple, he saw many cultivators swarming out of it, transforming into streams of light and scattering.

The hurried appearance of these cultivators gave Yang Kai a bad feeling.

There were many cultivators coming out from the Universe Temple, and it could be said that there was an endless stream of them. Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if all the cultivators who could cross the void in the entire Wind Mist Territory were gathered here.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for a large region like the Wind Mist Territory to gather so many Open Heaven cultivators.

Moving forward, he grabbed a young man who had just walked out of Universe Temple and was about to leave, asking in a low voice, “What happened here?”

The cultivator was only a Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator, and he was currently fleeing for his life when he was caught by someone. He was immediately enraged and tried to struggle, but was unable to break free.

He was also a smart man and knew that the strength of the person who had captured him was far greater than his own, so he immediately suppressed the anger in his heart and hurriedly said, “I don’t know what happened, but I heard that the sky was broken and that a great catastrophe was about to befall the Wind Mist Territory. Everyone was fleeing, so I also fled.”

The sky broke? Yang Kai was at a loss.

While Yang Kai was still in a daze, the Fifth Order Open Heaven struggled for a moment before quickly escaping from Yang Kai.

At this moment, Yang Kai heard the conversation of several people nearby and quickly turned his head, only to see two Sixth Order and a Fifth Order talking. It seemed they were the leaders of some forces.

He took a step forward and, with his previous experience, intentionally activated his Eighth Order Force.

Among the group of Fifth and Sixth Order cultivators, the sudden appearance of an Eighth Order was naturally eye-catching. The three cultivators who were conversing immediately stopped talking and turned around.

Yang Kai walked up to the three and cupped his fists, “Star Boundary Yang Kai, may I ask what happened here?”

When the three of them heard this, their eyes lit up. The oldest Sixth Order master hesitated for a moment before asking, “Is Sir the Star Boundary’s Master?”

They had naturally heard of the Star Boundary’s great name, and their various forces had also wanted to send their outstanding disciples into the Star Boundary to cultivate so that they could enjoy the benefits of the World Tree’s nourishment, but unfortunately, they had never had a way to do so.

They also knew that there were several Great Emperors in the Star Boundary who were recognized by the Heavens and Earth there, and one of them was the most outstanding one, Yang Kai.

However, according to rumors, this person had been in seclusion for more than a thousand years and had disappeared.

Unexpectedly, they had encountered someone who called himself Yang Kai from the Star Boundary.

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

The three of them were both happy and shocked. They were happy because they had been unable to form a relationship with the people from the Star Boundary for so many years. This time, when the Wind Mist Territory was facing a great disaster, they had actually encountered the Star Boundary’s Master. What shocked them was that Yang Kai was already an Eighth Order!

According to what they knew, a thousand years ago, when this Star Boundary’s Master disappeared from the public eye, he was only a Sixth Order, but after such a short time, he had actually reached the Eighth Order.

Was the World Tree really so mysterious?

They naturally thought that Yang Kai’s rapid advancement in cultivation had something to do with the World Tree, they weren’t ignorant. It was just that there were many exaggerated rumors about the World Tree in this world, and they had never been to the Star Boundary, so how could they have known about its mysteries?

The reason why they thought Yang Kai had been in seclusion for a thousand years was because the Star Boundary had spread the news. Many people in the Cave Heaven Paradise know about Yang Kai entering the Ink Battlefield from the Black Territory, but it was difficult for others to know about it, so they could only announce to the public that Yang Kai was in seclusion.

After learning that the person in front of them was indeed the Master of the Star Boundary, the three of them quickly greeted him. These three were the Sect Masters of the three largest forces in the Wind Mist Territory. The oldest Sixth Order among them was the Sect Master of Wind Mist Sect, Zhao Longji, while the other two followed Zhao Longji’s lead.

With an Eighth Order Open Heaven master and a Star Boundary Master at that, the three of them didn’t dare be negligent and immediately let Zhao Longji explain the situation.

Some time ago, when a Wind Mist Sect disciple went out to travel, he suddenly discovered something strange in the void. The disciple’s cultivation wasn’t high, so he didn’t dare to rashly investigate. He immediately returned to his Sect and reported the situation to the Vice Sect Master.

However, when he looked over, he was shocked.

It had only been a dozen days since that disciple had discovered the abnormality and the Vice Sect Master had brought his people to investigate, but the originally slightly abnormal void seemed to have become a hole, from which black ink-like objects continuously flowed out and filled the void.

The Vice Sect Master was a cautious person and immediately ordered one of his disciples to investigate the situation, but who would have thought that as soon as the disciple entered, he would scream and flee, his entire body being corroded by the ink color energy as he struggled to resist.

Fortunately, the Vice Sect Master’s strength was not weak and he managed to subdue him.

However, to everyone’s surprise, after subduing this disciple, there was nothing unusual about him. After the Vice Sect Master carefully examined him and confirmed that there was nothing wrong, he released his seal.

Subsequently, after several careful investigations, all the disciples who were contaminated by the ink color energy were like the first person. At first, they resisted with great difficulty, but after the ink color energy disappeared, they were safe and sound.

The Vice Sect Master was at a loss as to what this black power was.

The Cave Heaven Paradise had been recruiting Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivators to participate in the Spatial Territory's battle, but they had never revealed any information about Black Ink, so the cultivators from the Wind Mist Territory had no idea of Black Ink’s existence. [MSN: another downside of concealing the news of Black Ink.]

Hearing this, Yang Kai knew something was wrong.

This was obviously a sign of the Ink Transformation!

When a cultivator was corroded by the Ink Force, they would instinctively resist it, but once they were completely eroded by the Ink Force, they wouldn’t be able to see anything from the outside unless they inspected the Small Universe.

It was just that the Small Universe of those below the Seventh Order, was in between solid and illusory, so there was no way to see through it. On the other hand, when reaching a Seventh Order Open Heaven, the Small Universe would transform from the illusory state into solid physical state. If the Small Universe's door is opened, one would be able to see the changes clearly.

Was the gap between the Wind Mist Territory and the Spatial Territory enlarged? Why was the Ink Force leaking so much?

This wasn’t a good thing. The Ink Giant Spiritual God hadn’t arrived yet, and if things continued like this, perhaps the gap would be completely opened before the Ink Giant Spiritual God arrived.

“What about those disciples who are stained with the black power?” Yang Kai asked anxiously.

Zhao Longji sighed, “Dead. For some unknown reason, they attacked Vice Sect Master Liu and were killed on the spot by him. Unfortunately, although Vice Sect Master Liu managed to escape, he was also contaminated by the ink color energy and forced to return to the Sect. Before he was completely corroded by the ink color energy, he had a bad feeling and begged this Zhao to kill him. This Zhao could only kill him.”

Vice Sect Master Liu was also a Sixth Order, a rare master in a force like the Wind Mist Sect. Zhao Longji’s heart ached at his death.

Suddenly, Yang Kai looked at him seriously and stretched out his hand to grab him. Zhao Longji was shocked and didn’t know why Yang Kai had attacked him, but just as he was about to resist, Yang Kai slapped him on the shoulder, rendering him unable to move.

Immediately after, he felt a powerful force invade his body and investigate his surroundings.

Only now did he understand what Yang Kai was doing, so he immediately explained, “Rest assured, World Lord Yang. Since this Zhao knows how strange that ink color energy is, he will not allow it to contaminate him.”

Yang Kai also confirmed that there was nothing wrong with this man and immediately nodded, “The Ink Force is extremely treacherous, and those who are inked will become Black Ink Disciples. From their appearance, they are no different from ordinary people, please forgive me if i offend you.”

“Ink Force?”

“Black Ink Disciple?”

Everyone looked at each other, this was the first time they had heard such a thing.

Yang Kai sighed and asked, “Have you received the summons to the Cave Heaven Paradise?”

The three of them nodded in agreement. Some of the cultivators from their respective families had also received an order to gather at the Shattered Heaven.

“The Human Race has an old enemy, the Black Ink Clan, and the Ink Force is the power they control. This kind of power is extremely corrosive, and once contaminated, it cannot be extricated. Like your Vice Sect Master and those other juniors, you will eventually become a Black Ink Disciple and lose your true nature. For hundreds of thousands of years, the Cave Heaven Paradise has been fighting against the Black Ink Clan on a battlefield, preventing them from invading the 3000 Worlds.”

Zhao Longji and the others were shocked, “We never knew about this!”

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s also because the Cave Heaven Paradise is intentionally concealing it, but the current situation is not good, so you second-class forces need to contribute.”

The three of them suddenly understood.

For example, why would the Cave Heaven Paradise suddenly issue a summoning order to recruit their family’s Fifth and Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivators? It wasn’t just the Wind Mist Territory, as far as they knew, it was the same everywhere.

They had also guessed that the Cave Heaven Paradise had encountered some kind of powerful enemy, but they had never known that this enemy had fought with the Cave Heaven Paradise for hundreds of thousands of years.

Zhao Longji quickly asked, “So the black hole in this Great Domain was caused by the invasion of the Black Ink Clan?”

“That’s right! What’s the situation with that black hole now?”

Zhao Longji said worriedly, “It’s expanding very quickly, and the ink colored power is also expanding. We have no other choice, so we sent out orders to the various forces to leave the Wind Mist Territory before making any further plans.”

When he made this decision, Zhao Longji was met with many objections. After all, the Wind Mist Sect had been established in this Great Domain for tens of thousands of years, and the entire foundation of the Sect was here, so how could they simply abandon it?

However, after experiencing the erosion of the Ink Force on the disciples and Vice Sect Master and seeing the rapidly expanding black hole, Zhao Longji still stood his ground and decided to let the Wind Mist Sect withdraw from the Wind Mist Territory first.

As soon as the news spread, the other Sects also followed suit, but most of them remained motionless. To these small forces, after Wind Mist Sect and the other great Sects left, they would become the biggest force in the Wind Mist Territory and might even grow into a second-class Sect in the future.

[MSN: I'm surprise one can think this way, who would run away willingly if there is no danger. LOL]


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