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Originally, no one had paid any attention to the area where the loophole had been, but now it had been covered up by the corpse of the Ink Giant Spiritual God. The Human Race couldn’t think too much about it, and the Black Ink Clan had intentionally hidden it. However, in recent days, this place had become a meat grinder for the soldiers of the two races. The two sides’ control over this area had changed several times, and the battle had become so fierce that it had never been seen before.

In such an intense situation, the Human Race couldn’t summon any more masters to do other things.

Therefore, although Ji Old Third had sent a message about the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Ancestral Land, Smiles Old Ancestor was the only one who could go there to resolve this issue.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but rather that the other Old Ancestors couldn’t move.

Originally, Smiles Old Ancestor had thought that as long as she could arrive in time, she would be able to resolve the issue with the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but she was too late. The Ink Giant Spiritual God had been awakened and was now heading towards Wind Mist Territory through the Shattered Heaven!

Yang Kai rushed forward, passing through one great domain after another to seal the Domain Gate. At the same time, Smiles Old Ancestor was also constantly pestering the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had awakened from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land to delay its advance.

But soon, she realized that something was wrong.

According to her and Yang Kai’s previous speculations, Black Ink's clone should rush from the Shattered Heaven to Wind Mist Territory and continued to coordinate with the Black Ink Clan in the Spatial Territory to tear open the passage in the Wind Mist Territory and invade the 3000 Worlds.

If that was the case, this Ink Giant Spiritual God would have to leave Shattered Heaven first, transfer from the other three Great Domains, and arrive at Wind Mist Territory.

It was also because of this consideration that Yang Kai decided to go ahead and seal the Domain Gates along the way.

However, after being entangled with the Ink Giant Spiritual God for more than half a month, Smiles Old Ancestor suddenly discovered that the direction this guy was heading towards was not the Shattered Heavens’ gateway to another Great Domain.

At first, she thought that the Ink Giant Spiritual God had just woken up and didn’t know the way. After all, without the Universe Chart, even if it was a High Rank Open Heaven, it would be easy to get lost in the vast void.

The Universe Chart was a necessary artifact for Open Heaven cultivators to travel through the Great Domain.

At that time, Smiles Old Ancestor was quite happy because if the other party really lost their way, they would be able to delay for a while longer.

But after a few days, Smiles Old Ancestor finally realized something was wrong.

This Ink Giant Spiritual God didn’t seem to have any intention of heading to the Wind Mist Territory at all, and the direction it was heading towards was actually the gateway to the Spatial Territory Battlefield!

In the entire Shattered Heaven, there were only two gates, one leading to the neighboring Great Domain and the other to the Spatial Territory Battlefield.

The two gates could be said to be completely opposite from each other. No matter how much the Ink Giant Spiritual God lost its way, it was impossible for it to be so stupid!

Smiles Old Ancestor felt a chill run down her spine as she suddenly realized the problem she had been ignoring.

How did the Ink Giant Spiritual God corrode the Domain Barrier? Could it be that only the Ink Giant Spiritual God could corrode the Domain Barrier?

Realizing this, Smiles Old Ancestor became even more ruthless.

Her change caught the attention of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, who had been silent all this time while facing Smiles Old Ancestor’s assault, but now it finally spoke, “You have lost. The Black Ink Clan rules over the 3000 Worlds, no one can stop them. All of you will become my slaves!”

Smiles Old Ancestor was surprised, “You have a consciousness?”

Whether it was the Ink Giant Spiritual God they had encountered outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction or the one that had revived in the Ancient Battlefield, all of them gave the impression that they were monsters who only knew how to kill. Everyone thought that the Ink Giant Spiritual God was a weapon created by the Black Ink Clan to fight, but no one had ever thought that it would actually have a consciousness and could communicate.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God had never communicated with anyone before.

Black Ink smiled and said, “Consciousness? Didn’t that little brat tell you that all of these Ink Giant Spiritual God are just my clones?”

These words revealed too much information, causing Smiles Old Ancestor to pale, “You’re Black Ink!”

Yang Kai really hadn’t told her that the Ink Giant Spiritual God was Black Ink’s clone. After all, he had only recently learned about it from Lu An.

Before this, no one had ever thought that such a huge monster, a powerful master, was actually just a clone.

Seeing Smiles Old Ancestor’s enlightened look, Black Ink sighed, “You’re much more stupid than Mu.”

In this world, there was probably no one more intelligent than Mu.

Smiles Old Ancestor’s heart was in a mess, so how could she care about his ridicule? Gritting her teeth, she asked, “Are you going to the Spatial Territory?”

As Black Ink ran, he casually replied, “Naturally.”

Along the way, they passed by a universe world, and with a wave of his hand, a stream of Ink Force spread out. The originally beautiful world seemed to have been splashed with ink, and the ink quickly spread out like a living thing, turning all the living creatures that were stained with it into Black Ink Disciple.

Smiles Old Ancestor gritted her teeth as she watched, but she was powerless to stop it.

Along the way, Black Ink had done this more than once, and the ink color has soaked many universe world and Spirit Province.

She didn’t waste any more time and quickly recovered while probing, “You’re not going to Wind Mist Territory?”

Black Ink chuckled, “Over there… there’s no need for me to go.”

“Someone already went there?” Smiles Old Ancestor frowned.

Black Ink shook its head, “No one went, it’s just that he was already there.”

All kinds of thoughts flashed across Smiles Old Ancestor’s mind as she blurted out, “Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple!”

The news Ji Old Third had brought was that two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had appeared in the Shattered Heaven, and Yang Kai was currently pursuing them. Yang Kai speculated that they were trying to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, which was why Smiles Old Ancestor had come to his aid.

As for who those two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were, Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t know.

However, she knew that it was definitely one of the three inked by the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique.

Several years ago, a certain Royal Lord had used an Ink Transformation Secret Technique on three Eighth Order masters. Two of them had gone to the Shattered Heaven, but what about the other one?

Before this, no one had thought much about it. Although an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was quite dangerous, it was nothing compared to the resurrection of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

However, it wasn’t until this moment that Smiles Old Ancestor understood that this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple had a great deal to do with this matter! He had stayed behind in the Wind Mist Territory, facing the other side of the loophole, so it was likely he was plotting something big.

Perhaps because his many years of planning had been put into action and he was about to succeed, Black Ink’s mood was quite good, so he spoke a few words with Smiles Old Ancestor.

“That person must have some ability to seal the gate, but the Domain Gate is naturally formed, so even if it is sealed, it is still possible to trace it. My strength is not something that can be stopped with a simple seal. Even if he has the ability to destroy the gate, I can open it again.”

“How do you open it?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

Facing this qualified listener, Black Ink was obviously very satisfied and patiently said, “Cang opening the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was the most wrong decision. At that time, I sent out three Soul Wisps and one Clone. Although those Soul Wisps weren’t able to completely escape the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it didn’t affect the overall situation, not to mention that one Clone. Can you guess where those three Soul Wisps are now?”

Smiles Old Ancestor said in a low voice, “One of them was used to awaken the Ancient Battlefield’s Ink Giant Spiritual God, one was in front of me, and the other was… on that Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple?”

Black Ink praised, “You’re quite smart! That’s right, the third Soul Wisp is on that Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple. The Spatial Territory has a door connected to your 3000 Worlds, but it was sealed a long time ago, so it won’t be easy to open it again. I used the death of that clone to create a hole in the gate, but it didn’t open completely. Fortunately, I still have an extra Soul Wisp, so if I sacrifice that Soul Wisp, the hole should be completely opened!”

Smiles Old Ancestor gritted her teeth and said, “Since you have the ability to completely open that gate, why didn’t you take action in the Spatial Territory and instead send him to the Wind Mist Territory?”

Black Ink said, “Awakening my current clone is also part of the plan. If we act rashly before this Soul Wisp is awakened, will your Human Race allow it?”

An ancient Supreme Master like Black Ink was truly a cunning old fox. In order to smoothly implement its plan, it was even willing to sacrifice one of the few remaining Royal Lords.

However, the effects were extremely obvious. They inked three Eighth Order Open Heaven, two came to Shattered Heaven to awaken this clone, and one remained in the Wind Mist Territory, using the last Soul Wisp to corrode the Domain Barrier and open the gate.

Facing such an enemy, even Smiles Old Ancestor felt helpless.

Yang Kai was still unaware of all of this, thinking that Black Ink’s clone’s destination was the Wind Mist Territory, so he had sealed the entrance all the way there.

He even wanted to ask Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer to come out and stop it.

Smiles Old Ancestor only hoped that Yang Kai’s speed was fast enough so that he could discover the changes in the Wind Mist Territory when he arrived. This way, he might be able to stop the Black Ink Clan’s plot.

As for her side…

There was no longer any need for her to fight with the Ink Giant Spiritual God. With just her strength alone, she could not stop Black Ink’s clone.

It was difficult for her to imagine what would happen to the Human Race if this Ink Giant Spiritual God were to rush into the Spatial Territory.

Thinking so, she no longer hesitated and flashed forward.

She wanted to return to the Spatial Territory before the Ink Giant Spiritual God did and inform them of what she had learned.

Black Ink didn’t try to stop her and simply watched her leave. At this point, all of its plans had been perfectly executed, and all that was left was to harvest the fruits of victory.

However… it didn’t feel much joy.

Wind Mist Territory was not famous among the various great domains of the 3000 Worlds and many people had never even heard of it.

When Yang Kai arrived here, it had been less than a month since he had separated from Smiles Old Ancestor. This was his fastest speed.

As usual, Yang Kai sealed the Domain Gates before taking out the Universe Chart to investigate the route.

Next, he wanted to head to the Chaotic Dead Territory and ask Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer to help him. If they were fast enough, they might be able to stop the Ink Giant Spiritual God before it arrived at Wind Mist Territory.

Success or failure depended on this, so how could Yang Kai dare be careless?

Soon, he found the route to the Chaotic Dead Territory. This trip would take him five great domains, and with his current speed, it would take him at least one and a half months to get there!

Yang Kai secretly gritted his teeth. This time was a bit urgent, and he didn’t know if he could make it in time. After all, the Ink Giant Spiritual God's speed wasn’t slow, so he hoped that the Domain Gate he had sealed would be able to delay it for a while.


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