What made Nan Yun even more uneasy was that this Eighth Order’s complexion was quite ugly.

In an instant, Nan Yun couldn’t help thinking of fleeing far away, but he also knew that he, a Seventh Order master, couldn’t escape from an Eighth Order master. If the other party really wanted to kill him, it would only take an instant.

With cold sweat dripping from his forehead, Nan Yun decisively knelt on the ground, begging in panic, “Senior, please spare my life, this Junior was also blinded by greed for a moment. I won’t dare to do it again, Senior, please spare my life.”

A grand Seventh Order Open Heaven master acting so subserviently was an extremely rare occurrence. After all, when one reached the Seventh Order, all of them would become overlords of their own domains. Even if they were placed in the Cave Heaven Paradise, they would still be respected as Elders.

Such an expert would find it difficult to discard their own face and act so humbly.

However, Nan Yun wasn’t born in the Cave Heaven Paradise. In his life, he had led a wandering life and was used to living in fear of death.

As long as he could preserve his life, not to mention kowtowing, even calling him Ancestor was nothing.

Having lived in the Shattered Heaven for so many years, it wasn’t like he hadn’t paid his respects to the three Divine Monarchs.

How could he have known that Yang Kai’s expression wasn’t because he was angry at him for taking advantage of this opportunity to plunder, but rather because he suddenly thought of a problem.

If he were to seal the Shattered Heaven’s gate, what would happen to the Shattered Heaven’s cultivators?

Although most of the cultivators here were criminals, there were always some kind people, and many of them were born in the Shattered Heaven. Their ancestors might have done something bad, but they themselves had not.

This wasn’t just one or two cultivators, it wasn’t just one or two forces, it was related to the fate of all living beings in the Shattered Heaven.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was currently rushing over, and its Ink Force was even richer and purer than the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord’s. As expected, along the way, many cultivators would be turned into Black Ink Disciples.

Once the gate here was sealed, the Shattered Heaven's cultivators would have no way to escape, and the entire Shattered Heaven would become Black Ink Disciple’s paradise.

However, if he didn’t seal the gate here, they wouldn’t be able to stall for time, and the Shattered Heaven’s Black Ink Disciple would be able to use this gate to travel to other great domains!

When the time came, the prairie fire will start a big fire.

Perhaps a Black Ink Disciple had already left Shattered Heaven…

Yang Kai lowered his head to look at Nan Yun, who was kneeling in front of him, and said, “Get up, there’s something I need you to do.”

Yang Kai’s silence just now had caused Nan Yun to feel a mountain of pressure, as if he could die at any moment. Hearing Yang Kai’s words, he didn’t dare to hesitate and quickly stood up, saying with a flattering smile, “Senior, if there’s anything you need, please feel free to tell me. I will definitely handle it.”

Yang Kai pointed, “Take them to a remote and safe place to hide. Also, the Shattered Heaven is about to fall, so it won’t be long before there’s no pure land left in the Shattered Heaven. Try to spread this news so that everyone who knows about this will find a place to hide. Before the situation is set, don’t show your face.”

Nan Yun was startled and asked cautiously, “Is it because of the Ink Giant Spiritual God?”

If it was more than a month ago, Nan Yun wouldn’t have known about this Ink Giant Spiritual God, but before Hong Hu left the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, she had spread the news, so the existence of this Ink Giant Spiritual God was no longer a secret.

However, Nan Yun didn’t think much of it, but after listening to Yang Kai’s words, he realized he had been too naive.

The situation in the Shattered Heaven was probably worse than he had imagined.

Otherwise, this Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator wouldn’t have been so serious.

“Can you do it?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

Nan Yun cupped his fists, “Junior will do his best!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Hide, the more hidden the better.”

Waving his hand, Nan Yun respectfully withdrew and quickly began shouting for everyone to follow him. Naturally, there were some who were unwilling to do so. Nan Yun patiently tried to persuade them, but to no avail, so he couldn’t help but injure the man. Secretly glancing at Yang Kai, he saw that he had no reaction and seemed to have tacitly approved of his actions. Only then did Nan Yun relax and continue injuring several people who were unwilling to listen to his orders.

At this moment, everyone became obedient.

Following Nan Yun’s command, all the cultivators gathered in front of the Domain Gate turned around and flew towards the depths of Shattered Heaven.

Yang Kai felt sad in his heart.

Sealing the Shattered Heaven Gate was equivalent to cutting off many people’s escape routes, but if he didn’t do so, the situation would only become worse.

Saving one or a hundred people, many of the Sect’s Elders would ask this question before the disciples left the mountain to temper themselves, testing their temperament.

Saving one person, could possibly lead to hundred people death.

Saving a hundred people, maybe that one person will die.

How should he choose?

There was no accurate answer to this question, it was only related to one’s heart.

Yang Kai had never thought that he would one day face such a choice.

His choice was to save a hundred people!

Currently, sealing the Shattered Heaven’s gate might make the situation in the Shattered Heaven extremely bad, but if it wasn’t sealed, it wouldn’t just be Shattered Heaven, but all of the 3000 Worlds.

What’s more, even if they were turned into Black Ink Disciple, the cultivator’s life wouldn’t be in danger. It was just that their nature had faded away and they only worship Black Ink. If he could use the light of purification, he could still restore order.

So there was no need to hesitate.

Not only was Shattered Heaven like this, the three Great Domain leading to Wind Mist Domain were also like this!

Right now, stopping the Ink Giant Spiritual God from heading to Wind Mist Territory was the most urgent matter.

After Nan Yun left with his men, Yang Kai didn’t stay any longer and quickly rushed into the gate leading to the neighboring Great Domain. Activating his Space Principle, he disrupted the void and sealed the gate.

With his previous experience of sealing the connection between the Spatial Territory and the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had become more adept at this task.

By the time Yang Kai rushed out from the other side of the gate, the entire gate had been completely flattened.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai rushed towards the gate leading to the next Great Domain, sending out a series of warnings along the way.

Just as Yang Kai was doing his best, on the Spatial Territory Battlefield, a fierce battle was taking place around the corpse of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Since they had already discovered the location of the Spatial Territory’s loophole, how could the Human Race just sit back and do nothing? Under the command of the various Regiment Commanders, the Human Race’s forces began to move towards the opening in an attempt to seize it.

As long as they could occupy this loophole, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to coordinate with them and completely tear it apart.

Prior to this, the confrontation between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had gradually calmed down. After all, after so many years of war, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, both had suffered heavy casualties. Even the number of Royal Lord and Old Ancestor had decreased sharply.

Both sides intended to conserve their strength and wait for any changes.

Originally, the Black Ink Clan didn’t care about any losses. Their army was endless and was backed up by the Ink Battlefield, where there were hundreds of Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, thousands of Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, and even countless Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest.

As long as there were enough resources, the Black Ink Clan could be born continuously.

They could take advantage of this advantage and slowly engage in a battle of attrition with the Human Race, slowly cutting off their flesh to wear down the strength of the Human Race, eventually gaining an absolute advantage.

However, Yang Kai’s trip from the Ink Battlefield to the Spatial Territory had completely cut off their advantage.

He had blocked the portal connecting the Spatial Territory and Ink Battlefield!

What a despicable method!

This kind of sealing was not impossible to break. The Black Ink Clan also had the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had the ability to reopen the sealed gate.

However, at this moment, it couldn’t do anything to help, and A’ Er was firmly entangled with it, so how could it have the time to do such a thing? The Ink Giant Spiritual God was something only the Giant Spiritual God could resist, and these two Giant Spiritual Godwere engaged in a fierce battle in the Spatial Territory Battlefield. No matter if it was the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, no one dared to approach them.

The Black Ink Clan had never imagined that their side would actually face a shortage of troops. Many of the Royal Lords hated the human who had tampered with their forces to the bone and secretly swore that if they had the chance, they would tear him to pieces.

It was precisely because they were facing such a situation that the previous confrontation between the Human Race and Black Ink Clans had been quite restrained and peaceful.

Top-level combatants would not casually attack, and the two armies would often only probe the enemy’s strength. Only when they had absolute confidence in winning would they truly attack.

However, after the Human Race attempted to seize this loophole, this kind of restraint and calmness instantly became violent.

The armies of the two races did not fear death and fought for control of that area. It could be said that they had used every means possible to win.

Originally, in terms of pure military strength, the Human Race didn’t have the advantage. After all, after so many years of war, the Human Race army had suffered great losses.

But now, both sides were basically equal.

With the help of the Holy Spirits, it made up for the lack of high-level combat strength of the Human Race, especially the current Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress. The strength of these two masters was something even the top Ninth Order Human Race masters could not compare with.

After all, it was a race that had once ruled over the ancient era, the era where Dragon and Phoenix ruled the 3000 Worlds, and the Human Race was only the lowest level of existence, not even comparable to the Monster Race.

It was only because Cang and the other nine had comprehended the Martial Dao of Open Heaven that the Human Race had slowly risen to prominence.

Coupled with the fact that the Cave Heaven Paradise had recruit reinforcements from the various Great Domains, the Human Race’s forces were not small, but they lacked all kinds of strategic resources, such as Battleships.

Every time a great war broke out, many Battleships would be damaged or destroyed. Even if the Artifact Refiners tried their best to repair and refine these Battleships, they couldn’t keep up with the speed at which they were being destroyed.

As for the cultivators who had just entered the battlefield, they were not used to war.

When had these Fifth and Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivators ever experienced such a grand and magnificent war? What they had experienced the most in the past were the conflicts between Sects, the fierce battles between individual cultivators. Such a large scale war with tens of thousands of soldiers was simply unimaginable!

It wasn’t until they entered the Spatial Territory Battlefield that these cultivators learned where the Cave Heaven Paradise's accumulated resources had gone to and how much effort they had put into protecting the 3000 Worlds.

They couldn’t help feeling pity.


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