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In the void, the Ink Giant Spiritual God stepped forward step by step, its movements seemingly clumsy, but each step it took covered a distance of ten million kilometers. Wherever it passed, the stars would dim and the sky would darken.

Yang Kai and Smiles Old Ancestor stared at this giant figure, and a thought simultaneously emerged in their hearts; Shatered Heavens is finished!

Gritting her teeth, Smiles Old Ancestror said, “Its destination is the Wind Mist Territory, the Spatial Territort Battlefield’s passage that connects to the outside world is Wind Mist Territory. It wants to go there and join forces with the Black Ink Clan of the Spatial Territtory to completely open the passage!”

“Wind Mist Territory?” Yang Kai frowned. He had never heard of this Great Domain, nor had he ever been there.

However, after listening to Smiles Old Ancestor's explanation, Yang Kai knew that his previous guess was wrong. He had thought that the Spatial Territory Battlefield’s passage that is connected to the outside world was Shattered Heaven, but now it seemed that it wasn’t Shattered Heaven but Wind Mist Territory.

The only passage between the Shatered Heaven and the Spatial Territory Battlefield was still controlled by the Human Race.

From the looks of it, Lu An and Ye Ming had rushed all the way from Wind Mist Territory to Shattered Heaven, not directly appearing there.

He quickly took out the Universe Chart and examined it before quickly saying, “This trip to Wind Mist Territory isn’t far, we only need to pass through three Great Domains!”

Saying so, his eyes lit up, “I can seal these three Domain Gates and stall for time.”

If it was before, he would have assumed that the Black Ink Clan would be helpless after sealing the Domain Gate, but the Gate on the Spatial Territory, which had been sealed by the Human Race’s ancestors, was still being eroded by the Black Ink Clan. From this, it could be seen that just as Ji Old Third had said, sealing the Domain Gate was not a foolproof plan.

Ordinary Black Ink Clan masters or even Black Ink Clan Royal Lords would not be able to open the sealed gate again, but the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the clone of Black Ink, had the ability to use its pure Ink Force to corrode the barrier and open it again.

As such, even if the gate to the Wind Mist Territory were blocked, it would only delay them for a short period of time, unable to completely block Black Ink’s clone’s path.

“And then?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

Yang Kai said solemnly, “The only ones who can stop this Ink Giant Spiritual God are either Giant Spiritual God or equally powerful existences! Old Ancestor, in the Spatial Territory Battlefield, besides the Ink Giant Spiritual God with a tuft of hair on its head, is there a bald Ink Giant Spiritual God?”

“Never saw it.” Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head.

Currently, on the other side of the Spatial Territory Battlefield, there were only two Giant Spiritual God. One of them was from the Human Race's side, and just as Yang Kai had said, he had a tuft of hair on his head, while the other was Ink Giant Spiritual God. These two had been fighting for many years, but they didn’t show any signs of fatigue, as if they could fight until the end of time.

A' Da was not in the Spatial Territory! Yang Kai’s heart trembled slightly.

If he could find A' Da, he might be able to stop Black Ink's clone, but Yang Kai didn’t know where to find him.

Ever since he left the Star Boundary, there had been no news of A’ Da. Although the Giant Spiritual God was extremely large and could be easily discovered, they were also capable of transforming into human forms, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to pass through the Domain Gates.

Back when A’ Er brought Yang Kai through the Domain Gate, he had used a secret technique to shrink his body greatly.

On top of that, they were extremely fond of sleeping, so if they were to find a place to sleep, thousands of years might pass.

Since he couldn’t find A' Da, he could only seek help from those two. Those two were also existences on par with the Giant Spiritual God.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai said, “Old Ancestor, I’ll leave this to you. I’ll go to the Chaotic Dead Territory!”

Hearing this, Smiles Old Ancestor immediately understood Yang Kai’s intentions, “You want to ask Burning Shind and Nether Glimmer to come out?”

“There’s no other way.”

Smiles Old Ancestor frowned slightly, seemingly wanting to say something, but she held back and nodded, “Go, I’ll try my best to delay it.”

With her strength alone, she really couldn’t stop the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but she could still find a way to delay it for a while. On top of that, Yang Kai could seal the Domain Gate, so perhaps she could wait for him to ask Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer to come out.


If these two really came out, it might not be a good thing.

Yang Kai’s experience was shallow, so he didn’t know how terrifying these two were, but Smiles Old Ancestor had heard of them.

These two represents death and destruction. Fortunately, these two were kind-hearted and only lived in the Chaotic Dead Territory, never appearing in public. Otherwise, how could there be 3000 Worlds left?

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai didn’t delay any further and immediately left. Activating his Space Principle, he flew away.

Smiles Old Ancestor glanced at the Ink Giant Spiritual God who was walking through the air and took a deep breath before transforming into a streak of light and rushing towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God. Before she even arrived, she had already activated her Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques.

Before this, all of Yang Kai’s attention had been focused on the Ink Giant Spiritual God, so he hadn’t noticed the changes in the Shatered Heaven. However, now that he was rushing forward at full speed, he discovered that many people were heading towards Shatered Heaven’s Domain Gate.

These people all seemed to be fleeing for their lives.

Yang Kai understood that his previous arrangements had been effective.

Previously, he had asked the Senior Brother and Junior Sister of Heavenly Net Palace to spread the news of Black Ink Disciple, making Shatered Heaven’s cultivators wary of suspicious people. At that time, the situation hadn’t been too bad.

Even if there were some Black Ink Disciples, with the strength of Shatered Heaven’s Three Divine Monarchs, they could still be eliminated in time.

However, after Lu An and the others broke into the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and awakened the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the situation quickly deteriorated.

Hong Hu left with Kun Ao who is heavily injured, constantly spreading the news of the awakening of the Ink Giant Spiritual God along the way, causing everyone in Shatered Heaven to become restless.

If this news had been spread by someone else, Shatered Heaven’s lawless people might not have believed it, but since it was from a Holy Spirit like Hong Hu, no one could refuse to believe it.

Those who cherished their lives dragged their families, packed their bags, and left their hiding places, wanting to leave Shatered Heaven as soon as possible.

However, most of them chose to remain and observe.

Most of the cultivators in Shatered Heaven were desperate and could only hide here. In this vast universe, there was no place for them to hide other than Shatered Heaven.

Although the news sent by Hong Hu was shocking, they had nowhere to go and could only remain in the Shattered Heaven.

This place was originally a place of chaos and slaughter, but now that the hearts of the people had been thrown into chaos and the three Divine Monarchs had gone to the Spatial Territory Battlefield to assist, without the suppression of the three Divine Monarchs, the entire Shatered Heavens had become extremely chaotic.

Above every Spirit Province and Universe World, one could see the figures of looting and killing.

What Yang Kai saw now was this situation.

This caused his heart to sink. Just the awakening of the Ink Giant Spiritual God was enough to throw the entire Shattered Heaven into chaos. If the Black Ink Clan invaded all the 3000 Worlds, would there still be a place of peace in this world?

It was likely that all three thousand great domains would become like Shatered Heavens.

After flying for a few days, Yang Kai arrived at the Domain Gate.

What surprised him was that there were many cultivators gathered at the Domain Gate, forming a long line, waiting to pass through.

This orderly situation surprised Yang Kai. After all, none of these people were good people, so it was rare for them to follow the order.

However, Yang Kai soon understood why such a situation had occurred.

There was a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator guarding the Domain Gate, leading a group of cultivators to guard it. Anyone who wanted to pass through the Domain Gate would have to pay a hefty fee.

Yang Kai almost laughed from anger.

Even with the Shattered Heaven’s current situation, they still wanted to make a fortune here.

However, he also knew that the people of this damned place were not like the old days. In the past, there weren’t many people who came to the Shattered Heaven’s Gate, so this business couldn’t be done. But now, many people wanted to leave Shattered Heaven, so some people had opened up a path to wealth.

Yang Kai’s momentum was magnificent, and his cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master was clearly visible, causing the Seventh Order guard’s face to change drastically.

No one had expected an Eighth Order to come at this time.

There were only three Eighth Order masters in the Shatered Heaven, and it was said that they had already left the Shatered Heaven and were not here. If not for this, how could this Seventh Order master dare act so presumptuously?

He was just a cultivator from a small Sect and could be considered quite talented, but because of his greed for a beauty, he had done something that would anger both man and god, forcing him to hide in Shattered Heaven. Unexpectedly, he had managed to break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven.

He was also smart and did not seek refuge with any Divine Monarch. He only created his own force, preferring to be a chicken’s head and not a phoenix’s tail, living a carefree life.

On this trip, he learned that many people wanted to leave the Shattered Heaven to seek refuge in other Great Domains, so he led his subordinates to block the entrance and charge everyone who wanted to leave.

It wasn’t that no one wanted to resist him, it was just that all those who tried to resist had been killed, so the rest naturally became obedient.

In front of other cultivators, he was a high and mighty Seventh Order Open Heaven, but in front of an Eighth Order, he knew he was nothing.

Therefore, he didn’t have any intention of escaping and instead took the initiative to greet Yang Kai, bowing respectfully from afar, “Flower Butterfly Sect’s Nan Yun greets Senior!”

He nodded and bowed, still observing the thoughts of this Eighth Order cultivator.

Those who were able to survive in the Shatered Heaven were all skillful, if they didn’t have some skill, they would have died long ago.

People like Nan Yun were best at analyzing the human heart.

As soon as he looked over, his heart skipped a beat, only to see that the person who had just arrived wore an angry expression.

This is the end!

Nan Yun really hoped that this Eighth Order master wouldn’t be such a pitiful person. Only then would he be able to control the situation. Looking at his posture, it could be seen that he was going to lose.

It was easy to incur the wrath of the masses by barring their way to the Domain Gate. After all, every Open Heaven cultivators had experienced crossing the Domain Gate several times. If they were to be charged a fee every time, how could they live?

Nan Yun also knew that the Shattered Heaven currently didn’t have many masters, so he had taken the risk to act. It was only because there were no tigers in the mountains that he was able to become the king, but who would have thought that an eighth Order master would suddenly appear.


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