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Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about Cang’s words. The ten of them had used the World Tree’s power to comprehend the Martial Dao of Open Heaven, preaching the Dao to the world, becoming the Martial Ancestors! This allowed the Human Race to gain a foothold in that ancient and harsh environment. It was also because of the prosperity of their Martial Dao that they were able to resist the effects of the Ink Force.

Cang said that this was a method to save itself. The ten of them were chosen, and Yang Kai, who had obtained the World Tree’s gift, was also chosen.

Since it was saving itself, who was it?

Was this the vast universe? Was this the will of the unknown?

The World Tree was the most important part of this self-help method, and this self-help method was also used by the World Tree.

One side would save itself while the other would destroy it. From this perspective, it was indeed impossible for the World Tree and Black Ink to coexist peacefully.

There were too many unresolved mysteries between the ancient existences. Cang might know something, but now, the ancient ancestors had long since withered away, and even the current Ninth Order Open Heaven masters were unable to understand the karma of the past.

Yang Kai no longer thought about these unanswered questions and instead turned to Black Ink, earnestly advising, “Black Ink, stop. Since ancient times, the Human Race has paid far too much to resist the Black Ink Clan. The 3000 Worlds are so prosperous, why must you destroy them?”

Black Ink looked at him with interest, “If I stop now, will the Human Race let me go?”

Yang Kai said, “The Human Race can fight you to a standstill. The entire Ink Battlefield now belongs to you. As long as you promise not to invade the 3000 Worlds again, the Human Race will not interfere with the Black Ink Clan.”

Black Ink suddenly laughed, “I thought you were a smart person, but I didn’t expect you to be so stupid. How can an Eighth Order Open Heaven like you represent the entire Human Race?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “I can’t represent them, naturally, someone else can.”

Black Ink slowly shook its head, “That’s impossible. The only reason you’re persuading me to stop now is because the Human Race is at a disadvantage, but if the Human Race has the confidence to defeat me one day, they will definitely find a way to eradicate me. The millions of years of confrontation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan has long since become a deep-rooted blood feud. This hatred can only be ended by the complete destruction of one side. It’s not something that can be easily resolved.”

“Everything depends on the individual!”

Black Ink stared at him for a moment before suddenly revealing a look of reminiscence, “Mu once said that I was naive. At that time, I didn’t understand what she meant, but now I do.”

Yang Kai didn’t mind its ridicule and continued, “Once the Ink Force invades the 3000 Worlds, the consequences will be unimaginable. Doing so will not benefit you, so why are you so stubborn?”

Black Ink suddenly flew into a rage, “It was Mu and the others who betrayed me. I never thought about destroying the 3000 Worlds, it was them that think so. They felt that my existence itself was a sin, so they sealed me in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, unable to escape for a million years. What’s funny is that in order to seal me, they also died!”

Yang Kai opened his mouth, unable to respond.

Although he knew that it was useless to try to persuade it, Yang Kai couldn’t help wanting to try. Now that his persuasion had failed, there was no need to try to persuade it anymore.

Just as Black Ink had said, a million years of blood feud could only end when one side was completely destroyed. This war between the Black Ink and Human Race had nothing to do with right or wrong.

As it spoke, Black Ink slowly stood up. Although its movements were extremely slow and it looked extremely stupid, each and every one of its movements gave off an indescribable pressure. Its head was high up in the sky and its feet were on the ground. Even the Black Ink Sealing Land found it difficult to withstand its towering figure.

“You’re so long-winded!” Black Ink snorted and reached out to grab Yang Kai.

With this grab, Yang Kai felt as if the sky had collapsed. For some reason, Yang Kai felt extremely depressed, as if an invisible weight was pressing down on his shoulders, rendering him unable to move.

However, he didn’t have any intention of evading, only raising his head to look at the face that was almost invisible to the naked eye and sighing lightly, “Since that’s the case, then follow me and be exiled!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he activated his Space Principle and the World Force in his Small Universe flowed out like a flood.

In an instant, the entire Black Ink Sealing Land seemed to have transformed into a mirror, its surface shattering as cracks began to appear on its surface.

These Void Cracks were extremely sharp and even High Rank Open Heaven would find it difficult to resist. If one accidentally touched them, they would likely be cut in half.

Black Ink’s large hand grabbed down, causing numerous Void Cracks to appear on its arm. The Ink Blood and Ink Force scattered down, but it remained unmoved.

However, in the next instant, the giant mirror was shattered and the entire space around it shattered.

After a moment of sluggishness, the entire Black Ink Sealing Land seemed to collapse as it suddenly collapsed towards the center, causing space to distort and everything in the Black Ink Sealing Land, including Yang Kai and Black Ink’s clone, was pulled into it.

Outside the Shattered Ruins, Smiles Old Ancestor rampaged through the Divine Ability Sea and arrived at the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. However, as soon as she stepped into this place, her sharp eyes suddenly narrowed and she saw that the space in front of her had become extremely distorted and unstable. After a short period of collapse, an incomparably huge black hole appeared, filled with chaos and nothingness.

In a flash, she arrived outside the black hole and stared at it for a moment before gritting her teeth.

She was a step too late!

The scene in front of her was obviously caused by Yang Kai using his Space Principle. She didn’t know what the situation was like, but since Yang Kai was forced to do so, it was obvious the situation wasn’t good.

Although she was a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator, she didn’t want to trespass into this black hole. If she really did enter, she might not be able to find her way out. After a moment of hesitation, she turned around and left.

What was certain now was that the opening in the Spatial Territory Battlefield was connected to the Wind Mist Territory, so if the Black Ink Clan really awakened the Ink Giant Spiritual God from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, they would definitely go to the Wind Mist Territory.

All she needed to do was wait for the enemy to arrive.

Feeling anxious, Smiles Old Ancestor pushed her speed to the limit and soon left the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

However, before she could get far, she felt a violent energy fluctuation coming from the distant void. Turning her head towards the source of the fluctuation, she saw that the void had suddenly split open and a giant hand as big as a mountain stretched out.

The giant hand was covered in black ink color and the Ink Force was extremely rich. In just a short moment, it tore through the void, revealing a massive creature in front of it as it roared, “Do you think you can trap me here?”

“Ink Giant Spiritual God!” Smiles Old Ancestor’s eyes narrowed, and then she saw a small figure standing next to the behemoth.

“Yang Kai!”

However, before she could rush over, Yang Kai once again activated his Space Principle and turned the universe upside down, expelling the Ink Giant Spiritual God and himself into the void.

In the void crack, Yang Kai’s expression was filled with difficulty.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God's body was too large and its strength was too great. Previously, he had thought that since he couldn’t kill the other party, he would banish him forever and make him lose his way in the void. This way, Black Ink’s clone would never be able to escape.

However, he had never imagined that even a place like the Void Crack, Black Ink could still find a way out.

The other party didn’t show any signs of utilizing the Space Principle, and Yang Kai had never heard of Black Ink being proficient in the Space Principle, but this Void Crack, which was enough to cause even a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator to fear, was like walking on flat ground for Black Ink.

With a single lift of its hand, it tore through the void turbulence and easily found the weak point of the void, tearing through space and escaping through the cracks.

Yang Kai had thought this was a coincidence, but after Black Ink escaped from the Void Crack a second time, Yang Kai knew that it was no coincidence. The Void Crack could not trap Black Ink!

Seemingly seeing Yang Kai’s disbelief and confusion, Black Ink sneered, “I’ve been sleeping in the Primal Chaos Void for hundreds of thousands of years. Before the World was created, this place is where i was born. Do you think you can exile me like this?”

Yang Kai suddenly understood why it was able to escape from the Void Crack so easily.

When the World first opened, it was the darkness of the First Light. Just as it said, before the World opened, it had been sleeping in this Primal Chaos Void environment. The Void Crack was a forbidden place for ordinary people, but for Black Ink, it was a warm bed.

How could such a place trap it?

Yang Kai’s body and mind went cold. At this moment, he was at his wit’s end. After all, he was only an Eighth Order, but even so, he was still able to drag Black Ink into the void and use this opportunity to delay its progress.

Suddenly, he heard a shout and immediately felt a familiar aura rapidly approaching him. Turning his head, he saw a stream of light approaching.

When they got close enough, Yang Kai was overjoyed, “Old Ancestor!”

This person was none other than Smiles Old Ancestor. She had originally planned to go to Wind Mist Territory to wait for her prey, but halfway through, she had sensed the aura of the Ink Giant Spiritual God and had chased after it all the way.

Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t even have time to speak with Yang Kai before transforming into a streak of light and slashing towards Black Ink.

Ink blood flew like rain as Black Ink roared in pain, raising its hand to slap Smiles Old Ancestor.

With a muffled groan, the figure of Smiles Old Ancestor appeared, but blood was still dripping from the corner of her mouth. Obviously, she had suffered a loss, so she quickly arrived beside Yang Kai and dragged him away.

Black Ink didn’t intend to pursue them. Although its strength far surpassed Smiles Old Ancestor’s, it wasn’t easy to kill the other party. Rather than wasting time here, it was better to hurry along.

It was also because of this consideration that it had not taken Yang Kai seriously. Although this human’s strength wasn’t great, he was proficient in the Space Principle and was not easy to kill.

A moment later, millions of kilometers away, Yang Kai and Smiles Old Ancestor suddenly stopped.

Yang Kai asked with concern, “How are your injuries?”

Smiles Old Ancestor wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and shook her head, “Nothing serious.”

Yang Kai asked, “Did Brother Ji of the Dragon Clan send word?”

“Yes, but unfortunately, I was a step too late.”

Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help becoming gloomy. He was also a step too late. If he could have stopped Lu An and Ye Ming before they entered the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, perhaps such a terrible scene wouldn’t have occurred.

Now that the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Ancestral Land had been awakened, it was no longer something Smiles Old Ancestor could handle alone.

But who would have thought that the Black Ink Clan would act in such a manner?


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 08, 2023

Since there's a new ink giant, for sure Ah Da will appear to smash.


Now it's the human underestimating the black Ink treachery

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