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If someone with a weak mind were to learn of this news, their conviction would definitely waver.

However, everyone present was a Ninth Order Old Ancestor, so how could they not have stable mind? No matter how bad the situation was, it would not be able to shake their determination to kill the Black Ink Clan and defend the Human Race.

This was a belief that had persisted for a lifetime.

They were the strongest forces of the Human Race, the pillars supporting them.

After a brief silence, a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator said, “The Black Ink Clan has put in so much effort, even sacrificing a Royal Lord just to send a few Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples away. From this, it can be seen that even if there are loopholes in the Spatial Territory's connection with the outside world, it will still be unstable. If they want to pass through, they will have to pay a great price.”

Everyone nodded. If the loophole connected to the outside world was stable enough, the Black Ink Clan would have long since invaded, so why would they need to go through so much trouble?

“Perhaps that loophole can only be used by several Eighth Order cultivators, or perhaps it has some other drawbacks we don’t know about.”

After all, in order to create the second battlefield that is the Spatial Territory, the Human Race’s ancestors had arranged many of these four Domain Gates to be seal or destroy three of them. How could they be so easily reopened?

Even if the Ink Force released after the death of the Ink Giant Spiritual God was strong enough to corrode the Domain Barrier, it was impossible to completely open the gate.

“The best result right now is only the three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples leaving, so the situation isn’t too bad.”

“However, if Yang Kai’s guess is correct, the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land is a big problem.”

“There’s also the Wind Mist Territory. Since those Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were able to enter the Wind Mist Territory, they must have done something to it. If an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple were to take action, it would be too easy to turn people into Black Ink Disciple.”

“The matter of the Wind Mist Territory is easy to resolve. The Black Ink Clan is definitely not willing to make a big deal out of this so as to avoid exposing themselves too early. Yang Kai discovered the traces of two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples in Shattered Heaven, so it seems that one of them has remained in the Wind Mist Territory. Send a group of people to the Wind Mist Territory, bring an Expelling Black Ink Battleship with them, and block the domain gate of Wind Mist Territory. We must ensure that the hidden dangers of Black Ink Disciple are not spread out!”

“Who’s going to Shattered Heaven?”

Smiles Old Ancestor volunteered, “I’ll go, Yang Boy was lost it in my hands, I’ll bring him back, but the Great Evolution Army…”

The other Ninth Order Old Ancestor said, “You can go by yourself, I’ll take care of the Great Evolution Army for you. There are only two Royal Lords, I can handle them!”

Smiles Old Ancestor thanked him, “Many thanks, Senior Brother.”

The Ninth Order masters quickly came up with a plan in a short time and issued a series of secret orders. Soon, a group of people and three Phoenix Clan masters left the Spatial Territory Battlefield through a gate and rushed towards Wind Mist Territory.

Smiles Old Ancestor also concealed her aura and quietly left.

The reason she had volunteered was because, like she had said before, Yang Kai was lost under her wings. She had thought he would die, but now that he was still alive, she naturally had to find him.

Secondly, she was also annoyed by Yang Kai’s wives, especially that Demon Race named Yu Rumeng. Every time she saw her, she would have a sour look on her face and would always ask her to compensate her husband.

Smiles Old Ancestor was extremely annoyed…

However, she also knew that this trip was extremely important.

The Wind Mist Territory's side was still a small problem. At the very least, some people had been turned into Black Ink Disciple, so now that they had deployed a small number of people and several Phoenix Clan masters, it was more than enough to deal with them.

The trouble with the Shattered Heaven was the real problem. Once the Black Ink Clan’s plan succeeded, the Spatial Territory and Shattered Heaven’s passageway would really open.

Just as Smiles Old Ancestor arrived at Shattered Heaven from the Spatial Territory, in the Black Ink Sealing Land of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, Yang Kai was gasping for breath, his face filled with unwillingness, the hand holding the Azure Dragon Spear trembling violently.

He had been attacking the Ink Giant Spiritual God for a month now.

He finally understood why the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had chosen to seal this Ink Giant Spiritual God instead of completely destroying it.

Because it was impossible to kill!

He had never thought that there would be a living being in this world with such a powerful physique.

His Eighth Order Open Heaven was not weak, and he was proficient in many Dao Realm, Divine Abilities, and Secret Techniques. With just a wave of his hand, he could instantly destroy a a world, but after a month, he was unable to cause too much damage to this Ink Giant Spiritual God.

This guy’s recovery ability was so abnormal that it could make one’s hair stand on end. All of his injuries could be healed in an extremely short time.

This was perhaps the reason why the difference in strength between both sides was so great.

Although he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was an existence even stronger than a Ninth Order master. The difference in grade made his many Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques seem weak.

For example, if he stood here and let a Sixth Order attack hit him, the other party might not be able to do anything to him.

In just a month, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was almost completely recovered, its tyrannical aura causing one’s heart to palpitate. Even the Black Ink Sealing Land seemed to be unable to withstand the impact of this aura, causing cracks to constantly appear in the air before closing up again.

Yang Kai was a little desperate. He had used his full strength, but the other party hadn’t fought back, he couldn’t do anything about it. So how could he stop it?

After swallowing a large number of Spirit Pills, Yang Kai quickly recovered his strength. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. If he really let this Ink Giant Spiritual God leave the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, there would definitely be a catastrophe in the 3000 worlds.

Staring deeply at the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Black Ink, what benefits does destroying the 3000 Worlds bring you?”

This was the first time Yang Kai had tried to communicate with it in a month.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God's eyes were originally closed, but it was constantly reviving its aura, completely ignoring Yang Kai’s actions. Hearing this, it suddenly opened its eyes and stared at Yang Kai in amazement, “How did you know I was Black Ink? Even Cang and the others were fooled by me.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “What’s so strange about knowing you’re Black Ink?”

If Lu An hadn’t returned to his true nature before his death and told him about this matter, how could Yang Kai have known that the Ink Giant Spiritual God was Black Ink’s clone?

This kind of clone was too powerful, so powerful that no one would associate it with a clone.

Black Ink looked at him seriously for a moment before suddenly shaking its head, “You’re a smart person, smart people aren’t good people.”

Yang Kai suddenly wanted to curse.

The source of this vast and boundless universe, the future calamity of the 3000 Worlds, was actually calling him a bad person.

However, before he could curse, Black Ink sighed heavily, “Mu is the smartest, she’s not a good person.”

It was because it had been deceived by Mu that it had been sealed inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for a million years, unable to escape, so it was quite repulsive to smart people. The old man was fine, silly and foolish, but unfortunately, he had also become smarter later.

Yang Kai swallowed the words he was about to say and frowned slightly. Black Ink’s behavior was somewhat childish, and he suddenly remembered what Cang had said about Black Ink.

It was an ancient existence born from the world's opening, the dark side between the world compared to the first light. It was not a true living being, and although it had lived for millions of years, its true nature was probably that of a child.

In the past, it had transformed so many great domains not because it wanted to bring disaster to the world, but because of its own strength.

Yang Kai decisively said, “That’s right, smart people are the most detestable. A stupid person like me is often deceived, all the smart people in this world should die.”

Black Ink immediately felt a sense of mutual appreciation, “You also think so?”

“Yeah,” Yang Kai nodded.

Black Ink quickly issued an invitation, “Why don’t you let me ink you, join me and kill all the smart people in this world together with me? This way, we’ll become smart people.”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and just stared at it for a moment before suddenly chuckling, “You’re a smart person, why kill everyone else?”

Black Ink might be a little childish, but who said that children were stupid?

However, Black Ink didn’t seem to hear him and only looked at him curiously, “Do you have the World Tree’s Subtree like Cang and the others? Why can’t I transform you?”

Currently, the entire Black Ink Sealing Land was filled with rich Ink Force, but Yang Kai didn’t seem to be affected at all, obviously able to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force.

“You also know about the World Tree Subtree?” Yang Kai asked.

Black Ink replied, “Of course I know, that old tree isn’t anything good, but I haven’t seen it in a long time, so I don’t know how it is.” It then shook its head, “It’s useless, if my main body was here, you might not be able to resist it. Unfortunately, I only have a clone here, so I can’t transform you.”

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled what Cang had told him in the past. Don’t think that with the World Tree Subtree sealing the Small Universe, he would be able to rest easy. The power of Black Ink was not something the Subtree could resist.

Now, it seemed that Black Ink's power could really break through the seal of the Subtree. Perhaps the only thing in this world that could resist the corrosion of Black Ink's power was the World Tree itself.

However, if even the World Tree’s Subtree was unable to resist Black Ink’s power, how could Cang and the others avoid being turned into Black Ink Disciple?

Perhaps if Black Ink want to transform others like the Royal Lord, using their Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, he would have to pay a huge price!

Suppressing the distracting thoughts in his mind, Yang Kai asked, “Since you know that old tree, do you know where to find it?”

The World Tree is in the Great Ruins Boundary, but no one knew where the Great Ruins Boundary was, unless it was some lucky chance, no one can enter it. Since ancient times, is has never been heard that anyone can find the entrance to the Great Ruins Boundary actively.

Now that he had broken through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven, he had basically reached the limit of his Martial Dao. At most, he could polished his Eighth Order realm into perfection, it was impossible for him to break through to the Ninth Order.

However, if he had a High Rank World Fruit, he might be able to solve this problem.

“You want to find it?” Black Ink didn’t answer and instead asked.

“Please enlighten me,” Yang Kai stood up and bowed.

Black Ink shook his head, “I can’t find it, it’s hiding from me.”

Yang Kai was extremely surprised, “It’s avoiding you? Why is it avoiding you?”

Black Ink smiled lightly without saying anything.

Yang Kai frowned, completely unable to understand. Black Ink and World Tree could both be considered the most ancient existences in this world, so what kind of grievances could there be between them that would cause the World Tree to hide from Black Ink?


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