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At that time, he was just teaching Jiu Yan a lesson, but he didn’t expect his words to come into reality!

After so many years in the Ink Battlefield, he had not killed many Black Ink Disciple.

After all, he could activate the Light of Purification, and under the circumstances, if he encountered a Black Ink Disciple, he could definitely save him.

Shen Ao, Ning Qizhi, and Qi Taichu had all been rescued by him, but after many years of fighting, the only one left of these three Seventh Order masters was Shen Ao. Ning Qizhi and Qi Taichu had both died in battle.

The two of them had died on the battlefield, a worthy death.

Yang Kai had never thought that one day, he would be forced to fight someone close to him like what he had told Jiu Yan, to take care of his Elder!

Not to mention the fact that Yang Kai didn’t have any Yellow Crystals or Blue Crystals in his possession and couldn’t use the Light of Purification, even if he could, he wouldn’t have a chance.

After all, the other party was a veteran Eighth Order master with great strength and a deep understanding of the Light of Purification. After being turned into Black Ink Disciple, he would fight with his life on the line, so how could he give him a chance to purify himself?

Now that the situation was so dire, he needed to end this battle quickly so he could go to the Black Ink Sealing Land to stop the other Black Ink Disciple!

Yang Kai’s entire body transformed into a stream of light, and under the influence of the Dao strengths, the power of Yang Kai’s spear had surpassed any of his previous attacks, causing the entire Ancestral Land’s Laws to tremble.

“Elder Lu, please die!”

Yang Kai’s angry roar resounded throughout the world, his voice filled with grief, like a cuckoo crying blood.

“Very good!” Lu An, who was still engaged in a fierce battle with Hong Hu, let out a loud laugh. He didn’t show any signs of fear of death as he opened his hands and released all of Yin Yang Heaven’s profound Secret Techniques, transforming the vast sky into Yin Yang Force which shot towards Hong Hu like a pair of scissors.

He wanted to drag Hong Hu down with him before he died so he could relieve the pressure on his companions.

Hong Hu cried out as a dazzling white light protected her body, pushing her Holy Spirit Force to its limits and forcing her to reveal her true form.

It was a pure and flawless creature that looked like a phoenix but not a phoenix.

Even though her strength was slightly higher than Lu An’s, under the other party’s desperate assault, she didn’t dare take the initiative and could only defend with all her strength.

As the Yin Yang scissors flew through the air, the protective light around Hong Hu’s body was instantly broken, causing feathers to fly all over the sky. Hong Hu felt a sharp pain as her blood splashed through the sky.

However, she managed to block this fatal blow at the critical moment.

The moment Hong Hu was injured, a spear light brushed past Lu An.

The sky was filled with black and white colors, as if a curse had been cast upon it, causing it to freeze for a moment and the noisy battle to die down.

Yang Kai’s back was facing the old man’s figure, tears streaming down his face as he gripped his spear tightly, his veins bulging.

“Haa!” Lu An let out a long sigh, “After six thousand years of fighting in the Ink Battlefield, I’ve grown old and am unable to protect my integrity, unable to face the ancestors of Yin Yang Heaven.”

Yang Kai slowly turned around, looked at Lu An, and bowed deeply.

He had once heard that when Mi Jinglun had taken back the Great Evolution Pass, he had asked the Black Ink Clan to leave behind all of the Black Ink Disciples with Seventh Order cultivation and under. But because these Black Ink Disciples had suffered the corrosion of the Ink Force for too long and had used it to break through their shackles, they were unable to be saved.

Even Xiang Shan didn’t know how to deal with this group of Black Ink Disciples, so he could only report it to Smiles Old Ancestor.

Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t hesitate for too long. With a single palm strike, all of the Black Ink Disciples were wiped out.

However, before they died, the Black Ink Disciples seemed to have returned to their original nature and were freed.

Lu An’s current appearance was clearly a sign that he had returned to his true nature. After all, he had not been a Black Ink Disciple for long, and the Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation was his own strength, so his situation was much better than the Black Ink Disciples of the past.

“Disciple will always remember Elder’s teachings and care. Disciple will never forget them! Disciple will respectfully send Elder off!” Yang Kai said in a low voice.

This Eighth Order Open Heaven master had taken care of Yang Kai when he first entered Blue Sky Pass. After all, Yang Kai was half a Yin Yang Heaven cultivator.

When he first arrived at Blue Sky Pass, because he possessed one of the Universe Four Pillars, the World Spring, the upper echelons of Blue Sky Pass had discussed whether they should take the World Spring from Yang Kai and hand it over to an Eighth Order Master.

The Universe Four Pillars were too important to the Human Race, so they were undoubtedly more useful in the hands of an Eighth Order.

During that discussion, an Eighth Order Master named Tian Xiuzhu want to take the World Spring from Yang Kai, and it was Lu An who had argued with him to allow Yang Kai to keep it.

It was just that after Yang Kai and Dawn Squad had been transferred to form the Great Evolution Army, he had never seen Lu An again.

Unexpectedly, they had reunited under such circumstances, forcing Yang Kai to kill him.

Listening to Yang Kai’s words, Lu An nodded and quickly said, “Ye Ming from the Azure Nether Paradise brought a Soul Clone of Black Ink to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God here. This thing was created by Black Ink when he was not imprisoned, you must stop him!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly, “Black Ink’s Soul Clone?”

“Each of these Ink Giant Spiritual God can actually be regarded as Black Ink’s Clone. As long as their physical bodies remain intact, a single Soul Clone will be able to awaken them. The Spatial Territory and Shattered Heaven already have a passage, but it’s not stable. If the Ink Giant Spiritual God here are still alive, it can coordinate with the Black Ink Clan in the Spatial Territory and completely break through this passage!” Lu An’s expression suddenly became gloomy, “I'm going…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged, losing his vitality.

In truth, Yang Kai’s spear had completely cut off his vitality, but because he was strong, he was able to survive for a moment.

His words caused Yang Kai’s heart to sink and Hong Hu’s face to pale.

Everyone had thought that the Ink Giant Spiritual God was a powerful life form created by Black Ink, but from Lu An’s words, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was actually Black Ink’s clone!

Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Black Ink couldn’t escape, but if he could send out a Soul Clone, perhaps he would be able to control it.

Now that he thought about it, the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was also one of Black Ink’s clones.

It was no wonder that after so many years of death, the Ink Giant Spiritual God had been able to come back to life.

Without anyone noticing, Black Ink must have sent out more than one Soul Clone, one of which had entered the body of the Ink Giant Spiritual God from the Ancient Battlefield and resurrected it, causing the Human Race expedition to fail.

There was also one that was brought here by Lu An and Ye Ming from the Azure Nether Paradise.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God's physical body was indestructible, and with Black Ink’s Soul Clone, it was naturally able to survive.

What was even more difficult for Yang Kai to accept was that the Spatial Territory and Shattered Heaven really did have a passage. Although he had made a guess before, it was just a guess. He still had some hope that he had guessed wrong.

Now, this expectation had been shattered.

Fortunately, Lu An had said that the passage was not stable and required the Ink Giant Spiritual God of the Black Ink Sealing Land to coordinate with the Black Ink Clan of the Spatial Territory.

As long as he could stop the awakening of the Ink Giant Spiritual God here, there was still a chance to salvage the situation.

At this point, Yang Kai finally understood why the Black Ink Clan hadn’t sent an army here and instead sent an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

There was simply no way for them to send an army, so they could only send two Black Ink Disciple to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God. Once they succeeded, unless a Ninth Order Old Ancestor came to kill them, no one could stop the Black Ink Clan’s plan.

Could a Ninth Order Old Ancestor come?

It was definitely impossible. The battle in the Spatial Territory Battlefield was extremely intense, and the Human Race had already fallen into a disadvantageous position. None of the Ninth Order masters were able to move.

Various thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he rushed towards the Black Ink Sealing Land without stopping. Hong Hu didn’t even bother to heal her injuries as she followed closely behind Yang Kai.

The Black Ink Sealing Land originally had a barrier set up by the Dragon and Phoenix Clan, but it had been broken many years ago. Now, the entrance to the Black Ink Sealing Land was a large door that constantly emitted Ancestral Qi.

Yang Kai and Hong Hu passed through the gate one after another and arrived at the Black Ink Sealing Land. At a glance, both of them felt their bodies go cold!

The Ink Giant Spiritual God, who was originally sealed in the center of this place, surged with the Ink Force, the Ink Force seemed to be condensed, and the powerful aura quickly recovered.

Too late!

In other words, the awakening of the Ink Giant Spiritual God was easier than anyone had imagined.

It hadn’t been long since Ye Ming from the Azure Nether Paradise entered, only half a day at most, but he had already sent Black Ink’s Soul Clone into the body of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Yang Kai didn’t recognize this Ye Ming, but he immediately recognized him.

He fell on a hill and his aura was extremely weak, as if even his Blood Essence had disappeared, leaving behind only a thin layer of skin and bones. It was obvious that he was about to die.

He was originally an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, but he now seemed like an ordinary person who had never cultivated before.

Realizing that Yang Kai and Hong Hu had arrived together, Ye Ming forced himself to look up at them and let out a bitter smile.

Lu An only told Yang Kai that Ye Ming had brought a Soul Clone of Black Ink to awaken this Ink Giant Spiritual God.

However, he had never known that with an Eighth Order strength, carrying Black Ink’s Soul Clone was a huge price to pay.

Ye Ming’s current state was the price he had to pay.

How powerful was this Black Ink?! It was a darkness that was form with the World's First Light. It could be said to be an existence that had surpassed the Open Heaven Stage, and even a powerful existence like the Ink Giant Spiritual God could only be considered a clone of it.

Even if it was just a Soul Clone, it was not something anyone could bear.

Even a Ninth Order Old Ancestor master would suffer great losses if they were to bear this burden, hurting their Yuan Qi.

An Eighth Order like Ye Ming had to pay with his life.

Knowing that he was about to die, Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a sigh. He was familiar with Lu An and had been forced to kill him personally, so he was quite depressed. However, he didn’t know Ye Ming. After so many years of war, he was used to seeing life and death on the battlefield, so although he felt regretful that an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator was about to die, he didn’t feel anything else.

Looking at the Ink Giant Spiritual God's surging aura, Yang Kai tightened his grip on his spear and said, “Senior Hong Hu, you should leave first.”

Hong Hu turned to him and asked, “What about you?”

Yang Kai said, “Someone needs to solve this problem.”

“Are you confident?”

Yang Kai shook his head.


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