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The Divine Ability Sea had been left behind for countless years and its power was no longer at its initial stage. This was also the reason why Yang Kai was able to bring Xia Linlang through the Divine Ability Sea with his Sixth Order strength.

At that time, he had been moving forward carefully, but now he didn’t need to.

Moreover, he was in a hurry, so he didn’t have time to worry about anything else. As Yang Kai rushed forward, he activated countless Restrictions which sent out a series of Divine Abilities to chase after him, forming a dazzling tail of light behind him.

During this time, there were some twists and turns, but at least he is safe.

In less than ten days, Yang Kai passed through the Divine Ability Sea and dragged his battered body into the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land!

This was an extremely ancient continent, the birthplace of the Holy Spirits. It was said that in the most ancient time, countless Holy Spirits lived and multiplied here, but as time passed, the conflict between the various Holy Spirits intensified and a great war eventually erupted.

The Land of Origin had also been destroyed, and the current Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was only the largest fragment of the Land of Origin.

Even so, this place was still the most important Holy Land for the Holy Spirits. The Ancestral Qi here was extremely harmful to any race that wasn’t a Holy Spirit, but to the Holy Spirits, it was a great supplement. With the help of the Ancestral Qi, the Holy Spirits could greatly shorten their growth time.

The last time Yang Kai had come here, the Ancestral Qi here had been extremely thin, so the Holy Spirits, led by the Kun Clan, couldn’t wait to open the Black Ink Sealing Land because of its rich Ancestral Qi.

This time, Yang Kai immediately felt that the Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land was much denser than before. Although opening the Black Ink Sealing Land had taken some risks, the Ancestral Qi that had leaked from the Black Ink Sealing Land over the past thousand years had indeed benefited the Holy Spirits.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to feel the changes in the Ancestral Qi in this place. As soon as he arrived, he was attracted by a fierce battle in the distance.

Looking up, Yang Kai saw a black and white light interweaving in the void, constantly colliding with one another, each collision causing the entire Ancestral Land to shake violently.

From time to time, the shrill cries of birds filled the sky.

Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he silently cursed his enemy’s speed. He had already tried to catch up but was still unable to.

At this moment, how could he not know that his previous guess was correct? The target of these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples was the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. They wanted to reawaken this long dead Ink Giant Spiritual God!

At this moment, in a distant location, one of them was the Four Phoenix Pavilion’s Hong Hu, while the other was probably one of the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

Yang Kai immediately concealed his aura and rushed over.

Along the way, he saw a large group of Holy Spirits of all shapes and sizes fleeing towards him. The one in the lead was a Golden Chicken that was as tall as a building. Even though it was fleeing, it still held its head high and puffed out its chest proudly.

Yang Kai find it somewhat familiar, but when he got closer, he quickly said, “Great General Si Chen?”

The Golden Chicken was leading a large group of Holy Spirits to escape, and when he saw Yang Kai, he was stunned for a moment before he quickly flapped his wings and flew over, sending out a voice transmission, “Yang Kai, why are you here?”

No one had expected that after such a long separation, they would meet again in such a situation.

Before they could catch up on the past, Yang Kai explained, “I was chasing after two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples. Is Senior Hong Hu trying to stop them? What about the other Eighth Order?”

Great General Si Chen’s tone was somewhat bitter, “You’re too late, those two Black Ink Disciple infiltrated this place and ambushed Kun Ao who was guarding this place. One of them tried to stop Empress Hong Hu while the other one has already entered the Black Ink Sealing Land, I don’t know what they want to do.”

Yang Kai’s heart sank. When he saw Hong Hu fighting with an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, he had thought that the situation wasn’t too bad, but who would have thought it would be like this?

Great General Si Chen hurriedly said, “A great battle broke out in the Spatial Territory, and most of the Holy Spirits went to assist, leaving behind only Empress Hong Hu and Kun Ao to take care of us children. Kun Ao was seriously injured and his life or death is unknown, so I’m going to take them far away. You should come with us.”

Although it was huge, compared to the Holy Spirit’s long growth period, it really was just a child. The other Holy Spirits following behind it were the same. In Yang Kai’s perception, the strongest of these Holy Spirits was only equivalent to a Fifth Order Open Heaven master, so even if they went to the battlefield, they wouldn’t be of much use, which was why they were left behind to be taken care of by Hong Hu and Kun Ao.

In this way, even if the Holy Spirits who went to support the Spatial Territory suffered some losses, their bloodlines could still be passed down.

However, no one had expected that two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples would sneak into the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and take advantage of Kun Ao with a surprise attack to heavily injure him. When Hong Hu noticed this, she quickly tried to stop them, but she was still too late.

One of the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples fought with Hong Hu while the other snuck into the Black Ink Sealing Lands.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I came here for these two Black Ink Disciple, so you should leave quickly. The other Black Ink Disciple probably wants to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Black Ink Sealing Lands. The Holy Spirit Ancestral Land is no longer safe, so you should leave immediately!”

The group of young Holy Spirits were all frightened and some of the braver ones shouted, “Si Chen, let’s go back and fight it out with them! Father and Mother aren’t here, and Empress Hong Hu is alone, we should protect our homeland!”

Although Si Chen was also young, after spending some time with the Human Race, he had become more mature. Turning his head, he scolded, “What’s there to fight? We’re still too weak right now, even if we go up, we’ll just be throwing our lives away. Do you want your Father and Mother to come back and not find your bones? Follow me!”

The young Holy Spirit didn’t dare to make a sound after being reprimanded, it was obvious that Si Chen had some prestige amongst this group of little brats.

Originally, he had only wanted to lead this group of younglings away from the battlefield and find a place to hide, but after listening to Yang Kai’s words, he knew that they really couldn’t stay in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land anymore. Once that Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple awakened the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land would likely perish.

As such, he made a prompt decision to leave the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land with the younglings.

Fortunately, when he had followed his mother back to the Ancestral Land back then, he had passed through a safe passage, and now he still remembered the route. Otherwise, if he had tried to force his way through the Divine Ability Sea like Yang Kai had, they would definitely have been killed.

“Yang Kai, hurry up and help Empress Hong Hu,” Si Chen quickly called out.

Yang Kai nodded, “You must be careful. Once you leave the Ancestral Land, don’t stop for even a moment. Do you still remember the Seven Skillful Land?”

Back then, Yang Kai had met Great General Si Chen in the Seven Skillful Land, so how could Si Chen not remember?

“Go to the Seven Skillful Land and find Bi Xi so he can protect you.”

A group of young Holy Spirits was simply too eye-catching. If they were targeted by some evil person, they might not have a good end. The only option was to go to the Seven Skillful Land, now the Void Land, and find Bi Xi for his protection.

In fact, Yang Kai could also collect all of them into his Small Universe, but this trip would likely be extremely dangerous, so he wasn’t sure if he could leave safely. If he died here, these young Holy Spirits would all die with him.

This is the bloodline of the Holy Spirits, so how could he dare act like this?

“Go!” Yang Kai shouted.

“You be careful too!” Si Chen called out as he led the group of young Holy Spirits out.

Yang Kai looked up at the black and white battlefield in the sky and let out a light sigh, no longer intending to conceal himself. Raising his hand, he summoned the Azure Dragon Spear and in the next moment, soared into the sky.

At first, it was just a shocking spear light, but as it flew forward, all kinds of Dao Realm power began to surround it, their auras becoming stronger, causing the sky to change color and the clouds to rise.

On the black and white battlefield, Hong Hu’s heart burned with anxiety. Today’s events had been far too unexpected. Two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had quietly snuck into the Ancestral Land and seriously injured Kun Ao who had been guarding this place. Although she had managed to tie down one of them, the other had entered the Black Ink Sealing Lands.

She didn’t know what the other party’s goal was, nor did she know where these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples came from, so she couldn’t help feeling somewhat pessimistic. Could it be that the Spatial Territory Battlefield had also been broken through?

In any case, she was a Holy Spirit Body, and although her ranking on the Holy Spirit List wasn’t high, she also possessed the bloodline of the Phoenix Clan, so an ordinary Eighth Order was no match for her.

Unfortunately, the other party seemed to be unafraid of death, and Hong Hu was unable to finish him off in a short time.

Just as the battle was about to begin, both sides felt a shocking Spear Intent suddenly appear and a sharp aura locked onto the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

Hong Hu was pleasantly surprised, but the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple’s face sank.

He hadn’t expected that an Eighth Order Human Race master would come to assist the other party at such a time, and… this person’s aura was so familiar!

He used his Secret Technique several times in a row, wanting to cut off the Qi that was locking him down, but the other party seemed to have anticipated this and his Qi fluctuations became unstable.

Seemingly having expected this outcome, the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple smiled and said, “This boy… he’s actually an Eighth Order!”

He had already determined the identity of this person from his aura, but he hadn’t expected that this little brat, who had been judged to be dead by the Old Ancestors, was actually still alive. Not only was he alive, but he also had an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation!

Knowing that there was no way he could escape, he no longer tried to defend himself and instead focused all his efforts on attacking Hong Hu, hoping to drag her down with him before he died.

Hong Hu was thrown into a panic by his first wave of attacks, but fortunately, her strength was slightly higher than her opponent’s, allowing her to barely stabilize the situation.

On the other side, Yang Kai, who had become one with his spear which is intertwined with many Dao strength, wore a sorrowful look on his face. His eyes were slightly red, but he resisted the discomfort in his heart and released his full strength.

At this moment, he couldn’t help thinking about what he had said to Jiu Yan outside the Universe Temple.

On that battlefield, countless soldiers had been corroded by the Ink Force and turned to serve the Black Ink Clan, fighting to the death with their former fellow disciples! When had they ever experienced the pain and helplessness of having to kill someone close to them?


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Sin Nombre
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My thoughts... exactly at 1st but looking at it now, it may have been too late to stop the Black ink disciple from resurrecting another spiritual god. either way there would have been a price to pay and going to collect the sun and moon stone 1st he would have paid an even bigger price given the strength of the spiritual god clan.

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