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However, Blood Crow knew that if the two of them were to fight one on one, there would only be one outcome.

Wu Kuang would swallowed him whole and turned him into a withered bones!

The Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture's ability to swallow and refine energy was inferior to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Now, Wu Kuang and Blood Crow were both under the jurisdiction of Great Evolution Pass, and these two were also Garrison Chief Feng Ying’s right hand man!

Wu Kuang’s appearance in the Spatial Territory was also a coincidence. Back then, he had provoked Withered Flame Divine Monarch's people and was personally pursued by him. Helpless, he could only flee to the Shattered Ruins, hoping to use the dangers of the Shattered Ruins to escape from the Withered Flame Divine Monarch.

He was a smart man, and his methods were exactly the same as Yang Kai’s.

After breaking into the Shattered Void and entering the Divine Ability Sea, his luck was better than Yang Kai’s.

Yang Kai guessed that he was trapped in the Divine Ability Sea, which was why he hadn’t shown himself for two hundred years, but in reality, he had only spent a short year to escape from the Divine Ability Sea and enter the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

He didn’t know that this was the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land at all, only thinking that he had fallen into some unknown Secret Realm. Just as he was about to search for opportunities, he happened to encounter a Golden Chicken.

The Golden Chicken was not very experienced in the world and lived in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land all year round, so how could it know that the hearts of people were sinister? After seeing a stranger like Wu Kuang, it still came looking for him excitedly.

Wu Kuang was a lawless person. Seeing that this Golden Chicken seemed to have a Holy Spirit Bloodline and was a Holy Spirit that had yet to fully mature, he immediately had some ideas.

In his life, he had refined countless things, but he had never refined a Holy Spirit before. If he could refine a Holy Spirit’s power, his strength would greatly increase.

Thinking so, he immediately used his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to refine the Golden Chicken, but as soon as he did so, an even larger Golden Chicken appeared!

Only then did Wu Kuang realize that the Little Golden Chicken had an elder following him, an elder comparable to a peak Eighth Order Human Race master!

Once again, Wu Kuang was forced to flee. If it weren’t for Shan Qingluo, who was cultivating nearby, Wu Kuang really would have died there.

When the two of them met, both of them were amazed, neither of them having expected to encounter the other here.

However, after Shan Qingluo made peace for Wu Kuang and Wu Kuang apologized sincerely, Mie Meng learned that this fellow was actually Yang Kai’s old friend and that her child had not really been harmed, so this matter was left there.

However, before she left, she warned Wu Kuang that if he dared approach her child again in the future, she would not show mercy.

Wu Kuang naturally nodded…

After chatting with Shan Qingluo for a while, Wu Kuang learned that this was the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. Now, not only was Shan Qingluo here, but Su Yan, Zhu Qing, and the others who possessed the Holy Spirit Bloodline had all been cultivating here for hundreds of years.

After all, the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was not a place where ordinary people could resist. Shan Qingluo had found Su Yan and the others, and while they were discussing how to send Wu Kuang out, the Black Ink Clan had managed to break through to the Spatial Territory.

The Dragon and Phoenix Clans sent word to the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land to assist the Spatial Territory.

After receiving the news, with the Four Phoenix Pavilion and Kun Clan as the leaders, the Holy Spirits hurried over, but Wu Kuang saw that there was a good show to watch and quickly followed.

He didn’t dare return to the Shattered Heavens for the time being, so he might as well go to the Spatial Territory Battlefield to join in the fun.

Because of their relationship with Yang Kai, other than the Holy Spirits who had walked out of the Ancestral Land, Su Yan, Shan Qingluo, Liu Yan, Jiu Feng, and the others had all been assigned to Great Evolution Pass and were under the command of Smiles Old Ancestor.

After arriving at the Spatial Territory Battlefield, Wu Kuang could be said to be like a fish in water, like a tiger descending from the mountain. On this side, he could freely use his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, and no one would dare to blame him anymore, causing his cultivation to rise daily.

He felt as if he had been born for this kind of battlefield. The Ink Force that countless humans feared was simply his best supplement.

In this place, he was even closer to Blood Crow who cultivated the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture. Every time, Blood Crow would take great care of him, making him feel extremely touched.

How could Yang Kai have known that Wu Kuang’s experiences were so rich and varied? After instructing the Senior Brother and Junior Sister of Heavenly Net Palace, Yang Kai took out a number of Expelling Black Ink Pills and handed them to them, informing them that if someone was corroded by the Ink Force and had yet to completely transform into a Black Ink Disciple, this pill could dispel the Ink Force.

The woman had personally experienced this before, so this pill was extremely important to her. She quickly accepted it gratefully and expressed that they would not let Yang Kai down and would definitely handle the matter he ordered.

Only then did Yang Kai leave.

“You’re not going to the Spatial Territory?” Ji Old Third saw that Yang Kai was heading in the wrong direction and quickly asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Shattered Heaven situation has changed, and now that Black Ink Disciple has appeared here, I need to investigate their whereabouts and origins. Brother Ji, there is something I need to trouble you with.”

“Tell me.”

“Brother Ji, please make a trip to the Spatial Territory and inform them about the appearance of Black Ink Disciple in Shattered Heaven. Also, ask the Old Ancestors there if any of the Royal Lord there had used the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, and if any of the Eighth Order master have been turned into Black Ink Disciple. If they have, then the Spatial Territory and Shattered Heaven must be connected, so the Old Ancestors must find the connection point and try to block it. The Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Empress has such ability!”

Ji Old Third also understood the gravity of the situation and nodded, “I understand, I’ll head to the Spatial Territory now.”

“Also, have them send some people to Shattered Heaven to seal the gate.”

Shattered Heaven already had Black Ink Disciple, so if they didn’t quickly seal the Shattered Heaven, the threat of the Black Ink Clan would soon spread to the other Great Domains.

The hidden danger in the Shattered Heaven could be dealt with, but if too many Great Domains were eroded by the Ink Force, it would be impossible to resolve.

If he wasn’t in a hurry to track down the whereabouts of the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, he would have personally gone to seal the Shattered Heaven’s gate, but at this moment, he was too busy to investigate the two Black Ink Disciples.

Ji Old Third quickly left, heading straight for the gate leading to the Spatial Territory while Yang Kai rushed towards the Shattered Ruins.

According to the Sixth Order Black Ink Disciple, he had encountered the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples and had been turned into Black Ink Disciple by them. Those Black Ink Disciple didn’t give him any special instructions and only ordered him to turn more Black Ink Disciple.

From the looks of it, this didn’t seem like a purposeful operation, but rather a casual one.

There should still be some people in the Shattered Heaven like the Sixth Order Black Ink Disciples, but if these Black Ink Disciples didn’t take the initiative to expose themselves, it would be difficult to find them.

If what he had guessed was true, then between the Spatial Territory and Shattered Heaven, a new gate had probably appeared.

However, the situation in the Shattered Heaven was still relatively stable. From the looks of it, even if there was a new gate, it was likely not stable. Otherwise, if the Black Ink Clan had sent an army to invade, they wouldn’t have only sent two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

The reason why they had sent Black Ink Disciple was because the identity of the Human Race made it easier for them to act. If the Black Ink Clan really came, anyone would be able to figure out their origins, and when the time came, everyone would want to kill them, so how could they act secretly?

As for the exact situation, Yang Kai didn’t know. Everything was just his guess.

What he was more curious about was the purpose of these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

Although they were heading towards the Shattered Ruins, it was impossible for them to go to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, and there was nothing there that they cared about.

As this thought crossed his mind, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed.

He finally remembered what he had overlooked.

Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, Black Ink Sealing Land, that Ink Giant Spiritual God!

If it weren’t for the precedent of the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Ancient Battlefield, Yang Kai wouldn’t have thought too much about it.

However, the Ink Giant Spiritual God they had encountered in the Ancient Battlefield had clearly died long ago, only its powerful physical body had not been destroyed, and it still had the will to kill its enemies when it was alive. However, the Black Ink Clan had somehow managed to revive it, causing the Ink Giant Spiritual God to attack the Human Race’s army from outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land had also died many years ago, but its body is still intact.

However, since the Black Ink Clan was able to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Ancient Battlefield, how could they not awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land?

If those two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples really had a goal, there was only one possibility!

The Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land! They wanted to awaken it!

Yang Kai’s scalp went numb.

The Giant Spiritual God was simply too powerful. Even if more than ten Old Ancestor masters joined forces, they might not be able to do anything to it.

Although the Ink Giant Spiritual God was created by Black Ink, it was no different from a real Giant Spiritual God. Its body was just as large, and it could easily unleash devastating power.

Black Ink had already reached the realm of creation!

If the Black Ink Clan really had the ability to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, everything would be over.

With the strength of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, unless there was another Giant Spiritual God controlling it, no one could stop it!

Realizing this, Yang Kai’s heart burned with anxiety as he quickly activated his Space Principle and flew towards the Shattered Ruins.

In less than half a month, he had already arrived at the periphery of the Shattered Ruins. Looking around, the situation was exactly the same as the last time he had been here. Surrounding the Shattered Ruins was a Divine Ability Sea left behind from the ancient era.

The situation of this Divine Ability Sea was extremely similar to that of the Ancient Battlefield in the Ink Battlefield, but the Ancient Battlefield there had been left behind by a great battle while this place had been arranged by someone.

The last time Yang Kai had come here, he hadn’t been clear about why there was a Divine Ability Sea until he met the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The Divine Ability Sea was a barrier that prevented the Ink Giant Spiritual God from escaping.

However, the Ancestral Qi of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was extremely effective in restraining the Ink Force, and the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had also used the Sacred Objects of their respective races to lay down a great sealing formation. Over the course of countless years, the Ancestral Qi had completely worn down the power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, leaving only its shell behind.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai had never thought of this.

Yang Kai secretly prayed that the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples’ goal wasn’t as he had guessed. Yang Kai quickly plunged into the Divine Ability Sea.

The last time he came here, he was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator. He had gone through a lot of hardships with Xia Linlang from the Gem Palace before finally entering the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Now that he had broken through to the Eighth Order, his strength was more than a hundred times stronger than before.


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