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When the woman heard this, a conflicted look appeared on her face.

The Senior Brother understood what she was thinking and smiled, “Since there are six fruits, why not eat a few and leave a few behind?”

Hearing this, the woman smiled and nodded, “As Senior Brother says.”

Her smile was so dazzling that even the slightly dim hall became brighter.

Reaching out with her slender fingers, she picked up a fruit and placed it near her mouth before gently biting through its skin. With a bit of force, a stream of sweet fruit juice flowed down her throat and into her stomach, leaving behind only a layer of skin.

The woman didn’t even have time to savor the wonderful taste of this fruit before her beautiful face suddenly lost all color as the World Force suddenly began to surge.

The man surnamed Wu was shocked, “Junior Sister, what happened?”

The woman suddenly raised her head to look at Qin Chuan with a cold expression, “What did you do?”

When she sucked the fruit juice into her stomach just now, she had clearly felt a strange energy being sucked into her stomach. Although she had never eaten this Jade Spirit Fruit before, she knew that it was definitely not something this fruit should have. Since that was the case, it could only mean that there was something wrong with the fruit.

As soon as she finished asking this question, the woman felt that something was wrong. This strange energy was extremely corrosive, and even though she was a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator, she was unable to resist it. As she examined her body, the originally pure and flawless Small Universe actually had a trace of dark energy, making it seem extremely evil.

She quickly circulated her World Force to resist the corrosion, her expression filled with difficulty as if she had been poisoned.

The man surnamed Wu was stunned for a moment before he flew into a rage and summoned a long sword, pointing it towards Qin Chuan, “Qin Chuan, you’re courting death!”

On the long sword, the sword’s sword light pulsed like a snake’s tongue, sending out a sharp aura that cut off a few strands of Qin Chuan’s hair.

However, Qin Chuan didn’t seem to mind at all. He calmly picked up his teacup and took a sip before tilting his head towards the man surnamed Wu with a smile, “Why is Brother Wu so angry?”

At this moment, he was no longer as cautious as he was just now. Instead, he had a look of complete confidence.

His appearance made the man surnamed Wu even more furious, and just as he was about to kill him, he heard Qin Chuan say leisurely, “The sword has no eyes, so Brother Wu should be careful. It doesn’t matter if you injure this Qin, but I’m afraid your Junior Sister cannot be saved.”

“Are you one of the other two Divine Monarch's people?” The man surnamed Wu suddenly thought of something. He and Qin Chuan had no past grievances with each other, so there was no reason for him to act like this. However, if Qin Chuan was one of the other two Divine Monarch's people, that was a possibility. Gritting his teeth, he said, “My Junior Sister is Master’s most beloved disciple. If anything happens to her, even those two Divine Monarchs won’t be able to protect you. Qin Chuan, if you don’t want to die, you should quickly give up and hand over the antidote.”

In truth, he was also somewhat puzzled. After all, when one’s cultivation reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven, what kind of poison in this world could make his Junior Sister having trouble to resist it? From the corner of his eye, he could even see traces of Black Qi gradually appearing on her body.

What kind of poison was this?

Hearing the man surnamed Wu's presumptuous misunderstanding, Qin Chuan laughed, “Those two Divine Monarchs? Are they even worthy?”

The man surnamed Wu was stunned…

Qin Chuan was actually not the people of those two Divine Monarchs? Otherwise, why would he speak so arrogantly as if he didn’t even care about the Divine Monarch?

Just as he was lost in thought, Qin Chuan stretched out two fingers and slowly grabbed the long sword that was pointing at him, gently moving it to the side and gently consoling, “Brother Wu, don’t worry, Junior Sister’s life is not in danger, this Qin has no intention of harming her. As long as Brother Wu is willing to cooperate, this Qin can not only apologize to the two of you, but also give the two of you a path towards the peak of Martial Dao!”

The man surnamed Wu's first reaction was to wonder what this guy was trying to say. His Junior Sister seemed to have been poisoned and was on the verge of being unable to resist. Was he not trying to harm her?

Qin Chuan continued, “If I remember correctly, Brother Wu directly broke through to the Fourth Order back then, right? Now that he has broken through to the Sixth Order, he can be considered to have reached his limit. Don’t tell me you don’t want to break through to the Seventh Order and experience the glory of the High Rank? Your Junior Sister break through directly to Fifth Order. In the future, she will have a chance to break through to the Seventh Order, but you will only be stuck at the Sixth Order. How can you be worthy of your Junior Sister?”

The man surnamed Wu’s expression couldn’t help becoming gloomy after hearing this.

He didn’t know where Qin Chuan had obtained this information, but just as Qin Chuan had said, his Junior Sister had a chance to reach the Seventh Order in the future, but he could only remain at the Sixth Order forever. At that time, would his Junior Sister with a Seventh Order cultivation have any interest in him?

In his daze, he felt that Qin Chuan’s words were filled with an inexplicable charm and his tone was not as cold as before, “If there really is a way to reach the peak of Martial Dao, how could you only be a Sixth Order?”

Qin Chuan was the same as him. When he achieved Open Heaven in the past, he had broken through to the Fourth Order, while the Sixth Order was his limit. If he really had such a miraculous method, would Qin Chuan not break through to the Seventh Order?

Hearing this question, Qin Chuan let out a light laugh and pushed his strength, causing his aura to rise rapidly. Under the dumbfounded gaze of the man surnamed Wu, his aura quickly broke through to the Sixth Order and gradually approached the Seventh Order.

However, as his aura soared, Qin Chuan’s body also began to expand.

Soon, Qin Chuan withdrew his aura and became exactly the same as before, calmly saying, “If I want to break through, I can do so at any time.”

“How could you…” The man surnamed Wu was completely stunned. He instinctively refused to believe what he was seeing, but what he saw in front of him showed that Qin Chuan’s words were not false.

“Senior Brother!” The woman who was fighting against the black qi shouted, “Ink Force!”

“What?” The man surnamed Wu paled, “This is the Ink Force?”

A few months ago, they had never known about the Ink Force, but one day, two distinguished guests arrived at Heavenly Net Palace, both of them at the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage. They didn’t know who they were, but after a brief conversation with Heavenly Net, they left.

Afterwards, Heavenly Net summoned them and gave them a mission, which was to head to the various Spirit Provinces under Heavenly Net Palace’s jurisdiction and recruit Open Heaven Stage cultivators above the Fifth Order to meet up at the designated location.

Heavenly Monarch Divine Monarch had told them some things that day.

It was only then that they learned that the two Eighth Order masters who had come to Heavenly Net Palace that day had wanted Heavenly Net Palace to cooperate with the Cave Heaven Paradise to engage in a war that would determine the survival of the 3000 Worlds. This war involved the survival of the Human Race, so even Shattered Heaven could not remain uninvolved.

It was also from Heavenly Net Divine Monarch that they learned about the existence of the Black Ink Clan and Ink Force.

It was just that they had never faced such a situation before, so the Senior Brother and Junior Sister both felt that the Cave Heaven Paradise words were too exaggerated. What dogshit war between the 3000 Worlds and the survival of the Human Race? How could there be such a thing in this world?

Their Master had only agreed to cooperate with them because of pressure.

This matter wasn’t very glorious. The Shattered Heaven had existed outside of the 3000 Worlds for many years and were not under the jurisdiction of the Cave Heaven Paradise, but this time, they had to obey their orders.

So when Qin Chuan first asked, the man surnamed Wu didn’t explain anything because he felt embarrassed.

All this time, he had thought that the Shattered Heaven was aloof, but it's actually because the Cave Heaven Paradise intentionally ignored them. The Cave Heaven Paradise had such a vast heritage, was there really nothing they could do about the Shattered Heaven?

However, the people in the Cave Heaven Paradise also knew that there were some things that couldn’t be stopped, so they tacitly agreed to the existence of the Shattered Heaven, allowing this place to become a dark gathering place for the 3000 Worlds.

When Shattered Heaven’s cultivators were needed, the Cave Heaven Paradise could easily force them to compromise, just like this time…

The two fellow disciples didn’t know what kind of conditions the people from the Cave Heaven Paradise had given their Master, but their Master was indeed very enthusiastic about this matter and told them to handle this matter properly so as to not embarrass him.

They had heard of the Black Ink Clan and the Ink Force, but neither of them had ever seen them before.

So even though he had personally seen his Junior Sister being wrapped by the black aura, the man surnamed Wu didn’t associate it with the Ink Force and only thought that she had been poisoned.

On the other hand, the woman who was suffering from the corrosion of the Ink Force suddenly reacted.

Wasn’t this condition similar to the Ink Transformation their Master mentioned before?

Qin Chuan chuckled, “Do you know? Since you know, it saves me the trouble of explaining. That’s right, this is the power of the Ink Force!”

The man surnamed Wu coldly asked, “Are you Black Ink Disciple?”

No wonder Qin Chuan hadn’t revealed any flaws before. He had heard that Black Ink Disciple didn’t look any different from an ordinary human race, but his nature had long been lost.

Qin Chuan chuckled lightly, “So what? Moreover, I’m not the only Black Ink Disciple here.”

Saying so, from the dark corner of the hall, four more figures suddenly walked out, one of them a Fifth Order, two Sixth Order, and one of them completely covered in black. Although it was impossible to see his face or his exact cultivation, anyone could sense how powerful he was.

The man surnamed Wu’s expression changed drastically as he grabbed his Junior Sister and soared into the sky, preparing to leave.

Once he was turned into Black Ink Disciple, he would completely lose his original nature. Even if he could advance to the Seventh Order, would he still be himself?

Anyone who encountered such a situation would not easily compromise.

However, before he could escape, he was stopped by a transparent curtain of light.

It was unknown when this place had been set up with restriction, but it had been isolated from the outside world.

The man surnamed Wu finally understood why Qin Chuan had such a confident look on his face. From the moment he had invited them inside, he had probably already made a plan.

It was laughable that the two of them had foolishly walked into a trap.

The other party had at least three Sixth Order masters working together, and they were also in the middle of a Formation, so the man surnamed Wu was convinced that he and his Junior Sister were no match for them. He was afraid that this trip would end in disaster, but even so, he wasn’t willing to just sit back and wait for death. Turning around, he protected his Junior Sister behind him and brandished his long sword, leting out a few shouts to strengthen his courage.

However, the scene in front of him left him stunned.

Qin Chuan and the others didn’t pay any attention to him. At this moment, the three Sixth Order and one Fifth Order masters, including Qin Chuan, were all staring at the mysterious black figure.

“Who are you, Sir?” Qin Chuan’s next words left the man surnamed Wu confused.


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