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Any cultivator who directly advanced to the Seventh Order Open Heaven was the most precious treasure in the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

The current Ninth Order Supreme Cultivator had all reached the Seventh Order directly.

Yang Kai had also come into contact with many masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise, but even with his experience, excluding the Old Ancestors from the various mountain passes, only Luo Tinghe from Yin Yang Heaven was a direct Seventh Order.

In the past, the Southern Army Regiment Commander of Yin Yang Pass, Wu Qing, should have also reached the Seventh Order directly, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to reach the Ninth Order and take over Yin Yang Pass.

Inside the Cave Heaven Paradise, there were some who had reached the Seventh Order directly, but there weren’t many of them.

Over the past few years, a group of Supreme Cultivator had emerged from the Star Boundary, all of whom had reached the Seventh Order directly, but it had only been a short time since then, and these people were still stuck at the Seventh Order.

However, that was the Star Boundary, a place with a World Tree's benefits. Because of the World Tree’s power, so many peerless geniuses had appeared.

What happened to the people Yang Kai brought back?

Mo Mei couldn’t help thinking, could it be that Yang Kai went to the Star Boundary and robbed all the good seedlings there? But there was no need for that, the Cave Heaven Paradise wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. It wasn’t easy for them to find and cultivate some good seedlings, so how could they let Yang Kai rob them?

What’s more, even the current Star Boundary would not be able to gather such a large force.

It was not five, or fifty, but five thousand people!

For the first few days, Mo Mei and the others had some doubts about whether or not a Sixth Order and Seventh Order Cultivator would be promoted first, followed by a Fourth Order and Fifth Order Cultivator, but every time they broke through to Open Heaven Stage, they would emit a Sixth or Seventh Order aura.

This time, no one doubted anything.

The five thousand people Yang Kai had brought back were nearly five thousand treasures that could directly advance to the Sixth or Seventh Order!

This kind of breakthrough lasted for two to three months, and almost every day, there would be a few dozen or even hundreds of breakthroughs…

The promotion were all properly arranged, and after asking the first few people, Mo Mei and the others finally understood the origins of these people.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe was quite unique, and Mo Mei and the others also knew about the existence of many living creatures. After all, their group of people had been brought out from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven by Yang Kai’s Small Universe, but they couldn’t understand what was so special about Yang Kai’s Small Universe that it could produce so many monstrous geniuses.

Such a group of people was no worse than the Star Boundary's people that had been nurtured for thousands of years!

Nearly five thousand people, a total of five hundred direct Seventh Order disciples, how many had appeared in the Star Boundary over the years? At most, there were only about three hundred of them, not even as many as the ones Yang Kai had brought back.

How could they have known that the Star Boundary had been nurtured for a thousand years, and this time was consistent with the outside world?

However, Yang Kai's Small Universe had spent tens of thousands of years. Even though the Small Universe’s territory was inferior to the Star Boundary’s, and its population was far inferior to the Star Boundary’s, Yang Kai's Small Universe’s accumulation of time was several dozen times greater.

It was only natural that he had accumulated so much.

Five thousand sixth Order and seventh Order Open Heaven Realm masters appeared in the void, causing Mo Mei and the others to be overjoyed.

Originally, there were some Sixth and Seventh Order in the Void Land, but there weren’t many of them. There were less than a hundred of them, and such a lineup was something an ordinary Second-Class Force couldn’t hope to match. However, because they had received orders from the Cavee Heaven Paradise, they had all rushed to the Spatial Territory Battlefield to participate.

Originally, only three people had been left behind to guard the Void Land, but now that the strength of the Void Land had suddenly increased, these people only needed to stabilize their cultivation realms and could also rush to the Spatial Territory to provide reinforcements. With so many people here, they might be able to play a decisive role in certain battlefields!

Because of the birth of several thousand Sixth and Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, the Void Land became quite busy. At the same time, Yang Kai had already brought Ji Old Third to the Shattered Heaven.

He had visited Shattered Heaven twice.

The first time he came here, he had received news from the Proprietress Lan Youruo and had come to save her. In the end, he had been forced to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven outside Shadowless Cave Heaven.

At that time, Yang Kai was filled with hatred towards the arrogant and tyrannical nature of the Cave Heaven Paradise. Although he had never spoken to anyone about it, he had secretly made up his mind that one day, when he became strong enough, he would definitely go to those Cave Heaven Paradise and pick them one by one, letting them know what it meant to never bully the weak!

However, after entering the Ink Battlefield and slowly understanding the strength of the Black Ink Clan and the good intentions of the Cave Heaven Paradise, these grudges and grievances became less important.

Perhaps there were some selfish motives behind what had happened back then, but at least those people had followed the rules and not acted too ruthlessly.

At that time, he was only a peak Emperor Realm while Ti Zheng, an Open Heaven cultivator from the Myriad Demons Heaven, could easily kill him.

What’s more, the one who started all of this had died long ago.

Personal grudges were nothing in the face of the survival of their race.

If Yang Kai were to stand on the position of the Cave Heaven Paradise, he would probably want to eliminate this hidden danger. [MSN: At the very least, they should recruit him and allow him advance to the 7th order directly, but they only allowed him to advance to the 6th order even if he join them.]

The second time he came to Shattered Heaven, it was purely because of his own cultivation. He had even encountered this Blood Crow fellow, but in the end, he had been captured by Bright King Heaven’s Senior and suppressed in the Bright King Heaven. Afterwards, he had been sent to the Ink Battlefield to fight with the Black Ink Clan.

On his second trip to Shattered Heaven, Yang Kai was chased into the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land by Bright Sun Divine Monarch and was later met with many opportunities.

This is the third time.

Yang Kai had never known that Shattered Heaven was connected to the Ink Battlefield’s entrance, so if the disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise wanted to enter the Ink Battlefield, they would have to go through Shattered Heaven.

After all, the path he had taken to the Ink Battlefield was not a proper passage, but a Void Tunnel through the Black Territory.

Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the scenery and instead focused on traveling.

A few days later, Ji Old Third, who had been resting on his wrist, suddenly shouted, “There’s an aura of Ink Force!”

For the past few days, Ji Old Third hadn’t changed at all and had simply been clinging to Yang Kai’s hand. After all, Yang Kai’s speed was fast, making it easier for him to move.

Previously, he had suffered a great deal of damage when he was in the No-Return Pass, so when Yang Kai was rushing back, he had also been resting.

At this moment, he suddenly spoke, startling Yang Kai and causing him to pause, “Why is there an aura of Ink Force?”

This wasn’t the Ink Battlefield, nor was it the Spatial Territory, so where did this Ink Force aura come from?

Yang Kai’s first reaction was that the Spatial Territory had also fallen and the Black Ink Clan had invaded the Shattered Heaven, but after thinking about it for a while, he realized that this shouldn’t be the case. If the Black Ink Clan had really broken through the Spatial Territory, the Shattered Heaven’s side would definitely be in a state of chaos, so how could it be so peaceful?

Immediately after, he was puzzled. He hadn’t sensed the aura of the Ink Force, so how did Ji Old Third sense it?

After asking these questions, Ji Old Third said, “As you know, the Dragon and Phoenix Clan presided over No-Return Pass all year round, so they had nothing to do all day. Other than sleeping and cultivating, they couldn’t even leave the No-Return Pass easily, so they were quite bored. A few generations ago, there were several Dragon Race Seniors who had nothing better to do, so they created a Secret Technique that borrowed the power of the Holy Spirit to monitor the Ink Force. However, this Secret Technique was useless, so the Holy Spirits were too lazy to cultivate it, so they simply stored it away until the Black Ink Clan attacked the No-Return Pass. Only then i started cultivating it.”

“You sensed the existence of the Ink Force?” Yang Kai asked seriously.

Ji Old Third nodded, “Yes, a very slight reaction.”

Yang Kai wanted to ask if he had made a mistake, but with Ji Old Third acting so seriously, Yang Kai didn’t dare act carelessly.

Others might not know the dangers of Ink Force, but Yang Kai was well aware.

It could be said that the Ink Force was a perfect example of how a single spark could set a prairie ablaze. As long as there was even the slightest trace of the Ink Force, it could threaten the safety of an entire Great Domain.

“Which direction?” Yang Kai asked.

The small dragon swept its tail and pointed forward, causing Yang Kai to immediately flee.

Not long after, they arrived on a floating continent. At a glance, they could see that there were traces of battle here, but judging from the traces, the difference in strength between the two sides was not small, and one of them seemed to be quickly subdued.

Yang Kai searched around the floating continent a few more times but found nothing.

However, Ji Old Third said firmly, “At most half a day ago, there was a trace of Ink Force here.”

Yang Kai closed his eyes and sent out his Divine Sense.

A moment later, his expression changed and became extremely solemn.

It was just as Ji Old Third had said, he had detected traces of Ink Force in the surrounding void, and it was extremely weak, almost negligible.

However, after fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so many years, Yang Kai was too familiar with the Ink Force.

He couldn’t help feeling his scalp go numb. How could there be Ink Force in the Shattered Heaven? Was there a Black Ink Clan here?

Perhaps it wasn’t the Black Ink Clan but Black Ink Disciple?

The Ink Force had dissipated before, so it was obvious someone had used it.

Combined with the traces of battle he had found on the floating continent, it was very likely that one of the Black Ink Clan or Black Ink Disciple had taken action to transform others.

After half a day, the Black Ink Clan or Black Ink Disciple couldn't have gone too far, so Yang Kai quickly searched around.

Half a day later, outside a Spirit Province, Yang Kai looked up.

In Shattered Heaven, there was no lack of Spirit Province with cultivators gathering there.

Although the environment of Shattered Heaven was harsh, because of the special environment here, there were many opportunities, so it attracted many adventurous cultivators.

There were also traitors who had committed crimes in the various Great Domains, or traitors who had abandoned their masters, who had all come to Shattered Heaven to live.

After tens of thousands of years of accumulation, some places in Shattered Heaven were no less prosperous and lively than any other Great Domain.

However, Shattered Heaven was different from ordinary Great Domains. The inheritance of power here wasn’t based on the status of a Sect or a Family, but was instead based on countless forces of various sizes. The ones standing at the top were naturally the Eighth Order Divine Monarch like Bright Sun.

The Spirit Province in front of him was the territory of one of these forces, but Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with Shattered Heaven, so he naturally didn’t know which force this place belonged to.

However, as soon as they arrived here, Ji Old Third once again issued a warning, informing Yang Kai that there was an aura of Ink Force in the Spirit Province. Obviously, not long ago, someone had also activated this aura.

After silently observing for a while, Yang Kai flew towards the Spirit Province.


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