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The Senior Brother and Junior Sister had also entered the Void Land for nearly a hundred years and came from the same Great Domain. Now, both of them had reached the Emperor Realm and had yet to condense their Dao Seal.

It was very common for people like them to be disciples in the Void Land.

The Void Land’s current ideology was to embrace all rivers and oceans, because in order to select more outstanding disciples, there had to be a massive number.

This was not done intentionally by the Void Land, but the result of a discussion with many Cave Heaven Paradise.

After the Star Boundary became famous, everyone knew that it was the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage. Cultivating there would allow one to obtain the benefits of the World Tree. The younger one was, the lower their cultivation, the greater the benefits.

With such a temptation, who wouldn’t want to send their descendants to the Star Boundary to enjoy the World Tree’s glory?

However, the Star Boundary was only so big. If everyone send people there, how could the Star Boundary tolerate it?

Not to mention that the Cave Heaven Paradise had also set up a Training Hall there, cutting off some of the territories for their own and selecting outstanding disciples from their own Training Hall.

Just the various Cave Heaven Paradise alone had basically divided up thirty percent of the Star Boundary’s territory.

If those second-class forces wanted to send people over again, sooner or later, the Star Boundary would be filled with people. However, the benefits of the Star Boundary were obvious, if they were to completely refuse, it would incite public anger.

In the end, the various Great Emperors of the Star Boundary discussed with the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise, deciding that it was better to do so than completely blocking them.

It gave those forces who wanted to send their juniors to the Star Boundary a chance, which was to first enter the Void Land and be selected by the Void Land. Only the best of them could enter the Star Boundary to cultivate.

Because of this decision, the Void Land now had more than three hundred thousand disciples, and this was the result of careful selection.

It could be said that the current disciples of the Void Land basically included the most elite talents of the various great forces in each Great Domains.

Senior Brother Liu and Junior Sister Chen were no exception, both of them were rare genius cultivators from their respective families.

Looking up for a moment, Senior Brother Liu sneered, “There are so many people in our Void Land right now, so what’s so strange about someone breaking through? But how can they compare to me? Senior Brother is a genius that appears only once every hundred years. Looking at the current Void Land, I’m afraid Junior Sister can’t find anyone more outstanding than me.”

Junior Sister Chen casually replied, “Because the more outstanding ones have already been sent to the Star Boundary!”

Senior Brother Liu felt like his heart was being pricked by these words…

Immediately, he said indignantly, “Junior Sister, don’t look down on Senior Brother. Sooner or later, Senior Brother will go to the Star Boundary.”

Generally, those who were sent to the Star Boundary have not condensed their Dao Seal yet, because if they were to really condense their Dao Seal, it would be too late to go to the Star Boundary. Once the Dao Seal were formed, the future of the cultivator would basically be fixed.

Therefore, the sooner one went to the Star Boundary, the better.

However, this matter was not up to the disciples to decide, it was completely up to the Void Land’s Elders to decide.

Whether it was Senior Brother Liu or Junior Sister Chen, condensing a Fifth Order Dao Seal was not a problem at all. Senior Brother Liu had even set the goal of condensing a Sixth Order Dao Seal as his goal, thinking that in the future he would be able to break through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven.

If one could really condense a Dao Seal for a Sixth Grade Resources, it would indeed be extraordinary. In the past, if it was placed in the Cave Heaven Paradise, it would be considered an elite disciple, such as Gu Pan and the others Yang Kai had encountered in the past.

Even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, this kind of talent would only appear once every hundred years, with only a few of them appearing every generation.

Senior Brother Liu naturally had the qualifications to be arrogant.

Due to his greed for Junior Sister Chen’s beauty, he wanted to achieve good things as soon as possible, so he followed behind her and chattered non-stop.

However, Junior Sister Chen had other thoughts in her mind. She had been sent to the Void Land, but her goal was not the Star Boundary. Both she and the Chen Family Elders knew that with her aptitude, she was absolutely not qualified to go to the Star Boundary.

Her goal was the genius disciples of the Void Land!

If she could find a talented lover, she would be able to protect her Chen Family in the future. These past few years, the Chen Family had not been living very well and had suffered many hardships. The number of talents in the family had dwindled and Junior Sister Chen could be said to be the Chen Family’s greatest hope.

It was precisely because of this consideration that Junior Sister Chen’s attitude towards Senior Brother Liu were neither rejected nor agreed. If this Senior Brother Liu could really condense a Dao Seal for a Sixth Grade Resources and directly advance to the Sixth Order Open Heaven, it would not be a problem for her to accept him. However, whether Senior Brother Liu had the ability or not, no one knew until the results were out.

How could Junior Sister Chen dare to bet on him so easily?

Senior Brother Liu looked at the beautiful woman’s side profile and her slender white neck and couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva before forcefully averting his eyes and saying, “Junior Sister, please don’t look at them. Those who remain in the Void Land, even if they break through to Open Heaven, they’re at most Fifth Order, so what’s there to see? Senior Brother got a new thing a few days ago, it’s very interesting, why don’t I take you to see it?”

The more he understood this Junior Sister’s thoughts, the more Senior Brother Liu wanted to get intimate with her.

As soon as he finished speaking, a long howl suddenly rang out from the depths of the void, followed by a powerful aura.

Senior Brother Liu’s expression changed, “How could it be so fast?”

Junior Sister Chen was also extremely surprised.

Advancing to the Open Heaven Stage was a matter of course, but it would always take some time. At least three to five days, at most one to two months, or even longer.

However, how long had it been since the two of them had sensed someone’s breakthrough?

Did they just break through?

He had never heard of someone so quickly breaking through to Open Heaven.

How could they have known that the people inside the Void Dojo had been suppressing themselves for so many years? Being trapped in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, they had no way of communicating with each other, unable to take that final step.

It could be said that most of these five thousand people were only one step away from promoting!

Now that Yang Kai had released them from his Small Universe, it was only natural for them to break through quickly.

“This aura…” Junior Sister Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Senior Brother, is this a Sixth Order?”

She was only an Emperor Realm cultivator, so her perception of the aura of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator wasn’t very clear. She also didn’t know if the person who broke through was a Sixth Order.

Although Senior Brother Liu also thought it was probably a Sixth Order, he still refused to admit it, “Impossible, those who can directly advance to the Sixth Order have already been sent to the Star Boundary, how could they remain in the Void Land? This is only a Fifth Order!”

A thousand years ago, being able to directly break through to the Fifth Order was a great blessing for any second-class force. They would definitely be groomed as successors, and the Sect’s resources would be provided freely.

But now, in Senior Brother Liu’s words, breaking through to the Fifth Order was “only”.

After coming to the Void Land, one’s horizons naturally became broader.

Although Junior Sister Chen felt that it should be a Sixth Order, she also felt that her Senior Brother’s words made sense. All the good seedlings who could directly advance to the Sixth Order had indeed been sent to the Star Boundary, so how could they remain in the Void Land?

However, she was still somewhat puzzled. She had once sensed the aura of a Sixth Order Open Heaven from Elder Lu Xue and Elder Chen Tian Fei, who had been guarding the Void Land, and it didn’t seem to be much different from what she had sensed just now.

As the two of them spoke, another powerful aura spread out from the void.

Senior Brother Liu was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand what had happened today. Could it be that the Heavenly Laws had changed and it had become easier to break through to Open Heaven?

Junior Sister Chen became even more excited, “Senior Brother Liu, this is a Sixth Order right?”

Senior Brother Liu remained stubborn, “No, this is a Fifth Order!”

“En!” Junior Sister Chen nodded.

Another aura spread out, clearly much stronger than the previous two.

Junior Sister Chen’s eyes lit up, “What about this?”

Senior Brother Liu’s face was ashen.

“What about this?”

“What about this?”

As Junior Sister Chen continued to ask, Senior Brother Liu’s face became uglier, wanting nothing more than to rush up into the sky and kill those who had broken through.

These people’s aptitudes were so outstanding, so why didn’t they go to the Star Boundary and instead stay here in the Void Land to promote themselves? Seeing Junior Sister Chen’s eyes grow brighter, he felt that this Junior Sister of his was no longer fated to be with him. His heart filled with sorrow, he turned around and left.

Before Junior Sister Chen could ask any more questions, she turned her head and saw that her Senior Brother had disappeared. Seeing Senior Brother Liu’s figure in the distance, she called out, “Where is Senior Brother going?”

Senior Brother Liu angrily shouted, “Secluded Cultivation!”

Today, he had truly suffered a blow. Those who were originally more talented than him had been sent to the Star Boundary, the taller one was found among the shorter ones. In the current Void Land, his aptitude was indeed one of the best, but compared to those who were currently breaking through in the sky, what was he worth?

After suffering such a blow, he finally came to a realization. To a cultivator, their own strength was their foundation, and beauty was nothing but a stumbling block on their path of cultivation! [MSN: True, if you're strong, you can be like YK.]

When he came out of seclusion one day, he would definitely make this sweet and charming Junior Sister kneel before him!

Ignoring Senior Brother Liu who had just left, Junior Sister Chen’s beautiful eyes flashed as she stared up into the sky, seemingly able to see through the Nine Layers Heaven Formation and see the heroic figures that were breaking through.

Not mentioning Junior Sister Chen’s thoughts, on the peak where Bi Xi lived, Mo Mei, Lu Xue, and Chen Tian Fei were completely dumbfounded.

Even Bi Xi couldn’t help trembling, unable to conceal the shock in his heart.

Sixth Order, Sixth Order, Seventh Order, Sixth Order, Sixth Order, Seventh Order…

Senior Brother Liu and Junior Sister Chen weren’t strong enough, so they weren’t able to determine the cultivation of those who had broken through to Open Heaven, but how could Mo Mei and the others not?

In their perception, all of these promoted masters had reached the Sixth Order or Seventh Order, none of them had reached the Fifth Order.

Everyone was completely shocked.

Yang Kai left these nearly five thousand people behind and didn’t say much, only telling them that they were about to break through to Open Heaven. Although they were pleasantly surprised that the Void Land would have another batch of geniuses, after witnessing the Martial Dao flourishing in the Star Boundary, very few things could move them.

Until now!

Each and every one of them had broken through to the Sixth Order and Seventh Order Open Heaven.

Almost every ten people had one of them breaking through to the Seventh Order, in other words, ten percent.

This was not just a simple Seventh Order Open Heaven, but a direct breakthrough to the Seventh Order, with a chance of becoming a Ninth Order Supreme Cultivator in the future!

A direct Sixth Order Disciple would be considered an elite Disciple in the various Cave Heaven Paradise and a direct Seventh Order Disciple are the true core Disciple.

In the past, it would have taken thousands of years to cultivate such a talent in the Cave Heaven Paradise.


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