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Chen Tian Fei was very satisfied with his current situation.

Back in the day, as the Second Manager of Scarlet Star, he was only the leader of a small force, and even if he fought to the death, he wouldn’t be able to obtain many cultivation resources.

However, after following Yang Kai, he had obtained an endless supply of cultivation resources, allowing him to break through two grades in less than a thousand years, from Fourth Order to Sixth Order.

If he had still been the Second Manager of Scarley Star, how could this day have come?

Every time he thought about the decision he made that day, Chen Tian Fei felt that he was wise. If he hadn’t been clever enough to offer up the Loyalty List before Yang Kai killed him and took the initiative to become his slave, he would have died a long time ago.

Moreover, over the years, Yang Kai had treated him quite well, never mistreating him or treating him like a slave, but more like a subordinate.

It is also an opportunity to have such master in this life.

Facing Yang Kai’s teasing, Chen Tian Fei also smiled and bowed repeatedly, “It was all thanks to Sect Master’s guidance that this subordinate was able to achieve what he has today. This subordinate will sacrifice his life to repay Sect Master’s kindness.”

Yang Kai chuckled but didn’t take it seriously. Fatty Fei was a coward who was afraid of death. If he really encountered some kind of crisis, he couldn't be count on, it would be best to just listen to him.

Without wasting any more time talking to Yang Kai, Chen Tian Fei stepped down and respectfully followed behind Yang Kai, acting like a subordinate.

Two beams of light shot out from below, one red and one black.

When they approached, the two rays of light retracted and transformed into a boy and a girl in black and red robes.

“Master!” The little girl shouted excitedly.

The little boy also wanted to shout, but when he opened his mouth, a stream of saliva flowed out.

Yang Kai said with a headache, “It’s been so many years, why haven’t you fix this problem?”

The boy and girl in front of him were none other than the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flood Dragon he had brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary. Both of them had some Dragon Race bloodlines, and when they had been brought out of the Great Ruins Boundary, they had been in the form of Beasts and were massive in size. After arriving in the Void Land and receiving guidance from Bi Xi, they had taken human form.

However, Little Black, the Earth Dragon, had some bad problem.

Little Black only chuckled, obviously very happy to see Yang Kai again.

“You’ve all become stronger,” Yang Kai sensed that Little Red and Little Black were many times stronger than before, almost all of them having reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven. He couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional, the years had passed so quickly!

Stroking their heads, Yang Kai led them down to the mountain peak below and stood in front of the old man before bowing, “Senior!”

“Eighth Order!” Bi Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Sect Master’s cultivation speed is really fast!”

Chen Tian Fei’s strength was a bit lacking, so he couldn’t sense Yang Kai’s strength, but Bi Xi was a veteran Holy Spirit who had reached the level of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master many years ago. Seeing Yang Kai’s true strength with a single glance, he was secretly shocked. When Yang Kai left the 3000 Worlds, he was only a Sixth Order.

It had only been a thousand years, yet he was already an Eighth Order.

Having lived for so many years, he had seen many young talents, but none of them could compare to Yang Kai in terms of cultivation speed.

“I encountered some fortuitous encounters,” Yang Kai casually explained, not saying much.

Behind him, Chen Tian Fei was so excited that his fat body was trembling. The Sect Master had actually broken through to the Eighth Order and was an existence on the level of a Supreme Elder in any Cavee Heaven Paradise. This gave him a sense of honor.

Just as they spoke a few words, two more streaks of light flew over from the left and right, landing in front of them, Lu Xue and Mo Mei.

Lu Xue had also followed Yang Kai in the Great Ruins Boundary, a little earlier than Chen Tian Fei. In the past, Yang Kai had given her a Mid Rank World Fruit to increase her grade.

Mo Mei, on the other hand, was the City Lord of Ding Feng City in Blood Monster Cave Heaven. She was a cultivator from Ding Feng City and had been affected by the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture's Forbidden Technique for many generations, making it difficult for her to leave Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Later on, Yang Kai had used the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture to remove their bloodline restrictions before bringing them out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and becoming a part of the Void Land.

When Yang Kai left that year, Lu Xue was a Fifth Order and Mo Mei a Sixth Order.

Now, Lu Xue was also a Sixth Order while Mo Mei had broken through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven!

However, just like Chen Tian Fei, both of them had reached their limits and there was no way to increase their grades.

The reason the two of them had come here was because they had sensed the strange movements of the Nine Layers Heaven Formation.

Seeing Yang Kai here, all of them were pleasantly surprised and quickly bowed.

Yang Kai nodded, “Are you the only ones left in the Sect?”

He had also anticipated this situation.

The Cave Heaven Paradise now had a second-class force Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven to participate in the battle, so the Void Land was naturally no exception. However, when he swept his Divine Sense across the Void Land just now, he didn’t sense too many masters’ auras. The few people in front of him were the strongest masters who had remained behind.

Mo Mei, who was in charge of managing the Void Land, replied, “According to orders from Xuanyuan Cave Heaven, all Void Land's Fifth Order masters and above have rushed to the Spatial Territory Battlefield, leaving only a few of us to guard the Sect.”

Yang Kai nodded.

He had already guessed this when he sensed Su Yan’s aura in the Spatial Territory Battlefield.

Even Su Yan had already entered the battlefield, so there definitely wouldn’t be too many people left on Void Land’s side.

“Did Sect Master return from there?” Mo Mei asked.

“You can say that,” Yang Kai replied, not bothering to explain any further. After all, he still needed to spend some time explaining, “I came back here just to pass by, there are some things I need to take care of. I still have to rush to the battlefield.”

Saying so, he waved his hand and the door to his Small Universe opened.

In an instant, figures emerged from the door.

There were men and women, old and young, but without exception, all of them were peak Emperor Realm who had condensed their Dao Seals.

There were even some people who had just stepped out of the Small Universe and were already showing signs of breaking through.

Mo Mei and the others quickly perceived the situation and were slightly surprised, “Sect Master, these are…”

“They’re all about to break through to Open Heaven, so I’ll leave them to you,” As Yang Kai spoke, more than a hundred people walked out from the door, many of whom were still walking.

These people were naturally cultivators who lived in his Small Universe.

In the past, when Yang Kai was in Blue Sky Pass or Great Evolution Pass, every few months, a cultivator would emerge from his Small Universe and break through to Open Heaven.

However, after the battle in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had been pursued by the Black Ink Clan's Royal Lord and had spent several hundred years in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. After that, he had been fighting non-stop, so how could he have the time to deal with the cultivators in his Small Universe?

To the outside world, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's battle was only five hundred years in the past.

But for Yang Kai, thousands of years had passed.

For the living beings on his Small Universe, that was tens of thousands of years! Right now, Yang Kai’s Small Universe's time flow was seven times faster than the outside world.

After so many years of accumulation, the number of talents accumulated in the Void Dojo had reached a terrifying number.

They lived in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, and even if they cultivated to the peak of the Emperor Realm, they would still be unable to break through their shackles and break through to Open Heaven.

For tens of thousands of years in the Void World, there had been many precedents of Emperor Realm dying of old age.

Yang Kai didn’t have any other choice. Being in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea's River of Time, he couldn’t release these people and allow them to break through to Open Heaven.

Until today.

Tens of thousands of years of accumulation had now appeared.

After an hour, the mountain peak was filled with nearly five thousand people!

Many of these people are almost unable to suppress their own promotion qi, and they interact with each other, causing the sky to change.

Advancing to Open Heaven was a very meticulous process. If they didn’t quickly separate these people, once their auras were disturbed, at least half of them would die.

Mo Mei quickly arranged for the Open Heaven masters from the Void Land to come and receive them while ordering people to go to the treasury to fetch the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill so they could help these people advance.

The entire Void World became busy as Bi Xi continued to activate the power of the Array, sending one cultivator after another from the Void Dojo to different locations, separating them.

After finally arranging everything, the five thousand disciples all began to break through their final bottlenecks.

Yang Kai didn’t intend to stay here any longer. He had returned to the Void Land to bring these thousands of people here to break through to Open Heaven.

Before he left, Chen Tian Fei’s expression became extremely awkward. Yang Kai’s words “Why don’t you follow me to the battlefield and kill the enemy” immediately caused Chen Tian Fei’s face to turn ashen, and he immediately refused and said that it was best to help Yang Kai guard his foundation.

How could killing enemies on the battlefield be compared to living freely in the Void Land?

Chen Tian Fei was a coward who was afraid of death. If not for this, he would not have taken the initiative to offer up the Loyalty List.

Yang Kai chuckled and didn’t force him, turning to look at Bi Xi with a solemn expression, “Senior, if the Void Land is to migrate, I will need Senior to take care of it.”

Bi Xi asked solemnly, “Is the situation so serious?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Just in case.”

Saying so, he soared into the sky and disappeared.

The last few words he said to Bi Xi didn’t have any intention of concealing anything, causing Chen Tian Fei to be filled with anxiety, secretly hoping that the Human Race would be able to win a great victory in the Spatial Territory Battlefield. Otherwise, even though these 3000 Worlds were huge, he probably wouldn’t be able to live a carefree life anymore.

Mo Mei and Lu Xue were equally worried and had already begun to plan ahead.

The Sect’s disciples could clearly sense the abnormality in the Void Land.

Inside the Fire Spiritual Land, a young man in embroidered robes followed behind a young girl. This young girl’s figure was graceful and her face was beautiful, especially her eyes, which were like spring water, truly a rare beauty.

The man grinned and said, “Junior Sister Chen, with Senior Brother’s current aptitude, it’s almost certain that I’ll be able to break through to the Sixth Order directly in the future, so I’m worthy of Junior Sister’s talent. Our two families have a long history together, so the Elders all hope that we can become allies. Now that we’ve both entered the Void Land, we should naturally help each other, so why are you ignoring me so coldly?”

The young girl turned a deaf ear to his words and only looked up at the sky for a long time before asking, “Senior Brother Liu, do you feel that someone is about to break through?”

Senior Brother Liu also looked up at the sky, “Naturally, I felt it, but… it’s a bit strange, it seems more than one person has broken through.”

Junior Sister Chen nodded, “Many people!”


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