With Yan Yi leading the way, Bing Yuan Shan also cupped his fists and said, “My Bian Family is willing to fight to the death for the Human Race!”

The representatives from the other forces all followed suit.

Regardless of whether they were sincere or not, with an Eighth Order Open Heaven master explaining so much to them, no one dared to act presumptuously again, so they naturally expressed their opinions.

“Good!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, displaying the attitude of a senior, “With your determination, the 3000 Worlds will be united as one, so what is there to be fear from the Black Ink Clan!”

Of all the people present, no one understood the cruelty of the battle with the Black Ink Clan better than him. If these people entered the battlefield, perhaps no one would be able to return alive, but in this situation, Yang Kai could only say some encouraging words.

He turned to look at Jiu Yan and said lightly, “As for you…”

Jiu Yan had just managed to resolve the Ink Force in his body when he suddenly panicked, “Jiu Yan is willing to fight to the death for the Human Race!”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “For the sake of self-interest, you’ve bewitched the hearts of others and shaken their morale. If you were outside the pass, your death wouldn’t be a pity, but this is the time when my Human Race needs people the most. At the very least, you’re still a Seventh Order master. Since you don’t deserve to die in my hands, go to the battlefield and redeem yourself!”

Listening to the first half of Yang Kai’s words, Jiu Yan’s entire body went cold as he felt that he was really dead this time. He was just unwilling to be controlled by the people of the Cave Heaven Paradise, so he had tried to bewitch the other and resist. Who would have thought that an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator would pass by and capture him?

After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, he let out a sigh of relief. His life was saved, and as for going to the battlefield to redeem himself, he couldn’t resist, so he could only cry out in gratitude, “Many thanks for Senior’s kindness!”

Yang Kai raised his hand and placed a few seals on his body to seal his strength so that he wouldn’t cause any trouble along the way. He then ordered Fan Nan and Xi Yuan, “There’s no time to lose. Once you're ready, set out. The Shattered Heaven isn’t too far from here, so you should hurry there as soon as possible.”

“Yes!” Fan Nan and Xi Yuan quickly replied.

Yang Kai nodded and disappeared.

His goal was also Shattered Heaven. Although it was along the way with Fan Nan and the others, it was still inconvenient to bring them along.

Not to mention, Yang Kai was preparing to return to the Void Land.

On the way to Shattered Heaven, he only needed to pass through two Great Domain to reach the Void Land, so it wouldn’t take too long.

However, what happened just now made Yang Kai realize that the situation of the Human Race on the Spatial Territory’s battlefield was quite strained, otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to send reinforcements from the 3000 Worlds.

This was the case for Gold Antelope Paradise and probably the some for the other Cave Heaven Paradise.

This time, the Human Race needed to gather all of their forces from the 3000 Worlds in order to have a chance of fighting the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling worried. Although he had sealed the Spatial Territory's gateway to the Ink Battlefield and cut off the Black Ink Clan's supplies, the Black Ink Clan's forces weren’t weak. Before this, he had caught a glimpse of the Royal Lord's aura in the Spatial Territory, which was obviously more than a Ninth Order.

The gap between peak combatants was likely to affect the momentum of an entire battle.

Shaking his head, Yang Kai dispelled his distracting thoughts and continued on his way.

A month later, he finally crossed the Domain Gate and arrived at the Void Territory.

Not even in the mood to appreciate the familiar scenery, Yang Kai rushed straight towards the Void Land.

The Void Land’s thousand years of development had allowed this Spirit Province’s name to spread far and wide. It could be said that in the current 3000 Worlds, aside from the Cave Heaven Paradise, the Void Land was the only one with its own Seventh Order masters.

Not just one!

The Cave Heaven Paradise also tacitly approved of these Seventh Order existences in the Void Land, unlike the other second-class forces, which would collect them once they broke through to the Seventh Order.

It was rumored that the Void Land was the strongest force under the Cave Heaven Paradise!

In fact, this was indeed the case. In a situation where all second-class forces did not possess a Seventh Order Open Heaven, the Void Land was quite unique.

What’s more, the Lord of the Void Land and the Lord of the Star Boundary were the same person. If one were to enter the Void Land, they would have a chance of being sent to the Star Boundary to cultivate as long as they performed well!

The Star Boundary was now the true cradle of the Open Heaven Stage, and even the Cave Heaven Paradise were vying to send their outstanding juniors there so that they could share the World Tree’s benefits.

However, even those Cave Heaven Paradise had a certain number of spots every year, and only elite disciples would be sent over.

With these benefits, many people wanted to send their talented juniors to the Void Land to cultivate.

The Void Land also accepted all of them.

Currently, the disciples in the Void Land were no longer just the ones Yang Kai had brought out from the Star Boundary. It could be said that there were hundreds of people from the Great Domain.

In the entire Void Land, there were more than three hundred thousand disciples.

This number was quite shocking. In all of the 3000 Worlds, there were only a few second-class forces with so many disciples.

There were indeed many outstanding disciples who had been sent to the Star Boundary to cultivate when they were very young and their cultivation was very low. There, they had displayed extraordinary talent, far surpassing their peers. If they didn’t die halfway, they would certainly become the cornerstones of the Void Land and even the Star Boundary in the future.

However, it had only been a short time and these disciples had yet to fully display their potential.

At this moment, on a high peak in the middle of the Void Land.

A hunchbacked old man was playing chess with a fat middle-aged man with long sleeves.

The Spatial Territory Battlefield was in full swing, with almost all the 3000 Worlds msaters mobilized, so it was quite rare for this side to have such leisure.

The two white eyebrows of the hunchbacked old man drooped down from the corners of his eyes like flowing water, while the fat man opposite him was like a meatball, his bloated face squeezed together, his eyes only showing a small gap. If he smiled, the gap would disappear.

At this moment, the fat man had the absolute advantage in the chess game. With a single giant dragon surrounding his opponent, he only needed to throw three or five more stones to completely win.

He was quite pleased with himself as he leisurely sipped his tea and glanced at the old man sitting across from him. He didn’t rush him, after all, this old man was getting on in years, so he needed to make do.

There were two other children attending to him, one male and one female. The female child was dressed in red while the male child was dressed in black. The female child’s features were delicate and beautiful, like a piece of jade. The male child, on the other hand, was indescribably sharp. Not only did he have a mouthful of sharp teeth, but he would also drool from time to time. When the saliva landed on the ground, it would corrode one hole after another. The female child continuously wiped his mouth, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not wipe it clean.

This mountain peak was filled with bumps and hollows, obviously caused by this boy’s saliva.

After waiting for a long time, the hunchbacked old man still didn't make his move and the fat man smiled lightly, “Senior, if you don’t play now, the sky will turn dark.”


After calling out a few times but not receiving any response, the fat man looked over and saw the old man’s eyes narrow slightly, but a light snore could be heard, causing him to be speechless, “Senior, you don’t have to pretend to sleep every time, right?”

This was not the first or second time such a situation had occurred, but each time it happened, it was truly refreshing.

Just as he was about to shout again, the old man opposite him suddenly opened his eyes and looked up into the sky, shouting, “He’s back!”

The fat man followed his gaze but didn’t see anything, so he couldn’t help asking curiously, “Who's back?”

When he looked back again, the chessboard in front of him had collapsed and he was no longer composed. It was unknown when this old man had managed to mess it up.

“Senior, you…” The fat man didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The old man didn’t pay any attention to him, simply raising his hands and pushing forward, as if he was pushing open a door.

The Nine Layers Heaven Formation which covered the void immediately separated.

At the same time, the fat man also seemed to sense something and quickly turned his head back. With a single glance, the fat man let out a startled cry and flew towards the sky at a speed that was completely incompatible with his fat body to meet Yang Kai.

Before he even got close, the fat man showed his emotions and cried, “Sect Master, you’ve finally returned! This subordinate has been waiting for you for a thousand years, this day has finally come!”

Yang Kai watched as a ball of meat rushed towards him, crying and screaming. His eyes, which had clearly been squeezed into slits by the fat, were now desperately opening, as if he was trying to show Yang Kai his loyalty and longing.

Immediately raising his hand to block him, he shouted, “What kind of monster are you!”

The fat man looked as if he had been struck by lightning as he stood there in a daze for a long time before raising his hand and pushing his hair to the left and right, squeezing out a smile, “Sect Master, it’s me, the most loyal Fatty Fei!”

Only then did Yang Kai notice a familiar look on his fat face, and his eyes couldn’t help twitching, “Fatty Fei? Why are you so fat?”

Chen Tian Fei had always been fat, but after a thousand years, he had become even more bloated, almost like a meatball.

“I’ve incurred Sect Master’s ridicule, this subordinate will work hard tomorrow, no, from today onwards, to get rid of this fat body,” Chen Tian Fei said ruthlessly.

“No need!” Yang Kai waved his hand. He also knew that Chen Tian Fei wasn’t really lazy, it was just that the cultivation technique he cultivated was special, which was why he was so fat. Without this fat, Chen Tian Fei’s strength would be greatly reduced.

Chen Tian Fei immediately took advantage of this opportunity and grinned, “Sect Master is truly merciful to this subordinate, this subordinate will die ten thousand times to repay Sect Master’s kindness.”

Yang Kai sighed.

It had been a thousand years since they had last seen each other, but the first thing they saw upon returning to the Void Land was this guy. His fawning manner was especially endearing.

Thinking back, it was a wise decision to accept this fellow into his Loyalty List.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy, and he couldn’t help reaching out to pat the fat belly on his stomach. Although this fat body looked bloated, it was actually quite tender and soft to the touch. Yang Kai teased, “Your days here are quite comfortable?”

He could tell at a glance that this Chen Tian Fei had already broken through to the Sixth Order!

Back then, when he was accepted into the Loyalty List, he was only a Fourth Order, a far cry from today.

However, after calculating it, Chen Tian Fei had only been able to break through to the Fourth Order directly back then, and now that he had broken through to the Sixth Order, he had reached his limit.


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