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Yang Kai turned to the third person, “What about you?”

The man raised his head and said, “Just like Golden Light Palace, after the ancestor were taken away, Gold Antelope Paradise would send over some cultivation resources every year, and after a few years, the masters from Gold Antelope Paradise would personally come to teach the disciples.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and asked a few more people, all of whom had been called out by Jiu Yan.

The treatment these people received was naturally divided into two categories. One was that there were no changes, while the other was that they had received a lot of care from Gold Antelope Paradise. Not only did they receive some Secret Techniques after their ancestors were taken away, but they also received some cultivation resources every year, making it much easier for the younger generation of these forces to cultivate.

In the past, the forces who had been taken care of had always hidden these matters, fearing that the other forces would become jealous and hate them, so no one had ever known that it was not just their own family that had obtained the favor of Gold Antelope Paradise.

However, when Yang Kai asked this question, it was obvious he had a deeper meaning.

“Then do you know why Gold Antelope Paradise treats all of you so differently?”

Everyone was silent, but a few of them seemed to be lost in thought, not daring to make any comment. After all, if one spoke too much, they would only make mistakes. Now that there is an Eighth Order present, who would dare speak nonsense?

Yang Kai didn’t ask them to get answer, instead explaining himself, “You all live in these 3000 worlds, and although there are many dirty conflicts between the various forces, at most it’s just a struggle between two Great Domains, nothing more than grudges and grievances. But how could you know that in a place where the world has never known, there is another battlefield?”

“On that battlefield is a war that concerns the survival of the Human Race!”

Everyone on the ship couldn’t help feeling terrified.

Listening to the words ‘the survival of the Human Race’ from the mouth of an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, anyone would be able to understand the seriousness of the situation, but what kind of battlefield was it? How could it involve so many people?

This Eighth Order Open Heaven master had even used the word “war”… instead of fighting.

Fan Nan couldn’t help exclaiming, “Yang… Supreme Elder, this matter…”

Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “We have to send them there. If we don’t explain things clearly to them now, they will definitely feel indignant. If they had known earlier, what difference would it have made?”

Fan Nan thought so too. In the past, when the Cave Heaven Paradise had sealed off the news of Black Ink, it was because they were afraid that someone would not be able to resist the temptation of the Ink Force. Now that the battle in the Spatial Territory had reached a critical juncture, the Cave Heaven Paradise forces were somewhat lacking in manpower and had to deploy Fifth and Sixth Order to assist them.

If they were really sent to the battlefield, it would be impossible to hide their fight with the Black Ink Clan.

Thinking so, Fan Nan immediately fell silent.

“Perhaps you think I’m just trying to scare you, but this King would like to ask, after so many years, have you not thought about why the Cave Heaven Paradise’s heritage is so shallow? Indeed, compared to second-class forces like you, the Cave Heaven Paradise are still a massive force that can’t be shaken, but where have the Sixth Order, Seventh Order, and Eighth Order Open Heaven they’ve cultivated for so many years gone to? It’s not like they’ve all been holed up in the Sect to cultivate.”

Yang Kai had this kind of doubt before, so he didn’t believe these people in front of him didn’t have any.

Compared to the long history of the Cave Heaven Paradise, the heritage these top forces had displayed in the 3000 Worlds was too weak.

“The lifespan of Open Heaven cultivator is extremely long, and if they directly break through to the Fifth Order, they will have a chance to break through to the Seventh Order. As for the disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise, so what if they break through to the Fifth Order? After so many years, the number of Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators they have accumulated may be more than ten thousand, but have you ever seen a Cave Heaven Paradise with so many Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators?”

“No, not a single one of them. Most of the Sixth Order and Seventh Order accumulated in the Cave Heaven Paradise were sent to that battlefield! When they fought with enemies you never knew about, there were many who died.”

“There are no Ninth Order masters in the 3000 Worlds, because once an Eighth Order advances to the Ninth Order, they will also rush to that battlefield to oversee it!”

“For the 3000 Worlds to have their current peace, the various Cave Heaven Paradise are the greatest contributors to their successive generations of hard work.”

“These… are things you never knew.”

Yang Kai’s words caused the expressions of Yan Yi and the others to fluctuate between shock and doubt. Not to mention them, if Yang Kai was in their position and had not personally witnessed the tragedy of the Ink Battlefield, it would be difficult for him to accept.

The Cave Heaven Paradise that they secretly resented was actually the guardian of these 3000 worlds and the vast universe. It was because of their silent efforts behind the scenes that the various Great Domains had become so prosperous.

This completely overturned their understanding of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Yan Yi from Golden Light Palace gathered her courage and asked, “Senior, who is the enemy fighting against the Cave Heaven Paradise?”

“Black Ink Clan!”

Everyone was confused.

Yang Kai continued, “Over the course of countless years, the Cave Heaven Paradise has sealed off this piece of information. Naturally, none of you have heard of it before, but all you need to know is that this is a great enemy who can completely destroy the Human Race! Two hundred years ago, they broke through the first line of defense of the Cave Heaven Paradise, and now they are rampaging through the second line of defense of the Spatial Territory behind Shattered Heaven. This line of defense is also the last line of defense that my Human Race can rely on. If the Spatial Territory is destroyed, there will be no more Cave Heaven Paradise or 3000 Worlds in this world, so naturally, there will be no more of you.”

Jiu Yan, who had been restrained by Yang Kai, was somewhat unconvinced, perhaps because he saw that Yang Kai’s temperament was quite gentle and wasn’t the kind of person who would easily kill, he said, “These are just your words, how can we know the truth?”

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him, and Jiu Yan’s expression immediately changed drastically, his eyes flashing evasively.

Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand and sent out a wave of Ink Force towards Jiu Yan. Jiu Yan’s soul nearly left his body as he thought Yang Kai was going to kill him.

But when the Ink Force covered his body, he showed no signs of injury.

But soon, his expression changed.

“This is the power of the Black Ink Clan. The Ink Force is extremely corrosive, and once contaminated, you will quickly be completely corroded and become a Black Ink Disciple. At that time, you will obey the orders of the Black Ink Clan!”

As Yang Kai spoke, Jiu Yan already felt that something was wrong. Others might not be able to understand, but he had personally experienced the evil aura of the Ink Force, so how could he not understand? Being enveloped by this Ink Force, just as Yang Kai had said, he felt his entire body and mind being corroded by it.

“Senior, please spare me, Jiu Yan was wrong!” Jiu Yan panicked.

Yang Kai ignored him and continued, “After the Small Universe was corroded by the Ink Force, the High Rank Open Heaven can still protect themselves by cutting off their own Small Universe's territory, but under the High Rank Open Heaven, there is nothing they can do. Once it is completely corroded, you will transform into Black Ink Disciple! On the surface, there seems to be no change, but on the inside, it has changed into a completely different person!”

“Senior…” Jiu Yan shouted in horror. He had just broken through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven not long ago, so his foundation had not stabilized yet. His Small Universe was at its weakest, so how could he resist the corrosion of the Ink Force? With just a few words from Yang Kai, he had already noticed that ten percent of his Small Universe had been corroded.

Although Yang Kai said he could sacrifice his own territory to protect himself, how could he bear to do so?

If he really did that, he would definitely fall back to the Sixth Order and never be able to return to the Seventh Order.

“On that battlefield, countless soldiers were eroded by the Ink Force and turned to serve the Black Ink Clan, fighting to the death with their former fellow disciples! When have you ever experienced the pain and helplessness of having to kill your loved ones?”

Seeing Jiu Yan’s hardships and listening to Yang Kai’s words, not only the people on the ship, but even Fan Nan and Xi Yuan, the two Sixth Order Gold Antelope Paradise's masters, felt a chill run down their spines.

Although they knew some information about Black Ink, they had never been to the Ink Battlefield, so they didn’t know how cruel the situation was.

Yan Yi and the others finally understood why Yang Kai had called the Black Ink Clan a great enemy that could completely destroy the Human Race.

The Ink Force… was too strange!

If even a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator was having such a difficult time resisting the power of the Ink Force, then what about these Fifth Order and Sixth Order cultivators? Wouldn’t they all be finished if they came into contact with it?

Jiu Yan let out a low roar, like a wounded beast, his body gradually emitting a trace of Ink Force, and from time to time, darkness flashed across the depths of his eyes.

Yang Kai raised his hand and tapped his chest. Jiu Yan couldn’t help but open his mouth and send an Expelling Black Ink Pill into his chest.

“Refine it carefully,” Yang Kai ordered, and Jiu Yan immediately sat down cross-legged and began refining the effects of the Expelling Black Ink Pill.

Yang Kai then turned to Yan Yi and the others, “The Cave Heaven Paradise has protected the 3000 Worlds for hundreds of thousands of years, ever since they established their own Sect. Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, countless outstanding disciples have died in battle, even Ninth Order Old Ancestors were no exception, all of them heroes!"

“Sealing the news of the Ink Force is also a helpless matter. Since you and the other Second Order forces have already broken through to the Seventh Order, it is only natural that you need to contribute a little. Those who have been taken away, if they intend to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan and protect this side, they will be sent to the battlefield to fight with the Black Ink Clan. If they don’t, they will remain in Gold Antelope Paradise for the rest of their lives!”

Yan Yi and the others finally understood why so many of their ancestors had been taken away, but the Gold Antelope Paradise’s attitude towards them was completely different.

The younger generation of the sect's ancestors who were willing to go to the Ink Battlefield to fight with the Black Ink Clan would naturally receive more care, but those who didn’t have the courage to fight in the battlefield and instead stayed behind in Gold Antelope Paradise to enjoy their retirement, how could they obtain more benefits for their juniors?

Gold Antelope Paradise naturally would not give them any special treatment.

Yan Yi suddenly remembered that Yang Kai had pointed out to him just now that the Golden Light Palace’s treatment had been exchanged with the old Palace Master’s life.

At that time, she had some misunderstandings, but now she finally understood.

“Originally… these matters weren’t for you, but a few hundred years ago, there was a great change in the battlefield, that war is about the survival of the Human Race, so we need your help! If we win this battle, the Human Race will have nothing to worry about, but if we lose…”

Yang Kai sighed lightly. If they lost, the 3000 worlds would no longer be peaceful. At that time, how many people would be able to survive?

Yan Yi’s blood boiled as she shouted, “Golden Light Palace is willing to fight to the death for the Human Race!”


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