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It was normal for the old man to have such thoughts. For countless years, the various major forces had indeed misunderstood the Cave Heaven Paradise.

There were also some who had the same thoughts as the old man, but they didn’t dare say anything.

The old man continued, “Yan Yi, 1,800 years ago, when your Golden Light Palace’s old Palace Master advanced to the Seventh Order, he was captured by Gold Antelope Paradise. Is there any news from him?”

On the flying ship, a graceful Sixth Order Open Heaven wore a gloomy expression. It was Yan Yi from Golden Light Palace.

The old man continued, “Bian Yuan Shan, 3,200 years ago, your ancestor’s aptitude was outstanding. He reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven directly and have the ability to reach Eighth Order Open Heaven. On the day of his promotion, he was taken away by an expert from Gold Antelope Paradise. After more than three thousand years, ahve you met him one, have you heard any news about him? Your Bian Family has visited Gold Antelope Paradise many times, wanting to have an audience with him, but has never been able to do so, right?”

On the ship, a middle-aged man standing next to Yan Yi wore a bitter expression.

He was the Bian Yuan Shan that the old man had mentioned. The Bian Family was not considered a top family in this Great Domain, but 3,200 years ago, a brilliant ancestor had appeared in the family. Moreover, that ancestor’s luck was extremely good, and he had obtained a set of sixth Order resources from some unknown place, allowing him to directly advance to the sixth Order Open Heaven.

Otherwise, with the Bian Family’s financial resources at the time, it would have been impossible for them to obtain an entire set of sixth Order resources to help them advance.

However, not long after his breakthrough, he was taken away by the Gold Antelope Paradise's masters.

Later on, the Bian Family had sought out Gold Antelope Paradise many times, wanting to pay a visit to that ancestor, but just as the old man had said, they had failed.

This was also a thorn in the Bian Family’s heart, and all the younger generation remembered it. The Bian Family had produced a great figure who had directly advanced to the Sixth Order and had a chance of reaching the Eighth Order in the future.

Moreover, with the wisdom of the Bian Family’s ancestor, after 3,200 years, he had definitely broken through to the Seventh Order.

Now that the old man mentioned it, Bian Yuan Shan naturally felt depressed.

If the clan had a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, how could the Bian Family be so desolate?

The old man was an old man who had lived for an unknown number of years and knew many of the secrets of the nearby Great Domains like the back of his hand. At this moment, when he called out the names of these people one by one, many of the Fifth and Sixth Order cultivators on the ship became angry.

He called out five or six people in a row, all of whom were like Yan Yi and Bian Yuan Shan. Some of their ancestors or Sect Elders had once appeared, some had even broken through to the Seventh Order, but in the end, they were taken away by the Gold Antelope Paradise and disappeared.

The various second-class forces were already somewhat dissatisfied with the Cave Heaven Paradise and usually hid their dissatisfaction in their hearts, not daring to show it on their faces. Now that the old man was fanning the flames, all of them felt like they had a common enemy.

Seeing this, one of the two Sixth Order masters who were fighting with him shouted, “Jiu Yan, don’t speak nonsense! If you stop now, this matter can be resolved, but if you insist on being stubborn, don’t blame my fellow disciple for killing you!”

The old man called Jiu Yan coldly snorted, “This old master is spouting nonsense? All of you know how many despicable things you’ve done over the years in the Cave Heaven Paradise. This old master is just stating the facts. If you want to imprison this old master, there’s no way. This old master is already a Seventh Order, so I’ll kill the two of you here and then go to Shattered Heaven to enjoy myself!”

The other Sixth Order Master shook his head and said, “Jiu Yan, things are not what you think they are. Over the years, my Gold Antelope Paradise has indeed done some things, but that was only because we had no other choice. If you want to know the truth, then stop immediately. When my Senior Brother leads you to your destination, everything will naturally be revealed!”

Jiu Yan sneered, “This old master has lived for so many years and is not a three year old child, how could I act so carelessly?”

As he spoke, he became even more ruthless and called out to the group of people on the ship, “If you don’t act now, are you really going to follow in your ancestor’s footsteps?”

There were already some people on the ship who had been bewitched and were beginning to stir. The Gold Antelope Paradise disciples who were responsible for guarding these people all paled and became vigilant.

The Gold Antelope Paradise disciples here were naturally not limited to the two Sixth Order masters. There were also a few Fifth Order masters on the flying ship, but there weren’t many of them. After all, the Spatial Territory Battlefield was currently in a state of crisis, so no Cave Heaven Paradise could mobilize too many people.

If they were to really fight, they might not be a match for the other party and might even die here.

“Kill them all! This old master will take you to Shattered Heaven, and from now on, you will no longer be under anyone’s control!” Jiu Yan shouted. At this moment, he saw an opening and struck out with his palm towards one of the Sixth Order masters. The World Force in his palm surged wildly, carrying an unstoppable force.

The Sixth Order master turned pale with fright. He had been distracted just now and the opportunity had been seized by Jiu Yan. This palm was not something he could withstand, and if he really suffered it, even if he didn’t die, he would be severely injured. At that time, with just his Junior Brother’s strength alone, he would not be able to stop Jiu Yan.

The other Sixth Order master saw his Senior Brother in danger and wanted to save him, but how could he do so in time? In a moment of desperation, he could only shout, “Jiu Yan, stop!”

Not only did Jiu Yan not stop, his attacks became even fiercer.

Just as the palm was about to land on the Sixth Order’s forehead, a hand suddenly stretched out like a ghost and gently grabbed Jiu Yan’s wrist. Jiu Yan’s aura, which had already reached its peak, suddenly deflated like a deflated balloon.

Jiu Yan was shocked and wanted to retreat, but his figure seemed to be shackled and she was unable to move.

Looking up, he saw a tall young man standing in front of him.

The young man just stared at him indifferently, but his eyes seemed to contain a mysterious power that made it impossible for him to look away, as if he wanted to sink his entire soul into them.

In an instant, Jiu Yan was no longer as arrogant and resolute as before, his whole body trembling.

Fortunately, the young man didn’t do anything to him and quickly shifted his gaze, causing Jiu Yan to feel as if he had just escape with his life.

As for the two Sixth Order Gold Antelope Paradise masters, after a moment of shock, they realized that it was this young man who had saved their lives.

The two fellow disciples looked at each other in surprise, because blocking Jiu Yan’s attack so easily was definitely not something a Seventh Order cultivator could accomplish. Moreover, from the faint aura emanating from the young man in front of them, it was clear he was an Eighth Order!

“Gold Antelope Paradise, Fan Nan, Xi Yuan greets Supreme Elder!”

The two quickly bowed.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and glanced at the flying ship again. After Jiu Yan was deterred, the few people on the ship all hurriedly lowered their heads, afraid that they will attract the attention of this master who appeared suddenly, the disciples on the Gold Antelope Paradise on the other hand were excited.

With the arrival of an Eighth Order Supreme Elder, the trouble here was no longer a problem.

They finally felt relieved.

Fan Nan was the Senior Brother, so he asked cautiously, “Senior, which Cavev Heaven Paradise are you from?”

There were only a few Eighth Order master in each Cave Heaven Paradise, and although Fan Nan didn’t know all of them, he did know quite a few of them. Most of them that he didn’t know, he has heard of them, but none of them could match up to this young man in front of him, causing him to feel a bit puzzled. Could it be that the situation in the Spatial Territory was so dire that even those Eighth Order masters who hadn’t come out for a long time couldn’t sit still?

Yang Kai waved his hand, “I’m not from the Cave Heaven Paradise.”

Fan Nan and Xi Yuan were both shocked.

These 3000 Worlds actually had an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator who wasn’t from the Cave Heaven Paradise? For a time, the two’s heads buzzed as all kinds of thoughts flashed through their minds, creating many misunderstandings.

Fortunately, Yang Kai quickly added, “I am the Master of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai.”

He did not mention the Void Land. Although the Void Land was a force he had established, because of the World Tree, it was far less famous than the Star Boundary.

Of the 3000 Worlds and the various Great Domains, there were many who didn’t know about the Void Land, but everyone knew about the Star Boundary.

As expected, Fan Nan and Xi Yuan also knew about the Star Boundary, and they had even heard of Yang Kai’s name before. Immediately, they showed surprised expressions, “Didn’t Senior Yang go to… that place?”

Back then, the incident in the Black Territory had caused a huge ruckus. In order to resolve the Great Array that had enveloped the entire Black Territory, the Cave Heaven Paradise had sent many people to extract resources and crack the Great Array.

Yang Kai’s departure from the Black Territory was no secret, and Fan Nan and Xi Yuan knew about it.

Yang Kai casually explained, “I just return from that place.” Then he asked, “Do you want to send these people to that place?”

Fan Nan quickly replied, “That’s right, it’s just that… something went wrong, Senior have seen something embarrasing.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “This matter concerns the survival of the 3000 Worlds, thank you for your hard work.”

Receiving the affirmation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven like Yang , the two fellow disciples’ grievances instantly disappeared. Just now, Jiu Yan had repeatedly accused them of trying to protect their sect's rules and facing a life or death crisis at any moment, the pressure they felt was like a mountain pressing on them.

Fortunately, Yang Kai suddenly appeared and suppressed everyone present.

Yang Kai suddenly turned to look at someone on the ship, “Yan Yi!”

On the ship, Yan Yi, who had been called out by Jiu Yang before, quickly bowed, “Golden Light Palace’s Yan Yi greets Senior.”

Yang Kai was somewhat speechless…

Now that he had broken through to the Eighth Order, he was actually called Senior by others. In fact, his age was much younger than the people in front of him. [MSN: Really? Technically, you're way over 4 thousand years old now. LOL]

Yang Kai didn’t bother correcting them and simply said, “I don’t know anything about your Golden Light Palace, and I’ve never heard of it before, but I only have a few questions for you. After your old Palace Master broke through to the Seventh Order and was taken away by the Gold Antelope Paradise's people, did they punish your Golden Light Palace?”

Yan Yi replied honestly, “No.”

“Is there no more care?”

Yan Yi nodded, “Since the old Palace Master was taken away, Gold Antelope Paradise has indeed taken great care of my Golden Light Palace. Not only did they bestow some Secret Techniques upon us, they also sent us some precious cultivation resources every year.”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed at her, “That was what your Golden Light Palace’s Old Palace Master paid with his life!”

Yan Yi’s expression changed slightly, obviously misunderstanding Yang Kai’s words.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to explain, instead turning to the other man, “Bian Yuan Shan, what about your Bian Family? Is it the same as Golden Light Palace, or is there no change?”

Bian Yuan Shan pursed his lips and shook his head, “Reporting to Senior, there are no changes.”

He was a bit confused. After Golden Light Palace’s old Palace Master was taken away, Golden Light Palace received more care from Gold Antelope Paradise, but when Bian Family’s ancestor was taken away, there was no such treatment.

Was there any difference?


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