This was also the reason why Yang Kai did not lead the remnant army back to the 3000 Worlds from here.

There were about five thousand people gathered in the later stages of the remnant army, and there were simply too many of them. In a special environment like the Void Tunnel, he could take care of one or two people, but he couldn’t take care of all of them. Once he was caught up in the Void Turbulence, he would definitely be lost in the Void and never be able to find a way out.

Thinking of the remnant army, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling depressed. Five thousand of them had attacked the No-Return Pass, and in the end, less than 3000 of them had survived. This was even with the combined efforts of the Old Ancestor and the Azure Ox. If it weren’t for these two, the five thousand people would have been completely wiped out.

Calming his thoughts, Yang Kai focused on the road ahead.

The Void Corridor that led to the Black Territory was much longer than the one on the other side. Yang Kai now wanted to open up the path ahead while also blocking the way back, so this was also a huge test to his Space Principle mastery.

Ji Ole Third’s small dragon body wrapped itself tightly around his hand as he turned his head to look around at the dangers of the turbulent void.

This was also the first time he had entered such a place. In the past, he had heard from the Phoenix Clan that the Void Crack was extremely dangerous, and the slightest carelessness would cause one to lose their sense of direction. However, although he had heard about it, he had never personally experienced it.

He had once begged a certain Phoenix Clan member to take him into the Void Crack to see what was going on inside, but he had been severely reprimanded by the Phoenix Clan. The Phoenix Clan itself was proficient in the Space Principle, but they would not easily enter such a place, let alone bring outsiders.

On the other hand, although Yang Kai looked like he was in a difficult situation, his actions were quite orderly.

This guy’s attainments in the Space Principle are probably even higher than the average Phoenix Clan! Ji Ole Third thought to himself.

He had the Ancient Dragon Bloodline, was proficient in the Dao of Time, and had such attainments in the Dao of Space, what kind of freak was he…

Yang Kai didn’t know what Ji Ole Third was thinking. Right now, all he wanted to do was pass through this Void Tunnel.

After an unknown period of time, the resistance suddenly disappeared and Yang Kai appeared in a vast void.

Behind him, a gate that could not be considered a regular door opened, revealing a chaotic void.

Yang Kai quickly turned around and waved his hand, activating his Space Principle to close the door.

After doing this, he let out a long sigh.

Turning his head around, he didn’t see any familiar scenery. All he saw was darkness, even deeper than some of the places in the Ink Battlefield.

However, he knew that he had arrived at the Black Territory!

Back then, he had entered the Void Tunnel from this location and entered the Ink Battlefield.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai took out some Open Heaven Pills and consumed them to replenish his energy while flying towards the Black Territory’s Domain Gate.

It had been more than ten years since he had brought the remnant army into the Spatial Territory, so he didn’t know what was happening there. Although he wanted to return to the Star Boundary to take a look, he knew it wasn’t the right time.

Right now, he needed to hurry to the Spatial Territory.

If he wanted to go to the Spatial Territory, he would first have to go to the Shattered Heaven.

Yang Kai took out the 3000 Worlds' Universe Chart, identified the direction, and sped off.

Ji Old Third was probably used to this kind of travel, so he didn’t transform into his true form and simply wrapped around Yang Kai’s wrist. If one didn’t look closely, they would think Yang Kai was wearing a bracelet.

In order to reach the Spatial Territory as soon as possible, Yang Kai pushed his speed to the limit and flew past one Great Domain after another.

Fortunately, he had left his mark on many of the Great Domain's Universe Temple, so with the help of this place, he could save a lot of time.

On this day, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared in a certain Great Domain's Universe Temple. Without any hesitation, he flashed away.

The cultivators guarding the Universe Temple didn’t even have time to investigate Yang Kai’s identity before they lost sight of him, causing them to stare at each other in shock.

Every Great Domain’s Universe Temple was left behind by the Human Race’s ancestors from ancient times and was jointly controlled by the Cave Heaven Paradise. Basically every Great Domain had one, and apart from a few extremely remote Great Domains, such as the Star Boundary’s Great Domain, there was no Universe Temple.

Because the Martial Dao there was too backward, no cultivator would cross the void.

Overseeing Universe Temple was also a kind of experience for the disciples of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, but it was quite boring. After all, Universe Temple did not allow any trouble, so very few Cave Heaven Paradise disciples were willing to take the initiative to come to such a place.

Most of the cultivators who came here were from different sects, so the strength of the cultivators who came here wasn’t very high. Apart from a Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator, most of them were below Fifth Order.

Yang Kai’s current cultivation was at the Eighth Order Open Heaven, so if he was placed in any Cave Heaven Paradise, he would be a Supreme Elder, the strongest person below the Old Ancestor, so how could these Fourth Order and Fifth Order cultivators possibly be able to track him?

Yang Kai didn’t plan to stay here any longer as he continued on his way.

However, just as he left the Universe Temple, he saw cultivators fighting outside.

The two sides were actually two Sixth Order and one Seventh Order Open Heaven. For some unknown reason, they were locked in a fierce battle.

Although there was a gap in their grade and they could fight two against one, the two Sixth Order masters were still able to barely maintain their strength.

This was obviously somewhat abnormal. A Seventh Order Open Heaven was already a High Rank Open Heaven, so how could two Sixth Order cultivators be his opponent?

Yang Kai looked around and immediately understood the reason!

The two Sixth Order masters were obviously disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise and had excellent artifacts and powerful Secret Techniques. Among Sixth Order masters, they were top masters.

On the other hand, the aura of the Seventh Order master was unstable and it seemed to have just recently broken through. It was unknown which force it came from, but in any case, it was not from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

This made Yang Kai somewhat puzzled.

According to the rules of the 3000 Worlds, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator who wasn’t born in a Cave Heaven Paradise would normally be brought into the Sect by the Cave Heaven Paradise within the radius of their influence and be given an Elder position.

For example, if Great Battle Heaven’s influence had spread to dozens of Great Domains, then if any cultivator in these dozens of Great Domains were to break through to the Seventh Order, Great Battle Heaven would take them in an become Elder of Great Battle Heaven. [MSN: First time hearing this.]

However, after so many years, all the Seventh Order Open Heaven who had become the Elders of the Cave Heaven Paradise this way had basically disappeared without a trace.

As a result, the 3000 Worlds had many misunderstandings about the Cave Heaven Paradise, thinking that the various Cave Heaven Paradise had joined forces to suppress the other forces, not allowing cultivators from unorthodox backgrounds to advance to the Seventh Order, lest they shake their dominance. So once they discovered this, they would immediately be placed under house arrest or something.

However, in reality, some of the cultivators who had broken through to the Seventh Order had been sent to the Ink Battlefield while the rest had remained in the Cave Heaven Paradise.

It wasn’t that the Cave Heaven Paradise really wanted to suppress them, it was just that the Seventh Order Open Heaven in the Ink Battlefield was already a Team Leader or Vice-Team Leader, so they weren’t weak. For countless years, the Cave Heaven Paradise had nurtured countless disciples and sent them into the Ink Battlefield, resulting in countless deaths and injuries.

The other forces had a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, so they naturally had to contribute to the peace of these 3000 Worlds.

However, this is not mandatory.

The Seventh Order masters who had been brought to the Cave Heaven Paradise were personally told the secrets of the Ink Battlefield by the various Headmaster. They were allowed to choose whether to enter the Ink Battlefield to help protect the Human Race or to remain in the Sect for the rest of their lives.

Information about Ink Force was not allowed to be leaked, so the Seventh Order who knew about this secret could only remain in the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Therefore, in the entire world, other than the Cave Heaven Paradise which could be ranked as a first-class force, no matter how powerful the other forces were, they could only be considered second-class because they did not have a Seventh Order Open Heaven master.

This situation also affect many second-class force's Sixth Order Open Heaven. Even if they had the foundation and resources to advance, they would not dare to easily advance to the Seventh Order, lest they fall into the hands of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

It wasn’t that these forces were too weak and couldn’t produce a Seventh Order master, but rather that they didn’t dare to advance.

The reason why Shattered Heaven had a number of Seventh and Eighth Order Open Heaven masters was also because of this. They had secretly snuck into the Shattered Heaven to avoid being tracked down by the Cave Heaven Paradise and had broken through to the Seventh or Eighth Order there. It seemed like they were living a carefree life, but in reality, they knew their own hardships.

After all, Shattered Heaven was not a good place.

This kind of practice by the Cave Heaven Paradise naturally made many second-class forces unhappy, but they were also helpless.

They couldn’t just reveal Black Ink’s information to the world. If they really did so, it would be inevitable that some evil people would take the initiative to pursue the Ink Force.

Back then, even Lang Ya Paradise's Vice Headmaster Yuan Du was unable to resist the temptation of the Ink Force and took the initiative to draw in the Ink Force, causing many elite disciples to become Black Ink Disciples.

This was the Vice Headmaster of the 72 Paradise, not to mention others.

When cultivators faced the limits of their Martial Dao, they would often have the courage to break the rules and make unexpected choices.

The Cave Heaven Paradise hadn’t been doing very well these past few years, but in terms of protecting the 3000 worlds, they had accomplished a great deal!

Outside this Universe Temple, two Sixth Order and a newly promoted Seventh Order were fighting, Yang Kai only needed to glance around to know that this Seventh Order Open Heaven was likely from a second-class force and not from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Outside the Universe Temple, there was also a flying ship with many Fifth and Sixth Order cultivators watching this battle.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven was a white-haired old man who seemed to be quite old and had reached the Seventh Order when he was quite old. Originally, he thought he could easily escape from these two Sixth Order Gold Antelope Paradise masters, but who would have thought they would be so powerful?

He only hated the fact that he had just broken through and was unable to display the full strength of a Seventh Order master. As long as he was given a few hundred years of secluded cultivation to stabilize his realm, what could two mere Sixth Order masters amount to?

Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the old man shouted, “The Cave Heaven Paradise has collected five or six Open Heaven masters in the second-class forces in the various domains, and it is to cut off the foundation of our sects, so as not to shake their rule. How long are you going to watch this show?”

On the flying ship, the expressions of the group of Fifth and Sixth Order Open Heaven masters changed greatly.

Just as the old man had said, they were all cultivators from the second-class force of this Great Domain. This Great Domain was under the jurisdiction of Gold Antelope Paradise. This time, Gold Antelope had collected five or six Open Heaven masters from their various Sects, but they didn’t say what they wanted to do, which was quite disturbing.


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