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In the past, the Domain Barriers of the various Great Domains had been so easily eroded was mainly because of Black Ink.

It was the source of the Ink Force, and its power was pure and rich. Most of the Domain Barriers between the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan were personally eroded by it.

The existence of Domain Barrier was real, but it was difficult for ordinary people to detect them.

The Domain Gates were the key to connecting the two Great Domain.

The Domain Barrier was actually very sturdy. If not for this, it would have been impossible for the Human Race to stop the Black Ink Clan from entering the Ink Battlefield for so many years. Trying to simply use the Ink Force to erode the Domain Barrier was a very difficult task.

Now that Yang Kai had sealed off the gateway on the No-Return Pass to the Spatial Territory and cut off the Black Ink Clan’s supplies, he could no longer think about anything else.

Yang Kai then asked Ji Old Third about the No-Return Pass again and learned that the No-Return Pass being breached was indeed related to the two Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The Human Race’s expedition army had retreated from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction all the way to the No-Return Pass. Along the way, there were countless casualties, and even twenty or thirty mountain passes had been destroyed. Ninth Order Old Ancestors had died in battle.

The losses suffered by the Human Race could be said to be unprecedented since ancient times!

Although the Black Ink Clan also suffered some casualties, compared to the Human Race, it was much smaller. After all, the two Ink Giant Spiritual God were far too powerful and had greatly impeded the Human Race’s forces.

Retreating to the No-Return Pass, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans would provide support, and the two sides would engage in a life and death struggle.

In the end, they weren’t able to hold on, and even No-Return Pass was breached. No-Return Pass which has been peaceful for so many years, was also engulfed by the flames of war. With no other choice but to take the initiative to withdraw, the Human Race and Holy Spirit retreated into the Spatial Territory, wanting to use the second battlefield to fight against the Black Ink Clan.

Ji Old Third had killed too many enemies and had ended up being entangled by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, unable to return to No-Return Pass in time. In the final battle, he had been captured by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t kill him, they were extremely concerned about the Holy Spirit. The Royal Lord had imprisoned him in the No-Return Pass and had used his Ink Force to form a black ink cloud around him, seemingly wanting to study the Holy Spirit’s ability to restrain the Ink Force and find a way to quickly erode it.

If not for the Royal Lord’s plan, Ji Old Third wouldn’t have been able to survive after being captured.

His 5,500 zhang Ancient Dragon Body was comparable to a peak Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, but in front of the Royal Lord, he couldn’t do anything.

Over the past few years, Ji Old Third’s perseverance had become more difficult. Fortunately, his Dragon Vein was quite pure and was able to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force, but after a dozen or twenty years, he wasn’t sure if he would really be turned into Black Ink Disciple.

If he was really turned into Black Ink Disciple, he would definitely become a stain on the Dragon Race face.

As such, Ji Old Third was very grateful to Yang Kai, not only because he had saved his life, but also because of the honor of his entire clan.

He still had some residual Ink Force left in his body, so Yang Kai gave him a few Expelling Black Ink Pills to dispel it.

Ji Old Third let out a long sigh and asked, “Brother Yang, what do you plan to do next?”

“Go back!” Yang Kai had already made up his mind.

Ji Old Third didn’t understand, “The gate has already been sealed by you, how are you going to return? Are you going to reopen it?”

This was not a good idea. Yang Kai’s first attempt to seal them off had been a surprise, but if he tried again, the Black Ink Clan would be on guard and would definitely not let him have his way.

As expected, the Black Ink Clan must have been on high alert at the original location of the gate, even thinking of ways to reopen it.

“There’s no need for that,” Yang Kai shook his head, “I know of a passage that leads directly to the 3000 Worlds. Let’s go back from there.”

Ji Old Third was stunned when he heard this. This Ink Battlefield actually had a passageway leading to the 3000 Worlds! This was a major event, if the Black Ink Clan were to learn of this, they would probably be overjoyed.

Yang Kai was naturally referring to the passage from the Black Territory to the Ink Battlefield.

Since he was able to come to the Ink Battlefield from the Black Territory at that time, he could naturally return to the Black Territory from there, but he had to reopen the passage.

To him, this was not a difficult task.

Now that he thought about it, the existence of this passage was quite strange. According to Yang Kai’s speculations, it was probably a type of Domain Gate, or perhaps it was a weak point in the Domain Barrier. In ancient times, there had been a Royal Lord who had accidentally entered the Black Territory through this passage, only to be sealed by a Human Race master and then used the various deployments of the Black Territory to lay down a great array.

Countless years later, Yang Kai had been mining resources in the Black Territory and had shaken the foundation of the Great Array, nearly freeing the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Fortunately, she had been imprisoned for a long time and her strength had greatly declined, otherwise, with the Human Race’s lineup, they really wouldn’t have been able to do anything to her.

This passage was located in Blue Sky War Zone, quite far from here.

Yang Kai took out his Universe Chart, identified his position, and flew side by side with Ji Old Third, occasionally activating his Space Principle to travel.

If it was just him alone, the consumption of his Space Principle would still be bearable, but with Ji Old Third, whose strength was comparable to an Eighth Order, it would be difficult to maintain.

As they flew along, the scenery of the vast Void was very similar.

Passing through one war zone after another, which was originally guarded by Human Race passes, it took them nearly ten years to arrive at Blue Sky War Zone.

Blue Sky Pass, which had been floating in the void for countless years, had long since disappeared. Yang Kai didn’t even know if it had been destroyed or not, but the seventy or eighty broken Human Race passes outside the No-Return Pass were all shrouded in black ink clouds, making it difficult to see clearly.

Following the memories from nearly a thousand years ago, Yang Kai flew deeper into the void.

He still remembered how he had set out from the Black Territory all those years ago, blocking the Void Tunnel and finally stepping into a Secret Realm.

The Void Tunnel in the Black Territory was connected to the Secret Realm.

The Secret Realms in this Ink Battlefield were basically the remnants of the Human Race’s ancestors who had died in battle.

In the past, Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it, but now that he thought about it, that Secret Realm was obviously the Universe Cave Heaven left behind by a Human Race ancestor!

This Universe Cave Heaven was connected to the Black Territory and the Ink Battlefield, so it shouldn’t have been an accident, but a man-made one.

The master of the Universe Cave Heaven, the Human Race ancestor, obviously knew about the existence of this Void Tunnel, so he took the initiative to drop his Small Universe down and wrap it around this Void Tunnel to conceal it.

In order to accomplish this, one had to pay the price of a lifetime of cultivation and life.

For the sake of the Human Race’s peace, their ancestors had sacrificed their lives, and after countless years, the Human Race’s younger generation still held onto this principle.

Therefore, when Yang Kai encountered Meng Qi in the Secret Realm, he had died without any complaints! All he wanted to do was protect the secret of the Void Tunnel.

The sacrifice of this unknown ancestor was worth it. For countless years, the Black Ink Clan had never known that there was a Void Tunnel here that could lead to the 3000 Worlds. If Yang Kai hadn’t come from the Black Territory, he wouldn’t have been able to cause any abnormalities in that Universe Cave Heaven, so the Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t have discovered it.

It was because of his actions that the location of the Universe Cave Heaven had been exposed and the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords had come to investigate.

Fortunately, after he arrived, he had sealed up the corridor, making it difficult for the Feudal Lords to notice anything.

In truth, that Secret Realm had already collapsed. At the time, the ones who had explored that Secret Realm had been several Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords, as well as their subordinates, the Black Ink Disciples, and the High Rank Black Ink Clan. Regardless of whether or not there was anything good inside the Secret Realm, the World Force contained within it was the Black Ink Clan’s favorite food.

The World Force was the foundation of the Secret Realm’s existence. Even if the owner of the Secret Realm had died long ago, as long as the Small Universe remained intact, the World Force would not dissipate.

However, after being swallowed by the Black Ink Clan, the World Force had also disappeared. Without this foundation, the Secret Realm would naturally collapse and become impossible to find.

It took Yang Kai and Ji Old Third a full ten years to arrive at Blue Sky War Zone, and after another two years, Yang Kai was finally able to locate the original location of the Secret Realm. It wasn’t that he was incompetent, but rather that it was difficult to find a special place in the vast Void.

Fortunately, he had deliberately memorized the location at that time, otherwise he would not have been able to gain anything from this trip.

Standing somewhere in the void, Yang Kai silently observed for a long time before finally confirming that this was the location where the Secret Realm had collapsed and the Void Tunnel’s exit was hidden.

If it were anyone else, they would naturally be helpless in the face of such a situation, but Yang Kai had an extremely high attainment in the Dao of Space, so even under such circumstances, it wasn’t impossible for him to find the exit, it would just take some time and effort.

For the next few months, Ji Old Third remained vigilant while Yang Kai activated his Space Principle to try and locate the Void Tunnel’s exit.

One day, he suddenly raised his brow and hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Ji Old Third, “Brother Ji, come quickly!”

Ji Old Third’s spirits rose as he rushed over, “You found it?”

Yang Kai nodded, “You and I must fuse our auras together. Remember to follow me, otherwise, if you get lost in the Void Crack, I may not be able to find you.”

Ji Old Third smiled, “There’s no need for such trouble.”

Saying so, his figure flickered and transformed into a dragon, but this time, he didn’t transform into a five thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, instead transforming into a small dragon that wasn’t much longer than an ordinary Snake…

The Dragon Form had no fixed form, it could be big or small, it could be as big as the sun, it could cover the sky, it could be as small as snakes, this was also a kind of Secret Technique of the Dragon Race.

Yang Kai also knew how to do it. Now that he had transformed into a Dragon Body, he could be seven thousand zhang, seven hundred zhang, and seventy zhang…

However, he was unable to transform into a small existence like Ji Old Third.

Later, he secretly decided that when he had time, he would cultivate the Secret Techniques of the Dragon Race. Sometimes, when facing an enemy, it was not very convenient to be too big.

Ji Old Third transformed into a dragon and wrapped around Yang Kai’s wrist, turning it into a meat skewer…

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing as he madly circulated his Space Principle, causing ripples to appear in the air in front of him. In an instant, the originally sealed door slowly revealed itself.

This Void Tunnel had been sealed by him nearly a thousand years ago, so it was naturally not a problem for him to open it again.

However, on this trip, not only did he have to open up a sealed Void Tunnel, but he also had to seal up the places he passed behind him, making it quite difficult.


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