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Yang Kai had already taken Ji Old Third with him and fled, so he hadn’t been able to see the brilliance of Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor’s final sword strike. Naturally, he didn’t know that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who had been guarding the No-Return Pass had nearly been cut in half by this shocking sword strike.

By the time the sword light disappeared, the Azure Void Pass' Old Ancestor had completely disappeared, leaving behind only the everlasting Sword Intent, cutting the void into countless cracks.

The Royal Lord's chest and abdomen had suffered a long sword wound, causing his flesh and blood to tumble and his Ink Force to disperse. A look of lingering fear appeared on his face as he stared in the direction Yang Kai had left, clenching his teeth and shouting, “Chase him!”

In the next moment, seven or eight Territory Lords flew towards the depths of the void, chasing after Yang Kai.

The Royal Lord’s face was gloomy. He had personally guarded this place, but the No-Return Pass was actually breached by the Human Race remnant army. It was truly a great humiliation.

What made him even more angry was the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator.

This person’s strength was too great, and in this battle, he had killed six of his Territory Lords. Originally, he had wanted to personally kill him, but unexpectedly, a Ninth Order Human Race master had appeared and stopped him.

On the other hand, not only had this human Eighth Order returned, but he had also rescued a Dragon Race member imprisoned by the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass and was simply not putting him in his eyes.

Flames of anger surged as the Royal Lord’s figure flickered, arriving in front of the Monster Ox who had almost been beaten to pieces. With a single punch, he smashed the Monster Ox who was still stubbornly resisting into pieces.

“You’re all trash!” The Royal Lord roared angrily. Several Territory Lords working together had actually been entangled by a dead object until now, causing him to be extremely dissatisfied with the performance of his Territory Lords. [MSN: Dude, you were also unable to move against a dead object.]

The Territory Lords all felt embarrassed after being reprimanded, not daring to refute.

At this moment, a Feudal Lord came to report, “Sir Royal Lord, there is something unusual about the gate leading to that side. Please investigate it personally.”

Hearing this, the Royal Lord’s heart skipped a beat and he turned his head to look towards the door. With just a glance, his entire body went cold.

He hadn’t noticed the changes on the other side of the gate before, but now that he looked over, there was no longer any gate. The original position of the gate was as flat as a mirror!

He hurriedly rushed forward and tried to pass through, but to no avail. After several more attempts, he realized that the gate to the 3000 Worlds had been destroyed by the Human Race!

The Royal Lord became increasingly annoyed…

When the seven or eight Territory Lords who had chased after Yang Kai returned empty-handed, the Royal Lord’s anger reached its peak!

Yang Kai had escaped with his life under the pursuit of the Royal Lord. At that time, he was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven master.

Now that he was an Eighth Order, what could a few Territory Lords do to him?

The target of the Dragon Body was too big. Not long after he escaped, Yang Kai transformed back into his human form and used his strength to wrap around the weakened Ji Old Third. After a few minor teleportations, he managed to shake off the Territory Lords chasing after him.

He didn’t immediately stop, instead continuing to flee deeper into the void.

It wasn’t until half a month later that they found a place to rest and recuperate.

Walking straight into the depths of the Universe World, Yang Kai opened up two places where he could rest and told Ji Old Third, “Rest well, I’ll heal first.”

Ji Old Third nodded with a complicated expression, not saying a word.

Yang Kai entered his personal space, sat down cross-legged, took out a large number of pills, and swallowed them.

His injuries this time weren’t light, and not to mention the Divine Sense injury he had suffered from using the Soul Shattering Spike, he had been the one to lead the rest of the army into battle.

In particular, the World Force in his Small Universe had been greatly consumed, so he needed to restore it.

Now that he no longer had a complete set of cultivation resources on hand, he could only rely on the Open Heaven Pill to recover. Fortunately, the flow of time in his Small Universe was about seven times faster than in the outside world, so the reproduction of the living creatures in his Small Universe provided him with constant assistance.

Therefore, it wasn’t difficult to recover.

After a month or so, Yang Kai’s recovery was more or less complete. Apart from the damage to his Divine Sense, he still needed to recuperate.

Even if it was an injury to his Divine Sense, there was no need for him to deliberately heal it as the Soul Warming Lotus would naturally nourish it.

He walked towards Ji Old Third, and when he heard the commotion, Ji Old Third opened his eyes and stood up to express his gratitude, “Many thanks to Brother Yang for saving my life.”

Looking at the energetic Yang Kai, he couldn’t help thinking back to the time when Yang Kai went to the No-Return Pass. At that time, he had looked down on him quite a bit and had repeatedly sought trouble with him. Who would have thought that after several hundred years, it would be this fellow who had saved his life?

“I’ve dragged Brother Yang down with me this time,” Ji Old Third was no longer as arrogant as he was before. It was obvious that the sudden changes in the No-Return Pass made him change his attitude had caused him to mature greatly.

However, the changes in the No-Return Pass is not the only thing that made him change his attitude, but also Yang Kai himself.

Although Yang Kai had used his human body to refine the Dragon Race’s Source and obtained the Dragon Vein Body, he had refined the Source of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor!

This point alone was not something any Dragon Race could afford to underestimate.

On top of that, back when he was in the No-Return Pass, the Dragon Race Elders had intentionally allowed Yang Kai to leave his name in the Dragon Record.

The Dragon Record was an artifact that could record the Dragon Race's Source. It could be said to be one of the most important sacred artifacts of the Dragon Race, equivalent to the status of the Dragon Pond.

In the 3000 Worlds, there were countless Dragon Vein masters, but since ancient times, Yang Kai was the only one who had the qualifications to leave his name on the Dragon Record.

The Elders had even agreed to let him leave his surname on it. If that was the case, in the future, the Dragon Race would have a new lineage. This was the grand feat of establishing a new family. Since ancient times, only three members of the Dragon Race had been able to accomplish this feat. They were Fu, Zhu, Ji, and if Yang Kai had agreed, the Dragon Race would have an additional bloodline of Yang family.

However, because of the ancient bloodline oath, Yang Kai had refused the goodwill of the Elders and did not choose to leave his name on the Dragon Record. Of course, the benefits of leaving his name behind were not small…

However, even if he didn’t leave his name, after becoming an Ancient Dragon, Yang Kai had already become a pure Dragon Race individual. It could be said that he was no different from a native Dragon Race individual like Ji Old Third. On the contrary, he was even stronger.

The Dragon Race wouldn’t even look at half-dragons or Dragon Descendants with mixed bloodlines, but how could Ji Old Third act so brazenly in front of his own kind?

Needless to say, Yang Kai had saved his life.

Listening to Ji Old Third’s words, Yang Kai understood that he had misunderstood and explained, “I didn’t return to the No-Return Pass for Brother Ji’s sake, it was mainly to seal that gate.”

Hearing this, Ji Old Third was stunned for a moment before immediately rejoicing, “The gate was sealed?”

Previously, he had been imprisoned by the black ink cloud and had no idea about this.

Yang Kai nodded, “I came from the Spatial Territory and used a Secret Technique to seal the Gateway. Unless one’s attainments in the Space Principle are no less than mine, the Black Ink Clan can forget about opening the Gateway again.”

Ji Old Third said excitedly, “In that case, the Human Race only needs to deal with the Black Ink Clan in the Spatial Territory to completely crush the Black Ink Clan’s invasion plan.”

He had spent most of his time in the No-Return Pass, so he naturally knew about the Spatial Territory. Sometimes, when he was bored, he would even visit the Spatial Territory a few times. However, the Spatial Territory was truly empty. Apart from the deployment of the Human Race’s ancestors, there was nothing else there. Ji Old Third only visited it a few times before losing interest.

Going to that damned place was no better than staying in the No-Return Pass and arguing with the Phoenix Clan.

After a moment of excitement, Ji Old Third seemed to remember something and slowly said, “However, sealing the gate is not a foolproof plan.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Ji Old Third didn’t answer, instead asking, “I heard that the Human Race went on an expedition and met an ancient Supreme Cultivator named Cang?”

Yang Kai nodded.

Ji Old Third said, “In fact, there are some records about this in the Dragon Race’s ancient books, but they are very fragmented. Perhaps it has something to do with the decline of the Dragon Race back then.”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before nodding slightly.

According to Cang, the era when the Holy Spirits were active was the Ancient Era. At that time, the Holy Spirits were revered, but because the fighting was too fierce, many of the Holy Spirits were exterminated, and in the Ancient Era, the Monster Race replaced them as rulers.

During the ancient times, Monster Race rampaged and the Human Race suffered greatly. Under the influence of some kind of magical power, Cang and the other nine people entered the Great Ruins Boundary and used the World Tree’s power to comprehend the Heavenly Dao, allowing the Human Race to slowly rise.

As a result, in the era of the rise of the Human Race, the Holy Spirit had begun to decline, and the Dragon Race had spent most of their time in the Ancestral Land, so they didn’t know much about the outside world.

However, there were still some records regarding this.

“Does Brother Yang know how the current Ink Battlefield is formed?”

Yang Kai said, “Cang said that the ten of them were the ones who used some kind of method to split it.”

Ji Old Third said, “What they cut apart was only the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan, forming a boundary between these Great Domains and the Great Domains that were not occupied by the Black Ink Clan!”

Pausing for a moment, Ji Old Third asked, “Let’s change the question. Does Brother Yang know why the Ink Battlefield is so vast?”

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before replying, “I heard it was formed from the fusion of many Great Domains.”

Ji Old Third nodded, “That’s right, so why are these Great Domains fusing together?”

Yang Kai’s expression changed as he realized what Ji Old Third wanted to say.

Ji Old Third let out a long sigh, “The Ink Force is an extremely sinister power. Not only can it corrode a living being’s body and mind, it can even corrode the barrier between a Great Domain and another Great Domain. When a Great Domain is filled with enough Ink Force, the barrier will disappear, and without the barrier, the Great Domain will naturally fuse together.”

Yang Kai called out, “Spatial Territory!”

He finally understood why Ji Old Third had said that sealing off the gate wasn’t a foolproof plan.

Although he had already sealed the Domain Gate, if the Domain Barrier of the Spatial Territory was eroded, it would be connected with Shattered Heaven. At that time, the Human Race’s defensive line in the Spatial Territory would become meaningless.

Ji Old Third said, “However, Brother Yang doesn’t need to worry too much. Although the Black Ink Clan is powerful now, they don’t have enough supplies and can’t produce more Ink Force. The Spatial Territory is not small, so it’s basically impossible for the Black Ink Clan to rely on the Ink Force to corrode the Domain Barrier. The only reason I’m telling you this is so you won’t suffer any losses in the future.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand!”

Ji Old Third continued, “Moreover, even I know about this matter, so my Dragon Clan’s Elders and the Phoenix Clan must also know about it. They will be on guard against it. No matter what, Brother Yang has sealed off the gateway, so the majority of the Black Ink Clan could be considered to have lost the battle!”


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