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At this moment, Yang Kai was already passing through the gate.

Along the way, he didn’t encounter any obstructions. Firstly, he had used his Space Principle to exile himself into the void, concealing his aura so that it would be difficult for the Black Ink Clan to detect him, and secondly, the Black Ink Clan didn’t guard the gate too tightly.

The Black Ink Clan had already invaded the Spatial Territory, this was the battlefield between them and the Human Race. As long as they could completely defeat the Human Race here, they would be able to conquer the 3000 Worlds. At that time, with the evil charateristics of the Ink Force, the Black Ink Clan’s forces would grow like a snowball until the Human Race was powerless to resist.

As such, it didn’t matter whether the gate was guarded or not, the Human Race wouldn’t try to seize it. The Human Race’s goal was the same as the Black Ink Clan’s, to completely eliminate the Black Ink Clan here so that they could settle things once and for all.

As for capturing the gate, no one had thought about it, it was pointless to do so.

In such a situation, it was naturally not difficult for Yang Kai to pass through the gate.

At the same time that Su Yan sensed him, he also sensed Su Yan and quickly looked up, but he did not see Su Yan.

The distance was too great!

Su Yan had actually joined the battle.

When he had entered the Ink Battlefield, Su Yan, Shan Qingluo, and the others had been brought to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land to cultivate, and it had been nearly a thousand years.

Since Su Yan had already participated in this battle, the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Spirit Land must have also participated. Yang Kai suddenly understood why he had seen so many Holy Spirits on the battlefield.

It was impossible to say that he wasn’t worried. Although it had been a thousand years, he didn’t know how far Su Yan could grow. In this chaotic battlefield, even an Eighth or Ninth Order could fall. [MSN: Su Yan best girl.]

But now that things had come to this, his worries were useless.

The battle in the Spatial Territory had already affected the entire 3000 Worlds, and once this battle was lost, the 3000 Worlds would never have peace again.

Putting aside these distracting thoughts, Yang Kai endured the splitting headache he was experiencing. The aftereffects of using the Soul Shattering Spike were still occurring, and if he wanted to recover, he would have to wait for the Soul Warming Lotus to slowly heal him.

Under the manipulation of the Space Principle, the moment he stepped through the gate, the space around him seemed to stretch endlessly, preventing him from immediately returning to the Ink Battlefield.

Instead, he remained inside the gate.

This kind of thing was almost impossible, as long as someone passed through the gate, they would definitely be able to travel between the Ink Battlefield and the Spatial Territory.

However, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle and had reached the pinnacle of the Dao Realm on this Great Dao. With the help of his own Space Principle, it was naturally easy for him to stretch the void inside the gate.

He wasn’t in a hurry to return to the No-Return Pass, he wanted to completely seal this gate!

It was just like what he had done when he left the Black Territory to the Ink Battlefield.

The Spatial Territory was the second battlefield that the Human Race’s ancestors had imagined, and it had long since been emptied by the Human Race’s ancestors. In other words, the Black Ink Clan would never be able to obtain any supplies in the Spatial Territory, and without supplies, the Black Ink Clan would never be able to breed new clansmen.

The Black Ink Clan’s current supplies were completely unreliable.

A large number of Black Ink Clan teams were sent out to mine resources and transport them to the Ink Nest before the Ink Nest gave birth to their clansmen. All of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord Ink Nests were placed on top of the broken Human Race Mountain passes.

As long as he cut off the connection between the Ink Battlefield and the Spatial Territory, he could cut off the Black Ink Clan’s supplies and reinforcements.

Without reinforcements, the Black Ink Clan army in the Spatial Territory would soon be wiped out.

At that time, even if he couldn’t completely resolve the hidden dangers of the Black Ink Clan, at the very least, he could ensure that the 3000 worlds were safe, bringing the situation back before the No-Return Pass was breached.

It was precisely because of this consideration that this gateway to the Spatial Territory had to be sealed.

Others didn’t have such means, but there was only one person in this world who could do such a thing!

The current Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Empress might also have this kind of ability, but the Phoenix Empress' threat was too big. As an expert on par with the Dragon Emperor, she was constantly being watched by the two Royal Lords, making it difficult for her to act.

Yang Kai already had this idea when he decided to break through the No-Return Pass, but he didn’t mention it to anyone.

If the remnant army could rush out of the No-Return Pass, it was obviously what Yang Kai want, but if they couldn’t, he could use the remnant army to counterattack and kill his way to the gate alone.

Originally, he had planned to seal the entrance as soon as he entered.

However, the scene he saw in the No-Return Pass made him to slightly change his plans. Now that the remnant army had arrived in the Spatial Territory and the Human Race army had come to support them, there wasn’t much danger.

Under the turbulence of the Space Principle, countless streams of Void Qi were drawn over, causing the gate to be blocked.

This was something he had done nearly a thousand years ago, so he was quite familiar with it.

As soon as he tried to seal the gate, the appearance of the Spatial Territory’s gate became abnormal. The image of the gate was originally a torn vortex, but at this moment, it was as if an invisible force had calmed the chaos.

The speed at which the vortex spun was decreasing, and the tear marks were rapidly closing.

At first, the Black Ink Clan had not discovered anything, but not long after, the abnormalities of the gate were discovered by the Black Ink Clan.

Although they didn’t know what this situation meant, the Black Ink Clan’s supplies and reinforcements were related to this matter, so they didn’t dare act carelessly and immediately sent their Royal Lord to investigate.

What the Black Ink Clan noticed, the Human Race naturally noticed as well.

This was especially true for the Phoenix Clan, who were proficient in the Space Principle. With a single glance, they were able to determine the source of the gate’s transformation and immediately sent out a Phoenix Cry voice transmission.

When the Human Race’s masters learned that someone was sealing the gate, all of them became excited and rushed towards the gate to avoid being disturbed by the Black Ink Clan.

The two races immediately surrounded the gate and engaged in a life and death struggle. From time to time, powerful cultivators would fall, and even the Holy Spirit was no exception.

There is no limit to the void, and the horizon is just a short distance away.

Inside the gate, Yang Kai’s Space Principle had been pushed to the limits, he knew that once he made a move, the Black Ink Clan would definitely notice. In order to avoid being disturbed, he had to act quickly.

Yang Kai’s figure rapidly flew backwards, passing through the void and filling the gate with chaotic energy to block it.

This kind of obstruction was not foolproof. If one’s attainments in the Dao of Space were not inferior to Yang Kai’s, they could reopen the gate and correct the Void Turbulence.

However, there was no one in the Black Ink Clan who was proficient in the Space Principle.

If they tried to force their way through, it wouldn’t matter. They would only be swept up by the chaotic void turbulence and drift through the endless Void Cracks.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, the gate in the Spatial Territory had become a flat mirror, and the original torn vortex had completely disappeared.

Seeing this, the humans were all shocked. How could they not know that they had already succeeded?

Some of the Black Ink Clan cultivators didn’t believe this and rushed in the direction of the gate, but they didn’t show any signs of being teleported, as if they were just passing through an ordinary void.

All of the Black Ink Clan masters felt their hearts sink.

Having their forces cut off by the Human Race was no different from a disaster to them.

The plan had to be accelerated…

Otherwise, once their forces were wiped out by the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan would no longer be able to turn the situation around.

When Yang Kai sealed up the entire gateway and return to the No-Return Pass, he saw the Monster Ox fighting with several Territory Lords.

Since the Monster Ox had helped them block their pursuers, Yang Kai had led the remnant army into the Spatial Territory, and it had only taken him half a cup of tea time to return.

In just half a cup of tea’s time, the Monster Ox had been beaten to a pulp and countless pieces of its flesh and blood had been shed, leaving behind only a skeleton. Even its skeleton was in tatters, with countless bones broken.

Although it was extremely powerful, it was still no match for the combined forces of several Innate Territory Lords.

In just a moment, it would be completely dismantled.

Yang Kai couldn’t bear to look at it directly since he couldn't help it. The Monster Ox was already dead, and now it was only releasing its last rays of light. If he were to help it, there was a high chance he would be trapped.

The same was true for Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor. On another battlefield, Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor was alone, facing the combined forces of several Territory Lords and the Royal Lord.

Returning to the No-Return Pass again, Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, shooting towards the square of No-Return Pass.

The Monster Ox was about to give up resisting, but when it sensed Yang Kai’s aura, it immediately became spirited and roared, desperately trying to hold back its opponents so they wouldn’t find trouble with Yang Kai.

The same was true for the Old Ancestor.

Therefore, even though they had noticed that Yang Kai had returned, the Territory Lords were unable to escape and could only shout for their subordinates to stop him.

How could they stop him? With Yang Kai’s current strength, if he used the Soul Shattering Spike, he could easily kill the Innate Territory Lord with just one move. Even if he didn’t use the Soul Shattering Spike, he could still kill the Innate Territory Lord at some cost.

How could the many Feudal Lords be his opponent? Almost all of them died.

Yang Kai slaughtered his way through the Black Ink Clan army and arrived at the square.

With just a sweep of his Divine Sense, he noticed that Ji Old Third’s aura had become somewhat sluggish. Even with the protection of his Holy Spirit Force, he was still showing signs of being contaminated by the Ink Force.

On the other hand, Ji Old Third’s dragon body was tightly bound by a black chain.

He no longer had much strength to resist.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yang Kai let out a dragon roar as golden light burst from his body, instantly transforming into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon.

Stretching out his dragon claw, Yang Kai grabbed the black chain binding Ji Old Third and released his Dragon Force.

Knowing Yang Kai’s intentions, Ji Old Third also exerted his strength at the same time, and in the next instant, the chain was forcibly torn apart.

“Transform into human form!” Yang Kai roared.

Only then did Ji Old Third react, retracting his body and transforming into a human form.

Yang Kai grabbed him with his claws and swung his dragon body, smashing the Black Ink Clan on all sides into smithereens. With a loud dragon roar, he flew into the depths of the void.

From afar, a loud dragon roar rang out, “I have sealed the gate and cut off the supplies of the Black Ink Clan. The Human Race will win!”

The Old Ancestor of Azure Void Pass, who had been silently fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, laughed loudly, “Good boy!”

In the next instant, his old body transformed into a streak of sword light, becoming one with his sword as he slashed towards the Royal Lord.

The Black Ink Clan’s Old Ancestor was horrified!


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