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The current Ink Battlefield was formed from the many Great Domains occupied by Black Ink in ancient times and was also formed by Cang and the other nine.

This was to prevent the Ink Force from eroding more Great Domains.

In the Ink Battlefield and the 3000 Worlds, there was only one door that could be used to travel between them. As long as this door was guarded properly, the Human Race would be able to seal the power of Black Ink in the Ink Battlefield.

However, this was not a foolproof plan. The Ink Force was too strange and powerful. After Cang and the others’ era, the Human Race’s ancestors had thought about what would happen if the portal connecting the 3000 Worlds and Ink Battlefield was breach by the Black Ink Clan.

If they were unprepared, then the Black Ink Clan would be able to invade the 3000 Worlds, borrowing the strength of one Great Domain after another to rapidly increase their strength. At that time, the Black Ink Clan’s forces would definitely snowball until the Human Race was powerless to resist!

So in order to deal with this possible situation, the Human Race’s ancestors had completely emptied the Great Domain connected to the gate.

This great domain is named Spatial Territory!

If the Ink Battlefield was said to be the number one battlefield between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, then the Spatial Territory was the second battlefield the ancestors had imagined!

In other words, there was more than one gateway between the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield. In addition to the No-Return Pass's gate, there was also the Spatial Territory.

Passing through the gate, they arrived at the Spatial Territory.

Originally, there were several Domain Gates in the Spatial Territory that were connected to several Great Domain, but since this place had become the imagined second battlefield, it was naturally inappropriate to leave too many of them behind.

The ancestors had taken action and destroyed most of the Domain Gates, leaving behind only a single intact one which was connected to the Shattered Heaven!

Yang Kai had never known about these things before, but he had only recently learned about them from Ouyang Lie and the others when they were planning to attack the No-Return Pass.

After all, he didn’t enter the Ink Battlefield through normal channels, he had directly passed through the Void Corridor of the Black Territory.

Any cultivator who entered the Ink Battlefield through normal channels would first pass through Shattered Heaven and enter the Spatial Territory, then enter the Ink Battlefield through the Spatial Territory and arrive at the Ink Battlefield through the No-Return Pass, naturally understanding these secrets.

Now that the No-Return Pass's gate had been breached, the Human Race had to defend the Spatial Territory and attack the Black Ink Clan.

This Great Domain was different from all the other Great Domain.

Every Great Domain had its own Universe World, Universe World with vitality and living creatures.

But there was nothing in the Spatial Territory, it was truly empty.

Because they had to guard against the Black Ink Clan’s exploitation of resources and breeding more Black Ink Clans, when the Human Race’s ancestors deployed the Spatial Territory, all of the Universe Worlds in this domain had been destroyed and removed.

This place was where the Human Race had been deployed for countless years, where there were many human race passes and vast defensive lines.

As such, Ouyang Lie speculated that the No-Return Pass was breached because the Black Ink Clan’s attack was too strong and the Human Race had voluntarily given up.

After all, the Human Race’s army had retreated from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so if they retreated to the Spatial Territory, they would be able to use the deployment there to deal with the Black Ink Clan.

It was precisely because of this speculation that Ouyang Lie felt that if the remnant army were to rush out from the No-Return Pass, the chances of them falling into the Black Ink Clan army were not high.

On the Spatial Territory's side, it was more likely that the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan were engaged in an intense battle. If that was the case, the remaining forces would have a chance to reunite with the Human Race army.

Now that the remnant army had rushed out of the No-Return Pass gate, Yang Kai immediately went to investigate the situation.

What he saw made him feel relieved.

The worst-case scenario did not occur!

The situation wasn’t good either.

On the Spatial Territory’s side, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan were indeed engaged in a fierce battle. In the vast void, it could be said that there were battlefields everywhere. The Human Race’s Battleships flew over while the Black Ink Clan’s army chased after them.

At the same time, a violent shockwave swept out from a certain direction.

This shockwave even surpassed the shockwave from the battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord.

Yang Kai instinctively turned his head and was stunned.

In the distant void, two giant figures were colliding with each other. Although their movements seemed clumsy, each of their punches and kicks contained enough destructive power that even an intact Universe World would not be able to withstand their casual strikes.

These were two Giant Spiritual God fighting!

One of them was the one Yang Kai had seen in the Ancient Battlefield, now shrouded in a black aura.

On the other hand, the other Giant Spiritual God had a tuft of black hair on his head, which looked rather funny.

A' Er!

It was A' Er who had brought Yang Kai to the Chaotic Dead Territory!

Yang Kai had a deep impression of the black hair on its head. A' Da’s head was bald and there was nothing on it, but A' Er had a very obvious mark, so Yang Kai recognized him at a glance.

A’ Er was actually here, and was currently fighting with the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Giant Spiritual God were a very ancient and rare race, but the Ink Giant Spiritual God were created by Black Ink based on the Giant Spiritual God and were not true Giant Spiritual God.

The two were completely different existences.

However, even if it wasn’t a true Giant Spiritual God, its strength wasn’t much weaker than A’ Er’s. These two masters had fought for an unknown amount of time and were constantly injured.

Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, none of them dared to approach their battlefield.

Since A' Er was here, what about A' Da?

Yang Kai looked around but couldn’t see A' Da anywhere, so he didn’t know if he was here.

However, he did see the remains of another Ink Giant Spiritual God. This Ink Giant Spiritual God had come out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but Cang had forcefully closed the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction with the help of Mu’s methods, cutting off its body before it could fully walk out, making it easy to identify.

At this moment, this Ink Giant Spiritual God had somehow been torn to pieces and only half of its body remained.

Yang Kai’s heart relaxed. The Black Ink Clan’s strongest forces were nothing more than the two Ink Giant Spiritual God. The fact that they had managed to breached the No-Return Pass was definitely related to them.

Now that one of them had been killed and the other had A’ Er to contend with, the pressure on the Human Race’s side had greatly decreased.

In addition to the battlefield of the two most conspicuous Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai also saw giant dragons swimming about, phoenix cry, and all kinds of Holy Spirits manifesting their true forms as they fought on the battlefield.

He didn’t have time to look around any longer as everyone’s attention was drawn towards him.

The remnant army had suddenly come out from the No-Return Pass's side, which naturally attracted the attention of many, especially the nearby Black Ink Clan masters. Although they were shocked, they didn’t have time to think about what kind of trouble had occurred in the No-Return Pass's side and quickly rushed over.

What made everyone’s scalp go numb was that there was also a Royal Lord-level master among them.

The Royal Lord on the No-Return Pass's side was blocked by the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor, but they didn’t have anyone to help here.

Seeing the surrounding Black Ink Clan masters attack, Yang Kai made a prompt decision and led the remnant army in a certain direction. However, on the way to the No-Return Pass, the remnant army were too fierce, causing many of the Battleships’ Spirit Arrays and Artifacts to be damaged. Now that their speed had been greatly reduced, how could they escape the pursuit of the Royal Lord?

From a distance, the Royal Lord activated his Ink Force and transformed it into a black ink cloud that enveloped the remnant army. He didn’t try to kill them, instead wanting to capture a few of them alive and ask them about the situation in the No-Return Pass. However, even if it was just a casual strike, with the current state of the remnant army, there would definitely be many casualties.

In the first battle on No-Return Pass, less than half of the five thousand remnant army had fallen, and now there were less than three thousand left. If this attack were to land, several hundred more would die.

At this critical juncture, a young man in a white robe suddenly appeared above the remnant army. No one knew where he had come from, as if he had been standing there all along.

Facing this black ink cloud, the young man’s body suddenly transformed into a Dragon.

Dragon Prestige filled the air!

The Dragon Body was snow white and flawless, shining brilliantly in this chaotic battlefield.

Yang Kai’s brow rose as he recognized this Dragon Race.

Fu Guang!

The Ancient Dragon he had seen at the bottom of the Dragon Pond.

Before Yang Kai entered the Dragon Pond, Fu Guang had been in secluded cultivation for five thousand years just to break through to the Divine Dragon realm.

The strength division of the Dragon Race was very simple. It was divided into the size of the dragon, a thousand zhang is Big Dragon, five thousand zhang is Ancient Dragon, ten thousand zhang is Divine Dragon.

The strongest amongst the Divine Dragons was the Dragon Emperor.

Not all Divine Dragons were Dragon Emperors, but every Dragon Emperor were the most powerful.

Under the Dragon Pond, Yang Kai had once used the Sun and Moon Seal to assist Fu Guang, and both of them had benefited greatly. Now it seemed that he had successfully become a Divine Dragon!

Yang Kai had never imagined that Fu Guang would suddenly appear at this critical moment to save him.

In fact, Fu Guang had been hiding in the battlefield all this time, waiting for an opportunity to kill one or two Royal Lords. After becoming a Divine Dragon, his strength was much stronger than an average Ninth Order or Royal Lord. If any of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords were to be ambushed by him, there was a high chance he would succeed.

However, the sudden appearance of the remnant army had disrupted Fu Guang’s plans and forced him to reveal himself.

After revealing his dragon form, Fu Guang rushed towards the Royal Lord, who was greatly shocked. He had suffered a loss under Fu Guang’s hands before and knew how powerful this White Divine Dragon was. In a one-on-one fight, he was no match for it, so how could he have the mood to seek trouble with him? His body flickered as he fled.

Fu Guang chased after him relentlessly, using many of the Dragon Race’s Secret Techniques to beat up the Royal Lord.

After a short confrontation, another Royal Lord suddenly appeared and joined forces with his companions to fight Fu Guang. The white Divine Dragon showed no fear and opened his mouth, spitting out a large river that suddenly hung in the void. The two Royal Lords were caught off guard and were drawn into the river, their bodies instantly freezing.

Fu Guang also rushed in and fought with the two Royal Lords in the river, taking on two of them at the same time.

Just from this alone, one could tell that the power of the Divine Dragon was stronger than an ordinary Ninth Order Open Heaven.

An ordinary Ninth Order cultivator would not be able to fight two enemies at once.

However, if it was a one-on-one fight, Fu Guang would still have a chance to kill the Royal Lord, but if it was a one-on-two fight, it would be a bit difficult. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to gain anything from this fight, so his attacks became more ruthless. Even if he couldn’t kill the Royal Lord, he would at least cripple them.


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