Yang Kai’s head was spinning and his eyes were filled with stars, but he was still full of vigor because he knew that if he showed even the slightest signs of weakness, the entire army would be wiped out.

Having no other choice but to use the Soul Shattering Spike again was already his limit.

Even with the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, he didn’t have the capital to use the Soul Shattering Spike again.

The Territory Lords didn’t see through his strength. The strength of this Human Race Eighth Order had already been deeply ingrained in their hearts. First, he had killed three Territory Lords, and now, another Territory Lord had been killed by him. None of the Territory Lords had even seen through his methods.

The Territory Lords hesitated, but the remnant army didn’t hesitate. With Yang Kai’s sudden burst of strength, the remnant army, which had been struggling to move forward, finally made a breakthrough, suppressing the Black Ink Clan army and forcing them to retreat. The streams of light pouring out from the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and the other Battleships were almost overwhelming.

In a short period of time, all of the Human Race’s soldiers were doing their best.

When a Battleship was destroyed, the soldiers without any protection would sacrifice themselves to kill the enemy. Even if they died, they would die a worthy death. [MSN: That's sad.]

However, there was still a gap in strength between the two races.

Forget about the Black Ink Clan’s army, just the Territory Lord-powerhouse alone numbered nearly twenty on the No-Return Pass side.

Initially, ten Territory Lords had come to confront them, but Yang Kai had first used the Soul Shattering Spike to kill three of them, then used the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel to kill two, leaving only five. When the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord made his move, another six Territory Lords come out.

One had to know that each of these Territory Lords was comparable to the Innate Territory Lord Che Kong.

After the Territory Lord that Yang Kai had just killed was eliminated, there were now more than ten Territory Lords besieging the remnant army, while the remnant army only had four Eighth Order.

Even though Ouyang Lie, Fei Yuan Long, and the others were fighting one against two, they were still struggling.

The Black Ink Clan saw the Human Race’s depression, and the deterrent force from Yang Kai’s attack quickly disappeared.

The more the remnant army pushed forward, the more desperate the situation became. From all directions, the Black Ink Clan forces were constantly closing in on them. The Territory Lords didn’t act rashly, afraid that they would be killed by Yang Kai. Instead, they hid behind the main army and used their armies to wear down the Human Race’s forces, occasionally using their Secret Techniques to destroy one Human Race Battleship after another.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, wishing he could raise his spear and kill all of these Territory Lords, but at this moment, his head was about to explode. Facing these Territory Lords who were hiding behind their army, he could do nothing.

He didn’t dare to leave the Expelling Black Ink Battleship so easily. If he left, the Territory Lords would attack, and the Expelling Black Ink Battleship would be unable to resist.

The speed at which the remnant army advanced became slower, as if they had fallen into a swamp. When they were less than a hundred thousand kilometrrs away from the No-Return Pass, they were completely surrounded by the Black Ink Clan Army!

Looking at the door that was almost within reach, everyone felt despair.

As long as they passed through that gate, the remnant army would be able to escape and return to the 3000 Worlds. Although they didn’t know what the situation there was like, it was still their homeland.

However, even though it was so close, it was still far away.

No one was upset. When they decided to try to break through the No-Return Pass, everyone had already anticipated this, even Yang Kai.

However, all of the soldiers, including him, still held some hope and expectations.

Most of them didn’t want to hide in this Ink Battlefield any longer, being chased by the Black Ink Clan like rats.

They were more willing to die on the battlefield in order to live up to their lifelong cultivation.


When the hope of returning home was shattered, everyone felt relieved, as if they had completely let go of something.

Shouts filled the air as a terrifying killing intent surged out like a tsunami. The remnant army, who had been surrounded by the Black Ink Clan army and unable to move, suddenly erupted with a shocking amount of power as countless Secret Techniques and Artifacts shot out.

In that instant, countless Spirit Arrays and Artifacts couldn’t bear the massive burden and dimmed, completely collapsing.

The Seventh Order masters flew out from the Battleship they were guarding and used their Artifacts to kill the enemy.

The Four Direction Formation, which was centered around the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, was rapidly declining, which was why all of the Battleships had been destroyed.

The sudden eruption of the remnant army made it difficult for the Black Ink Clan army to bear. In just a few breaths of time, countless Black Ink Clan cultivators had fallen, and even one of their Territory Lords had been severely wounded by Ouyang Lie’s desperate attack and had retreated in fear.

This was the final brilliance of the remnant army.

Yang Kai had also released the shackles in his heart. Since he was destined to die here, he would kill the enemy to his heart’s content!

However, before he could rush out of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, he heard the sound of a cow moo from the void!

Immediately, the Black Ink Clan army that was besieging the remnant army was thrown into chaos as countless auras withered. Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and saw a giant bull charging towards him from within the Black Ink Clan army. The Monster Qi around its body surged like a tidal wave, and under the trampling of its four iron hooves, countless Black Ink Clan members were reduced to minced meat.

It lowered its head and charged forward without any obstructions. Even a Territory Lord was sent flying, blood spraying from his body as he flew through the air.

“Little brats, follow me,” The Monster Ox spoke in the human tongue as he brushed past the remnant army, smashing open a path in front of him!

Everyone’s spirits rose as the soldiers in charge of controlling the Battleship hurriedly steered their respective Battleships to follow the Monster Ox.

When the several Territory Lords hiding behind the Black Ink Clan army saw the Monster Ox’s attack, they all moved to block it, using their Secret Techniques to instantly tear the Monster Ox’s skin and flesh.

However, no blood flowed out.

It had long since died, but the Old Ancestor’s miraculous methods allowed it to fight even after death, so why would it be afraid of being injured?

When one of the Territory Lords saw this, he wanted to intercept it, but he was sent flying by the Monster Ox’s Broken Horn in the next instant. Seeing this, the other Territory Lords no longer dared to act rashly.

This was the first time Yang Kai had known of this Monster Ox being so powerful. Although he had seen it twice in the past, it had always been leisurely eating grass in the green mountains and rivers, acting like an ordinary ox.

But now, it seemed that this Monster Ox’s strength was not inferior to any human race Eighth Order, maybe even stronger!

In the blink of an eye, a hundred thousand kilometers had passed, and soon, the remnant army could no longer be blocked and return to the sky above the No-Return Pass and the gate was right in front of them.

Behind him, the massive army of the Black Ink Clan chased after him, and the Monster Ox appeared behind the remnant army, waving his head as he shouted, “Run, this bull will stop them!”

Its massive body transformed into a barrier, like a towering mountain blocking off the remnant army. At this moment, countless attacks landed on its body, causing it to tremble violently.

Yang Kai’s eyes turned red as he controlled the Four Direction Formation and led the remnant army towards the gate.

The gate of the No-Return Pass wasn’t big. The last time Yang Kai saw it, it was only a vortex-like existence, but since the Black Ink Clan occupied this place, they must have used some kind of method to tear this gate apart in order to invade the 3000 Worlds.

Although the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s size was not small, it was still able to directly pass through.

However, just as the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was about to pass through the gate, a loud Dragon Roar suddenly rang out in the No-Return Pass.

Yang Kai was stunned and looked down, his eyes narrowing.

On the square where the Dragon Clan had opened the Dragon Pond, a large black ink cloud had appeared, and within this black ink cloud, there was a faint image of a dragon body.

“Ji Old Third!” Yang Kai was shocked, never having expected to see Ji Old Third here.

Moreover, judging from the current situation, Ji Old Third had been captured by the Black Ink Clan. However, the Black Ink Clan didn’t kill him and instead used some kind of method to imprison him here and cover him with the Black Ink Cloud.

Yang Kai didn’t know what the Black Ink Clan was up to, but from the scene in front of him, he could infer that the Black Ink Clan wanted to transform Ji Old Third, but it seems to have failed.

The Holy Spirit Force had a certain restraining effect on the Ink Force, thanks to the Holy Spirit bloodline inheritance.

According to what Yang Kai had learned from Cang and his own calculations, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer were closely related to the world’s first light.

The first ray of light in the world was an existence that could completely destroy Black Ink.

The purifying light merged from the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer can purify the Ink Force.

These two were the ancestors of the Holy Spirits, so the Holy Spirits naturally inherited their power. As the leader of the Holy Spirits, the Dragon Clan Vein’s power was especially effective against the Ink Force. If Yang Kai didn’t have the World Tree Subtree, he would be able to see this himself, but because he had the World Tree Subtree to seal his Small Universe, he had never paid much attention to it.

Ji Old Third wasn’t considered too strong among the Dragon Race. During his previous cultivation in the Dragon Pond, he had been able to advance from a Great Dragon to an Ancient Dragon, but he only had a five thousand zhang dragon body, which was slightly inferior to Yang Kai’s seven thousand zhang dragon body.

However, it was still an Ancient Dragon, and in terms of grade, it was the level of an Eighth Order Human Race.

Yang Kai didn’t know why he had been captured by the Black Ink Clan, but it was obvious he had noticed the anomaly on the No-Return Pass, so he let out a Dragon Roar.

However, in the face of such a situation, Yang Kai couldn’t do anything about it. Under normal circumstances, he might have tried to save Ji Old Third, but now that the Black Ink Clan’s army was in pursuit and the gate was right in front of him, it was impossible for him to abandon the remnant army, so he could only turn his head and ignore it.

In the next instant, the remnant army rushed into the gate.

The Monster Ox twisted its butt, its entire body blocking the door as it roared.

No matter how they bombarded it, it wouldn’t budge.

On the other side, just as the void was turning upside down, the remnant army suddenly appeared in a large open area. After a brief daze, everyone became vigilant.

Although they had rushed out of the No-Return Pass, no one dared to relax.

Because everyone knew that the crisis was far from over, and rushing out of the No-Return Pass is just the beginning.

Over the past few days, Yang Kai and the others had speculated many times about the situation behind the No-Return Pass, as well as how to deal with such situations.

Now that the Black Ink Clan had occupied the No-Return Pass, it was inevitable that they would set up a formation at the rear of the No-Return Pass, so if they were to rush out of the No-Return Pass, the worst situation they would encounter would be to plunge into the Black Ink Clan’s endless army. If that were to happen, the remnant army would have no way to survive. At that time, everyone would have no choice but to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan.

Perhaps Yang Kai had the ability to escape, but no one else could.

However, according to Ouyang Lie, the probability of this happening was not high.

It wasn’t that the ancestors of the Cave Heaven Paradise hadn’t thought about the situation after the Black Ink Clan breached the No-Return Pass, so in ancient times, the Human Race’s ancestors had made some arrangements.


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