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Over the past few days, Yang Kai had been quite busy.

Since they want to break through the No-Return Pass, they naturally had to make preparations.

Many of the Human Race’s Battleships needed to be repaired and all kinds of Spirit Pills needed to be refined. As the saying go; before the army was mobilized, rations and fodder were needed first.

Right now, whether it was Alchemy, Artifact Refining, or Array Dao, Yang Kai was quite accomplished, so among everyone, he was the busiest.

The preparations for the early stages took two years. For the past two years, Yang Kai had been so busy that his feet barely touched the ground, not even stopping for a moment. Even with his current cultivation of Eighth Order Open Heaven, he was still quite exhausted.

Most of his efforts had been spent repairing the Battleships, most of the Human Race’s Battleships were more or less damaged.

This time, if they couldn’t break through the No-Return Pass, it would be extremely dangerous. Without the protection of the Battleships, the Human Race’s remaining forces would die no matter how many people came, so in the past two years, every Battleship had been carefully repaired, just to ensure their safety during this life or death battle.

Everything was ready.

The remnants of five thousand people had been reorganized into four different forces, each of which was led by the four Eighth Order master.

Additionally, Yang Kai and the others had also made various speculations about the situation at the rear of the No-Return Pass, as well as how to deal with such a situation.

In the hiding place, the remnants of the army had gathered and were ready to set out. Although it was silent, the murderous atmosphere could clearly be felt.

If they were to leave now, they would either die on the battlefield and follow their predecessors, or break through the No-Return Pass and return to the 3000 Worlds.

Among the four Eighth Order masters, Ouyang Lie was the oldest. He was supposed to be the one to give a speech to boost the morale of his troops, but now that things had come to this, he had no choice but to abandon the long speech he had prepared. Wiping his mouth, he waved his hand and shouted, “Let’s go, screw the enemy!”

Gong Lian couldn’t help but put his hand to his forehead, with a pained look on his face.

However, the results were somewhat unexpected. The remaining soldiers’ spirits soared as they shouted in unison.

All these years of hiding had made them extremely sullen. They would rather die on the way home than hide like rats in the mud.

The army set out!

The vanguard team is the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, which is led by Yang Kai himself, with Huang Xiong on the left, Fei Yuan Long on the right, and Ouyang Lie leading the rear.

Fei Yuan Long was the last of the four Eighth Order masters, also a veteran Eighth Order master whose strength was not much weaker than Ouyang Lie’s.

In comparison, among the four Eighth Order masters, the weakest was Huang Xiong. After all, he had given up his Small Universe's territory. Although Yang Kai had given him a Profound Female Spirit Fruit to repair his Small Universe, it was still difficult for him to restore his peak strength in such a short time.

The current him was slightly stronger than the newly promoted Eighth Order, but he was still far from reaching his peak.

The remnants of the human race army had been hiding for the past two years and were now three months away from the No-Return Pass.

A month ago, nothing happened.

A month later, a number of teams from the Black Ink Clan had arrived one after another, but none of these teams had any masters guarding them, and there weren’t many of them, so their fate was obvious.

The further they went, the more Black Ink Clan they encountered.

Most of these Black Ink Clan members were either patrolling the area or returning from mining resources.

The disappearance of one or two Black Ink Clan teams would not attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan, but with so many of them gone, even the Black Ink Clan on the No-Return Pass noticed something unusual.

Immediately, several Territory Lords led their forces out to investigate the situation.

When they were only ten days away from the No-Return Pass, the remnants of the human race army encountered one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Sitting on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Yang Kai had long ago detected the aura of this Territory Lord, but it was only when they were a few hundred thousand kilometers away from each other that the opponent noticed.

Expelling Black Ink Battleship had concealing Spirit Arrays, so how could the Battleships not have one?

As long as they weren’t too close, the power of the Spirit Array was enough to conceal the whereabouts of the Human Race’s army remnants, making it difficult for the Black Ink Clan to find them.

Seeing such a large Human Race army approaching, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord turned pale with fright and ordered his subordinates to stop them. At the same time, he immediately turned around and prepared to return to the No-Return Pass.

However, as soon as he turned around, he saw a young man standing behind him, staring at him coldly.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s expression changed drastically. He hadn’t even noticed how the other party had run behind him.

However, he also recognized this human race youth at a glance. He was the one who had been provoking them outside the No-Return Pass two years ago. At that time, he had fought with him many times and joined forces with the other Territory Lords, causing this human race Eighth Order to vomit blood repeatedly.

For the past two years, the other party had never appeared again, but now he had actually appeared again, leading an entire Human Race army.

Having fought with Yang Kai before, this Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was well aware of Yang Kai’s strength, how could he not be aware of it? He immediately charged towards Yang Kai, his Ink Force surging and transforming into a giant palm that blotted out the sky as he roared, “Get lost!”

He didn’t have the mood to be in entanglement with the other party right now. Now that the Human Race army had appeared, it was more important for him to report back.

Unexpectedly, the other party was completely unmoved by this attack. He summoned his long spear and rushed forward. After only three breaths of time, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was shocked.

After not seeing him for two years, this human race youth’s strength had more than doubled? All kinds of mysterious forces interweaved together, causing this Territory Lord to feel as if he had been caught in an invisible net. Every single thread of this net had the power to destroy the world.

While Yang Kai and the Territory Lord were fighting, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and the two Battleships on the left and right also activated their Spirit Arrays and Artifacts. With just a single round of attacks, the entire Black Ink Clan army had been torn apart, and by the time the forces of the four garrison had surrounded them, not a single one of them had escaped.

Ouyang Lie had originally wanted to help Yang Kai, but before he could run over, he saw Yang Kai’s spear sweep across the Territory Lord’s waist from a distance, causing his abdomen to cave in and burst out with ink blood flower.

Yang Kai pulled out his spear and stabbed it again, directly piercing the Territory Lord’s body and sending a violent burst of energy into his spear, causing his body to collapse.

The Territory Lord was still alive, staring at Yang Kai in disbelief, seemingly unable to understand how this Eighth Order Human Race master had become so strong in just two years.

With a flick of his spear, Yang Kai sent him flying, exploding into a bloody mist in midair.

In a flash, he arrived on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and said lightly, “Continue forward!”

The remnants of the army rushed forward.

However, every soldier who saw the battle just now had an excited look on their faces.

A powerful Innate Territory Lord had been killed just like that!

They had never seen such a decisive battle.

Even Ouyang Lie and the other two Eighth Order masters felt their hearts jump.

Yang Kai’s strength seemed to be too strong!

Huang Xiong and the others weren’t too familiar with Yang Kai. Ouyang Lie had more contact with Yang Kai, but he knew that when he was a Seventh Order, Yang Kai could easily crush those of the same realm. In front of him, those Feudal Lords were basically nothing more than trash.

Originally, he thought that even if Yang Kai managed to break through to the Eighth Order, he wouldn’t be able to recreate the glory in his Seventh Order period, but now it seemed that with the strength Yang Kai had displayed so far, he could suppress his peers.

Two years ago, although Ouyang Lie had managed to kill an Innate Territory Lord with a single slash, he had used his full strength to do so. After that one slash, he was no longer able to fight, and his situation was different from Yang Kai’s.

No wonder when he saw him before, he dared to provoke so many Innate Territory Lords, it turned out he had such confidence.

Yang Kai had yet to reach the peak of the Eighth Order, so Ouyang Lie suddenly felt some anticipation. When he reached the peak of the Eighth Order, what kind of situation would he be in? Perhaps… he could really kill the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord without suffering any injuries!

This time, Yang Kai had been injured after killing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. Because he wanted to end this battle quickly, he had to risk his life to kill his opponent.

It was just that no one could see his injuries.

In the end, Yang Kai and the others were able to predict that the remnants of the human race army would not be able to quietly approach the No-Return Pass.

The Concealing Spirit Arrays deployed on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and normal Battleships were extraordinary, but they weren’t so powerful that they couldn’t be easily discovered.

When they were only three days away from No-Return Pass, the remnants of the human race army were finally exposed.

The No-Return Pass's side were all shocked, unable to understand how the Human Race could have such a massive lineup.

They knew that the Human Race had remnants of their army, but all of them had been scattered, so now that such an army was approaching, they had no choice but to take it seriously.

After the news was reported, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, who was in charge of guarding the No-Return Pass, personally investigated the situation. After seeing through the Human Race’s lineup, he coldly snorted. Four mere Eighth Order Human Race masters actually dared to provoke him, simply ridiculous.

Although there weren’t many forces stationed here, there was still a Royal Lord and a lineup of nearly twenty Innate Territory Lords. The Black Ink Clan’s army was even larger, numbering at least a million.

This was not something a Human Race army with only a few thousand people could provoke.

Seeing the remnants of the Human Race’s army being led by a giant Battleship towards the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was enraged and ordered his subordinate Territory Lords to attack.

Under the order of the Royal Lord, the Territory Lords didn’t dare to be negligent, mobilizing a total of ten Territory Lords and nearly three hundred thousand troops at once, showing how much importance they attached to this battle.

They also knew that after this battle, the Ink Battlefield would be completely settled, and they would no longer have to worry about the harassment of the Human Race’s remnant forces and the transportation of supplies. At that time, they would be able to deal with the 3000 Worlds in peace.

The ten Territory Lords rushed out from the No-Return Pass with great momentum, the Black Ink Clan’s army behind them unstoppable.

Under their command, the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers quickly formed a semi-circle formation and surrounded the Human Race remnant forces.

This arrogant attitude made it seem as if they wanted to take down the five thousand remaining Human Race soldiers in one go.

Facing such a large disparity in numbers, the Human Race’s side not only didn’t show any fear, but instead all of them were rubbing their fists together.

They had experienced too many battles like this.

Battle with thousands against hundreds of thousands, which soldier had not experienced such a thing?

It was just that this time, the Human Race’s numbers were indeed quite low. The number of Eighth Order masters was not as large like before, only four.

However, what is there to fear from the mere Black Ink Clan?

Fight to the death!


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