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Ouyang Lie had also seen Yang Kai escape back then, and he had also wanted to help him, but at that time, he had fought two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords alone and was unable to escape, so he could only watch as Yang Kai escaped.

It had been more than five hundred years since they had last met, and Yang Kai had also broken through to the Eighth Order from the Seventh Order Open Heaven.

In fact, from what he could sense, Yang Kai is an Eighth Order cultivator with a deep foundation, he didn’t seem to be a newly promoted master at all. This filled him with doubts as to how Yang Kai had managed to escape the pursuit of the Royal Lord and what opportunities he had encountered.

Yang Kai’s stomach was filled with anger. This was the last time he had shown himself in this plan, but who would have thought that Ouyang Lie and his disciple would suddenly appear out of nowhere and cause such a dangerous situation. If it weren’t for his strength being far greater than before, this trip would have been a disaster.

However, after listening to Ouyang Lie’s words, he really couldn't get upset.

In order to kill this Innate Territory Lord, Ouyang Lie had released all of his strength with a single blow. In other words, he only had that single blow! After this blow, he would no longer be able to resist, and even a random Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord would be able to handle him.

This was a sneak attack, and he had also activated his Secret Technique to its fullest extent, allowing him to kill the Innate Territory Lord on the spot.

Otherwise, how could an Innate Territory Lord be so easily killed?

Although he had acted rashly, he had dared to act in such a manner because he had great confidence in Yang Kai and felt that Yang Kai would be able to take him away. Otherwise, no matter how stupid he was, he wouldn’t have fallen into such danger so easily.

Unfortunately for him, Yang Kai have to clean up this mess and escape with this master and disciple.

“Why is Sir Ouyang here?” Yang Kai asked as he tossed a bottle of Spirit Pills to Ouyang Lie. After so many years of fighting, Huang Xiong and the others had run out of supplies, so it was likely that Ouyang Lie’s side had also run out of supplies.

Sure enough, after seeing the healing pill, Ouyang Lie’s eyes lit up and he quickly accepted it before closing his eyes to adjust his breathing, signaling Gong Lian to explain to Yang Kai.

Gong Lian naturally complied and said, “All these years, we have been hunting and killing enemies on the outskirts of No-Return Pass, but because we didn’t dare to approach No-Return Pass, we were a bit far away. A few days ago, a small team reported that there were signs of a battle between masters in the No-Return Pass, but when they arrived, they didn’t discover anything. Later, a few other teams faintly noticed the commotion here, so Master brought me here to investigate.”

Coincidentally, this was the first time Ouyang Lie and his disciple had come to investigate the situation. The reason he had brought Gong Lian along was because he wanted to use some of Gong Lian’s Secret Techniques.

When he was investigating the situation of the Black Ink Clan outside Great Evolution Pass, Ouyang Lie had brought Gong Lian with him, so this time was no exception.

Not long after the two of them had hidden themselves, Yang Kai appeared and began provoking the enemy outside the No-Return Pass.

Coincidentally, under the pursuit of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, Yang Kai actually flew towards their hiding place.

How could Ouyang Lie resist such an opportunity? What’s more, if the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were to pass by, Ouyang Lie wasn’t confident he would not be discovered.

Since there was a chance they would be discovered, it was naturally best to strike first. Therefore, the moment Yang Kai flew past the black ink cloud they were hiding in, Ouyang Lie suddenly attacked and killed an Innate Territory Lord on the spot.

The Master and Disciple pair’s actions were both taking advantage of the situation and a last resort.

After listening to Gong Lian’s explanation, Yang Kai realized that he had somewhat wronged Ouyang Lie. No matter how stupid this old man was, he would never act like this, harming others and himself.

“Brother Gong, why are you still here? Why haven’t you withdrawn to the 3000 Worlds? According to what I know, besides some broken remnants of the human army, most of the Human Race’s soldiers have already retreated to the 3000 Worlds. Could it be that Great Evolution…” Yang Kai’s heart clenched.

The reason why Huang Xiong and the others had remained in the Ink Battlefield was because Azure Void Pass had been broken and they wanted to retrieve their Old Ancestor’s corpse and the core of Azure Void Pass, so they had not met up with the Human Race army.

The human squads who had sought out Huang Xiong were also in the same situation. Their mountain pass had been broken, and the army had broken apart, each of them fleeing and hiding.

If Great Evolution Pass was also broken, then Smiles Old Ancestor would certainly be in grave danger!

Yang Kai’s mood suddenly became heavy.

Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s worries, Gong Lian quickly said, “It’s not what Brother Yang thinks. The Great Evolution side has basically withdrawn to the 3000 Worlds, while our side… mhm, is a bit surprised.”

Saying so, he glanced at Ouyang Lie and found it difficult to speak.

Yang Kai knew at a glance that Ouyang Lie had caused trouble.

Sure enough, Ouyang Lie opened his eyes and said, “There’s nothing to say. The Human Race army suffered a defeat outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and the Old Ancestors ordered the soldiers to retreat and join forces with the Holy Spirit to resist the Black Ink Clan. After many battles, both sides suffered heavy losses. This old master led his army across the battlefield and was accidentally cut off by the Black Ink Clan’s army, so there was no way for us to retreat to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so we had no choice but to collect the remnants of our forces and wander about.”

This was something he was willing to do, but in the heat of the moment, Ouyang Lie was probably too lazy to care about the Human Race’s formation, leading his own army in a rampage, the Black Ink Clan found an opportunity to cut off their retreat.

After learning about this situation, Yang Kai also relaxed slightly.

It had been nearly two hundred years since the No-Return Pass had fallen. After so many years, Ouyang Lie’s subordinates had also gathered a number of people, but just like Huang Xiong’s side, they were all crippled soldiers. Their numbers were slightly higher than Huang Xiong’s, and over the past few years, they had taken in many human race remnants, nearly three thousand army, including two Eighth Order Open Heaven. Besides Ouyang Lie, there was also another named Fei Yuan Long who had not followed them this time.

They also didn’t dare provoke the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass. After all, there was a Royal Lord overseeing this place, so they could only hunt all over the place. As a result, many of the Black Ink Clan’s members suffered heavy casualties.

During this one and a half month, Yang Kai had provoked the enemy outside the No-Return Pass and given them some obscure guidance. If Gong Lian could investigate a few more times, with his intelligence, he would definitely be able to see through them. At that time, as long as he followed the directions, he would be able to contact Huang Xiong and the others.

However, this was the first time he had come here with Ouyang Lie to investigate the situation, so he had revealed his whereabouts, so how could he have time to ponder over Yang Kai’s hint?

“Brother Yang has been wandering around all these years?” Gong Lian asked curiously.

Yang Kai sighed, “It’s a long story.”

Immediately, he briefly explained what he had told Huang Xiong, causing Gong Lian’s eyes to light up.

He had also heard of the River of Time, but even his Master Ouyang Lie had never seen it before, so how could he? He had thought it was an ancient legend, but who would have thought it really existed?

This was good stuff, Gong Lian thought. If he could also enter the River of Time to cultivate, wouldn’t he be able to rapidly increase his cultivation?

However, after thinking about it carefully, the time spent in the River of Time was real, but it was different from the flow of time in the outside world, so it was called a shortcut to the Open Heaven Stage.

In the end, even if there was a River of Time, one still needed to work hard.

Gong Lian immediately lost interest… [MSN: LMAO, this dude too lazy.]

On the other hand, Ouyang Lie attached great importance to the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and asked many questions. Yang Kai naturally answered them one by one, and after learning that Yang Kai had left a way out and that he could find the Celestial Phenomenon Sea again in the future, Ouyang Lie couldn’t help praising him for his meticulousness.

Knowing that there were still some remnants of Huang Xiong’s forces at Azure Void Pass, Ouyang Lie couldn’t sit still.

These past few years, he had not been willing to live such a life of hiding, but he had been forced to do so and had felt extremely depressed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have decisively killed the Territory Lord when he had the opportunity.

Now that they had a chance to escape and return to the 3000 Worlds to meet up with the Human Race’s army, how could they sit still?

However, although his injuries weren’t serious, the previous blade strike had nearly drained him of all his vitality, so it still took him several days to barely recover.

Without any delay, he led Yang Kai to the hiding place of the remnants of their army and gathered his troops to meet up with the Azure Void Pass's remnant army.

In the blink of an eye, the strength of the remnant army increased greatly. The original lineup of only a thousand people had now become more than four thousand. If it weren’t for the fact that the number of Eighth Order masters was too small and only had four people including Yang Kai, this would have been half the strength of a great army!

Everyone wasn’t in a hurry to act. After all, there were too many variables if they couldn’t break through the No-Return Pass, so they needed to plan carefully.

What’s more, Yang Kai also wanted to wait for a while. Perhaps there were other human race remnants who had understood his hint and were about to join up with them.

As the remnants of the army were preparing for their secret mission, the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass finally welcomed a long period of peace.

The Eighth Order Human Race master no longer appeared.

Although the last time he appeared, another Eighth Order Human Race cultivator had appeared and killed an Innate Territory Lord, causing the Black Ink Clan to lose face, it was still better than being played by him every day.

The Territory Lords celebrated.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, what was there to be happy about? During the days when the Eighth Order Human Race had provoked them outside of No-Return Pass, the number of Black Ink Clan masters who had died under his hands had reached a hundred thousand, with more than a thousand of them being Feudal Lords.

Although they had beaten the other party to the point where he had coughed up blood repeatedly and appeared to be in a sorry state, no one knew how serious his injuries were.

The result was disappointing, and the Territory Lords all secretly swore to not let themselves see this human Eighth Order on the battlefield in the future, otherwise they would teach him a lesson.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t give up on their search either. A large number of teams were sent out to search for traces of the Human Race’s Eighth Order, but all of them returned empty-handed. Even if they did find something, none of them went back to report.

More than a month after the Human Race’s army remnants had hidden themselves, more remnants of the Human Race’s forces who had understood Yang Kai’s hint came to meet up.

The remnants of the army had a faint number of five thousand people, but there were still only four Eighth Order.

A single Expelling Black Ink Battleship was already unable to accommodate so many people. Counting all of them, the limit of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s capacity was more than a thousand and five thousand people. Five thousand people have far exceeded this limit

However, there was no way to find a second Expelling Black Ink Battleship now. The battle with the Black Ink Clan had been extremely intense, and while the mountain pass had been destroyed, most of the Expelling Black Ink Battleships had been blown to smithereens, so it was only a matter of luck that one Expelling Black Ink Battleship had survived.


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