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Yang Kai raised his brow and in the next moment, a jade slip appeared in front of him.

Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai immersed his Divine Sense into it and let out a long sigh.

His efforts during this period of time had finally paid off. The Human Race’s remnants who had been lurking outside the No-Return Pass weren’t too stupid, today, the first Human Race remnants had come to find Huang Xiong and safely reunited with him.

Calculating the time, it was obvious that there were some wise men among this group of human race remnants. Perhaps after he had appeared several times outside the No-Return Pass, they had already seen through his subtle guidance, otherwise it would have been impossible to find Huang Xiong and the others so quickly.

There weren’t many Human Race remnants in this group, only a few dozen or so.

However, this was a good start.

Since there was a first remnant army, there would be a second, a third…


Yang Kai felt that he didn’t have much time left.

For the past month or so, he had been doing this every day, and if this went on, it was very likely he would expose his true intentions. The Black Ink Clan wasn’t completely stupid, and if the Black Ink Clan found out his purpose and direction, it would be difficult to clean up the mess.

But now, he had good news.

There was only one Black Ink Clan Royal Lord who stood guard in the No-Return Pass.

Previously, he had been worried that there would be too many Royal Lords here, but now it seemed he had been worrying too much.

Whether it was the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction or the Human Race’s retreat, both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties.

A Royal Lord, and a Ninth Order Old Ancestor, many had fallen.

Yang Kai didn’t know what the situation on the Human Race’s side was like, but he was certain that the strength of the Human Race’s upper echelons had fallen sharply, and the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s upper echelons wouldn’t be good either.

In other words, the current Human Race and Black Ink Clan, whether it was the Royal Lord or Ninth Order, they didn’t have too many, each of them having at least a dozen!

The Black Ink Clan has breached the No-Return Pass and invade the 3000 Worlds, so the Human Race would definitely fight to the death. With the Ninth Order Old Ancestors holding them back, the Royal Lords couldn’t freely withdraw.

Under such circumstances, how could there be so many Royal Lords inside the No-Return Pass?

To be able to leave behind a Royal Lord here was likely because the Black Ink Clan knew the importance of No-Return Pass. This was a gateway that connected the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield. For the Black Ink Clan, since they had already taken over the No-Return Pass, they could not afford to lose it. After all, sooner or later, they would have to pass through this place and return to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to help Black Ink escape.

This situation was good news for Yang Kai.

As for a Royal Lord, he didn’t have too many constraints when it came to handling the situation. Not to mention the fact that he had collected the corpse of the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor and could use it to defend himself, even if he didn’t, he now had the capital to fight against the Royal Lord.

In the following days, Yang Kai would go out of the No-Return Pass every few days to provoke them, each time subtly guiding them in the right direction. Although he didn’t know how many of the Human Race’s remnants would realize this, he still worked hard.

The Black Ink Clan members in the No-Return Pass's side became even more irritable. The repeated encirclement and suppression had made them hate this human race Eighth Order. Every time they thought they were about to succeed, but this human race Eighth Order had used an escape technique and disappeared, causing these Territory Lords to be repeatedly scolded by the Royal Lord for being useless.

The more they were scolded, the more they hated Yang Kai.

One day, as usual, Yang Kai provoked them outside the No-Return Pass, causing more than a dozen Territory Lords to attack him from both sides. His figure flashed back and forth between the Black Ink Clan’s army, not fighting with the Territory Lords at all, choosing instead to target the weak. Wherever the Azure Dragon Spear passed, the Black Ink Clan suffered countless casualties.

As he flew past a black ink cloud, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped as he turned to look at it.

In that instant, he felt a shocking killing intent suddenly awaken from the black ink cloud.

Immediately after, he saw a familiar figure emerge from the black ink cloud. This figure had a head of fiery red hair that seemed to burn like a flame, and was holding a massive machete in both hands.

After a long period of hibernation, the strength of a peak Eighth Order master suddenly erupted, sweeping up a nearby Territory Lord with his blade.

“Die!” As the Eighth Order cultivator roared, the huge blade in his hand also began to burn like a flaming whip. At this moment, even the void was being burnt.

The Territory Lord who was swept up by the blade light was shocked, never having expected there to be an ambush here.

It wasn’t that the Black Ink Clan wasn’t careful enough, it was just that Yang Kai had been fighting alone for so long and had never had a helper. How could they have imagined that someone would be lying in ambush?

Not only did they not expect this, Yang Kai also did not expect this.

This sudden attack was the explosive power of a peak Eighth Order Cultivator who had been accumulating his strength for a long time. In the blink of an eye, this attack had split a powerful Innate Territory Lord in half, causing his Ink Blood to spill out and evaporate.

With such a strike, even the Eighth Order Open Heaven seemed to find it difficult to control and it was already on the verge of surpassing the Eighth Order. After killing the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, he was unable to move.

The other Territory Lords were all shocked, but how could they possibly hold back? One by one, they used their secret techniques to attack him.

Seeing that he was about to die, Yang Kai pulled back and placed a hand on his shoulder, dragging him behind him while holding his spear in one hand.

Energy surged violently, causing the void to tremble and Yang Kai’s mouth to bleed.

However, the Eighth Order behind him shouted, “Yang Boy, this old master is here to help you. Kill this bunch of bastards! Killing one is enough, killing two is a profit!”

Yang Kai swallowed the blood in his mouth and grit his teeth, “I really must thank you for being wise and old!”

Borrowing the force of the Territory Lords’ attacks, Yang Kai quickly retreated, many of the attacks landing on his body, causing him to stumble.

Fortunately, the sudden death of one of the Territory Lords caused the other Territory Lords to tremble in fear, not daring to immediately chase after him, fearing that there would be other ambushes waiting for them, fearing that they would be killed.

In this moment of distraction, Yang Kai had already left.

Not long after, another figure ran out from his hiding place and shouted towards Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, bring me along, I don’t want to stay!”

Yang Kai turned his head to look and almost vomited blood from sadness. Without any other choice, he could only take advantage of the situation and throw himself towards the figure who had appeared.

However, with this delay, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords also regained their composure and chased after him.

Yang Kai desperately gathered his strength and fled.

If he was alone, in this situation, he could easily escape from his pursuers, but now, he was leading a nearly exhausted old man who only knew how to moan and groan. On the other hand, he had a smug look on his face, as if he was proud of killing an Innate Territory Lord, with an invincible Eighth Order Open Heaven, and a Seventh Order cultivator. How could he escape so quickly?

The Territory Lords behind him were closing in on him, constantly using their Secret Techniques to attack him, causing Yang Kai to stumble.

With a flip of his hand, he carried the Eighth Order on his back.

The Eighth Order master's face paled as he gasped for breath, “Yang Boy, I'll get killed like this!”

He was being carried by Yang Kai, so he was the first to suffer the attack.

Yang Kai pretended not to hear.

As the Territory Lords behind him launched a series of fierce attacks, he activated his Space Principle and instantly disappeared.

After several twists and turns, he finally managed to escape from the pursuers. Not daring to stop, he continued forward until half a day later when he found a place to hide.

Putting down the two burdens, Yang Kai slumped to the ground and let out a long sigh.

This trip was truly thrilling…

The Eighth Order master also wanted to fall to the ground, but as soon as he hit the ground, he jumped up again and touched his back, causing the flesh and blood on his back to become blurry and painful.

He suspected that Yang Kai had deliberately carried him behind his back to use him as a shield…

On the other hand, the Seventh Order master bowed towards Yang Kai, “Many thanks for Brother Yang’s life-saving grace.”

Yang Kai looked at him and then at the Eighth Order, suddenly becoming angry as he cursed, “Brother Gong, I know your master doesn’t have a brain, but how could you not have one either? You just jumped out like that? Are you trying to save me or harm me?”

This Seventh Order Open Heaven was none other than Gong Lian, the personal disciple of the Great Evolution Army’s Southern Regiment Commander, Ouyang Lie.

Gong Lian’s aptitude was excellent and his comprehension was excellent, but one of his flaws was that he had a somewhat listless temperament.

When Yang Kai was in the Great Evolution Army, he had also had some contact with him. Every time he saw him, this fellow would always have a drowsy look on his face. Even when the higher-ups were having a meeting, he could still lean against a pillar and fall asleep.

This time, however, it wasn’t the case. It was likely that the life-threatening situation just now had shocked him.

Being reprimanded by Yang Kai, Gong Lian could only smile awkwardly, too embarrassed to say anything.

On the other hand, Ouyang Lie was unhappy and glared at Yang Kai, “Little brat, what are you talking about? What do you mean this old master doesn’t have a brain?”

Patting his head, he asked, “Can’t you see this old master’s big head?”

Yang Kai looked at him and couldn’t help thinking of Xiang Shan and Mi Jinglun.

The heads of these two were filled with schemes while Ouyang Lie’s mind was filled with water…

He let out a long sigh. The comparisons were odious!

Ouyang Lie was furious for a moment before suddenly grinning, “Little brat, when did you break through to the Eighth Order? Your cultivation speed is truly amazing.”

Turning to Gong Lian, he reprimanded him, “Little brat, you should learn from him. Yang Kai advanced to the Seventh Order later than you, but now he’s already an Eighth Order. What about you?”

Gong Lian pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

After Ouyang Lie scolded him, he forgot about it and turned to Yang Kai, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, this old master wouldn’t have believed it. When you were chased away from the battlefield by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, this old master was worried for a while and didn’t know if you would survive. After that, there was no news of you. Smiles Old Ancestor was worried sick.”

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, many people had seen Yang Kai being chased by the Royal Lord, but the Old Ancestors had no way to help him. Only a few Eighth Order masters had managed to escape and rush to help him, but Yang Kai and the Goathead Royal Lord had run too fast, so the Eighth Order masters had lost track of them and had no choice but to return to the battlefield to continue fighting with the Black Ink Clan.

Everyone who saw this scene thought Yang Kai was doomed. After all, a Seventh Order being pursued by a Royal Lord, so what if he was proficient in Space Principle? With such a great disparity in strength, there was no way for Yang Kai to escape.

But now that he saw Yang Kai again, not only was he full of vitality, he had even broken through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven. This made Ouyang Lie very surprised.


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