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This situation reminded Yang Kai of when he first arrived at the Ink Battlefield.

Back then, when he first entered the Ink Battlefield, he had directly appeared in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands and had no choice but to disguise himself as a Black Ink Disciple and follow a High Rank Black Ink Clan master.

Yang Kai still vaguely remembered that the High Rank Black Ink Clan member was called Angry Flame. Angry Flame didn;t bother to remember tha name of the human race, and because of his strength, he was given the name Jia Yi…

In addition to him, there were also Yi Er, Bing San, Ding Si, Wu Wu and others.

Thinking back to the past, the past was like a smoke.

Counting the time he had spent in the River of Time, this was nearly five thousand years ago.

Following behind Angry Flame and disguising himself as a Black Ink Disciple, Yang Kai was unable to escape. Fortunately, under the leadership of the Old Ancestor, the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass attacked the territory of the Black Ink Clan. In the chaotic battle, Angry Flame died, allowing Yang Kai to escape and meet Feng Ying.

Afterwards, he and Feng Ying collected a large number of Human Race remnants and slaughtered their way back to Blue Sky Pass from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland.

Ning Qizhi, Qi Taichu, Shen Ao, and the others were the ones he had rescued from the Black Ink Clan.

Of these three, Qi Taichu and Ning Qizhi had both died in battle, and it was unknown if Shen Ao was still alive.

But now, he needed to lead Huang Xiong, Lin Qi, and the rest of the Human Race’s remnants to kill their way to the No-Return Pass, which was quite similar to the situation back then.

The difference was that Blue Sky Pass was controlled by the Human Race at the time, but now the No-Return Pass was in the hands of the Black Ink Clan. Although his strength was many times stronger than before, the danger this time was incomparable to last time.

Moving alone, Yang Kai soon arrived at the outskirts of the No-Return Pass.

This was his second time here.

The further he went, the heavier Yang Kai’s mood became, because he had never been able to sense anything from the Dragon Pond.

The Dragon Pond was the foundation of the Dragon Race and was hidden in a mysterious and unknown place. Ordinary people would not be able to see it, and only Dragon Race masters could open the Dragon Pond’s entrance and allow the Dragon Race’s younger generation to cultivate inside.

Now that he hadn’t been able to sense the Dragon Pond, it meant that the Dragon CLan is no longer exist in the No-Return Pass, and the Dragon Emperor statues used to host the ceremony would no longer exist there anymore.

In the void, there was a black ink cloud. Yang Kai quickly hid inside it and concealed his aura.

There were a number of Black Ink Clan teams coming and going outside, but it was difficult to detect his presence.

Looking towards the direction of the No-Return Pass, it was too far away, and with the obstruction of the black ink clouds, it was difficult to see clearly.

However, just as Lin Qi had said, the Ink Force envelope the No-Return Pass, and many dead Universe World had been moved here by the Black Ink Clan. On these dead Universe World, there were at least a dozen or even hundreds of Ink Nest.

More and more Black Ink Clan members were being born from the Ink Nest, gathering towards the direction of the No-Return Pass.

Outside the Ink Nest, many Black Ink Clans were busy transporting supplies.

The Black Ink Clan was currently nurturing their forces on a large scale. On the way here, Yang Kai had discovered that the universe world he had encountered along the way was being mined. In the past, there had been many unexploited universe worlds in the void, but now it was difficult to find them. Wherever the Black Ink Clan’s army passed, the resources contained in these dead universe world had been mined.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai raised his finger and gently rubbed his left eye.

Eye Opening!

A golden cross appeared, and Yang Kai’s eyes pierced through the layers of Ink Force to see what was inside.

In the next moment, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly.

Behind the blockade of Ink Force, he saw one human race mountain pass after another, at least seventy or eighty of them.

There were a total of one hundred and eight human race mountain passes, corresponding to one hundred and eight Cave Heaven Paradise.

During the expedition, not a single one of these mountain passes had fallen, and all of them gathered outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. At that time, the Human Race’s forces were the strongest and most powerful.

However, in the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race army was no match for them. On the way out, some of the mountain passes were either cut off or destroyed, scattered in the void.

In the end, less than eighty of them managed to retreat to the No-Return Pass.

Now, every mountain pass was in tatters, some of which had even been shattered, leaving behind only some broken fragments.

Although he hadn’t personally experienced it, seeing the miserable state of these mountain passes, it wasn’t difficult for Yang Kai to imagine what kind of shocking battle they had experienced outside the No-Return Pass.

In this kind of battle, even Ninth Order Ancestors and Royal Lord-level masters of the Black Ink Clan would likely fall.

Now, these broken mountain passes had been placed on the periphery of the No-Return Pass, becoming a warm bed for the Ink Nest. Each of these mountain passes had an Ink Nest stationed there.

Looking further, Yang Kai found that the No-Return Pass was somewhat different from before. There were traces of battle everywhere, but Yang Kai didn’t see the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree.

It was unknown if the Phoenix Clan’s Sacred Object had been taken away.

It should have been taken away. This treasure was extremely important to the Phoenix Clan and was the foundation of the Phoenix Clan. If the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree was gone, the Phoenix Clan would likely be exterminated.

So no matter what, the Phoenix Clan couldn’t allow the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree to be destroyed.

Behind the No-Return Pass was the gate that led to the 3000 Worlds. The last time Yang Kai had come here, he hadn’t paid much attention to this gate. With just a casual glance, he could tell that this gate was covered in many restrictions and couldn’t be opened easily.

But now, this gate seemed to have been torn apart by a powerful force, turning into a massive black hole. From afar, it looked like a hole had been opened in the void.

From this hole, Yang Kai could clearly feel the Space Force fluctuations.

The Black Ink Clan had used this gate to invade the 3000 Worlds!

Yang Kai’s hair stood on end. At this moment, it was difficult for him to see the situation inside the 3000 Worlds unless he killed his way back.

However, the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had only been over five hundred years since then. The Human Race had been defeated and had no way to retreat. They had once again fought a great battle with the Black Ink Clan and were forced to retreat.

Strictly speaking, the Black Ink Clan’s invasion of the 3000 Worlds was not considered long, at most less than two hundred years, or even shorter.

In such a short period of time, the Black Ink Clan might not have developed much, and the Human Race might even be able to kill them!

Currently, there was no point in thinking about these things. The most important thing now was to lead Huang Xiong and the others to break through the Black Ink Clan’s blockade.

He also wanted to gather the scattered Human Race remnants!

After a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up. Originally, he had been silently observing his surroundings, carefully concealing himself, but now that he had activated his eye power, his gaze became extremely aggressive.

In the next moment, a powerful Divine Sense suddenly swept over from the pass.

The Divine Sense of a Royal Lord!

There would definitely be a Royal Lord overseeing the No-Return Pass, but no one knew exactly how many there were. Right now, Yang Kai wanted to understand this point, so he didn’t hesitate to expose himself.

The probing of eye power was also a form of provocation!

If it was an ordinary Eighth Order cultivator, how could they dare act so recklessly? They would definitely be digging their own grave.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid. When he was at the Seventh Order, he had escaped from the hands of the Goathead Royal Lord. Now that he was at the Eighth Order, he had the ability to resist the Royal Lord, so what if the Royal Lord came out?

Now that he had attracted the attention of the Royal Lord, Yang Kai no longer had any intention of concealing himself. Instead, he rushed out from the black ink cloud he was hiding in and rushed straight towards the No-Return Pass.

The Royal Lord had obviously noticed this as well, and the aura coming from his Divine Sense was clearly somewhat violent. If it weren’t for the fact that he was too far away, he would have directly used his Divine Sense to teach Yang Kai a lesson.

However, the distance between them was simply too great. The Royal Lord could detect Yang Kai’s position, but it was difficult for him to do anything to him.

After a moment, the Royal Lord withdrew his Divine Sense.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s momentum was like a rainbow as he continued forward, constantly pushing his own aura to its peak. Wherever he went, the void would tremble and a great commotion would spread.

If he wanted to gather the remnants of the Human Race, he would have to make some noise, otherwise Yang Kai wouldn’t know how to contact them.

Along with the stimulation of his aura, Yang Kai seemed to transform into a dazzling meteor as he brazenly charged towards the No-Return Pass.

From afar, the black ink clouds on the other side of the No-Return Pass roiled as a team from the Black Ink Clan came out to greet him, led by two Innate Territory Lords.

The Eighth Order Human Race wasn’t easy to deal with, so the Black Ink Clan sent out two Territory Lords to meet the enemy, along with more than ten thousand Black Ink Clan masters, many of whom were Feudal Lords. Such a lineup was enough to deal with any Eighth Order Human Race.

Yang Kai’s arrogance caused the two Territory Lords to be both angry and bewildered.

Over the past few years, they had indeed noticed that there were still some Human Race remnants on this side of the Ink Battlefield, but under the siege of the Black Ink Clan army, which of these Human Race remnants hadn’t been hiding in fear of exposing their whereabouts? Today, someone had actually dared to act so arrogantly.

They were also cautious and were afraid that there would be some kind of ambush nearby. On one hand, they were investigating the movements of their surroundings while on the other, they were commanding the ten thousand Black Ink Clan subordinates to face the enemy.

Not long after, the two forces collided in mid-air. Yang Kai’s spear swung back and forth, causing the entire Black Ink Clan to collapse and even the Feudal Lords to be reduced to dust.

In the blink of an eye, nearly a thousand members of the Black Ink Clan had died.

After confirming that there were no ambushes nearby, the two Territory Lords couldn’t hold back any longer and attacked Yang Kai from both sides.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai felt as if he had been struck in the left and right, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood as his aura weakened.

He didn’t bother thinking about fighting, instead choosing to find an opportunity to escape from the battlefield and flee into the distance.

The two Territory Lords naturally wouldn’t let this matter rest so easily, leading their Black Ink Clan subordinates to pursue him.

However, how could they possibly catch up to him? In less than half an hour, they had lost sight of Yang Kai and could only return resentfully.

After reporting their encounter with the enemy, the Royal Lord who was guarding the No-Return Pass frowned slightly.

The Black Ink Clan knew that the Human Race had a number of remnant soldiers. Over the years, they had besieged many of them, but the number of Eighth Order was still very small.

Regardless of whether they were Territory Lords or Eighth Order, they were the most powerful forces of the two races. Although Ninth Order and Royal Lords were powerful, their numbers weren’t great, and Eighth Order and Territory Lords were the true pillars of strength.

Because of this, once an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator come, the Black Ink Clan would definitely try to kill him to weaken the strength of the Human Race.

On the Human Race’s side, it was not easy to produce an Eighth Order master. The more they killed, the weaker the Human Race’s strength would become.

As such, on the Human Race’s side, other than the Eighth Order who had followed the army back to the 3000 Worlds, there weren’t many Eighth Order scattered around the Ink Battlefield. Most of them had been killed.


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