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“Besides you, is there anyone else?” Huang Xiong asked again. Although he had guessed that Primordial Pass was probably gone when he first saw them, otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to not be stationed inside the pass and instead wander about in the void, when he heard Lin Qi’s words, he still felt uncomfortable.

The Human Race’s hundred or so mountain passes, it's unknown how many have been lost.

Lin Qi shook his head.

He didn’t know if there was anyone else here, but the situation at Primordial Pass was similar to Azure Void Pass. Both of them had been forced to retreat on the road to the No-Return Pass and had been pursued by the Black Ink Clan’s army. In the end, they had no choice but to leave Primordial Pass behind to cover their retreat and suffer a terrible fate.

Everyone knew that those who stayed behind to cover the retreat would not have a good end, but under the pursuit of the Black Ink Clan army, this was the only way to preserve the majority of the Human Race’s forces.

On the day Primordial Pass was breached, the Old Ancestor and Eighth Order Garrison Chief had all died, with only Lin Qi and the others managing to escape. Since then, they had been hiding in the void.

Originally, there were several hundred of them.

However, after all these years of pursuit by the Black Ink Clan, there were only a dozen or so teams left, over a hundred people remaining.

If they hadn’t met Yang Kai by chance today, all of them would have been wiped out. Three powerful Black Ink Clan Innate Territory Lords working together with an army of nearly ten thousand would have been enough to take them all down.

“What about the No-Return Pass, what’s the situation there? Do you know?” Yang Kai asked again, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Lin Qi’s expression darkened, “No-Return Pass was broken.” [MSN: Well, they still have the Ink Giant Spiritual God.]

“What?” Huang Xiong exclaimed.

Even No-Return Pass was breached?

There were two Dragon and Phoenix Clans guarding that place, and it was also the gateway between the Ink Battlefield and the 3000 Worlds. If the gateway was broken, what would become of the 3000 Worlds?

Huang Xiong didn’t dare to continue thinking!

Yang Kai, on the other hand, let out a sigh, faintly anticipating this.

In fact, when he first met Lin Qi and the others, he already had some ideas. If No-Return Pass was still there, how could Lin Qi and the others have wandered in the void? They would definitely have fought with the Black Ink Clan with the protection of the No-Return Pass.

With two Ink Giant Spiritual God working together, as well as many Black Ink Clan Royal Lords and countless Black Ink Clan armies, even if the No-Return Pass had the Dragon and Phoenix Clans guarding it, and even if the Human Race army retreated to defend it, it would still be difficult to ensure their safety.

Along the way, Huang Xiong had been looking forward to the No-Return Pass being able to stop the Black Ink Clan’s advance, but now that he heard that the No-Return Pass had been breached, he suddenly felt a bit distracted.

It wasn’t that his cultivation wasn’t high enough, but when he thought about how the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds, he couldn’t help shuddering.

For a time, Huang Xiong didn’t know what to do with these remnants of his army. Although they were willing to die, their deaths have to worth it. They couldn’t just foolishly rush into fight, if they really did so, it would be a meaningless sacrifice.

On the other hand, Yang Kai calmed himself down and looked towards Lin Qi, asking, “Did you see the No-Return Pass being broken?”

Lin Qi shook his head and said, “Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I’ve observed the No-Return Pass from a distance. Right now, the Ink Force is enveloping the entire No-Return Pass, and there are many Ink Nest that have been moved there by the Black Ink Clan on the periphery. Moreover, there were some conflicts over there a few years ago, but now it’s completely peaceful. If the No-Return Pass hadn’t been broken, the situation between the two races would never have been so peaceful.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. If there really was a human race on the No-Return Pass, they would definitely have to fight with the Black Ink Clan. Since there was no conflict now, it meant that the situation in the No-Return Pass had stabilized.

The Black Ink Clan had conquered that place!

This is a terrible news.

If the Black Ink Clan conquered the No-Return Pass, they must have invade the 3000 Worlds. This was also the ultimate goal of the Black Ink Clan over the past million years, because each of the 3000 Worlds’ great domains was flourishing and rich in World Force and resources.

As long as the Black Ink Clan could occupy these great domains, they would have endless resources to use and countless human cultivators to transform them into Black Ink Disciples.

The power of the Black Ink Clan would only grow stronger as time passed!

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “The most important thing right now is to inquire about the situation over there. Even if that place has been occupied by the Black Ink Clan, we still need to know their strength.”

Originally, if No-Return Pass was still in the hands of the Dragon and Phoenix Clan, he could lead Huang Xiong and the others to find an opportunity to break through the Black Ink Clan camp and meet up with the Human Race army.

Now that the No-Return Pass is breached, they could only return to the 3000 Worlds.

However, if he wanted to return to the 3000 Worlds, No-Return Pass was an unavoidable door, so no matter what, he had to first figure out how many Black Ink Clan masters there were on the other side.

Not to mention, as long as there were more than three Royal Lords overseeing this place, they could forget about returning to the 3000 Worlds through the No-Return Pass.

If it was only two, he could think of a way.

Yang Kai had collected the corpse of the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor, so he could use it here.

Although the Old Ancestor had died, using his corpse to fight with the Black Ink Clan was also his final wish.

“In addition, there may be many human race remnants like Brother Lin, so we need to find a way to gather them together.”

There was only one chance to return to the 3000 Worlds. If they didn’t take these remnants with them and leave them here in the Ink Battlefield, they would sooner or later die at the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

Moreover, the more people gathered here, the greater their chances of breaking through.

Lin Qi immediately nodded and said, “There are indeed some. Over the past few years, we have seen traces of great battles and even felt the fluctuations of great battles, but the void is vast, so we don’t know where they are hiding.”

Huang Xiong finally came back to his senses and said, “No matter where we hide, as humans, we definitely want to return to the 3000 Worlds. It’s very likely that they would monitor the No-Return Pass to observe the situation. As long as we make some noise outside the pass, it won’t be difficult to contact them.”

Yang Kai agreed, “Garrison Chief Huang is right.”

Whether it was returning to the 3000 Worlds or contacting the scattered remnants of the Human Race, No-Return Pass was the key, so everyone didn’t hesitate to take a short break before heading back to the No-Return Pass.

Over the years, Lin Qi and the others had been hiding in the Ink Battlefield and had encountered many bitter battles. Not only had they lost a lot of manpower, but they had also almost run out of resources. If it weren’t for this, their Battleships wouldn’t have been unable to be repaired. It was because they had run out of supplies that their Battleships had become ragged.

Now, after meeting up with Yang Kai and the others, all of their original Battleships had been brought up and under Yang Kai’s supervision, many Artifact Refiners and Array Masters had joined forces to repair them. After receiving some pills from Huang Xiong, they began to conserve their strength.

In the blink of an eye, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship passed by a dilapidated Universe World. At a glance, Yang Kai saw a majestic city standing atop the Universe World, but this city had been ravaged by the flames of war and was in ruins.

Although it had been hundreds of years since then, the cruelty of the war was still apparent.

This was the location of the Black Ink Clan’s King City. Inside the King City, the collapsed Royal Lord-level Ink Nest remain were still there.

Yang Kai took out the Universe Chart and compared it with his own, confirming that this place had originally belonged to Nine Stars Pass.

This Black Ink Clan’s King City had already been destroyed when the Human Race’s great army had invaded, and now that it was in ruins, there was no chance of survival.

After arriving here, it wouldn’t be too far away from No-Return Pass.

Originally, he had been looking forward to encountering some Human Race remnants like Lin Qi and the others along the way, but along the way, not to mention Human Race remnants, even the Black Ink Clan couldn’t be seen.

The Black Ink Clan had conquered the No-Return Pass and sent their army straight to the 3000 Worlds, so how could they have the time to care about the remnants of the Human Race forces on the Ink Battlefield?

Even if there were Black Ink Clans here, there wouldn’t be too many of them.

Thinking so, Yang Kai faintly felt that the Black Ink Clan on the No-Return Pass should not put too much force. The Human Race’s army had already retreated into the 3000 Worlds, so it was meaningless for the Black Ink Clan to put too much force on No-Return Pass.

If they wanted to go through No-Return Pass, it was not impossible.

After another half a year, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship arrived in the void where the Nine Stars Pass had once stood. Of course, Nine Stars Pass was no longer here, and this place was also vast and empty.

However, now that they were here, they needed to be more careful. Although the Black Ink Clan didn’t have a lot of forces stationed at the No-Return Pass, if they wanted to wipe out the Human Race’s remnant forces, it definitely wouldn’t be too little.

Sure enough, as they continued forward, they soon encountered a number of teams from the Black Ink Clan. There were at least a thousand of them, and at most ten thousand of them were randomly flying through the void, seemingly searching for something.

Yang Kai had set up many Spirit Arrays on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, allowing it to fly silently and cover the entire area with an Illusion Array. As long as one didn’t deliberately investigate, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to discover it.

However, the actions of the Black Ink Clan undoubtedly revealed an extremely important piece of information. There were indeed remnants of the Human Race fleeing nearby, otherwise, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be searching around like this.

How to contact them now was a headache.

A few months later, they were getting closer to the No-Return Pass.

A broken piece of Universe World flew through the air, neither fast nor slow as it approached the No-Return Pass.

At a certain moment, the broken Universe World seemed to encounter some kind of resistance and stopped.

Inside the Universe World Fragment, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was placed in a hollow position, which allowed it to conceal itself. The reason this broken Universe World was able to fly through the void was because Yang Kai had set up some Spirit Arrays inside it that allowed it to operate.

At this moment, Yang Kai was ready to leave while Huang Xiong warned, “Be careful, there will definitely be a Royal Lord guarding the No-Return Pass.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Don’t worry, Garrison Chief Huang, I’ll have to trouble you to look after this place. I’ll try to rush back as soon as possible.”

Saying so, he flashed out of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, looked around for a moment, and quickly approached the No-Return Pass.

This place was only a month or two away from the No-Return Pass, and if they continued forward, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship might not be able to conceal itself. Without knowing the enemy’s situation, Yang Kai didn’t dare let the Expelling Black Ink Battleship get too close to the No-Return Pass, lest it expose its whereabouts.

Therefore, after a brief discussion with Huang Xiong, he decided to let him go alone to check out the situation. If he was alone, he would have no worries and could fight or flee, making it more suitable for him to gather intelligence.


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