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After asking this question, Huang Xiong felt that it was a bit abrupt, so he continued, “If it’s not convenient to say, Martial Nephew can pretend I didn’t ask.”

After all, some things involved the secrets of a cultivator, so it wasn’t appropriate to inquire about them.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “There’s nothing inconvenient about it. I was able to break through to the Eighth Order so quickly because of some good fortune.” Pausing for a moment, he asked, “May I ask how many years has it been since the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Huang Xiong looked at him strangely. Although he didn’t know why Yang Kai would ask such a question, he still answered, “Five hundred and twelve years.”

“Five hundred and twelve years…” Yang Kai raised his brow. This amount of time was somewhat different from what he had estimated, but the difference wasn’t big.

In the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, the hardest part to calculate was the four thousand years he had spent in the River of Time, because the ratio of the River of Time to the outside world seemed to be different.

However, he could still calculate the other times.

In order to find the River of Time to cultivate, he had spent more than a hundred years, and after that, it had taken him nearly two hundred years to escape from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

In other words, he had cultivated in the River of Time for about two hundred years.

These two hundred years was equivalent to four thousand years of cultivation. On average, there was a twenty-fold difference in the flow of time compared to what he had estimated.

Calming his mind, Yang Kai used the Pill Condensing Art and put away the pill furnace in front of him before handing it over to Huang Xiong. This time, Huang Xiong took one pill and swallowed it before handing it over to the soldiers behind him.

With a slightly complicated expression, Yang Kai said, “Five hundred and twelve years in the outside world, but Garrison Chief Huang doesn't know. I’ve been cultivating somewhere for more than four thousand years.”

Huang Xiong was shocked, “Four thousand years? How…”

Suddenly remembering something, he asked in surprise, “The River of Time?”

He had obviously heard of the rumors about the River of Time. If there was a place in this world that could make Yang Kai experience such a bizarre encounter, then there was only one possibility.

It was rumored that the flow of time in the River of Time was different from the outside world. Perhaps only a year had passed in the outside world after cultivating for ten or a hundred years.

However, many Open Heaven masters had heard of this rumor, but none of them had actually seen the River of Time.

If that was the case, it wouldn’t be strange for Yang Kai to be able to break through to the Eighth Order so quickly.

Yang Kai’s aptitude wasn’t bad, and four thousand years of cultivation was more than enough for his strength to increase by a level.

Yang Kai nodded, “It is indeed the River of Time. Back then, outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, I was targeted by a Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan. Many Old Ancestors and Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs all had their own opponents, so I had no choice but to flee. Originally, I planned to pass through the Ancient Battlefield and escape to the No-Return Pass, borrowing the strength of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans to deal with the Royal Lord, but my plans were not as good as Heaven’s plans, so I lost my way there…”

Even with Huang Xiong’s Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation and calm temperament, hearing Yang Kai say he was lost made him want to laugh.

When one’s strength reached the Seventh or Eighth Order, if they had the Universe Chart, even if they were to travel through the vast void, they wouldn’t get lost.

However, the space where the Ink Battlefield was located was filled with too many mysteries and unknowns to be judged by common sense.

Especially when Yang Kai was being chased by a master, it was understandable for him to panic.

Yang Kai then talked about the Celestial Phenomenon Mist, about how he had escaped death several times under the hands of his Goathead Royal Lord, and finally about the mysteries of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

Hearing this, Huang Xiong’s eyes lit up and his expression became excited.

Yang Kai could tell that the Celestial Phenomenon Sea was a treasure trove, so how could he not know this point.

There were many Daos hidden in the undercurrents of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, which could save a cultivator countless years of bitter cultivation, not to mention the existence of the River of Time, which is a shortcut to the Open Heaven Stage's cultivation.

“Where is that Celestial Phenomenon Sea? Can you still find it?” Huang Xiong asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “Along the way, I’ve left my mark on the periphery of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, and I’ve also left behind the Universe Formation.”

Huang Xiong said excitedly, “Good! Such a treasure will definitely be used by my Human Race in the future!”

However, after a moment of excitement, his expression became gloomy. With the current situation, it was impossible for them to go to the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. The Human Race’s current situation was not good.

“What was the final result of the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction? Why was Azure Void Pass breached here?” After answering Huang Xiong’s doubts, Yang Kai asked.

He had been chased out of the battlefield by the Goathead Royal Lord not long after the battle began, so he had no idea what happened after that.

Hearing this, Huang Xiong sighed heavily, “In that battle… the Human Race lost!”

Yang Kai’s heart sank.

In truth, he had already expected that if the Human Race won, Azure Void Pass would not be in such a state.

“Ink Giant Spiritual God?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

On the battlefield outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, if there were any variables, it could only be the Ink Giant Spiritual God. During the early stages of the battle, this ancient existence, Black Ink, had been trying its best to maintain the balance of the battlefield, so there weren’t many Royal Lords who had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, maintaining a roughly equal number to the Human Race's Old Ancestors.

It wasn’t that it didn’t want to defeat the Human Race, but rather that it wanted to change its balance.

In the beginning, neither the Human Race nor Cang understood Black Ink’s true intentions.

However, when Ink Giant Spiritual God appeared, its intentions were immediately exposed.

The corpses of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had died on the battlefield and the dissipating Ink Force had all been transformed into an arm of the Ink Giant Spiritual God. The Ink Giant Spiritual God had destroyed the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction from the inside out. At the last moment, if Cang hadn’t used the jade pendant left behind by Mu to forcefully seal the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and put Black Ink to sleep, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would have been completely torn apart and Black Ink would have escaped.

If such a situation really occurred, the Human Race would not just lose the war, they would probably be completely wiped out.

The number of Royal Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction wasn’t high, and the Human Race’s Ninth Order Masters were more than enough to deal with them. As for the Territory Lords, the Eighth Order Masters could also deal with them, but if they lost that battle, there was only one possibility, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was too strong!

When Yang Kai had fled that year, he had seen several Ninth Order Human Race masters working together to resist the Ink Giant Spiritual God, otherwise, the Goathead Royal Lord wouldn’t have been able to deal with him.

At that time, he had taken a quick glance and found that the Human Race’s Old Ancestors were still struggling, and that was still the Ink Giant Spiritual God whose lower body had been severed by the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. How strong would a complete Ink Giant Spiritual God be?

Huang Xiong nodded solemnly, “It is indeed the Ink Giant Spiritual God! If there was only one, although the Human Race’s army was in a difficult situation, it was not impossible for them to fight. However, that kind of existence… appeared again later!”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, “Two Ink Giant Spiritual God?”

Where did this fellow come from? Before the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction closed, only one Ink Giant Spiritual God had rushed out, but its waist had been cut off by the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so how did the second one appear?

Could it be that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was opened again?

Huang Xiong calmly said, “I also don’t know where the second Ink Giant Spiritual God came from, but it suddenly appeared from behind the army and destroyed a mountain pass, completely routing the Human Race!”

“From behind!” Yang Kai suddenly became absent-minded.

Why would a Ink Giant Spiritual God suddenly appear from behind the army?

Although the Ink Giant Spiritual God was a creature created based on the Giant Spiritual God Race, it was essentially no different from a real Giant Spiritual God.

If such a massive creature was lying in ambush behind them, it was impossible for the Human Race to not notice it.

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat, “The second Ink Giant Spiritual God came from the direction of the Ancient Battlefield?”

Huang Xiong nodded, “Yes!”

Yang Kai sucked in a breath of cold air, “I have a rough idea of the origin of the second Ink Giant Spiritual God.”

Huang Xiong was surprised, “You know?”

Even now, he still couldn’t figure out how this second Ink Giant Spiritual God had appeared, and even the Azure Void Pass' Old Ancestor couldn’t figure out, how did Yang Kai know this.

Yang Kai said bitterly, “If I’m not mistaken, it came from the Ancient Battlefield. On the way here, Smiles Old Ancestor and I encountered a Giant Spiritual God…”

On the way through the Ancient Battlefield, Yang Kai saw a Giant Spiritual God running across the battlefield, wielding a giant bone club as if it was fighting an invisible enemy.

At that time, Smiles Old Ancestor had gone to investigate with him and was nearly accidentally injured by the Giant Spiritual God.

Smiles Old Ancestor had once speculated that the Giant Spiritual God had died from exhaustion while fighting a powerful enemy, the Giant Spiritual God was a simple-minded race. Even though it had died, its powerful physique still maintained its instinct to kill enemies as it rushed through the battlefield.

At that time, Yang Kai was quite moved, thinking that the Giant Spiritual God was either hunting enemies or saving people.

Because with the strength of the Giant Spiritual God, even if it couldn’t defeat any powerful enemy, it could easily escape, but instead of fleeing, it died in battle.

But now, it seemed that if his current thoughts were correct, the Giant Spiritual God was not what he had imagined.

This Giant Spiritual God was also Ink Giant Spiritual God that Black Ink had created a long time ago. In this era, it was likely that Cang and the others had sealed it before the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

When the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was activated, Black Ink had used some unknown method to awaken it from the ancient battlefield and kill the Human Race army from behind!

Although he had not personally witnessed that battle, Yang Kai could still imagine how desperate and helpless the Human Race would be when the second Ink Giant Spiritual God stepped onto the battlefield!

Originally, the strength of the Royal Lord and the Ninth Order Ancestor were equal, but the two Ink Giant Spiritual God can hold a dozen Ninth Order at the very least.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, it was equivalent to having more than a dozen new Royal Lords, no one can hold them!

Once they started a massacre on the battlefield, who could stop them?

In such a massive battlefield, the collapse of any force at any level could cause a chain reaction, causing the situation to become worse.

Huang Xiong couldn’t help asking, “Is it as you said, that second Ink Giant Spiritual God was the one you saw before?”

Yang Kai said, “Other than that, there’s no other possibility.”

Huang Xiong was speechless, his expression filled with grief.


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