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It wasn’t until this moment that the Tusk Territory Lord, who had been sent flying, crashed into a dilapidated house and smashed it to pieces.



Blood dripped down and splashed onto the ground.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

In the Azure Void Pass’ square, Yang Kai held his spear with one hand, and on top of his spear was a curvy body. The spear pierced through that body and black blood dripped down.

All kinds of Daos intertwined and formed a strange balance in her body, but the owner of this body could feel that this balance was very fragile, and if there was even the slightest bit of abnormality, it would be broken. Once this balance was broken, the many Dao powers would explode, and what awaited her would be eternal damnation.

“You…” On the Azure Dragon Spear, the Charming Territory Lord stared at Yang Kai with a complicated expression, her eyes like spring water, pitiful and filled with disbelief.

It was as if she hadn’t expected that a dignified Territory Lord like her wouldn’t even be able to withstand a single blow from her opponent.

Her figure was much smaller than the Tusk Territory Lord's. When the Tusk Territory Lord charged towards the enemy just now, she had also used a Secret Technique to follow him like a shadow. With the help of the Tusk Territory Lord’s aura and physical body, she had quietly closed in on the enemy.

These Territory Lords had never had any intention of underestimating an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator. This was a lesson they had learned from the various battlefields outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Therefore, although it seemed like the Tusk Territory Lord had charged forward alone, it was actually a joint attack from the three Territory Lords.

The Charming Territory Lord hid behind her companion while the Bird Claw Territory Lord exerted his pressure and used his Divine Sense to attract the enemy’s attention.

This was not the first time the three Territory Lords had worked together to take down Azure Void Pass and kill several Eighth Order Human Race masters.

This was also the reason why the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had intentionally left the three of them behind, because they were strong enough to deal with any possible dangers.

With this kind of coordination, they had never made any mistakes, so it could be said they had never failed.

However, something went wrong this time!

The Tusk Territory Lord was sent flying in the next instant, while the Charming Territory Lord who was following closely behind was pierced through by the spear. The Bird Claw Territory Lord’s eyes narrowed as he didn’t dare act rashly.

He could sense that the other party’s spear still contained a violent power that had yet to erupt. If he were to act rashly, the Charming Territory Lord would immediately die.

Although they were shocked by the strength of this human Eighth Order, they had won!

At this moment, the Charming Territory Lord looked extremely miserable. She had been struck by Yang Kai’s spear and her chest had been pierced through, but it wasn’t as if she hadn’t done anything at all. Her jade white hand had also stabbed into Yang Kai’s chest and grabbed his heart. One could almost feel the powerful beating of his heart!

She only needed to exert a bit of strength to crush this human race Eighth Order’s heart and kill him.

However, she did not do so. Instead, she quietly stared into Yang Kai’s eyes and suddenly smiled, “You’re very strong!”

She couldn’t bear to kill such a powerful human race Eighth Order.

The Ink Force filled the air and poured into Yang Kai’s body, and in the blink of an eye, a pitch-black power spread out from his body.

She wanted to turn this powerful enemy into her own Black Ink Disciple!

Her strength was not weak to begin with, so if she had this Black Ink Disciple to protect her, she would be like a tiger with wings.

Yang Kai didn’t move, as if he was worried about something.

The Ink Force quickly corroded him and even his eyes turned black.


The nervous Bird Claw Territory Lord let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to see his companion die here, but now that the enemy had been turned into Black Ink Disciple and another great general had appeared on his side, this was undoubtedly the best outcome.

“Put me down!” The Charming Territory Lord ordered, her tone gentle, as if she was speaking to her lover.

“Good!” Yang Kai replied.

The Charming Territory Lord suddenly felt that something was wrong and let out a fierce roar as she gripped Yang Kai’s heart tightly.

However, before she could crush her enemy’s heart, all kinds of mysterious energy erupted from her body. In that instant, numerous Daos filled the air, causing the Charming Territory Lord’s enchanting body to swell into a ball before exploding!

Blood rained down as pieces of flesh flew everywhere!

The Charming Territory Lord’s body exploded into a bloody flower.

The sudden turn of events shocked the Bird Claw Territory Lord, only now realizing that the enemy was not afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force.

Yang Kai had already appeared next to him like a ghost, his long spear dancing in the air as it flew towards him.

The Bird Claw Territory Lord let out a fierce roar as his Ink Force surged, transforming his claws and wings into sharp weapons to fight Yang Kai.

Blood spurted out, and in that instant, both Yang Kai and the Bird Claw Territory Lord were covered in wounds from the other party’s attacks. The situation seemed to be evenly matched, but the Bird Claw Territory Lord’s heart went cold.

He wasn’t a match for his opponent, and this human race Eighth Order obviously wanted to end this battle quickly, so he had no intention of defending at all. He simply wanted to risk his life.

In just three breaths of time, the two figures separated.

Bird Claw Territory Lord gasped for breath, his face filled with fear. There were hundreds of spear wounds all over his body, and there was not a single part of his body that was intact. If this was all there was to it, it would have been fine, but the key was that these wounds contained all kinds of strange energies that affected his Ink Force, causing his strength to weaken as he fought.

At this moment, a loud roar rang out and a tall figure rushed out from the side, arriving behind Yang Kai in the blink of an eye. Opening his two large hands, the figure rushed towards Yang Kai.

It was the Tusk Territory Lord who had finally returned to his senses and came to support his companion.

At this moment, he was somewhat confused, unable to understand why in the short time he had been sent flying, one of his companions had died while the other was injured.

The only thing he knew was that he and his companions had underestimated this human race Eighth Order.

Just as he was about to close the gap between his palms and the enemy in front of him, a strange energy suddenly filled the air. The Tusk Territory Lord was shocked to discover that no matter how he tried to close the gap between his palms, he was unable to close the gap. The space between his palms seemed to have been stretched infinitely.

This made him even more surprised.

While he was still in a daze, the human race Eighth Order cultivator in front of him had already disappeared, but from the other side, he could hear a muffled roar.

Looking up, the Tusk Territory Lord’s heart skipped a beat as he saw his Bird Claw companion being beaten like a sandbag by an Eighth Order Human Race master.

The space over there seemed to become chaotic as the entire void distorted. The two figures on the other side were sometimes elongated and sometimes flattened, like projections in a mirror.

Ink blood flew everywhere. Every time Yang Kai thrust his spear forward, the Bird Claw Territory Lord would be unable to block it. At this moment, many of Yang Kai’s Principle Laws and Dao power were being channeled by him, transforming into a crushing force.

Seeing this, the Tusk Territory Lord roared and once again rushed forward to assist.

One of his three companions had already died, so if another died, they would all be wiped out!

He had never seen such a terrifying Eighth Order Open Heaven before. The Eighth Order masters he had killed in the past were simply incomparable to this one.

The strength displayed by the other party was not much stronger than those Eighth Order masters, but he was able to control some unfathomable strength.

They had seen this kind of power from many Human Race masters before, but those people had at most grasped one or two kinds of it.

There had never been so many different types of energy gathered in a single person’s body before, these indescribable energies weren’t anything special, but when combined together, they seemed to produce a different effect.

The Tusk Territory Lord suddenly stopped after running half the distance, turned around, rushed out of the broken Azure Void Pass, and flew towards the depths of the void.

Before he could even provide support, the Bird Claw Territory Lord’s head had been blown apart by Yang Kai.

With three Territory Lords working together, in less than thirty breaths of time, two of them had died, leaving him alone. If he didn’t escape now, how could he survive?

Before he could escape Azure Void Pass, he suddenly stopped and looked up with a solemn expression.

On top of the broken city wall, a figure stood tall, the spear in his hand pointed downwards, black blood dripping from it as he stared down at him coldly.

This figure was obviously the Eighth Order Human Race master behind him!

The Tusk Territory Lord’s mouth filled with bitterness.

However, he soon roused his spirits. After all, he had killed two of his companions in quick succession. This human race Eighth Order had also suffered heavy injuries, and the most obvious manifestation of this was the fluctuations in his aura.

He… might not be a match for him!

He couldn’t allow himself to be intimidated by the aura of Yang Kai killing two Territory Lords of the same realm, or else he would really die here.

He could kill him!

The Tusk Territory Lord let out a roar as his Ink Force surged out like a tide, causing his body to swell up. His eyes were filled with determination as he charged towards Yang Kai.

The two figures were entangled in a fierce battle, from Azure Void Pass to the void.

The Tusk Territory Lord was overjoyed.

He discovered that just as he had guessed, after killing his two companions, the strength of this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator had greatly weakened. Although he was still powerful, it was simply a fool’s dream for him to use his current strength to kill him.

Realizing this, Tusk Territory Lord immediately changed his strategy.

The other party seemed to be putting his life on the line, wanting to quickly end this battle, so he decided to focus all of his attention on defending, determined to drag him to death.

One hour, three hours, half a day later…

The battle was still raging, and the Tusk Territory Lord was no longer as relaxed as before, his expression gradually becoming solemn.

The battle situation gradually became unfavorable for him, and he gradually discovered the root of the problem.

The power of this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was slowly increasing.

In other words, he was actually familiarizing himself with his strength in this fierce battle.

What was going on with this human?

The Tusk Territory Lord had never imagined that the enemy in front of him had only recently broken through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven, and strictly speaking, he is a newly promoted Eighth Order.

However, because he had been cultivating in the River of Time for a long time, his foundation was extremely stable, and his foundation was no different from an ordinary veteran Eighth Order.


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Is it not cloud and wind mountain pass??

Vamporace F
Vamporace F
Mar 27, 2023
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Thank you! I was certain it wasn't Azure cloud/void pass but couldn't remember the correct name. 👍

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