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Outside the broken Human Race Pass, Yang Kai calmed his mind and spread out his Divine Sense like a tide, trying to find a survivor on this battlefield.

However, this battle had been going on for countless years, so even if there were survivors, how could they remain here?

He didn’t sense any vitality.

Passing through the purgatory-like battlefield, he arrived at the top of the mountain pass. Looking down, he saw that the inside of the mountain pass was also filled with corpses.

Yang Kai’s face became gloomy.

Although he didn’t know what kind of battle the Human Race had encountered in this mountain pass, he could infer from the scene in front of him that the Black Ink Clan’s army had broken through this mountain pass’s defenses and rushed into the mountain pass to fight to the death with the Human Race soldiers.

He soon saw an Expelling Black Ink Battleship that had been cut in half, and after sensing it for a moment, he noticed a faint reaction from the Universe Formation.

It was the Universe Formation left behind in this Expelling Black Ink Battleship that had guided him here.

Which mountain pass was this?

Yang Kai didn’t know, so he continued searching and soon arrived at the square.

Every human pass’s square could be said to be the drill grounds of the Human Race’s great army. At this moment, when one looked up, the traces of battle on this square were especially obvious. It was unknown just how many Black Ink Clan masters had died here.

The dead Black Ink Clan cultivators were spread out layer after layer, almost covering the entire square.

In the center of this dead Black Ink Clan, there was an extremely empty space where a figure sat quietly, his eyes wide and his expression serene.

Yang Kai’s heart felt as if it was being gripped by an invisible hand.

He slowly walked forward and cleared a path through the mountain of corpses before quickly arriving in front of the figure.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai’s heart ached.

He knew which human mountain pass this was.

Azure Void Pass!

Although the layout of the Human Race’s various mountain passes was similar, on the whole, there was not much difference. Yang Kai had been to Azure Void Pass many times and was somewhat familiar with it.

However, after the great battle, Azure Void Pass was in a total mess, making it difficult to identify them.

However, in the center of this square, there was a man sitting cross-legged, peacefully dying.

The Ninth Order Human Race Old Ancestor from Azure Void Pass! The one who had given him some beef back then, Xu Linggong, had eaten the beef he had given him, allowing him to break through to the Eighth Order.

The old ancestor of Azure Void Pass had died here!

Even at the last moment of his life, he had not given up on guarding this mountain pass.

Yang Kai’s vision became somewhat blurry.

Next to the Azure Void Pass’s Old Ancestor was the Old Ox with broken horn he had raised for countless years. Smiles Old Ancestor had always been eyeing this Old Ox but had never succeeded.

At this moment, the Old Ox and the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor were both covered in wounds, and the other horn had been broken. Even the Ox’s tail had disappeared.

It quietly crouched down next to Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor, its head lowered, not making a single sound.

Yang Kai’s eyes closed for a while and the confusion in his eyes disappeared. With a solemn look on his face, he bowed towards the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor.

They swore to live and die together with this mountain pass!

This was the philosophy of every mountain pass.

The Azure Void Pass' Old Ancestor had done it!

The tens of thousands of Azure Void Pass soldiers had done it!

In order to protect the 3000 Worlds, countless Human Race soldiers had died in this Ink Battlefield over the years, even Ninth Order Old Ancestors were no exception.

These humans who had died fighting against the Black Ink Clan, regardless of their cultivation or status, were all worthy of respect.

The corpses of the soldiers should not have been exposed to the wilderness, Yang Kai was not able to participate in this battle. Now that he had come here by chance, collecting their corpses was no problem.

As he stood up, he suddenly saw the Old Ox, who had been quietly lying next to the Azure Void Pass' Old Ancestor, raise its head and speak in the human tongue, “Collect the Old Ancestor’s corpse, if you encounter an expert, you can resist!”

Yang Kai was overjoyed, “Senior, you didn’t die?”

However, the Old Ox didn’t answer his question and simply said, “There’s no need to hesitate, this is the Old Ancestor’s last wish before he died. If we can use his corpse to kill the enemy, Old Ancestor will be able to smile in the afterlife.”

Saying so, the Old Ox closed its eyes again and quietly lowered its head.

Yang Kai’s expression was gloomy, the Old Ox had long since died.

The reason it was able to speak was probably because of some kind of Secret Technique.

If it was a human who had come here, the Old Ox would naturally inform them about the matter of converging the Old Ancestor’s corpse, but if it was the Black Ink Clan, things would not be so simple.

The Old Ancestor’s corpse was also capable of killing enemies, so he must have left behind some kind of trump card before he died.

This trump card’s power was definitely extraordinary, and Yang Kai suddenly understood why the old ancestor’s corpse was still intact.

The one who could kill him was definitely the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, and judging from the injuries on his body, it shouldn’t have been just one of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. Just from the aura Yang Kai could see, there were three other Royal Lords.

In other words, before the old ancestor of Azure Void Pass died, he had fought a bloody battle with at least three Royal Lords and ultimately lost.

However, after the three Royal Lords killed him, they did not destroy his body and instead allowed him to remain here. It was obvious that they had seen through the methods left behind by the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor, so they didn’t dare act rashly lest they encounter some kind of accident.

If it weren’t for this, the corpse of the Azure Void Pass’ Ancestor would have been destroyed long ago.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped.

If the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had really discovered this, how could they not have stay behind and prevented the remnants of the Human Race from coming here?

Just as he was thinking this, Yang Kai suddenly looked up.

In the depths of Azure Void Pass, three figures suddenly appeared, each of them exuding a powerful aura.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord!

Sure enough, the Black Ink Clan also had a backup plan. The Royal Lord couldn’t possibly stay here and wait for an unknown result, so the one who stayed was naturally the Territory Lord.

If the three Territory Lords joined forces, they would be able to deal with most of the situation.

Of these three Territory Lords, one had an enchanting physique and a charming expression, making Yang Kai think of the Succubus Race.

There was also a burly man who was more than three times taller than the charming Territory Lord. His two fangs curled out from the corners of his mouth and his expression was fierce, like a wild boar.

The other one was slightly more normal, having the characteristics of a majority of humans. Only his hands and feet were like bird claws, flashing with a cold light while a pair of wings sprouted from his back.

It was unknown where they had been hiding before, but none of their auras could be detected, not even Yang Kai.

The three Territory Lords appeared unhurriedly, seemingly not worried about Yang Kai escaping.

The charming Territory Lord also spoke up, “The Royal Lords asked us to stay here, saying that they were guarding against the Human Race coming here. Originally, we thought that the Royal Lords were being too careful, but now it seems that they really are sending themselves to their deaths.”

The Tusk Territory Lord snorted, “After waiting for two hundred years, my body has become moldy. Human, you’re going to suffer today.”

The Bird Claw Territory Lord frowned and said, “Don’t be careless, this person is an Eighth Order, he may not be so easy to deal with.”

The Tusk Territory Lord sneered, “So what if he’s an Eighth Order? It’s not like I hasn’t killed an Eighth Order before. I’ll kill him, you guys hold the fort!”

Saying so, he rushed towards Yang Kai, his figure tall and strong, his movements seemingly clumsy, but in reality, his speed was extremely fast, his massive figure like a meteor falling from the sky, rapidly approaching Yang Kai.

The terrifying pressure of a Territory Lord caused the entire mountain pass to creak.

The Bird Claw Territory Lord stared at Yang Kai for a moment, his eyes reflecting Yang Kai’s figure. Among the three Territory Lords, he was the fastest, so he needed to be on guard against Yang Kai touching the restriction left behind by the Ninth Order's Corpse.

Although they didn’t know what this restirction was, the Royal Lords had clearly told them that it was not something they could resist. Even their Royal Lords themselves might not be able to resist it.

Even if a Ninth Order Human Race master were to die, they couldn’t be underestimated. The strange Secret Arts of the Human Race often possessed incredible power.

If Yang Kai really dared to touch the corpse, the Bird Claw Territory Lord would immediately stop him.

Keeping a close eye on Yang Kai’s movements, the Bird Claw Territory Lord was also thinking about Yang Kai’s next move. Just as he said, an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator wasn’t easy to deal with.

In the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Territory Lords had indeed killed many Eighth Order Human Race masters, but the Territory Lords themselves had suffered even greater losses, almost two or three times the casualty rate.

He had been seriously injured by an Eighth Order who was about to fall. Although hundreds of years had passed since then, every time he thought of that scene, his wounds would still ache slightly.

In this current situation, if this human race Eighth Order wanted to live, there were only two options. The first was to activate the restriction on the Ninth Order's Corpse and use it to deal with them, and the second was to immediately escape.

No matter how powerful an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was, fighting one against three would only lead to death.

However, what surprised the Bird Claw Territory Lord was that the seemingly young Eighth Order had not shown any signs of panic since the three of them had appeared. His face was filled with sorrow because of the deaths of his clansmen and the destruction of the mountain pass.

Under the cover of this sorrow was endless killing intent!

He had no intention of activating the restriction on the Corpse.

The Bird Claw Territory Lord’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly warned, “Be careful!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the Eighth Order Human Race master rush towards his companion with a ferocious look on his face. His speed was too fast, so fast that he left behind a series of vivid afterimages, as if there were countless of him rushing towards his companion.

The Bird Claw Territory Lord’s eyes narrowed. This speed… was not inferior to his own.

The two figures, one big and one small, collided fiercely, and the sound of bones breaking rang out. The scene of the tiny human race Eighth Order being sent flying did not appear, but instead, the burly Tusk Territory Lord’s chest caved in, his face filled with shock, as if he couldn’t believe he wasn’t the enemy’s opponent.

However, at the same time he was sent flying, he also punched his opponent.

Yang Kai wasn’t able to avoid it, or rather, he didn’t try to avoid it, so one of his arms instantly drooped down.

However, his other hand grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear in the air and waved it around, forming a large net of Daos.

The spear stabbed towards a certain spot in the void.

A soft muffled sound rang out as the Bird Claw Royal Lord’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle, feeling as if the entire world had frozen.


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