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The Goathead Royal Lord was dead!

What was certain was that he had died at his hands, but Yang Kai didn’t know how he had killed him or cut off his head.

He didn’t know why he was holding the other party’s head.

In this current situation, there was simply no way to think effectively. With just a thought, Yang Kai felt a bit dizzy.

He knew that this was because his Divine Sense had suffered too much damage. Up until now, although he had relied on the Soul Warming Lotus to take many risks, this Divine Sense injury was something he had never experienced before.

He had paid a great price, but the result was worth it!

He had killed a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord!

This was also the first Black Ink Clan Royal Lord he had personally killed.

Although he had killed a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple in the Great Evolution War Zone outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the true strength of that Ninth Order was inferior to a Royal Lord’s, not to mention that he had been lucky enough to kill him.

The other party’s Small Universe was extremely unstable, and Yang Kai just so happened to have a way to restrain him. Under the Secret Technique of Beating Ox, Yang Kai was able to blast the other party apart with a single punch.

Killing the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was purely an accident.

This time, it was a real battle record.

After being chased by this Goathead Royal Lord outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Yang Kai had experienced many dangers and had even been forced to enter the Celestial Phenomenon Sea to protect himself.

But now, the winner is king while the loser was vilified. He was still alive, but the Goathead Royal Lord had died.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction. In the Celestial Phenomenon Sea's River of Time, four thousand years of bitter cultivation had not been wasted, and the countless resources he had consumed had not been wasted.

It was because of that short period of several thousand years of cultivation that he had the strength to directly kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

Of course, the price he had to pay was not small. Yang Kai could clearly feel his bones fracturing and his lower abdomen bleeding as if he had been pierced by a sharp claw of the Goathead Royal Lord. One of his arms and one of his legs were twisted strangely, and the most serious injury was his Divine Sense. After using the Soul Shattering Spike four times in a short time, almost half of his Divine Soul had been cut off. If it was an ordinary person, they would have died long ago.

Only with the Soul Warming Lotus could he awaken.

This time, Yang Kai was able to kill the Goathead Royal Lord because of his own hard work and some fortuitous encounters. If there was another battle like this, Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to kill his opponent.

The current him indeed had the qualifications to contend with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, but there was still a considerable gap in strength.

His groggy consciousness didn’t last long. Yang Kai tried his best to maintain his consciousness, but it was as if he was immersed in water, sinking into the abyss.

This was the self-restraint of his Divine Sense.

In the end, after waking up for only a moment, Yang Kai’s mind once again became silent.

Although his mind was silent, his body did not stop killing the enemy.

When he woke up for the second time, his injuries seemed to have worsened. The Black Ink Clan army was still surrounding him from all directions, and he was constantly killing his enemies.

After waking up several times, Yang Kai didn’t know how much time had passed, but when he woke up again, he found himself standing upright in the void, his killing intent surging and condensing into something tangible. All around him were the corpses and flesh of the Black Ink Clan, as if he wanted to fill this vast void with them.

His figure stood atop thousands of corpses.

The slaughter had stopped at some point.

There wasn’t a single Black Ink Clan living nearby, Yang Kai wasn’t sure if they had been killed by him or if they had escaped, but after glancing at the battlefield, Yang Kai estimated that even if some of them had escaped, there wouldn’t be many.

He had killed at least seventy percent of the Black Ink Clan’s army!

The Black Ink Clan, whose strength was not even comparable to a Feudal Lord’s, would not be a danger even if they managed to escape. The dangers in this void didn’t just come from him, there were also many things he could see.

Without the protection of an expert, they would sooner or later die in this void.

Yang Kai lowered his head to look at his hand. The head of the Goathead Royal Lord he had been holding in his hand had disappeared. He didn’t know when he had lost it.

Yang Kai didn’t pay it any mind. Looking around, he found a place where the Universe World had been moved by the Black Ink Clan and stuffed a handful of pills into his mouth to restore himself.

The injuries on his Soul had yet to fully heal, and the Soul Warming Lotus was constantly nourishing and repairing it, making it much better than before. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to wake up so many times.

On the other hand, the injuries on his body were quite serious. The ten million strong Black Ink Clan army, even if they were not as strong as a Feudal Lord, was still a great threat to Yang Kai.

On his body, there were countless wounds of various sizes, many of which were old and new. It was obvious that he had been injured by the Black Ink Clan during the battle.

Fortunately, now that the Goathead Royal Lord had died and the ten million Black Ink Clan soldiers had been slaughtered by him, no one came to disturb his healing.

Yang Kai first reconnected his broken bones and then fixed his twisted arms and legs, breaking out in a cold sweat.

After doing this, Yang Kai carefully examined his body to ensure that there were no hidden dangers.

After a quick examination, he found something unusual.

His Dragon Bead actually cracked again…

After cultivating for four thousand years in the River of Time, the Dragon Bead he had broken before had long been repaired. Now that the crack in the Dragon Bead had appeared again, it meant that he had used them unconsciously.

To cause such damage to his Dragon Bead, without a doubt, it was the work of the Goathead Royal Lord.

Goathead Royal Lord’s death was not in vain. He had not yet recovered from his injuries and had even used a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique to weaken his body. Under the bombardment of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, it was impossible for him to resist, and that attack had probably already severely wounded him.

After that, Yang Kai activated the Soul Shattering Spike four times in a row, causing Yang Kai’s mind to fall into a state of tranquility while the Goathead Royal Lord felt even more uncomfortable.

When the Dragon Bead was summoned again, it had a decisive effect.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit of lingering fear. After his mind had calmed down, his physical body was still able to remember the instinct to kill enemies. The Goathead Royal Lord’s strength was higher than his, so it was likely he had used it.

If he were to use the Dragon Bead in that unconscious state, if it were to be destroyed by the Goathead Royal Lord, who knew what would happen to him…

Thinking of the Goathead Royal Lord, Yang Kai suddenly remembered something.

The first time he woke up, he was holding the head of the Goathead Royal Lord in his hand, surrounded by countless Black Ink Clan…

This scene was extremely similar to what he saw after activating the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

At that time, he had thought that the Black Ink Clan surrounding this figure were worshipping something, but now it seemed that they weren’t worshipping him at all, they were clearly trying to kill him.

Yang Kai was shocked.

How could this be?

Could the scene he saw be what he experienced later?

After activating the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, Yang Kai really felt as if space and time had been distorted. Could it be that the distortions in space and time allowed him to see the future?

He instinctively wanted to deny this conjecture, but in his mind, the scene that flashed across his mind slowly became clear. How similar was this to the scene when he first woke up?

In that instant when time and space became chaotic, the first scene he saw, the figure holding the head, was almost exactly the same as him, but the face was blurry and no matter how he tried to recall, he couldn’t see it clearly.

He shivered slightly.

If so, what did the other scenes he saw represent?

Could it also be the future?

At that time, he had seen many scenes, but most of them had disappeared in an instant. Even he hadn’t been able to see them clearly, but he had seen a few.

The flourishing stars and the vibrant universe were all enveloped in the Ink Force, quickly turning into a wasteland with no vitality left.

There was also a towering tree that seemed to have fallen ill. Its branches and leaves were withered, and even the fruits on the tree had no luster, as if they had been exposed to the scorching sun for too long and had become wrinkled.

The universe, who had been transformed into a wasteland by the Ink Force and whose life force had been extinguished, was most likely the scene of the Black Ink Clan invading the 3000 Worlds.

If the Black Ink Clan really managed to invade the 3000 Worlds, such a thing was bound to happen.

What about the towering tree?

Could it be the World Tree?

Yang Kai suddenly recalled Cang’s words. He had said that the World Tree was also the most ancient existence in the world, not much worse than Black Ink that was born from the world's formation. It had an inexplicable relationship with the 3000 Worlds, and Cang and the other nine, or even Yang Kai himself, were all methods to save the vast universe. This method was used by the World Tree.

Cang and the other nine had obtained the World Tree’s gift and comprehended the Dao of Open Heaven, thus becoming Martial Ancestors.

Yang Kai also barely counted as receiving a gift from the World Tree and obtained a root.

Since ancient times, some people who had entered the Great Ruins Boundary and received the World Tree’s gift should have been the method to save itself, but unfortunately, none of them had been able to do so.

If the World Tree really had a deep connection with the 3000 Worlds, then the Black Ink Clan’s invasion of the 3000 Worlds would cause all of its prosperity to be reduced to scorched earth, causing the entire universe to be thrown into chaos. The World Tree which had an inexplicable relationship with it would appear to be seriously ill…

The more he thought about it, the colder Yang Kai felt. He couldn’t help shaking his head, trying to clear his mind of all distracting thoughts.

Unexpectedly, this sudden movement caused his entire brain to become muddled, almost causing him to jump up in pain.

However, after this interruption, he no longer had the mood to let his thoughts run wild.

Seeing the future was too bizarre, Yang Kai was unwilling to believe it. Even if the Space and Time Force he used was indeed profound, it was still only a type of power and Great Dao, so how could it break through the seal of the River of Time and see the future?

Peace of mind and healing is more important!

A moment later, cold sweat dripped from Yang Kai’s forehead.

Even though he was unwilling to admit it, he still vaguely felt that he had seen the future, that the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel had distorted space and time, allowing him to see some things that had never happened before.


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Though I Dont like the fact he is trying to ignore what he saw even though there are evidence to prove that the future he saw is real. Whether he believe it or not he should take the necessary precaution and look at it as an advantage.


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Yeaaaa our boi making history here

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Not gonna lie tho I particularly like that Yang Kai’s body automatically starts killing if his conscious is blank like that is so convenient your body doesn’t care if it has to break bones or take a hit if it has to but it will kill anyone near him that he’s not protecting

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